Our Pajeet

Our Pajeet.
Says it like it is. Niggers have no brains and should be in bondage, said hitler did nothing wrong, justified european genocide and colonization of native lands. Was murdered by jews.


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He was pretty based in what he said, but don’t forget him heading to the US and starting ISKCON to begin with was part of the larger CIA/Tavistak funded Hippie movement. Not to mention the fact he was basically taking white kids and turning them into spiritual pooinloos, and ISKCON was and still is filled to the brim with Jewish pedos.

I prefer our lawnmower guys.

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Learn to do your research better.
Yeah, we covered that shit with the rainbow family. ISKON was pure Aryanism, the CIA was fucking half national socialist assets at the time, and Miguel Serrano was working with Indians and Tibetans while redpilling the outcasts of society.
Now go learn the fucking difference between a HIPPIE and a (((YIPPIE)))
His last words were literally that he was being poisoned. Do not fucking pretend that the current abomination ran by the very kike that murdered him, is the same aryan organization that it was before.

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A lot of Eastern spiritual leaders are redpilled but a lot of them were also recruited by CIA

Is there evidence prabhupada was recruited?

I don't know if he was. The thing is back then being recruited by the CIA would have been considered a good thing, an anti-crime thing, supporting nationalism and democracy over the Chinese and so on. For example a lot of Tibetans were recruited for this reason. But they got slaughtered for it in the end. But then you have the globohomo element if the CIA which was ascending in power at that time and became dominant, so some of these spiritual leaders were more part of that, and I don't know which are which.

Pretty much every cult leader is part of the CIA. The CIA is like brain of the world (hence the double entendre in their name)

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Any particular reason why the germans didnt build the atomic bomb? That would've won them the war and get everyone to back off giving germany more breathing room.

Prabhupada from what I seen is not the type of guy to be one of (((them)))

I can hardly tell the difference between a Pajeet and a nigger.

Hitler loved Hispanics, the descendants of the Aryan race.

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A native Mexican dishwasher just said the non building boat people are the beginning of the Maser race. Holy fuck I just entered the twilight zone.

Speak proper English like a true Aryan, puto.

Do you have some good sources about Hare Krishna?

They shave their head and beg for money.

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I just saw that on another post.
Spics claiming the master race came from Mexico.
You got some foresight.

I'm seeing more and more Spics and Brazilians mestizos who wishes they were white. Nigger scum, they don't have any identity and of course they don't want to identify with the Negroes. Mixed races shouldn't even exist in the first place because that's going to make niggers think they are White.

Proof that he did.

His- panics mean lowers then Spanish.
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Spaniards speak Spanish, not English, anglokike.

Hispanic comes from Hispania, the Latin name for Spain… faggot. You sound like the retard who thought Jesus spoke English because his Bible is in English.

Because Hitler didn't want to poison the earth with radioactive fallout. "Why Win the battle, only to totally lose the war?" As in he'd rather lose than turn the Earth into Fallout 1.

Seeing the state of modern world, it might not have been such a bad idea.

vedabase.io is a website with all of prabhupadas major works.

He was anti nationalist and anti globohomo, but the kikes who muderered him could have been CIA. He warned about a "sinister movement" that was in his own movement, that they killed jesus and they're going to kill him too. Ended up being his top 11 disciples, coincidentally all jewish. They run ISKCON today claiming prabhupada gave them authority to do so but certain letters were found later where he stated nobody could become a guru after he died and accept the worship and authority that comes with it.

Why? Because he says things that appeal to you?

If he was truly enlightened he'd admit that he too should be enslaved as he and his people deserve.

With karma like that I would not want him for a teacher, and neither would anyone else who understands that by taking a guru you bind their karma, successes and failures to yours.


How have I only just noticed that if you rotate CI it makes the Omega symbol, with the A obviously being the Alpha symbol. No wonder the CIA think they are all-powerful.

underfunded, understaffed and they thought it was a dead end

i guess anything that isn't filling your head full of tap water and going to normalfag christian church is a cult

man hitler must've had horrible karma then. wouldn't want to follow that guy.

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The difference between Serrano and Prabhupada is Serrano wasn’t asking kids to join a religon run by a Bangalori pooinloo and stand on street corners in orange robes hawking books, and to actually have respect for your parent culture. Even
Lakshman Joo looks more white and probably has a better grasp on mysticism than Mr. Chemistry Krishna.

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They did build it, but Adolf Hitler was too kind of a man to order it's usage, fearing the damage to the environment and the genetic harm due to the spread of the radiation. Just like how he refused to use gas in the war, despite having massive stockpiles of it. The homb dropped on Hiroshima, was built in Germany. The bomb dropped on Nagasaki, was dropped by the USA as proof that they could build more on their own.

The fuck? Proof?

Why would he be saying these things in the first place.

To rake in followers, obviously.

Kill yourself beaner scum

This entire society is a cult and there's no escape without becoming a leader yourself.

Pic related is the kike that murdered Prabhupada and usurped Iskon. The kike renamed himself Radhanath and is pictured here with obama. Dig this and we will have a valuable propaganda weapon against both kikes and their DNC stooges.

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I'll see if I can find more evidence vs claims later, but Prabupada and numerous others with strong connections to the Reich have made this statement repeatedly since the day the bomb was dropped.

The man performed an excellent duty to our People by reciting, translating, and teaching our Aryan cultural works. I know his spirit is still with us, and we should work to honor that.

Yeah let's respect our parents who sucked Jewish cock for Gibs and our grandparents who killed our brothers for fake nationalism and money. Fuck the West, it's time we burn down this egalitarian capitalist anti white hellhole and establish something new, and the teachings of the prabhupada should at least inspire it.

There is NO religion besides paganism that accepts the natural position of the Aryan man as Superior, and respects the eternal natural order.

I should clarify with the exception being Dharma.

There's a reason Hitler used the swastika and it wasn't because it was pretty. Heinrich Himmler kept a copy of the Bhagavad Gita on his person at all times. A right hand path idea with a monotheistic God representing the ultimate masculine force, the maintainer, the ultimate personality.

But yeah when though Jews want you to believe the exact opposite of the teachings they shilled it right? That's why they killed him right?

user… Why the fuck do you think the Swastika of the Reich spins leftwards, against time?

The fundamental nature of the “aryan superman” is just fake. It’s a lie. The people who enact and desire it are so weak they fall apart into a million little pieces because other people elsewhere are existing at them. Strength in the actual is the greatest weakness of racism, and weakness in the actual is the greatest strength, for bigots live in the fabricated inversion of weakness. That’s why “aryan” means race traitor. Less than nobody can promote racial strength without racial sabotage. That’s the redpill this place would rather be slaves than swallow.

It takes strength to be yourself in a world unafraid of you, but any coward can just roll over to lies. Some people call honest scientists deceitful people because the numbers don’t dance in ways that match their preconceptions.

Blah blah blah spicmod you are disgusting.


What about the millions of Whites who have observed this already?
Why do you feel the need to kiss the ass of a street shitter for noticing the obvious?

Given the actual state and the absolute state of modernity, is that a compliment or an insult to the CIA?

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That's the sauwastika that James Mason uses. The swastika is right facing.

They like to target austists on disability for their pensions, just an FYI if you have a friend who likes their free food.

What did George Harrison mean by this?

It is the blood of the Aryans, diluted as it may be today that arises within the Indians at times like this

Nazis had like 40,000 TONNES of Nerve Gas, that would have been far more effective than 1st Gen nukes.

Only reason 100,000 Japs died (within a month or so) was that it was dropped on women and children in city center at height of rushhour in late summer. It was basically like dropping it on an NFL stadium, in a big game, on a hot summer night.

It took 10% of ENTIRE ELECTRICAL OUTPUT of USA for several years to run the A-bomb project, and similar amount of other resources, and we were out of "eggs" for next few months after the first two, and only one every 3 months for a while after that.

Are you fucking shilling me here?

They DID build the atomic bomb, they just used it for incinerating jewish corpses instead of using it as a weapon.

Denying this will get you 10 years jail in France.

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Hi reddit. Good point for the holohoax. Why the fuck would they have used zyklon B when they had plenty of nerve gas?

Same reason they killed jews with exhaust fumes from trucks while there was a gasoline shortage - because they were stupid and wanted to waste as many useful resources as possible.

and they have boring musical taste.

Everyone talking about stockpiles of NSDAP nerve gas, when they forget to mention the 50 tons of N-Stoff, aka Chlorine Trifluoride. Now THAT would be a good way to forcibly remove the swarms of zombies that kept pestering Hitler's Minecraft house.

Fucking clowns; honk!

Honk honkler!

Hiter didn't want to do it because it would affect his house too.


They had nerve gas?

Would destroy the things he love.


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Why's there been an influx of street shitters on (((Zig Forums))) for the past three months?

Nah user is just debatable.

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ALso nothing wrong with shit kins being self aware.

Please post the rest of this PDF.Thx

You proved that user right, you're nothing more than a d&c shill who wants us to hate our own.

You mean unknowingly spread the enemy's lie about this matter? Not to take anything away of this man.

How? By him dropping the final redpill? That we're the ones that will have to rebuild from a scorched earth, after the final purge at the last days of the Kali Yuga?

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