Sri Lankan bombings were "retaliation" by local Islamic extremists for the Christchurch mosque shootings, it is claimed by the country's defense minister.

An initial probe into deadly suicide bomb attacks in Sri Lanka that killed more than 300 people shows it was "retaliation for Christchurch," the country's deputy defence minister said Tuesday.

"The preliminary investigations have revealed that what happened in Sri Lanka (on Sunday) was in retaliation for the attack against Muslims in Christchurch," state minister of defence Ruwan Wijewardene told parliament.

Fifty people were killed in shooting attacks on two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch on March 15.

Police said that 40 people were now under arrest over the suicide bomb attacks – the worst atrocity since Sri Lanka's civil war ended a decade ago.

The attacks were also the worst ever against the country's small Christian minority, who make up just seven percent of the 21 million population.

Investigators are now hunting for clues on whether the local Islamist group named as the chief suspect – National Thowheeth Jama'ath (NTJ) – received "international support", said cabinet minister and government spokesman Rajitha Senaratne.

He said it was not possible for such "a small organisation" to carry out such well co-ordinated suicide strikes.

President Maithripala Sirisena's office said there was intelligence that "international terror groups" were behind the local perpetrators and that he would seek foreign help to investigate.

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And the kike shills say there's not going to be retaliation attacks.

360 dead browns.
And they say Tarrant's plan didn't work.

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not quite.

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Semites are brown too.

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That's a kike, user.


360 dead muds
360 dead (((Abrahamists)))

And some kikes

Win-win scenario

310 shitskins that we don't care about.
Remember; Tarrant is not a Christian jihadist. He is a White Nationalist Revolutionary.
His goal was not to kill Muslims but to kill invaders
ie; shitskins.

Thus, any retaliation against other shitskins is irrelevant. It's like being angry at Hitler and bombing a random island in Polynesia to "retaliate."
They're attacking the wrong targets because they either don't understand White Nationalism or (more likely) because they lack the ability to retaliate against European targets.

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They were a couple of days early. My ahem calendar says the 27th is mad muzz retaliation day
They’re niggers and won’t do shit though

Checked. That dude went head over heels for jeesus

sound logic tbh


>(((Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife, Anne Storm Pedersen, are believed to be Scotland’s largest landowners.)))
>(((billionaire fashion tycoon)))
And nothing of value was lost.

so what you're telling me is tarrant got rid of another 200 shitskins? His tally is growing and getting other shitskins to grow it.


Completely unnecessary, if the brothers wanted retaliation they would have targeted the european and american mental asylums where most nu/pol/ Zig Forums posters are.

Of course, never the jews.

no one died in the mosque shooting it was staged

at least that is what the footage from the supposed killer himself proves

May they strike fear in the heart and heads of the unbeliebers
May the heavens strike lighting bolts of insane fear upon peace and Muhammad Inshalla
Stupid adamite mudshits

Jewslims like and
always do the jews bidding user. They're clinically retarded due to the common inbreeding with first cousins.

You stupid fuck try to keep up
You’re embarrassing yourself
What part of butterfly warfare don’t you get?

The first rule of being on a mission, is not to admit you're on a mission, stupid fuck.

bot night tonight

So does this prove that the Fire was revenge considering it happened on the same date one month after the shooting?

good the racewar is finally starting

Meanwhile the police everywhere in the world has been always aware of the local muslim extremists groups for a long time but never bothered. Their group is allowed to organize on social media platforms and it's a fucking miracle that to this day nobody thinks this is one of the biggest treason the government could commit.
This is what I always got from these police "responses", which are figurative ways of saying fuck you, because this bullshit irrelevant to the problem and is just a way to go up a blind alley and close investigations. Seriously people are stupid these days.

This thought. My pic when contemplating it.

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Tarrant wasnt Christian though, and Sri Lankans arent Europeans. What kind of fucking retaliation is this?

Watcha doin' Goldberg? Posting chink childporn, huh? Get banned.

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you don't take actions against them either, why should we if you are simply going to use that opportunity to ally yourselves with israel even more?

go slurp some foreskin smoothies shlomo.

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Muslims will not kill jews because they unironically fear whites.

But muslims will not have problem killing whites.

How is what I posted child porn? It wasn't even created by chinks you fucking retard


Yeah, ok. Awesome retaliation, goatfuckers. ISIS is in tatters and Am-Baghdadi is probably fucking dead.

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what if i told you that i'm white, and i turned to islam once i realized that christianism has become nothing but a corrupted shadow of itself that openly goes against their fundations in order to keep up with the constant societal decay that the western world is undergoing thanks in great part to their own actions?

JEW ^^^^


Why do non spice monkeys go to Sri Lanka?

To fuck children?

You already know.

Christianity is the strength of the West used to be. They were on target.

was he even a christcuck

Well that was the meme about Arthur C Clarke living there.

I mean this as sincerely as possible for an anonymous post on a Taiwanese basket weaving imageboard:

Leave here and never come back. You are a traitor to your people and will never be a part of this movement, ever. I would also strongly recommend that you end your life. You are truly disgusting.

I bet Tarrant broke out in laughter in the entertainment room at his prison.

Lol no which makes it make no sense at all

He is being jailed until trial, he is not in prison yet. Yes there is a difference.
He is being kept in solitary with no access to visitors or any news/media.

So unfortunately I doubt he even knows about it. He will eventually though once he does go to trial, goes to a prison and they ease up on his restrictions so we can send him letters/all the spicy memes in paper form and he is dreaming about in there.

I didn't know that.
I wonder if any sympathetic prisoners are funneling him news.

Man, I knew they were fucking low IQ inbreds, but this really takes the cake.

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Golems. Kikes literally use them as shock troops.

You're right, but what was the point of these attacks then? It wasn't in a white nation nor was it against white people. Is this to incite a religious war because Christians and mudslimes? Why include reference to Christchurch at all? Is this some ploy to try and undermine it and somehow blame white people? It all seems so poorly thought out.

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May there be many happenings until his release. Hail Satan!


Exactly, kinda wished they would do more. Less white kikes the better.

I hope so. Time for Reconquista, baby!

They just claimed it was retaliation for Christchurch because it was convenient optics, this shit was probably in the works for several months prior to Christchurch happening

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So whose the next brave user to even out the score?

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Up to 359.

Yet they killed no whites.
Victory to whites!!!
Kill all the SANDNIGGERS… Fuck Islam

they understand it much better than you, whatever whites are today is what christianity made us. You can see the difference between white afghans who behave just like any other brown muslim.

Most likely yeah.

Just shut the fuck up. Christianity was absolut shit for Europeans, the Christians don't care about Europeans they just want Europeans to kneel to a dead kike, they raped and enslaves native Europeans.
Fuck Christianity, Also thoses dumb mudshits just killed 350 of them, who fucking cares.

Muzzy found.

You follow a pedophile. What is wrong with you, you fucking retard.???


Even better. He have muslim fashion brand.

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At least no whites were killed.
Good job islam.
All sand niggers should die.

muh insults against christ. Go and take a place in line behind every single other religion and white hating group in the entire world. They all hate Jesus and guess why? What could they possibly dislike about Christianity, it's the most loving, peaceful religion on earth. They hate it because it's the truth. The bible teaches to resolve conflicts without violence if at all possible. That pisses you off, doesnt it? Even though you know it's the right way but it's just soooo inconvenient.

2 Retards, lmfao just read what i wrote you absolute mongoloid, you Christians are laughable, mudshits too, i shit on that pedo mohammed and jesus, both semetic niggers

All muslims give free blow jobs if you join Isalm.

Seriously, if I can fuck all your sisters and mom I will join Islam.

The typical "good" Christian right there everybody, the more extremist a Christian is, the more likely he is a complete pervert or a pedo.

Imagine kneeling to a dead kike lmfao, next you Christians are going to kneel to the next nigger that calls himself jesus. You Christians are submissive.

Yep. Article about it here (in french):
Also, related thread:

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To "even the score" now, it'll probably be more than one user and it'll take a few months and thousonds of dollars to prepare.

Nigger it’s like you don’t know religion and history. Here take a spoonfeed.
Also reading the bible might enlighten you to it’s true nature, see part where if a priests offspring turns out to be a skank she’ll be stoned and burned to death to clean the priests reputation.

I really really hope you are just misinformed instead of a denialist bible zealot. I won’t even start about the other abrahamic religions; just know they all originate from judaism and that’s nuff said.

Islam kneels to a pedo.
Try harder.
Goat fucker.

Who said i was muslim you absolute mongoloid ? hahahah you seriously are pathetic. Also even if i was that doesn't remove the fact that you are a complete pervert. Weak low iq submissive Christian. I'm superior to you, i have no masters unlike you.

So you followed Guenon. Well traditionalists are based, but you will only kill your brothers, just drop the adamite thing altogether. I'm not saying to deny spirituality but race is part of the spirit user.

Why is anyone suggesting muslims played any part in this?

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good luck with your religion of worshipping some code of DNA

Pretty sad unless he was some ultra leftist or neocohen guy. Just seems like a rich clothes merchant.


His fashion company promotes multikulti, and of course islam. So he's one of our enemies.

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>Sri Lanka bomb blasts: ‘Intelligence chiefs deliberately hid information on bombings’ – Top 5 developments

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There are Easter bombings every year, they had one in Cairo in 2017 and one in Lahore in 2016. How should we know if this was actually a retaliation or not since muslims kill christians repeatedly for no reason anyway.

imagine being so stupid to worship evolution creating some kind of race and you just like that race so much that you want to worship it.
I mean you are the equivalent of worshipping the sun or the ocean or a special tree.
LITERALLY too stupid to care about any higher law or absolute truth. Nono, apparently it's DNA we have to worship like it's holy.

Exactly. According to Fraser Anning there were almost 1000 Christians killed by Muslims in just the 2 1/2 months up to Brenton Tarrant's attack.

I hope that he will now use money and influence for the benefit of all White children. The wealthy must realise that they too are imperiled by what's to come.

Real Muslims hate kikes.
Real Christians hate kikes.

And they're all onto you, and shit-tier kike threads. Go back to your synagogue lairs and resume fellating the rabbi. Thanks.


When shit hits the fan on the day of the rope Jews and their slave jew worshiping christfaggots will regret.

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At 3:45 ish she mentions how this doesn't make sense. Using cars is as Mossad as it gets.

It is the year 200X. You're browsing an older internet, the only normies there still kept in check by the fear of the unknown and the lack of user friendliness which now pervades the world wide web. They were harmless then, with no idea what to make of this technological wonder but e-mail and pornography. So you're gallivanting around at a modest DSL-y speed, because the outside world just isn't doing it for you anymore, and over time the unfiltered truth you encounter on a day to day basis slowly undoes the calcifying of your ability to think. And thoughts you have, about how the world was, and how it is, and how it could have been. Mostly you think about how it's going to be. No one else understands, Plato style, and you realize your helplessness concerning the whole business of reality. And over the years the noose tightened and tightened and all the while all the events you expected to transpire continue to come to pass at a rate you could not have anticipated. And so you watched. And here you are.

Brenton Tarrant did not watch. He couldn't. So he fled back to the outside world, and back to here, not existing in either but becoming a being purely obsessed with collecting knowledge. Knowledge to blunt the pain, events to shitpost about, to distract him. The novelty of foreign cultures and all the little things you can never learn without traveling. But all he did was tie everything he read online to lived experience. And he couldn't blunt the pain anymore. Because all the foreign, far flung places with their foreign, far flung articles about foreign, far flung atrocities were no longer foreign or far flung. All the news of the world is local news to him.

What would you do if the stories you read every day with your cynical detachment were happening next door? Why aren't you doing it?

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Fuck off, cunt.