Racemixing is a weakness and parasitism

Reflections on racemixing from a former bluepilled racemixer – me.

Because culture is a product of genetics, rejection of one's people is also a rejection of their culture. Rejection of one's culture means the acceptance of another culture and therefore another people. That's why you see white racemixers adopting the culture of their mate. For example, a white man who is dating a Chinese woman will go to Chinese food places and Asian festivals with her. What you will almost never see them doing is going to a German cafe, for example. Not only is this a rejection of their own culture and therefore own people, but it is also actually a self-subjugation by definition – otherwise, the nonwhite wouldn't hold the dominant position in the relationship. And, thus, they're also weak by definition. We can see this by looking at their physiognomies. Not all of them have cuck physiognomies, but it seems to be the dominant look.

In addition, a parasite by definition is an organism that lives off another organism at its expense. The opposite of a parasite is an organism that has a contributive symbiotic relationship with another organism. Because racemixers largely enjoy the benefits of living in a white society while largely contributing no positive culture or new offspring to the group, they are parasites.

While racemixing has always been a thing, it's now a phenomenon that plagues the West. The main cause was the deracination of whites: most have been cut from their roots and brainwashed to believe that they are atomic individuals, among other things. If we want to help more whites, we have to reintroduce them to their authentic and true respective native cultures. We have to connect them to their ancestors and their story and feats.

TL;DR: racemixers are weak parasites who need the 卐卐卐gas卐卐卐!

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First post is kike free.

two off! 卐卐卐

race mixing is absolutely fucking disgusting, almost as gross as pedophilia and sodomy

I agree.

I hope you're not the guy you just posted.

I've fucked a few dozen chink sluts. Fire pussy.

No – I worked as a bouncer in university, I'm not a cuck. I don't know why I did it or why I found Asian women attractive. I find them disgusting now. The fact I grew up in Tibetan monastery, may have had something to do with it but it's hard to say. It definitely came to an end when I started learning about my racial identity and history, though. I can say with confidence that racemixers are not only ignorant of who they are but also who their people are. They're basically illiterate. Our society is to blame. I will let my parents die on DOTR. Fuck Boomers.

Fucking mongoloids isn't a bragging right, it just shows that you lack principles or taste. I bet you went to Asian restaurants or bars with them, too.

Cool story shlomo

Missed this.

Fucking primitives, man. Genetics isn’t going obsolete - as people learn what good genes are, bad genes become fixable in one lifetime. Quit bitching about how white people aren’t bigoted enough to maintain the colorwall; pigment-allegiances are slavish sociopathic bullshit. Rise up over the emotionally broken detritus of your ancestry and learn to be more than a cruel nihilistic point in time.

Whatever their color, racists are people who don’t believe in linear time, because the people who believe in linear time have moved on already.

Whiter than you Amerimutt.

You are historically illiterate. Read Martin van Crevald, one of the greatest living military historians. Immigration is functionally than war and in many cases has been more damaging than war. Leftist studies show that diversity atomizes society and destroys the overall quality of it. Furthermore, people who are mixed lack a complete identity and any proper connection to the past which causes them to become mentally ill. Diversity has no benefits. You can be a bugman with filthy happa kids in a rootless city. Enjoy your slimy future – I want no part of it.

immigration is functionally war**

Ran i to a racemixed cop not even ten minutes ago.

Gay as fuck.

Nothing spells progress like deracinated people whose culture consists of buying trinkets on the internet and eating in with Uber Eats. PROGRESS DUDE.

Sorta yes, sorta no. Some morals seem like garbage, some morals seem like wisdom, some morals seem like aesthetics. Aesthetic morals are beautiful but shouldn’t be enforced on the unwilling. The difference separating garbage and wisdom is the pragmatic fitting of intention to function. Some moral postures are efficacious and thus wise; some moral postures are counterproductive and thus garbage.

Morality as a rhetorical form fails to clarify any of this, but morality as an empirical form is evaluable.

As for the specific example of theft, it basically depends on economics. People who abuse others by thievery drive out the productivity of their victims and eventually are poorer than they began. People who have sympathetic causes and limited depradations weigh lightly on others and are more apt to solve their problems before destroying others. This is morality as an empirical form - abuse is more destructive than sorrow.

- From the morality thread that the moderators blasted.

Qualitatively, your output is no different than that of a bot. Filtered.

First it appears as innocent love where they conquer your heart with sweet words.

But then … Eventually they conquer everything from you starting with your home, culture, tradition and even everyday lifestyle. Then you realise it is no longer innocent love rather love to expand their boundaries.

Grandparents cry

You burn the rice, you pay the price!

This is what happens when you're deracinated and have kids. A person who is deracinated does not see race for what it is: something deep and overruling and meaningful.

sage for redundant needless thread

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New chinese immigrants always do this
Even if your city has rules/permits against cutting down trees so quickly they get around it by slowly telephone poleing the tree so you have to stare at a slowly dying tree for several years

Jesus what a fucking pathetic cuck. The only acceptable ending to this video would be for him to drag her into the back yard and drown her in the swimming pool, but instead he just rolls over and lets her shove her foot up his ass even further.

There is no hope for the white race.

You pretend people's color changes, you get the shaft!

Holy fuck, someone PROUD to admit they think time is linear despite no evidence of that for decades. Truly small-brained mutt hours. Congrats?

Everytime I see a white racemix I become sick. You're disgusting.

Only disgusting people racemix

What a pathetic cuckold of a 'man'.

How does one even live in such state?

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I think you underestimate your ability to maintain some balance when you live with strong minded Chinese aunties that will walk all over you no matter what.

They survived the great famine and will eat civilized people for breakfast.

Of that, I have no doubt.

Kill the brainless (((jew))).
We are Free.

There is hope for the White Race.
There is 0 hope for the (((juden, and assorted negative, etc.)))
Gas all (((kikes))).
We are Free.

We see what you're doing there, femanon.

You shouldn’t need a thread to tell you not to fuck a baboon.

tila tequila wears the armband and sieg heils hitler harder than most faggots here. is tila tequila ok to racemix with?

Linear time brings death. Monochrome niggers in Africa are superior to brown niggers. Mixing is a sin against nature. The worst part about it, is that it's never degenerate parents who face the consequences, but their children. That is the true tragedy.

I just did a small study on race mixing prevalence in everyday life. Check it out >>>/b/8843068

This guy is a faggot. I agree with chink grandma here. Grow plants that actually do something besides add "curb appeal." He'll be thankful they have some vegetables eat when everything goes to hell. She probably planted all that crap because she's having flashbacks of the great leap forward.

It's been my experience that the chinks either improve the landscaping or leave it as is. Niggers and spics are the worst. Niggers just want to remove as much shade as possible and put pavement over everything. They aren't happy until their backyard is a good 10-20 degrees hotter than the neighbor's yard.

I prefer to grow food (veg + fruit) and herbs but if some other fucker is going to try force my hand, I'll beat them to a pulp whoever they are

White men + asian women is a way bigger problem than white girls with negros.
Change my mind.

Women fuck groids.

Look Adolf, it isn't "boomers" marrying non Whites.

Racemixing is also popular because hookup culture as exemplified by Tinder has mostly pushed the bottom 80% of men out of the dating market. So they have to lower their standards to ethnics (nigs, spics, chinks) to stand a chance. It's only going to get worse.

I like fucking ugly fit girls, asians fit the bill nicely, always in shape, up for sex all the time, hot pussy so, um, yeah, I do it a lot

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I like when you get your face bashed in.

I welcome all comers

If one fucks a Buddhist of Japanese ancestry in a camp, one may just become…


(No but srsly, race-mixing is verboten)

You don't look at the mantelpiece when you're poking the fire

what if you pull out and kick her out

The old lady is a stupid cunt, there was no reason to destroy the existing garden bed and remove the plants when she was going to move on to the grassed area anyway.

If anyone has seen anything of Serpentza's channel on youtube, you will have heard him describe the relationship with your wife's Chinese family as a sort of marriage with the whole family, not just the woman. If it's anything like this then obviously it's not worth it.

I've never jammed an Asian girl this unattractive.


You're right, he is a faggot. They're making an absolute mockery of him and he does nothing about it. He should consider suicide, the pathetic little bitch.

Go away, Chang.

Yup you got that right
uh user I'm not sure you know what that means

What the fuck are you on?

bbbut goys, i mean guys, race doesn't exist! white pipo don't exist! white pipo themselves only exist because the Ancient Aryan's in the land that is now the Ukraine had sex with the last of the Neanderthals. so when you claim "whiteness" exists, you are wrong because any concept and any entity any primordial substance can be infinitely divided into its discrete components by using logic. therefore no concept, entity nor substance exists as-it-is-in-itself, because it is always a mixture of small parts. well, except for the Jew and the Talmud, those things do exist wholly independently of anything else and are sustained by themselves alone, and so we must not mix the descendants of Isaac with the descendants of Ishmael.

now be a good goy and forget all this nonsense about retaining your pure whiteness, and go on a bender where you fap to 48 hours worth of free videos generously provided by MindGeek where you can disassociate your whiteness to watching teenage slant sluts who resemble young boys getting their tight pussies ploughed by niggers and spics.

Kys degenerate

Okay we get it. You're a coward.

asian pussy is fucking good but breeding with them is a big no.

Find a nice European woman and have beautiful white babies.


You people really should just read biotech news. Nobody is trying to genocide you, meatvats are coming online, anti-aging work continues, more and more genetic diseases are getting targeted for eventual fixes… This “racism” psychosis only makes you the butt of the joke. Most of society is too polite to tell you how dumb it looks that you wank around being all “no fapz for wheats powzah”, and you tell yourselves they’re too scared. Nobody fears me, nobody fears you, technology advances. That’s life.

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She's fit. Especially for most of America. Most girls in America are fat. Most of the white girls in America are from more rural areas and come from genetic stock that does not support eating a diet of meat and cheese without lots of work. So they are fat as well. Really, asian girls are the only girls consistent in the United States for a certain measure of quality. Generally that means decent face, skinny, and not completely retarded.

Maybe I'm just a retard but this is pretty much my type. I can tell she's into cute things and will talk about how much she likes studying biochem or some shit. Better than all the skanky festival sluts that talk about popping pills or fat cows that post on kikebook all day.

Fags who say this are worse than science deniers.
It cultivates a view of science as infallible; that the dogma of the various fields will never change, that if anyone comes up with even the slightest bit of evidence in contravention there surely exists a magic science man who has some previously unheard of argument in support that will absolutely curbstomp any other pleb, and that academia is immune to influence of the political vogue or the myriad of issues faced by bloated bureaucracies.
Also, the cute little comment about math shows a fundamental misunderstanding of why we even study the subject in the first place, but I don't feel like taking the time out of my night to explain the foundational purpose of mathematics
t. mathfag

Read through archive.is/4nxNI
Trusting the government blindly is a very dangerous thing to do.

Most asiatics lack actual passion for what they are studying, especially FOBby ones, and even moresoe if they're a child of someone in the CCP bureaucracy. The westernized ones will be slightly more interested in their work and far less likely to engage in academic fraud. Ask any white compsci or engineering TA if they ever had to face a dilemma where if they reported an instance of cheating they ran the risk of getting an exchange student deported. They will invariably give you horror stories about chinks and pajeets trying to skirt the system, but it's usually just a stepping stone for them (i,e. taking bio to go to med school.) Asians are incredibly deft at navigating systems, but lack real productive genius at innovating rather than iterating.
The rundown of this whole spiel is that if you want to talk Biochem with your thot, find a introverted white qt.

'Chemtrails' themselves don't exist per se, but .gov and corporate globohomo are dumping tons of toxic shit into the atmosphere for various reasons including: anti-radar chaff, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.

you're calling someone a coward over the internet…..

I tried. Gave up, they don't exist. They all major in something soft and carry too much weight. Honestly, half the shit posted about asian girls here isn't true. I live in an area of the USA with a lot of asians. Learn the difference and discriminate. For the most part they are either super innocent feminine from outside the country, or they are more westernized like white girls but aren't dumb sluts.

You are blind
There's an arseton of white chicks in chem. The, 'innocence' of the foreigns is a culturally enforced act, watch it crumble once they become acclimated to western culture. I don't think you've ever encountered the field of barely human filth that is the upper classes of China and Vietnam trying their damnedest to emulate the Chicoms : lazy, unjustifiably elitist, arrogant, no appreciation or respect for anything, more backstabbing than the kikes, full on 'I'm special and unique like everyone else' NPC mentality and expect whites to do all the work.

racemixing is wrong but let's pretend like it's not women that are the problem.

Fuck you, you filthy kike. You disgust me.

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Race mixing is best. Black males have superior, stronger physical features and are definitely more desired by white women.

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Black males aren't even desired by black women. They're criminal thugs who don't work or earn money, and three quarters of them are overweight.
Get it together, coons!

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Only for egalitarians. Move or be moved.

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Absolutely untrue. You don't need to lie to make a point. Maybe you were a faggot, but that's no reason to project on everyone else.

I know a few couples and the exact opposite happens. White culture is the one that takes center stage (because it's the best).

Also, you come off as a total nutjob.

No, just lack of YOUR principles. You are not the god of this world, thankfully.

gas for you

I date an Asian girl that looks a lot like her, we are both pretty kinky, what is best about these Asian white couples is, if you are also an Asian White couple swinging is fairly easy. From asexual standpoint two asian pussies are better than one. We've had some truly wild fuckfests and we are still going strong. It'll be 6 years next month.

I'm more worried about what's not in the video. The state of Aussie women must be absolutely abyssal for that Chinese woman to be able to outcompete them for his hand in marriage.


Dors a hapa low key hate their parents?

I had a Napa friend in high school and he hated his parents and was pretty convinced they hated him to. Most mongrelized children suffer from identity issues and mental illness while their parents suffer from a lifetime of regret.
Race mixing is honestly child abuse

Sage. Probably the most retarded shill image ever. Should also add the Holocoaster, Oswald Killed JFK all by himself with a magic bullet, and Russia Stole the Election to your Blue Pill Fantasy montage, Chaim.

white man and asian woman is the best combination

I never dated an Asian girl but Japanese porn is wicked hot

Its the severest crime.

asian women are so fucking hot though.

just look at how she kills that bwc fuck damn, i hate people that are race mixing and i get very disgusted about it but asian girls with eye contacts are so fuckable

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i live in a chink infested area and I see shit like this all the time. spinless white cuck letting a chink and her parents stomp all over him while he mumbles and doesn't do shit. makes me fucking furious

Nice try Jianx Zhu Lee

The entire premise of the post is flawed…. Saying culture is a product of genetics is just batshit. Culture is the means through which we decode the world around us, it's a conglomerate of circumstance. Only way your genes are gonna affect your cultural identity is if you're living in rural Africa and a lion catches you because both your parents carried extra chromosomes.

Unrelated side note: thinking about downs-syndrome Africans made me realise they probably just execute them at birth. Or maybe I'm just making assumptions based on their minimal media exposure.

TL;DR: elaborate pity party from a dude that styles his hair like a fag gets mad because his chink left him.

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That's seriously how you sound to people without brain damage.

It is built into the genetics of animals including humans. Dogs can be bred to change how they interact with and regard other dogs and people. Many behavioral disorders are genetic. Lesser behavioral disorders could exist that are not significant enough to draw attention, but could change how people interact and live.

Never said it didn't play a part in the matter. But the OP's thought process is based entirely on one's culture being genetically determined, which I think is 'batshit'

Fuck yes who wouldn’t want a submissive slut like this

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