Any information pertaining to members of the DSA, ANTIFA or both should be dumped here. If they think they can scare people off by trying to ruin their lives, they’re in for a very rude awakening.
PS we’re a board of peace

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Other urls found in this thread:ín_Alcoff

I’ll start. The white liberal with the MAMA hat is Paul Gilmore, a history professor at Fresno City College. He is very likely 49 years of age and his other personal information i.e. home address, phone number, etc. are only accessible through paying for a report. I’m sure anons can find it anyway He is a staunch liberal known for ranting about white supremacy in his classroom while pacing back and forth like a coke addict. He is originally from Baraboo, Wisconsin (the town where all those high schoolers did the friendly salute a few months ago) and his posts are public on his Facebook profile. Here he is literally fedposting about the Confederacy. There’s a good chance that he’s a card-carrying member of the DSA in Central California. Many otherwise milquetoast white liberals are known for hiding their more “extremist” side, so who knows what this faggot has been up to?

The la creatura is Emily Cameron, co-chair of the local DSA chapter in Central California. “She” is backing Mike Gravel in the 2020 primaries and is known, like other DSA kikes, for being about trans rights and intersectionalism x100. The fact that “she” technically has more power than most anons is truly clown fucking world. I cannot find an address on her, either, but it appears that she lives in Clovis, California. Links to her Twitter and IG:

If you guys have other traitors, kikes, mutts and the like to post about, do it here. Keeping track of these people is key.

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keep up the good work user

Thanks. Let’s just say I live in the general area and keep track of these commie niggers. We don’t have many, but I would prefer we had none.

I approve of this thread.

We have faggots literally advocating for an alliance between National Socialists and fucking Antifa/Commies…

Fuck those kikepilled scumbags. The only appropriate response to Antifa is a bullet through the fucking brain.

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I approve.

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Attached: purging.gif (223x199, 65.76K)

A gay spic in Long Beach, home address also hidden behind a paywall. He’s an organizer for DSA Long Beach and is trying to avoid having AIDS apparently but he’ll die from it sooner or later anyway.

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I should’ve probably posted that as separate comments but it doesn’t matter now.

Seen many other doxxing threads what makes this one different.

How new are you?
Kill yourself kike.

Is this how you plan to criminalize CCTV footage, Chaim?

Bit of old news there and I can’t stomach reading (((MSM))) bullshit as is. antifa are the footsoldiers of ZOG and labeling them terrorists won’t stop them. All of them have to be summarily doxed.

Look at this fucking queer. What the fuck is it with Asians looking younger than they are? Anyway
Checks out.

Attached: 23C494EA-CD76-4C22-96EC-BCBB83BE311E.jpeg (1242x1889 75.14 KB, 957.47K)

I've met this guy before. He's "asexual" and weird as hell but not antifa. He wears Victorian summer dresses and draws really shitty comics about real estate issues.Too retarded to engage in violence, honestly.

He’s also a skinny gook, so he’d never try to fight regardless.

I honestly feel really bad for him. Because there are so many freaks and faggots in Berkeley nobody is willing to tell him how grotesque he is and set him on the right path. From what I understand he's an asian NEET and has never had a real job and still lives with his parents in his late 30s.

It amazes me that his parents didn’t kick him out long ago. I thought Asians valued discipline?

they don't know you're here
infiltrate and study their organizational network and members
if in a position of leadership agitate against the status quo, no the fringe opposite
slowly leak the info you've studied or store it privately until needed but DO NOT compromise yourself by giving so much that it can be back traced to you.
good luck and smash the antifash

I personally am not in a situation to infiltrate, but I hope others anons are and already are in ANTIFA cataloging everything they can.

Godspeed, user.

Bumpity bump

For anybody in the PNW

Well, I know that RPG designer Rob Boyle (Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase) is active in Antifa Chicago. But mostly because he makes no effort to hide it.

Well-known from over a decade ago, when Antifa's "fascists" were black metal concerts instead of liberals and libertarians. Twitter is @infomorph, Still rocking the Swamp Thing hair.

Attached: Sprite.jpg (269x320 41.47 KB, 140.53K)

Does he live in the city of Chicago or a surrounding suburb?

This fucking cuck

Attached: E1534546-269E-44D0-BC4B-4BB886FAADD4.jpeg (540x540 389.56 KB, 71.45K)

what we need is like a google earth or something equivalent where we can go house by house marking friend or foe as well as pinning the cunts we already know about.

Keep it up user

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Deek Allen. Front-man of a "Scottish" punk band Oi Polloi. I'm fairly sure the singer claimed to have decended from Holohoax survivors and their music is mostly "punch nazis punch nazis." I am ashamed to say that about 6 years ago, I liked this band. I liked their message, I went to their show and bought their merch directly from the merchant. What's even stranger is they brought out an album called "Ar Cànan, Ar Ceòl, Ar-a-mach" Which in Scottish Gaelic means "Our Language, Our Music, Rebellion." Why is a Jew trying to support Scottish paganism (albeit with an Anarchist twist.) when he's a Jew? Strange isn't it?

Attached: OiPolloiArCeol.jpeg (800x529 1.11 MB, 81.02K)

Attached: t1.webm (854x480, 6.43M)

Whats funny is this band is supposivly anti communist with a song "commies and nazis on yer bikes" but the majority of concert goers are commie sympathizers.

He is also homosex. Never heard he was a nose tho…


I'm fairly sure he's Jewish anyway. I thought it was in this interview. Can't think why they'd cut it out, but look at the size of his nose, googly eyes and promotion of veganism. Keep an eye on this one.

I liked a song or two of theirs during my punk phase in my teens in the late 90s.
An unfortunate but important part of growing up is realizing that the "radical" shit that seemed exciting was made by bootlicking narcissists in support of the ruling power. Not showering and living in a dorm even though they're like 60 years old doesn't change the core of who they are - minstrels for the elite.
I remember seeing that middle illustration of theirs, too. Fucking lol at the mulleted arpitbeard and dreaded cultural appropriator.

The worst kikes are always the ones who actually don’t look Semitic

I know several physical locations for antifa activity in the town I live in, and a couple houses. Most of them were found via mutually through people I work with, and some even passed through the place of business as former employees(had to tell one of them to wear a long sleeve shirt or get a skin graph so I don't look at his stupid flags tattoo). All of them are bugmen with hunched backs no chins and beards, or below 5'6". Question is I don't really know what I should do. I saw something on cucked chan a while back on how to close down bars where left wing punks play shows(mostly involving fire safety and these establishment's lack of keeping properly working fire prevention equipment and/or causing a fire hazard for being fucking stupid) and I'm not stupid enough to run in and gun down these joints. I used to look up crowd killing techniques on iron march, but it's just me and I don't want to get suckered by a bugman or stabbed by a crust punk.

I frequent train yards though because of my job and sometimes at night I'll try to catch box car hobos. Nobody cares about them.

Basically any “organic” coffee shop, gay contemporary “art” museum, etc. in a gentrified neighborhood is where you can find DSA and ANTIFA tbh, at least as public spaces and not private. You could theoretically plot out the areas where they frequent in your city and just phone in with burners of course fake murder and domestic violence calls. The one benefit I have is there aren’t many of these types where I live and they usually move out to go up north where all the fags are at.

would I have to buy new phones each time or could I just replace the chip?

I would never do something that awful. This is a board if peace, of course.

I fucking hate fucking no-context videos. no context is just gore porn, shit at least gimme a reason to give a shit for the torturers or the tortured. god damn

russian mercenaries in syria caught the isis(or 'rebel', no difference) one

thanks thats a million times better

Iirc you can pre-pay for a certain amount of minutes on a burner and then when it runs out, start anew. There’s also apps that hide your actual number, but I don’t know which ones work best.

Use doxbin on tor.

I don’t use Tor

That was right wing safety squads, the board should still be up here with information. Basically look for violations and put them in to the fire marshall and they get closed down.


Apologies for the lack of activity, I’ve been busy as of late. Now I know that there are many people who are supporters of Tulsi Gabbard for her anti-war stance and standing up for Julian Assange, but that doesn’t mean the people she hires as press assistants and such are immune from me or anyone else who wants to look into them. Enter Cullen Tiernan, who from what I’ve gathered used to work or campaign for Bernie Sanders and was in Charlottesville for a short time for university. As alluded to above, Tiernan is a press assistant for Tulsi and has been since March 20. So basically this gayer looking version of Martin Sellner is her lapdog. Guy probably listens to Chapo Trap House and reads his Kropotkin fantasy books when he’s not pretending to “fight the establishment”.

Attached: 72F341CE-98F6-4378-8C73-F28CA2F6EE98.jpeg (1242x1649, 312.49K)

Seems like he needs a trip to the gas chamber regardless

Best description of The Conquest of Bread I’ve seen in a while.

Jake Kemp and TC Fleming. Involved heavily into DSA and socialism. Jake is on the radio, he's actually pretty funny, TC works for a liberal mayoral campaign.
They each just recently became fathers.

That candidate being Scott Griggs. He looks very Semitic to say the least.
So basically cheap rent for illegal spics.

Thanks for the screen shots, I'll be sending these screen shot to them so they know you're planning on hurting them. You're all faggots and i hope you die slow horrible deaths.

Joan, stop taking selfies and making data-mining threads. In that order, actually.

Okay Torpedo, let us know how that goes.

The Joan meme was destroyed a long time ago and I’m a phonefag, hence the filenames. This thread has nothing to do with your off-topic autism.

Oh look an actual ANTIFA informed one of the people I’ve posted on this thread. Thanks btw, I couldn’t contact her through Twitter unless I added my number to my account and that wasn’t going to happen.

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Suck start a shotgun.

Attached: 1d6a97b6c9c9946d9a4923586d6c9ebd135cf0b81b9363d541410b2ece5fe194.jpg (261x349, 22.73K)

He actually did it, the absolute madman. The sad thing is I think “she” ended up deactivating her Facebook or changed the name. Will have to dig in and see what’s going on.

I’m triple posting like a nigger, but she just now made her tweets private. IT’S SCARED

Attached: BC3B84BB-F04B-4B4C-8496-7620DE84C731.jpeg (1242x1773, 565.51K)

you're all so pathetic

Any information would be interesting.

A spiccling muslim antifa targeted American patriots with a bomb

God damn it I’m glad someone else has fucking said it. Thank you. It baffles my mind that people are hinting towards that.

Hi Emily, I hope you have a heart attack soon.

Where in Texas do either of them live? I don’t have much to go on.

Attached: c8ac0a7ceee8035b16bd2e8ad39794919a0624124a4738821e149ceff618c5fa.jpeg (650x607, 205.74K)

Use the info to have them killed. Their "ruined" lives will be brought back to order by the jews' money and influence.
Use any compromising info to incite local masses to kill each antifag in each region.
Only by killing the antifags can people stop their actions.

We need more of these threads. I like a good Hitler info/appreciation thread but this is just exciting.

nah i'm the one that warned emily u useless shit

You’re next faggot

Jake lives in Fort Worth
TC lives in Dallas

come get me strong man

Tell me where one could find you. A city at least

i'm not gonna do the work for you, you guys are the doxxers figure it out your own fucking self

More info on Emily

Reminder your group will never understand proper justice and will continue to bitch and whine asking the ZOG to silence our efforts. Such a shame too as truth will show the traitors that you are. So sit back, relax, and cling onto whatever power you have left to fight against the inevitable :^).

Attached: BD7EABF3-225E-4DC7-0F0E-0A69B5F2530F.jpg (720x1280 430.61 KB, 1.68M)

That's new.

Attached: D766gnF345666SDFDer4.jpg (500x512, 98.21K)


Attached: Waffen-SS-Machine-Gunner-German-5x-7-World.jpg (400x288, 33.86K)

Everyone dies a horrible death.

Mom of antifa leader Jose alcoff, honestly looks like she fucked her son too. Calls for execution of White males.ín_Alcoff

Attached: jose alcoff antifa philly leader.jpg (800x445 180.49 KB, 132.18K)

Don't waste your time with lackies. Dumb kids are a waste of time unless they're rich kids slumming and going after their parents will be lulzy for us and expensive for them.

Focus on 'leaders'. Top down.

Gives me a warm feeling inside that there are still some legit anons left.

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"Look his mommy said mean stuff, oh im such a vIctIM! tHiS iS whItE GeNocIdE" all you tiny penis bitches have nice lives and have no idea what discrimination is fucking crybaby. This is no longer your safe space.

Jake Kemp and TC Fleming have a wide audience of a popular DFW podcast, and TC works for a leftist mayoral campaign endorsed by (((Bernie))).

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The insults can't get anymore pathetic and honorless

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The Jews are so intelligent, they weren't allowed to immigrate to the USA because their IQ was too low

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I thinks its pretty ironic for a bunch of virgins to have an opinion on other people's sex lives. "whItEs ShoUlD oNLy HaVE bABiEs wItH oThER wHiTeS!"

Reminder that the people who hate antifa more than you also happen to hate you even more.

Attached: ae12cc4e43d16f07213590d4e53503098b12aa5736202d55644f5042e6208bdf.jpg (1200x675, 121.41K)

Sex isn't really relevant as much as ethnic genocide is.

whats so bad about this guy?

he was for Bernie but now with Trump's total failure thats OK. Maybe he just saw Trump's Jewish Problem when others were trying not to see.