Yo Mama So Right Wing

Saw someone make the joke on Twitter, "Yo mama so far right, she has two American flags on her house."
I realized we can make some jokes that highlight the fact that mothers who are further to the Right are generally happier, fitter, better members of the community, stable, caring, loving, and present in their family's lives.
I wrote several, some of them could be thrown into the garbage and it wouldn't have any effect on the trajectory of the universe, but I figure if we're writing jokes we should throw a few at the wall and see if they stick.

Every girl, growing up, wants to be a good daughter, good mother, and good wife. But every girl is being trained for two decades to be quite the opposite. Maybe some younger women who haven't ruined themselves can be positively affected by this kind of humor – fingers crossed anyways.

Thanks and God Bless.

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That's a joke?
The left can't meme at all.

Yo mama so far left she sold you to Jewish transexuals.

Not a bad idea at all. Not bad


Yo mama so left wing she has a penis

Yo mama so far left, you're black and your dad is white

Your mama is so right she realized hitler did nothing wrong.

Yo mama so far left, she only fucks niggers

Yo mama so far right, she makes shitty memes on twitter to own the libs

Yo mama so right, she can't realize the jew cock she be ridin'

Leftists are incapable of creavity and are fed all of their views through media, the press and popular culture. The NPC meme got under their skin for a reason

mommie i love you so much and i want you to know that bettering myself is always an option. I will better myself it's the retribution is always on the first place

Yo mama so right wing that she voted for Reagon. Stupid bitch
Yo mama so right wing she believes the 1% actually contribute to the economy
Yo mama so right-wing her favorite crackers are Israeli crackers
Yo mama so right wing she donates to peta
Yo mama so right wing she advocated for the ban of violent video games
Yo mama so right wing she got married at a 40k wedding. Fucking retard
Yo mama so right wing she hires Mexicans because her 80 pound husband can't work in the sun
Yo mama so right wing she goes to church She's christian
Yo mama so right wing she takes her 300 pound kids to Mcdonalds every Friday
Yo mama so right wing she believes in trickle down economics. Worthless shit
Yo mama so right wing Bush when he was president

Yo mama is so right wing, she refused government assistance; instead worked 2 jobs.

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Kill yourself rabbi. This is a national socialist board. Neocohens get the rope too.



Yo mama so far right, she cook yo dinner.

the absolute fucking state of this board

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