Israeli TV host jeered for claiming French hiding Islamist arson at Notre Dame


Now this is interesting. Here are some possibilities:

1. The Israeli TV host is simply pointing out the fact that the French government is covering up Islamist attacks in France. (seems highly plausible)

2. Covert zionists/israelis actually sabotaged Notre Dame and are blaming it on muslims, in order to rile up the French populace. (also seems plausible)

3. Notre Dame was actually an accidental fire, but who cares, let's blame muslims anyways. (somewhat plausible)

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It's not really a difficult conclusion to head towards. At this very moment, the media is doing everything it can to hide the fact that the Sri Lankan bombers were muslims attacking Christians. And a church in France just had some arson committed a few days ago.

If Muzzies did it, they would have taken credit for it. Secret attacks are usually a jewish thing.

Jewish people really are god's chosen. Always keeping the balance in the world.

Fuck off kike

Srilankan bombers were pajeets since there are soon elections and the current government failed to keep its promises to rehabilitate tamil refugees,so they want their voices heard.

It's probably 2. The Jews are wondering why Macron won't hurry up and blame the Muslim, and Macron can't blame anyone because he knows it was the Israelis.

Because it plants the seed that it was mudshits and not kikes.
It plants the seed that jews are innocent. At all.
It sows the seeds of discord too.
It's part of the same narrative for 20 years.

A fire that occurred right before Easter, in the last visiting hours, in a secluded part of the spire that was undergoing construction - but there were no workers there at the time. But it's an accident?
Do people actually believe what the government is saying?
They are deliberately delaying releasing the cause of the fire. If it's deliberate this would answer a lot of questions.

I choose number 1.
The kike is right.
Number 2 seems less plausible. All Jewish NGOs and the likes had to do was open the borders of France to Muslims and number 1 was inevitable.

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jews are pushing the stinkbeard angle WAY too hard for this to be pure divine providence.

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Always keeping terrorism alive in the world. There is coming a day when the world recognizes you for the terrorism you have kept alive on this planet and NOTHING WILL STOP US FROM SLAUGHTERING YOU AND YOUR OFFSPRING TO THE LAST PERSON.

You're overthinking all of this. The cathedral was set ablaze as a plublicity stunt to turn it into a giant glass dildo and ass, not for revenge by the slaves of muhamad. The fire saved tons of time, cutting out all the shitty 1830s repairs, so investors poured in. All the relics and works of consequence were saved. The muds are the ones doing all the small church fires last year the media are suppressing.

1063 terrorist destructions in 2018…little do they know that our religion is not 'in a building' and that it can be celebrated and our God can be worshiped ANYWHERE…there is no need for us to grovel like worms and put our asses in the air in submission for fucking for us to Worship our God.

When did Zig Forums become an openly zionist board? Christchurch hoax? Notre Dame? At least before Zig Forums was only covertly zionist.

You won't be slaughtering anyone, you'd be old or have responsibilities as a family man and die as the same insignificant insect.

Why does he look so white? Is Israel secretly a white ethnostate?

3 years ago it went down for a few days and came back full zion Don, kosher as Kushners cock. It's been more useful as a tool to see what bizarre shit they're pulling since then. Every obvious fake shit attack since then has been "fully believed", any autistic investigation misdirected into dead ends.

He 'looks white' because you haven't trained your eyes to see your mortal enemy.

Ha…there is going to come a day when people understand your guilt. There is only so long you can hide it. I expect that you think you will 'get away' with it forever but that never happens…not even in fairy tales, and yours is not a 'fairy tale' you have made this planet and all things SUFFER HORRIBLY under your globohomo reign of terror.

more like two weeks ago it went down for 2 hours and nobody said a FUCKING PEEP about it…that is when they put the fucking cunt kikes in full charge of the board.

Zig Forums was never zionist.

After kikey's removal and a few years later 8/pol/ manage to get redditors to convert or leave.

He's fucking rothschild agent this should not be a problem for blaming mulims

wew both Sri lanka and Notre dame confirmed mossad op

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WTF are you talking about? It's in every report I've seen. The local government came right out and said it in their press conference

Macron is a corrupt retard before being anyones agent. That, and going by the shit Zig Forums has posted about him over the years is thirsty for brown and black cock but to scared to admit hes a fag.

like 9/11, nobody claimed responsibility for that one, Bin Laden denied involvement
and so began the new Christians vs Muslims
obviously a jewish thing

Are you stoned or stupid? He released a video claiming responsibility

>(((We))) did this Mossad False Flag, it's totally not us, it's the muslims who did it, go fight the muslims
Typical Jewish D&C hate crime.

… so they attack Christians, in their churches, on their holiest day?

Does it matter? Subhumans are all the same.