Feds claim border militia was plotting to kill Obama, Clinton, Soros


"LAS CRUCES, N.M. — Before the F.B.I. arrested Larry Hopkins, the leader of the right-wing militia that detained migrant families in the New Mexico desert, he’d had so many run-ins with the law that his police record stretched across much of the United States.

Mr. Hopkins finally came under the scrutiny of federal authorities in 2017, after the F.B.I. received reports that his group was “training” to assassinate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros, according to documents unsealed Monday in federal court.
Mr. Hopkins, 69, appeared in Federal District Court on Monday after his arrest over the weekend on yet another charge, this time of being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition.

The arrest followed the posting online of a series of videos by Mr. Hopkins’s group, which calls itself the United Constitutional Patriots, showing men in camouflage circling and detaining hundreds of migrants in the desert near Sunland Park, N.M., and then handing the migrants over to Border Patrol.

The heavily armed militia’s actions have ignited debate over whether its members broke kidnapping laws and effectively acted as a paramilitary force supporting the Border Patrol. Militia members argue that they were assisting the authorities to patrol remote areas of the border and carrying out “verbal citizen’s arrests.”

In an affidavit, David S. Gabriel, an F.B.I. special agent, said the bureau was made aware of the activities of Mr. Hopkins after receiving reports in October 2017 of “alleged militia extremist activity” in northwestern New Mexico."

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Reminder that neither the media nor the feds have provided any evidence of these claims.

Yeah, they have some joke somebody made at a meeting. But we're not under American law any more, we're under Muellerism. So they'll investigate without basis and detain without evidence. They'll ruin people's lives and send the message that dissent is going to cost you.

I'm sure this is just as legitimate as their claims against RAM

Just a reminder to git gud bolt actions in a decent caliber, and go lone wolf if you plan this kinda shit. You don’t need a militia to Kennedy a politician. In Minecraft of course

Bolt-action TNT cannons to blast all the creepers away.

It's abundantly clear at this point they're just looking for any excuse to go after these people. Why is political persecution like this allowed in the US? Abuse of power is wrong.

Kek mutts think their guns can take over government which vastly outnumber them in propaganda and resources.
Gun control will come to america and if you rebel will suffer the same fate as this person.

Reminder that this website is ran by feds

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They should already done it by now.
Why should you have right to own guns, form militias and shit if don't gonna use that for anything?
You're worse than a yuropoor cattle that grow up in an upper controlled Orwellian nightmare.

oh so he just made typical boomer posts about how he'll show em and that is being taken seriously?

feds are lice

What a badass.
There's a 75% chance the murder plot was made up by the FBI as a means of arresting another man who was doing their job for them.

Killing Obongo and Soros is the new bogeyman?

Good, it looks like there was another MOSSAD operation to keep (((Trump))) in power

reminder that you are a cuckchanner

Sounds like they were entrapped. Feds probably put them up to the whole thing.

So? I f-ing love this country!


Pretty funny that the media and feds care about laws being broken if they can weaponize it against Patriots. They'll make every excuse under the book to defend illegals.

this only accelerates patriot militias towards what they should be doing: shooting the law enforcement traitors who are responsible for spreading open America's border bung hole for spicnig invasion like goatse man.

i can't wait to see the news kick off when a militia ambushes a podunk town PD and makes off like ISIS bandits steadling the traitor cop's Federally gifted MRAP and their arsenal of Iraq War surplus machine guns and RPGs.

Not dubs but checking anyway. Don't forget FBI covered for Franklin Scandal and Boy's Town child rape gangs.

It's clown world.

Militia are cucks, feds are cucks.

so which one was it? The felon?

RIP second amendment, btfo eternally by the cuck FBI, d-drumpf do something!

who snitched on them? Was it the boomer who got beat up in prison?

why would he want to kill Obama, Clinton (which one?) or Soros?

All three are better on the border than cuck Trump. lol.

didn't the feds say that those three recently got bomb threats?

anyone that gets beaten up in prison was beaten up by officials in charge.
actual big time criminal suspects like OJ Simpson never get beaten up.
Anytime a politically famous person is a beaten up it needs to be automatic conviction of Jailers, including "conspiracy", "hate crime" etc.

all famous people "recently" got bomb threats.

Bomb Threats are part and parcel of being an E-celeb.

Hello fellow Whites

No, I remember those three getting bomb threats on the same day or something like that.

I remember a "wave of terror" 2000 bomb threats to Jewish Centers.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Jewish_Community_Center_bomb_threats

Pretty sure these are fictitious charges to firstly get rid of the group, and, secondly, to further undermine whites and non-kosher right movements.

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Hello fellow Whites

yep, as Daily Stormer pointed out, all these groups have done at least a bit of "legal homework", which is why none of the many powerful J-Left politicians and LEOs were able to even hinder their field operations.

IMO this will all come down to a couple snitches claiming "I think I heard him say something" over beers at a campfire or something.

Like Trump said "take the guns, do the due process later (much later)"

Aren't they all mostly really old men?

now they are just shit up

Fucking Slander. Pure and simple.

Pure political persecution.

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senior leaders maybe, but rank and file will be mostly seasoned outdoorsmen, mostly 40-50yr old vets, and probably lots of guys with Karake etc skills.

Most of the work will be multiday hikes in the mountains.

Eat shit FBI.

Because the majority of Americans are mind fucked, demoralized, hedonistic sheep that will never fight back.

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He was charged with that once before, back when he was charged with impersonating an officer. What was the penalty prior to 2017 though?

So will the old people lie about others so they don't get basically a death sentence?

A border patrol official called the incident “highly unusual and highly concerning” for the agency, the outlet reported.nypost.com/2019/04/24/video-shows-heavily-armed-group-leading-migrants-over-us-mexico-border/

More like the new normal, with Trump's soft-surrender and all.

Looks like the only people with intact 2nd Amend Rights and allowed "brandish" guns without a big police response are they invading army.

Nor can they.

"felon with ammo/firearms" can be in the same general area as someone else who has guns, but yeah this Boomer should've known.

I've done Security and its a constant thing with ESL people that they will refer to you as "the police" even if they fully understand you are just "security" and not the police.

The FBI is fucking scum, and I hope you read this you fags.
If you ever come talk to me, I'm gonna request specifics - remember to cite this one or I will be disappoint.

Daily reminder for newfaggots that both of these "posters" are nigger-tier demoralization faggots who would be shot their first day in any unit. Any and all demoralization, derailing, and USELESS FUCKING BULLSHIT is purely from enemies.

What choice is there where there is NO JUSTICE? If kike partisan literal terrorists who cut people in half, raped kids, and bombed buildings were HEROES according to holohoax shills for supposedly fighting a genocidal regime, then what by the same anti-German reason should be done to other genocidal regimes?

Entreating with the enemy is a violation of the US Armed Forces Code of Conduct. It is your duty not to speak with anyone usurping the legitimate government and engaging in miscarriages of justice or terrorist activities. Learn this shit you plebs.

They were planning to kill people who live in mansions in the northeast by walking around the border in Arizona, eh…

They write this shit for toddlers and people pretend to believe it.

s/Arizona/New Mexico/
same difference

Well it looks like America has political prisoners today, we've gone full blown USSA.

I haven't met a person yet that likes or trusts the FBI.
Dead serious here.

>Feds claim border militia was plotting to kill Obama, Clinton, Soros
who is Obama, Clinton and this Soros person?
I don't know 'em?
Around about the same time I told my wife I was going to stop using Downy as a fabric softener when I did the laundry because it made me itch all over. Old news, me and the old lady still laugh about it to this day about it, I'm sure I'll hear about it again come this thanksgiving holiday, but seriously, that shit made me itch for days sleeping on those washed sheets, and wearing jeans………. she thinks it funny, damn her, she'll spin the story to include my underpants, but we are not going there.

Why would they bother? The "people" will believe anything. These guys are more political prisoners.