Why do people act like morals are a fact?

People pretend that morals are just a fact when in reality, there is no evidence you could show someone that says theft is bad. It's all just opinion whether that be society's or the individual. Just want to see your thoughts on the subject and your own personal morals.

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what if op gets banned? if he bitches about it just say there's evidence doing so is wrong

Prove that it is wrong. What was wrong about any mass murder?

sounds like juden bropaganda but okay

Because facts don't matter retard. If it was a fact that the world would be better without whites I would still fight for my race despite the facts.

You can go a long way with a handful of might than a bag full of right.

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You can't show evidence that the laws of logic are valid either. It's just accepted that they are true by atheists, and explained as an aspect of God (logos, the new buzzword) by theologians. Similarly, atheists are always trying (and failing) to fabricate the Christian ethical standard, minus God, but as based and redpilled nihilists know, there is no ethics without God beyond "might makes right".

You need an extrinsic moral standard. You need God.

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Yeah I don't have morals. To me murder is normal. So i don't really feel sad for any major attacks whether it's on white or blacks or asians. Don't really care what happens to people as a whole.

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a society cannot function without morals, morals that are relative are not morals at all, they are the posturing of weakness.
with that said, sure a society gets to dictate what the morals are, it's why some societies excelled and other fell and as our morals are crumbling so is our country.
are you 12?

Thread quality is really surging

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You can't prove that facts are facts either. They're just what you believe to be true.

Stealing is wrong because people require possessions to survive. By stealing anothers' possession you are diminishing their survival chances. Everyone wants to survive. Therefor, it is immoral to steal.

here, i wasn't going to effort post on this bullshit
"ABSTRACT: Consider the paradox of altruism: the existence of truly altruistic behaviors is difficult to reconcile with evolutionary theory if natural selection operates only on individuals, since in that case individuals should be unwilling to sacrifice their own fitness for the sake of others. Evolutionists have frequently turned to the hypothesis of group selection to explain the existence of altruism; but group selection cannot explain the evolution of morality, since morality is a one-group phenomenon and group selection is a many-group phenomenon. After spelling out just what the problem is, this paper discusses several ways of solving it."
this is where i was coming from.

OK so I'll just steal whatever they don't need to survive.

if you steal that mans xbox he will have a lower survival rate so don't do it.

Actually a good read. thanks user.

Everyone can't survive. The whole point of life is that some survive and some die


You are dumb, because you join yourself with the rest of the world. Facts matter, but what's the best for the world does not matter. What's best for your people matters