Operation "emcel"

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Half chan started a movement to popularise the "emcel" meme. Emcels are women who get to have as much sex as they want but get no emotional satisfaction from it and thus they are not much better than incels.

There are some pictures of what an emcel is on the dying thread of boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/210939565#p210944293 and there is a subreddit for it: reddit.com/r/emcels/ . Can you post some memetic matherial close to it to other social networks?

If you want to have a future for the white race, you are not going to make it without women and when every time you say something to them they reply with "lol, you are an incel", you cannot argue with them. With the emcel meme, you can literally counter them to their incel remarks.

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NYPA, 4nigger

The word is Insin. Involuntarily single.

either works. It's a decent counter to the incel meme. Attach anti feminist arguments and fire away.

Nope. Completely different concept.

yet more cuckchan trash the moderation refuses to clean

there is no such thing as moderation on this board


Community moderation > police state moderation

Actual moderation > Community moderation > Police state moderation

women do not understand

in today's invironment, marriage has become a business contract between 2 companies that want to fusion. If the fusion goes wrong then one party is in risk to get financially annihilated in the aftermath. So for men, the problem with marriage has become the cost benefit analysis. The costs/risks usually outperform the benefits by a large margin so many women stay unmarried.

To correct this problem, marriage needs to become a private contract again between 2 free individuals without the governmet involved.

This is a brilliant idea. It piggie backs on INCEL but it cuts so much deeper. Women who get fucked and chucked feel devastated internally, no matter how much they rationalize things externally. Keep at it, this is a good one.

Insin is better

Yeah I think the word would be a better place if emcel was a thing.
I cant use photoshoop. So Im going to start using the word emcel a lot and then become incensed and call people newfags when they dont already know what it means.

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Not good. Insin is much better. To a normie brain, "emcel" makes it seem like it's the man's fault, as if the woman is perfect and it's the man's lack of emotional support causing the problem: ie the same refrain, "men are evil and oppressing". Wrong meme psychology.

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Op:Insin thread reminder.

wtf is an insin


Involuntary Single.

Good men will no longer be in a serious relationship with her because she's damaged and expired goods (her fault). Counter-war from their "incel" propaganda.

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Checked btw.

Bump for bump's sake. I like where this is going.


Its called
you morons. Now move on.



I literally in no way implied that. Obviously that's better than being a whore. It's also better than being a manwhore. But being able to sleep around is better than being an incel.

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The point is to make women feel bad for whoring around with chads and ending up as cat ladies, while also getting lulz

okay, but I don't think that'll work. I don't feel bad about not getting sex because of the incel meme. I feel bad about not getting sex because I can't get laid.

Right but you're not a woman. They respond to shaming differently than men

It isn't. If you think a whoring leads to a preferrable lifestyle than keeping your dignity, then you've been mind-virused by Jewish media.

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You're right. Emcels aren't even happy. They literally require SSRIs to function in daily life without constant mental breakdowns. The amount of Becky and Stacy on anti-depressants is staggering.

Better rhetoric: the thousand cock stare

Come on OP.

It's an op, and that's one staging ground.

Call it "insil" instead. It sounds better and is more of a parallel to incel. The more single women are compared to incels, the better.

But women are never really "single" since they can get dicked at will. It's difficulty, but you have to consider the female mindset. Being emotionally celibate is what will hurt them the most.

Imagine ingest this much in soy products.
Lurk like you were told to nigger, and while you're lurking learn what an "incel" really is. Pics related.

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Its pretty obvious to state that one of the major factor in the decline of western society and the loss of the european majority in their own home countries due to mass immigration and cultural marxism is directly traced back to the power gained by women over their biology (and therefor societal norms) as a result of the birth control pill. EMCELS are the end result of this and their root cause should be addressed!

I would guess that emcel is better as the definition is someone that HAS "relationships" but always gets used while the insin is someone that CANT get a realationship

Insil is too confusing. They'll think you said incel.

Getting dicked and billions of men willing to fuck you isn't a real relationship.

It dawns on a feminist zombies when they reach 30+ years and their chance of having healthy kids and a loving future plummets off a cliff. Then the woman nears 40 and literally cannot find a man who would be with a whore except to fuck them
Calling it out now with shame warns the youth. Do not to follow in the footsteps of degenerates who have ruined their lives for the next 50 years. Shame is a real weapon against Jewish media that promotes whoring (they use shame in the reverse).

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This does not accurately describe the internal process of the women who ride the carousel. You're just taking the promiscuous Chad mindset and superimposing on promiscuous women. Its actually the opposite: they experience an inappropriately large amount of emotional engagement from a cheapened form of sex, but its a flash in the pan; very short lived.

Who care or give a shit about cuckchan….If you want to discuss stupid CUCKCHAN SHIT, GO THERE AND DISCUSS IT.

This meme actually has some good potential. Both emcels and incels end up with eternal loneliness. The both have their masterbatory coping mechanisms. Incels have literal masterbation. Emcels have rom-coms. If paired with the “no hymen no diamond” meme this could do some good and preserve gen z women.

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To give insite, I read an article about a MtF tranny. Tranny preffered female life as long as he was youthful enough to pass as female. Once that ship sailed - depression sucidal tendencies etc.

As long as women haven't hit the wall, they don't have many problems with the emotional side.

If you want to target them you need to push the long term consequences.

I'm mid thirties, dating a woman 13 years younger than myself. I've made it very obvious to women closer to my age in my life that she is a virgin, knows how to cook/keep house etc. Fills them with rage…

Trying to make up a name to call them doesn't change the fact you are an incel and your problems are your own fault

There is no converting the whores in to housewives. This meme will save gen z women from becoming degenerate by showing them the end consequence.

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this is awesome OP, my mysides and congrats



Can't upload this picture for some reason:


Take a look at the insin thread in progress. Please dump related pics there.


Take a look at the insin thread in progress. Please dump related pics there.

Is the board saying file exists? The only option in that case is altering it (add or subtract a pixel). Unfortunately memes aren't as spreadable here vs cuckchan.

Die screaming in minecraft, useless imbecile shills.
The very last thing the world needs is yet another layer of (((identity))).
Fuck you.
"voluntarily" inhale a full mag.


not really. they experience a diminishing amount of emotional attachment to each male they open they legs for, until the point where no bonding takes place and no lasting relationship can occur.
at this point i'd rather nuke the planet than have it continue as it is. i've been born into the worst period in human history.



Reported for spamming (((discord))).

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You have had one, maybe one-and-a-half posts, worthy of pol in this thread.
That was not one of them.

FACT: Anyone who gives a fuck about anything other than our very survival, or who wastes time and space yammering about anything other than our very survival, is in the wrong fucking place.

Sorry friend. I didn't know it was in the meme image when reposting. In fact after I posted it then enlarged, I immediately stripped it out before posting again.

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amplify this meme
only white girls should be allowed to wear tartans. it's a part of white culture. white girls should only wear skirts or dresses, never pants, leggings, etc.
white girls should wear their hair in braids, at least during their childhood and teen years.
white girls should never be college educated or have a career.
white girls should wear little to no cosmetics, and very modest amounts of jewelry and perfume.
the white girls' highest aspiration should be to become a faithful wife and mother.

never dick a feminist
never breed a feminist
never marry a feminist

kys. Shaming women into not being whores is one of a small handful of the only positive methods at the heart of stopping white genocide. You fucking nu-tard.

you mean "Nymphomania" ?

They're called insins, user.

Most of the women aren't nymphos. They're regular women who were brainwashed to glorify feminism, wageslaving, hating families, and not putting any effort into being suitable wives and mothers. Then some of them realize it was anti-human propaganda when time is running out.

this user gets it. The answer to the 14 words is to repeal the 19th.

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Why not both?

A lot of sluts that are emcels would say they arent incins because they could easily pair up with some sap if they wanted

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I thought that was the point? If are going to let this community grow when do we redpill them the way to get a good man is to be a young submissive virgin?

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The third "male" in the pic is a FTM tranny you retard

This disproves the point how?

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You're not very subtle moshi

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Your claim is without foundation

what a bunch of aids-ridden fags


Both can work. I just didn't want it to bury the insin thread before insin becomes a standard term because I think it has better impact.

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2nd video needs to be the opening scene of a movie where right when shes done singing a horde of huns come riding out of the treeline and massacre her then her germanic berserker husband hears her death scream and comes barreling out of his hut with an axe but is shot down by horse archers. by the end of the movie the huns are butchered in battle and europes future is restored.

White children then…

because men are inured to boatloads of pointless shaming from society. it does nothing to us anymore, but women lose their shit if you shame them because social validation is their stock in trade.

And part of why they're easier to manipulate with media/ads. They're more emotionally affected by illogical messaging.

If they're not doing it because they like it then they're doing it for exploitation. Of course they're getting something out of it, but whatever they're getting is probably a violation of everyone's rights.

You must have pretty precise measure that this will work out. Almost creepy.

We already had a word for this OP. I believe the politically correct terminology is "washed up cum repository."

Elliot Rodger did nothing wrong.

this IS about our survival, white women are fucking around on the cock carousel ruining themselves instead of having children

What is "this?"

Why not call the women incels too? It fits. Once the cunts hit the wall they are no longer getting laid. Frankly from what i have been seeing and reading, it strikes me that more women are incels than men. The whole incel thing took off way too fast, almost like kikes were behind it. I can see the kikes pushing the "incels are men" meme to cover up the fact that no one wants to fuck a feminist, not even niggers. The best part is that the word incel is already in the common vocabulary, and is defined. So you can use it freely on women.

The real one is incats, involuntary cat ladies.

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emcel has a better ring to it than insin

more intuitively inverts the incel meme

Rightysoys can't meme: Exhibit A


95% of the population has no idea what the fuck an incel is.


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But they feel it.
99.9% never heard 1488 but they sense it.