Special Report: How China is replacing America as Asia's military titan

Special Report: How China is replacing America as Asia's military titan
HONG KONG (Reuters) - In 1938, in the midst of a long campaign to bring China under Communist Party rule, revolutionary leader Mao Zedong wrote: "Whoever has an army has power."
Xi Jinping, Mao's latest successor, has taken that dictum to heart.
He has donned camouflage fatigues, installed himself as commander-in-chief and taken control of the two million-strong Chinese military, the People's Liberation Army. It is the biggest overhaul of the PLA since Mao led it to victory in the nation's civil war and founded the People's Republic in 1949.
Xi has accelerated the PLA's shift to naval power from a traditionally land-based force. He has broken up its vast, Maoist-era military bureaucracy. A new chain of command leads directly to Xi as chairman of the Central Military Commission, China's top military decision-making body. Operational leadership of naval, missile, air, ground and cyber forces has been separated from administration and training - a structure that Chinese and Western defense analysts say borrows from U.S. military organization.
The Chinese leader isn't just revolutionizing the PLA. Xi is making a series of moves that are transforming both China and the global order. He has abandoned reform architect Deng Xiaoping's injunction that China should hide its strength and bide its time. The waiting game is over. Xi's speeches are peppered with references to his "Chinese dream," where an ancient nation recovers from the humiliation of foreign invasion and retakes its rightful place as the dominant power in Asia.


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The OP isn't even a real Chink. Just some retarded LARPing faggot. Xi Jinping stated he doesn't give a fuck about challenging Americas military superiority. He just wants control over the South China Sea as part of some retarded Chink Manifest Destiny where he believes it belongs to China. Americas allies happen to be there which is why this is causing conflict.

OP is not a real Chink. This is a shill thread to start shit. Filter and move on

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The Chi Com Navy is a joke. One broken down Russian Carrier. We have 11 active, 2 in dry dock. We have the most advanced military in the world. Meanwhile the Chi Coms can manage million man bayonett charges. Unless nukes are on the table, or we are fighting a land war in asian man for man, we got nothing to lose. Neither is going to happen.

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Just a reminder, the people who enter these China threads – bait or not – and sperg out the hardest are always brown US military shills.

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Your pacific fleet is a joke man. A fucking joke. Carriers are outdated.

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Having an airforce the size of a small nation floating around ready to deploy anywhere is a stupid idea. I can't think of any reason carriers can be useful.

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China will grow larger

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But only in terms of numbers. This is literally a nothingburger, chinese technology is stolen and unfortunately for them, they never seem to be able to replicate it entirely leading to hilariously distastrous results.

Xi Jinping also has military garrisons in DRC, Zimbabwe and a police force in South Africa. So much for taking him at his word, eh? In reality though, it doesn't matter even if China wants to match America's military prowess, because Chinese military technology is garbage, not to mention that they're going to have problems with their uyghurs at some point.

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it was only a matter of time.
although… I'm kinda surprised that it's not Russia.

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