Fat Sex Therapist college speaker says fitness caused Christchurch shooting

“I do not think it’s surprising that the man who shot up Christchurch, New Zealand was also a fitness instructor,"

Video is from her Instagram: instagram.com/p/BtJhVG3Bk9t/

Tuition to St. Olaf is 60,590 a year: wp.stolaf.edu/financialaid/cost-and-billing-information/

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Yes, it is the lack of a fatty causing shitskins to meet their maker.

does anyone know what they're trying to slide?


I am not trying to slide anything. I thought this was funny because everyone here posts about theories around Christchurch

Also I searched for fat or college posts, but there weren't any. Otherwise I would have put it in there.

Maybe the mexican troops thread?
I've seen them spamming pizza so whatever it is, is probably something important.

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And people claim that leftism makes them smart, LMAO

They're right though, a White man with a healthy body and mind is absolutely going to want to kill kikes.

Is that Andy Milonakis?

Probably true. A fatass would never be able to commit a shooting. Did you know bodyfat increases estrogen? No joke.

Then again, maybe that's the key. Nobody would expect a fat man, and it isn't unusual for fat fucks to wear tarps and tents as clothing. This means not only would he be able to infiltrate, deep undercover, but he'd be able to conceal an arsenal on his massive frame.

Maybe bloatmaxxing was the key all along. Choose your path, White Man.

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>eugenic science is Nazi science

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Sorry about the double post, but I love it when they concede national socialist science is eugenic science. Especially when they admit its positive eugenic science, as simple as being sharp and virile.


You're damn right it is. National Socialism cultivates and elevates the strong and fit. No place for dysgenics. They recognized the beauty of the body at its highest potential.

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100 years ago the only place that morbidly fat fuck would find employment was in a circus freak show.

Ignore it. It is merely trying to defend it's ego by concocting lies. It tries to justify why being healthy is evil, and being unhealthy is good.

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What is this fucking shit?

My Mexican trainer has a lot of Nazi stuff on his wall… is there an 8ch club I don't know about??

ya nah

Why would you have someone training you to be a Mexican?


But what is to blame for her failure to distinguish between meaningful and meaningless connections?

This is current year scholarly thought at its finest.

But she's right: could someone as fat as her have killed 50 people in two separate locations? Don't think so.

Tfw you will never work out in the nude with your bros because the jews poisoned sexuality and made platonic fraternal bonds "homoerotic"
Tfw the jews also fucked your sexuality and tricked you into subverting your desire for procreation into a lust for men because you have had no platonic male fraternal company through your developmental stages, while pumped up on behavior control drugs that create susceptibility towards degeneracy.

You ever see an idiot tell a profound truth by mistake without them realizing it?

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it's 2019 you bigot
slice your penis off, be obese, get on HRT, embrace pedophilia or fuck off antisemite natzee

I would bet anything our tax dollars support this gluttonous monstrosity in someway

Here's the link to the story: campusreform.org/?ID=12142


Checking these digits, accurate post user

muh genedicks


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