Who are you voting for in 2020?

>no vote?
I'm asking because I noticed a lot of you have gone full NEVERTRUMPER and REPUBLICANS ARE ZOG, yet still also hate the Democrats entirely.

In the end however, only Republican and Democratic candidates have a realistic chance of becoming president. So then it becomes a matter of choosing which is the less worse option. I'm personally going to vote Republican again this upcoming election (even if the candidate will most likely be Donald Trump again), because Democrat policies/candidates are easily way more degenerate of the two parties. Right now, most of the threads on this board are complaining about whatever new degeneracy the Democrats have done or proposed recently.

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Fuck off

Democracy is the rule of the Jews through the masses. Opt out unless there is someone that is actually /ourguy/ running

Not voting.

anyone who names the jew so patrick little

Kill yourself assfaggot

Patrick Little, if I even bother.

So if a candidate is /ourguy/ (like Patrick Little), you guys will vote for that person.
Else if no candidate is /ourguy/, you guys won't vote for anyone.

Might be worth voting for Trump just to keep the 2nd amendment alive long enough to get some $$$

It would be a protest vote to support someone who names the jew. He obviously isn't going to win, and we aren't going to make any real change by voting for one kike puppet over another.

The jews are never going to just disarm us one day, then the people would revolt. They'd rather keep the goyim on a slow boil.

That’s probably the biggest thing for me too. Trump is no champion of the 2A but ammo sales won’t get registered under him and my stash is a little low.
Beyond that nothing really changes. Plus it’s congress that makes most of the moves anyway


I'm voting for Maximer Bernier in 2019.

bernie or bust


Yang gang

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trump so I can bide my time and buy more ammo / stock food ect.
Some communist nigger Zog like bernie 2.0 will win in 2020 or 2024, id rather 2024 there more time to prep.

Have to check out the other Republicans running, but Trump seems like the lessor of all the evils that are Running

Probably Trump again, dont like the other options and he has the incumbency advantage. As long as a Dem is nowhere near the White House, I'll be okay. It also means I get 4 more years to laugh at mentally deranged socialists who can't get over "ORANGE SKIN, THAT FUNNEE"

Pretty much this. A pseudo nationalist zog puppet is better than a full on globalist zog puppet.

Look at south africa.
If your going to wait this out, is not gonna work.

trump enacted more gun control then king nigger, he isn't a supporter of the 2nd amendment

fuck didn't sage a data mining thread


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Are you guys seriously this retarded? He's literally a Jewish glownigger.

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No he isn’t, fuck off moarpheus.

You need to get your Jew-dar taken in for a tuneup, friend.

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im voting for adolf hitler 2020


That's why I'm voting Democrat. Already changed party to vote in the primary.

I intend to push the most insane fucktarded Democrat I think has a chance of winning, while simultaneously memeing hard against Trump on every platform at my disposal.
I would rather an obvious enemy be in power than a subversive traitor.

(((Louis CK)))
Wow edgy. He’s a cuckold too, just fyi

If I was american id vote Yang because hopefully in giving everyone $1000 means $300 billion every month leaving the national treasury x12months x 2 years thats $7.2 Trillion in just half his presedency
God willing this should be enough to bankrupt the country and destroy the economy and the union then you 1776 faggots can start cleaning up the mess the jews left behind
Also OP I can see you nose behind the screen

Vote for Yang? Are you crazy, man? If Yang wins his policies will cause hyper-inflation which will lead to a financial crisis similar to Weimar Germany, which will cause people to lose faith in the fractional reserve banking system and lead to the rise of fascists!
MY GOD MAN, do you really want LITERAL NAZIS to take over America?

nice try, shlomo

Except whatever mainstream candidate promoted by the (((media))) will do whatever AIPAC and the Jews in washington tell them.

Gullible moron.

Holy shit this is retarded.

wew lad

>still thinking that "voting" somehow affects the (((deep state)))
Snail-like IQ.

That was exactly his point, you dipshit assburger.

When the Jews talk about nonjews as "cattle" they were referring to retards like you especially.


Reminder that the supreme court is the ONLY issue.

Each individual judge is more powerful than any legislator or executive. A single one determines if abortion is legal one day, or illegal the next. Funny how that works.

Shitposting aside, don't tell me you actually believe this. Voting for degenerate Democrats is even more defeatist than not voting at all.

Go back to reddit.

Blow your brains out.


It is a circus user it doesn't matter who you vote for lmao

In the immortal words of Dr. William Pierce "I cannot trust any leader that does not explicitly name jews as the root of our problems". Unless someone names the kike, they're worthless.

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Holy shit that's cringe.

Are you seriously saying Dr. WLP is cringe? Fuck you.

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what the fuck

this post gets big yikes form me



lol are you fucking serious the government doesn't need to "datamine" you to know who you voted for

Pat Little. He is the only pro-White and principled choice. I don't agree with him on everything but at least his mouth isn't dripping ju ju cum.

He believed in the illusion of democracy.
The behaviors and forms of democracies are not so much that many wars are elite and dictatorships or aristocratic sections, or forms of feudal government.
By the way, any political plaçage legitimacy before a terrible political reality can be true in countries or places (CDP) in Hillary County?
In particular, consider a hypothetical example, if it is the foundation of the Church in the United States, the paramilitary mission in the middle of force West is entitled to shoot leftist politicians and not be punished for food in civil or Cuban politics, then the White leaders of the anti-slave liberals and anti-slaves did not come here.

If only someone were to run with the name Lone Wolf.


Lee Whitnum

Before Patrick Little

NUKE 2020

Do we know if Little will be a write in/ ballot option in all 50 states and if not which states?

I'm not voting. I'm in a Demoshit flooded district anyway, so it legitimately does not matter at all. Not that I want Trump to win, but I would probably show up to vote for non-(D), ideally third-party locals if I expected there to be any alternatives.


I want to see our 2% of the vote going on an openly anti-jew candidate. It takes 5 minutes to send a message.