(((Starbucks))) Places Needle Dispensers in Restrooms for Junkies

Starbucks is installing needle-disposal boxes in locations across America following OSHA penalties and worker concerns about drug use in bathrooms

Daily Reminder the prior to the Afghanistan Invasion the Taliban completed halted Opium Poppy Production - the CIA restarted it after we invaded post 9/11 and tens of millions of White American families have been ripped apart by the Opioid (Heroin) Epidemic. Some cities there are literally fucking used needles laying on the side of the road and even on playgrounds (go to South Ohio or Michigan and see for yourself)

The current Administration has done fuck all to change this either. End the fucking war in Afghanistan. Build the fucking wall. Disband the goddamn CIA and DEA who wholesale it to the fucking Mexican Cartels to bring into America.

How fucking hard is this to fix? Disgusting. Beyond disgusted with ZOG. Kill it before it kills us all.
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ZOGbots are NOT your friend

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Look at that nose on your second pic holy fuck man

Damn I didn't even notice that til you said but tbh not surprised. There's about 5,000 kikes in the US Army.


never like their coffee, donut shops have better IMO, and I'm an SF coffee snob.

worse is that whole gay-ass thing about gay names for sm-md-lg.

Obligatory for newfags
The Taliban were the good guys

Who cares? I haven't been to a starcucks in over a decade. They want to provide a safe space for druggies with diseases, which hopefully spread to their leftist customers, more power to them. I fully support this type of acceleration because it doesn't affect me in the least.

Shit forgot pics
The Taliban did nothing wrong

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Diabetes is a thing you retard and diabetics need to use insulin needles

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White women love Starbucks

They put them there for degenerate drug users ( ( (dude) ) )

Can't diabetics carry their used needles home with them to throw them away hygenically in a biohazard container? Maybe if you laid off the grande caramel triple-soy lattes you wouldn't be in this predicament.

==The opioid crisis is affecting restaurants, retailers, and other organizations with public bathrooms across the US==.

In a study led by Brett Wolfson-Stofko for New York University's Center for Drug Use and HIV Research, 58% of the 86 New York City business managers surveyed said they had encountered drug use in their businesses' bathrooms. Another Center for Drug Use and HIV Research study of 15 service-industry workers found that a significant majority had encountered drug use, syringes, or both in bathrooms while on the job.

This user is a Trumpnigger

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>(((Starbucks))) Places Needle Dispensers in Restrooms for Junkies
There's no fucking bottom to this ride.

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This isn't about diabetics
This is about degenerate junkies

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No shit. The nigger I quoted tried to make it about diabetics because he's butthurt and hasn't had his insulin shot today.

All women today are whores/sluts/degenerates riddled with STDs.

Type 1 diabetics were born with it my guy and they're the ones that actually need to inject insulin. Type 2s are the fatasses and they can just take pills to treat it unless they let it progress badly enough
yes but 'muh convenience!'

nigger you're the one on opiods fuck off

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Let's be real here, which type do you think is (hint: check the filename)


Are you people retarded?

And if someone needs to constantly pump themselves with insulin, they can carry a sharps container instead of acting like degenerate junkies and leaving needles in a bag. There's a reason many states ban the practice of dumping needles in bags. Who the fuck do you think is using the bathroom after their new policies to allow anyone to use their bathrooms? Homeless diabetics? Drug addicted diabetics? It's the degenerates, you dumbass.

Waste of subs
The article clearly says a dozen times this is over junkies.
You're either a paid (((mod))) or a (((Q)))ushner Trumpnigger either way kill yourself
It's the policy of Trump and the (((GOP))) to do fuck all about the Opioid Crisis. It's a fucking crisis. But their Jewish donors want it to continue. It's a literal white Genocide tearing families apart. Not just the degenerate junkies suffer. Tens of millions of their family members do too. Fuck you.

Nigger he's doing nothing. Literally fucking nothing. Ending the war in Afghanistan would be a HUGE blow to the Heroin problem. They don't want it to end. Pompeo is a piece of shit who helped create the mess in the CIA.

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A big fucking start is if Trump's DOJ would arrest the (((Sackler))) Family but that will NEVER fucking happen

Its lazy niggers who just toss their used insulin needles in the trash. Its degenerates either way

Type 1 diabetics aren't usually born with the disease but it is hereditary


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feel the same way, how fucking degenerate, and I once did coke off a starbucks paper towel dispenser
but I wasn't a needle shooting heroin addict with AIDS


I don't have all the articles I saved from my antiwar days, but I remember reading severe storms had wiped out most of the crop in the late 90s. So combined with the Taliban's beheadings, farmers had no incentive to grow poppy. That changed just over three months later with the US invasion of a country that had nothing to do with (((9/11))) or Osama bin Laden.

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insulin hypodermic needle are being replaced by auto-injectors

that gif finally makes sense, people do drugs in the restroom before getting their foo #MAGA

holy fuck those pods are giantic
like golf balls

CIA is the biggest drug dealer on the planet. Hands down there is no one who trafficks more drugs than the CIA.

There isn't a white person in starbucks at all in my area, it's all spics

The funny thing is that though the junkies will now use Starbucks bathrooms more than ever to shoot up they will resolutely refuse to use those disposal boxes and will leave their spoons and needles and lighters all over the place… Those junkies are really a bunch of nasty angry fuckers with a chip on their shoulders.

I was unfortunate enough to have to use a Target restroom and there was a guy shaving at the only goddamn sink.

You fucking retard, diabetes sufferers have portable needle carriers so as to not leave used syringes around whenever they need an injection and there is no publicly available container - unlike fucking opiate addicts. I should know, I was addicted to opiates after being stabbed twice, having my jaw broken, and falling (being thrown) almost ten feet onto concrete. I ended up needing to inject in order to save money when I needed pain medication for so long. Then I couldn’t easily stop when I wanted to, so was physically dependant and trapped for a few years. I am clean now, finally, for a few years, but it was not at all an easy thing to have done.

Most addicts do not care enough or think straight enough to carry a portable container, especially shitskin ones. They will just throw it on the ground or leave it any which where. I didn’t do that, but most people I ever knew who used opiates (or cocaine/crack/meth, any IV drug) did, especially when they thought they were alone.

What the actual fuck?

If whites are so superior how come they're a bunch of retarded junkies? Where's the self control at?

*honk honk*

And a further redpill on top of that: many Afghans are descendants of the Indo-Europeans who first migrated out of the Caucus Mountains and the Greek armies that passed through the region during the campaigns of Alexander The Great. Many Taliban groups were fighting to preserve their communities and people and the USSR and the USA sought to destroy both.

Taliban were created by the CIA, they weren't "good guys" just useful idiots who fulfilled their purpose until it was time to dispose of them.

Good work, Starbucks.

As for the rest of you, if I mention the Mandela effect, you’ll obediently abuse yourself trying to hurt others, yes? We mustn’t let society develop too much integrity!

Nobody is claiming whites are superior you insecure shitskin.

Well there's your problem. How do you disband something which barely exists on paper, is highly compartmentalized, and derives its funding from drug sales, mob activity, and other shady activity?

Power doesn't exist where it is perceived to exist. We've been around long enough that those who wish to rule against the best interest of their subjects must remain hidden. Propaganda which moves the public this way and that comes from the shadows and blends in seamlessly with the business world and the elected governments of the country.

Anderson (((Vanderbilt))) Cooper is CIA. Can we stop him from repeating the party mantra on our "private" (w/ public oversight, of course) television network? Can we stop Edward Bernays' great-nephew from guiding the programming coming out of Netflix? (If you haven't read Propaganda by Bernays do yourself a favor and read it.)

We need a literal miracle. All of the folks who shit all over the Christfags might want to do some reflecting and take Pascal's wager. The demons that run things on this rock aren't going to fold to our attempts to meme resistance into reality. We need something akin to the second coming, where God himself stomps around and starts tossing CIAniggers and kikes out of boardroom windows.

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Friendly reminder than the Forest Service was caught storing bricks of cocaine in secluded woodland warehouses for the CIA in the 90s. Friendly reminder that a lot of unexplained disappearances occur in areas similar to the ones these warehouses were found in and on Forest Service land.

I disagree, many Taliban groups existed before the mideast glownigger shenanigans started in the 80s. The glowniggers created their own fronts with puppet leaders like (((Osama Bin Laden))).


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(((barnes review)))
Should have fucking known. Cunt was shilling another load of bullshit earlier.

Nice. They should include a needle exchange program too.

can we fund gypsies to take tours of cucked states?

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Why is a flophouse for dope fiends selling coffee?

Can you tell the difference? OP can't!