New Details Emerge on Boy Scouts' 'Perversion Files'; Thousands of Boy Scout Leaders Face Child Sex Allegations

New Details Emerge on Boy Scouts' 'Perversion Files'; Thousands of Boy Scout Leaders Face Child Sex Allegations
An attorney claims the Boy Scouts of America has files of child abusers within their ranks, going back to the 1940s
Alarming new details have surfaced about how many people were listed in the Boy Scouts of America’s “perversion files,” according to lawyers who demand the full release of thousands of names of alleged offenders in the files. Nearly 200 of them are from New York and New Jersey.
Though allegations came to light Monday night, a victims' rights attorney who compiled an "incomplete" list of former Boy Scout leaders accused of abuse in New York held a press conferences Tuesday to discuss what he claims to be a widespread pattern of abuse. He also asked more victims to come forward.

My troop leader molested me when I was a cub scout and came on my uniform.

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Renegade (I know, but they still do good work) briefly covered the Boy Scouts' pedokikery in the preview they just released for their upcoming documentary, "The Big Picture of Child Trafficking – Part III".

I have an idea… let's let a bunch of fucking pedo faggots in the boy scouts and then we will find a fertile breeding ground for pedophilia and faggotry. Whoppie…isn't the ADL great and where would America be without the fucking SPLC (unfucked by pedo semite faggots I'm guessing).

ill watch it anyway i guess

Most US boy scout troups were CHRISTIAN run organizations


True fact, most boys abused by men were gay boys anyway

remember when Zig Forumstards were defending boy scouts as some traditionalist thing. Conservatism breeds pedophilia and that's a fact.


Try harder than that, jew.

No need

This is definitely not a new thing my dude.

The Boy Scouts, from the beginning of its creation, is an organization designed to instill conformity to the children. Look at the episode of the comedy Bob's Burgers when they encounter Preppers in the woods. Tina's "Thundergirls" matches the followings of a cult, according to their pepper literature.

"Does this organization have useless creeds, sashes, and marks of acomplishment and authority?"

"Does this organization have mottos and ritual designed to instill a sense of false unity?"

"Does this organization serve a central individual who may or may not be known to the broader organization?"


It's a fact that the BSA was christian, whether you like it or not

American conservatism is not conservatism I see these things as separate never compare cuckservatism to true conservatism.


In this post, Mr. Ex-Scout Member who probably made eagle rebels against learning the truth of his childhood MKUltra conditioning


So you are incapable of reading or understanding the facts?



Big Brothers too. Real serious hard core fuckers of little boy anus right there.

BSA is christian, and priests are pedos. Kvetch harder kike.

David Lynch was an Eagle Scout. This might explain a few things…

burn it all

Okay, moishe. Run along now.

It’s a fact that you continue to spread jewish lies.

Enjoy being wrong, then.

Like how he is shit?

Alex Jones literally had a story that at the national boyscout jamboree they would be serving booze and distributing free condoms at this event…
they are about as christian as the catholic church and they are not even hiding it. The only thing that suprises me is how little is dont about it. Anyone else read the podesta emails when they are literally trafficking children at big dollar political fundraisers? Anyone rmember that check who got arrested for trafficking kids while working fo rthe clinton foundation? yeah after she got out they hired her to work for the amber alert system….

You saying that doesn't change the fact the BSA is, until very recently, a CHRISTIAN organization. Even now most units run out of churches

You shouldn't let adults you don't know extremely well spend time alone with your kids. Kid fuckers are attracted to these kind of organizations as opportunities to be alone with children. Its your job as a parent to know 24/7 who is around your children until they are an adult. You can trust no one. Potential kid fuckers can be found anywhere that kids go without their parents.

Imagine my shock.

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you should be shocked faggot this is despicable and never considered normal

Except for the fact its been going on since the dawn of time all around the globe, especially with jews? How can anyone be shocked at a person with power abusing it to do what he wants?

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Most abusers are family or very close friends.


Never forget that TEDx spoke in favor of being more accepting of pedos

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wew, it's the church all over again

Proof video?


At this point it's just better to assume everything is corrupt & degenerate until proven otherwise.

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My cub scout pack was created as a night care for parents that wanted to go drinking beer in the pub. One night the pack leaders decided that they too wanted to go out for beer and fuck the brats. We were left to play unsupervised in the narrow space next to the church as it got dark. I had a just esteem for my fellow cubs so I fucked off home. Good thing; they terrorized humiliated and beat poor Walter, the hare lip boy. Quite the scandal over that one. The only thing I learned in that troop was how to make farting sounds by sticking one hand in my armpit and flapping that arm down on it.

This ^565

It's not the concept itself that's the problem, moron.

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Jews working hard to kill the boy scouts. Yet their schools are rape camps.

The ACLU will defend the gay right to be a scout leader down to their last tax-free shekel — especially to lead the cub scouts.

any adult who wants to hang out with children who are not his own is either a pedo or mentally ill, either way you shouldn't want them around your own kids

hitler would have executed these faggots and sent them to prison this can only happen in america.


Probably just bullshit #metoo attention whores. They are destroying every chances of male indoctrination while females fags and trannys join the fucking military, get they tranny fag femscouts suck each others butthole filled with nigger muslim shit.

So get rid of all teachers, doctors, priests and above all good male role models. This is how fags and cucks and fucking manlets are made. And not everyone wants to fuck your kid. There are people who are more interested in fucking your wife, your mom or even you! Instead of being a cuck you should teach them martial arts or something. Otherwise they'll grow up to be puckered asshole unsociable little bitches, always afraid someone might put a finger or two up their asses.

The first time my camp counselor put a thumb up my ass felt strange but I was tough enough to take it like a man. Did I complain? Fuck no. I grew up just fine, became a successful businessman with a big dick. Tracked down the son of a bitch and literally fucked his tight asshole till he cried. Then I came. Wiped my dick on his fucking moustache and went to have dinner with my family. But kids today have no self-defence training.

No, the general consensus has always been that's it's faggotry.

So this basically confirms that molestation breeds faggots.

Fucking a man in the ass for revenge is no gay you fag. It's about domination and punishment.

Stormfags attacking the White boy scouts for the Jews. Just like they attack Christians, Boomers, Trump…

Eagle Scout here. Got mine back in the mid nineties in Utah when shit was super fucked. My troop was badass and we won all our shit. Maple dell, Klondike, Timberline , Kings Peak, Scofield all that shit
Yeah there was a couple of instructors one got busted for a felony around my area. Terrible shit and another that was a swimmer that was open faggot rainbow faggot even back then. If I haven’t somehow doxed myself , well then, good
I’m all out of fucking ammo and I’m going to ram. Auf Vedersehen. I’ll see you in Valhalla

I don't like how you brought SF and Trump into this even though they have nothing to do with this.

Keep telling yourself that faggot.
Every day you delay healing your trauma your soul dies a little more.

Why would you execute man before throwing him in a camp?

That's the literal definition of gay.

(((Boy Scout Leaders))) no doubt. Kill them all.

Bro, just give me the name of the guy who raped you. I'll avenge you bro.

Neither one fucked with me.
They would’ve died and they both knew it
Fibbers know this shit is so fucked around here though

We had a scout leader that was now clearly a pedo who (hopefully) didn't have enough sickness to do anything but stuff hang out with us once when we were reading trashy vintage smut novels (no pics). He also made a creepy comment to a good friend of mine in the troop, letting on he had had homo sex when he was a boy. He was almost certainly an abuse victim. That was the extent of my experience with wrong behavior, and the other scout leader was based and shut down the porn canoodling right quick, and probably kept him in check from that point on.

Many years later he reached out to me, he had become a born-again Christian, to the point of sporting an obviously large crucifix necklace in a profile pic. I got the distinct impression he regretted his urges and behavior from our conversation (although he never directly addressed anything, but then he had no apologies to make to me).

That said, scouting was one of the best experiences I've ever had, I learned many useful skills, confidence & other good character traits, and gained a lifelong friend.

I hope it can be restored, or a new group with similar function can be made.

If you use an object, maybe. If you use your dick it's gay as fuck, faggot.

As if this was ever in doubt.

Never forget that TEDx gave them enough rope to hang themselves.
We shall forever be indebted.

I lol'ed out loud

Compares a Jewish cartoon comedy to real life. FOUND THE KIKE

We earned our patches, KYS faggot. We also learned first aid, woodscraft, wilderness survival, orienteering, sailing, scuba, water rescue, archery, and riflery.

When I went it was like B.U.D.S. for boys, if you had the desire for it.

We also planted trees, picked up trash, and generally did things to serve the community.

Says the no-honor faggot who never met a code hirz didn't break.

We served the troop, each other, and our community.


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admit it, you jerked each other off, even tasted different semen to see if it was (((different))) didn't you.
americas got to go

>admit it, you jerked each other off, even tasted different semen to see if it was (((different))) didn't you.
The kike… Hirz does project too much, methinks.

Say that again faggot? Wut

I was a webelo / cub / boy scout as a kid. It was never in a church. This was the 90s though. Although I did always suspect one of the leaders was a fag. Always wore short shorts that nearly his ballsack could be seen. Yes, *fagged* out.

That's how all kids should be like.

While some do feel remorse but then there are some who only maintain a face because they know their time is over.

You're too insecure bro. What do you mean by objects? Like a dildo? Do you want to give them prostate a massage? Wtf. An live dick( must be big) adds so much to the humiliation aspect of it. It's why pedos and fags get rekt in prisons. They are thinking "Am I such a bitch that I cannot protect myself? And why is his dick so big when I had chicken dick? This guy is like so ripped and heavy mascular I cant even fucking move. Well, I guess I'll just have to cry and repent for my sins."
And that's how justice is served. No matter how famous or powerful a guy is once you buttfuck him with your big dick he will lose his shit completely. Some even commit sudoku. It's badass and not gay at all.

My troop was full of faggots that assumed "thrifty" meant "theft-y". Not only would they jew and nig everywhere they went, they'd do such "hilarious" things as abandoning the new kids out in the snow, pissing on people's tents and bags, taking pictures of their tent-mate's dicks while the other guy was sleeping… in hindsight I'm glad my mom pulled me out when she did. Only good thing she ever did to me. I had hoped that was an isolated problem with that one troop, guess I was dead wrong.

Let's stop reminiscing it like some helpless woman. Focus on what you're gonna do about it.

Thread theme inbound.

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