New World Nationalism

Why do so many white Americans form such emotional attachment to Europe? In the old world with their failed ways? The New World is still free from the cultural crisis befalling Europe right now. Detach yourself from the old world. We are not European, we are AMERICAN. The masters of Manifest Destiny. Americans, both North and South, celebrate your lineage, not your European lineage, but those that crossed the Atlantic to find opportunity, who tamed the wild savages and built a better world for his children. Who rediscovered a land of lost greatness and transversed its many ancient mysteries

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Pretty QTDDTOT, but only because of the state of Zig Forums these days. We could have had a nice discussion on this back in the day.
Partially. Let's ignore the entirety of the modern conception of "the West," because it's totally broken, judaized, and useless for the sake of the discussion. The United States was founded in revolution–specifically to get rid of the overarching British government and culture (the form of law remained). We had our last tea party in 1773. Pretty big event. There's a reason that Americans just don't drink very much tea at all, while the rest of the former British Empire sucks it down. Many Americanisms and affectations of America were born out of "leaving our former masters behind." The problem is that in detaching from the European mode of thinking, we've also (in the modern world) been detached from being white.
Is it though?
A valid point, and all part of what made America and the American mode of thinking. However, we must never forget our whiteness and our common species bond with Europeans.
I wonder, if there are any Rhodies left reading the board, what their thoughts on this matter are.
South Africans, Australians, and New Zealanders are also welcome to answer, but they didn't fight for a damn thing. They were simply let loose when Airstrip One (((couldn't afford))) to keep control over them. Same with Canada, so the feeling isn't the same there.

"Why do so many white Americans form such emotional attachment to Europe?"

Maybe Because:

1. America has no culture

2. Europe is the land of our ancestors

3. Europeans are our brothers

4. Europe is awesome

Shit like this makes me not want to bother with good posts anymore.

Overall valid points and a good post

Naw if that were true America wouldn't need to exist.

"With there failed ways…"
Your country is only 49% (white unless you think Hispanics are white then it's 56%)

Your country was the first country to nuke a country and the country you nuked was your own, over and over again and killed (due to radiation) half the military generals and scientists working on the atomic program as well as loads military personnel rofl

Your gov is dumb as fuck

Isn't it 56 percent pure white and something like 70 percent when you count Hispanics?
Compared to what other government dare I ask

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Europe is a great continent with diverse and open forms of governance that we’re happy to see take the best of our ideas and which is happy to see us take the best of their ideas. That’s cultural exchange as it ought to be. The whole continent of North America has with the whole continent of Europe the kind of relations that nationalists historically denied could even exist between nations. Despite this, the distinctions between societies, languages, economies, and systems of governance have remained intact in the way nationalists have historically denied they would. Nations can learn from each other and be happy for each other just as individuals can learn from each other and be happy with each other.

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Disingenuous image. It doesn't also include the fact the American castle is located next to Space Mountain and the Indiana Jones ride. Europe can't compete

White European warrior from long ago

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White American warrior from long ago

The strongest of Europe's men were the ones who crossed the Atlantic and fought for their freedom. The weak either stayed behind, or were British sympathizers after the Revolution and moved back home

No. Just no OP.

As an Israeli Jew I want you to know that there is no stopping what's coming. It doesn't matter what you think or do anymore. QAnon was successful and we've already won the base. The Mueller Probe and our great and powerful media has guaranteed Trump wins 2020, and the Moshiac is here. He is here already. Do you hear me? He is here. Nothing you can do can stop what is coming. This is planned for too long. We won. Does not matter what you do now. All your base belong to us. Everything belong to us. Game Over.

I don't give a fuck about what happens in Israel or even what Trump does. Nothing is going to take away my legacy. My American legacy

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You're gone soon. You not see that yet? We're in the final stage. 200 million minimum will die. You will be one of many.

You can't kill all of us Jew. That's where Jews get it the most wrong. They see the New World as just America. I'm pure white, but my family has history in South America. We never racemixed, but God did my Great Great Great grandfather stick close to his revolver and Bible in Guatemala. We still have the same revolver and Bible in the family in fact

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Damn those kikes are sneaky motherfuckers

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You're so wrong. You have no idea what's happening. US will fall. Russia fall.
War is Iran / Russia / Turks vs America / Israel / Saudi
Israel never touched. US will be nuked by China and NoKo. US Will be destroyed. What remain is sold off to Israel and China, China next world power control from Israel. Israel declare never again, America and world follow. China then reign in all cheap good from capital Jerusalem. We will rule from here. You are finished. You are done. A colony of rape and suffrage will ensue. Niggers will them wipe you out the rest of the way. Mixed Mutt obedient babies will praise us. We will rule. Moshiac is here Goy. Moshiac is here.

When you attack America the weak will die but the strong will live and breed. You'll shoot yourself in the foot Jew

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I will be nice and tell you this: avoid West coast. Avoid it completely. Yellowstone.

Fool. We prop up China just like we do America. We created China industry just like we create America. Stage was set long ago. You are merely backup.

Typical Jew, only cares about money. We have more than money on our side Jew

You have nothing Goyim. We control your military. We control congress. We control everything.

Looks like we need another revolution
The answer is always 1776!

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המלחמה החלה בקרוב

Meh fuck your (((predictions))). ARMA 3 shows a more likely scenario, Israel completely destroyed, (((NATO))) broken. America sucks ass. Good job kikes

Never happen
Will never. Most America already stupid Goy. We won. It over. You see soon. Very soon.

I wont be put under your Jewish spell. Your Semitic magic wont work on me kike!

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Your a troll pretending to be a Jew

I gotto get out of here, this is like 5D multidimensional Jewish chess

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the spic invaders are you going to take a giant shit on 'your' legacy you dumb fuck, right as they vote it into the toilet

why be attached to your forefathers? or your grandfather gone senile, not the man he once was? the old home built too small here, poorly designed there?
it's easy to get lonely in an unfamiliar land, even if that land was once entirely yours

Do you seriously not realize americanism is that crisis?

All I remember is being chased down the street by niggers. I can't remember things getting more american than that.

The Spics aren't even this countries biggest issues

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Then let a spic fuck your sister,.

Fuck that. Unless he was one of those rare white Spics

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Rare white spics.??
You mean Spanish descendant who was European.

Yes, and happened to have avoid mixing with natives. They exist, they're just uncommon

Will probably be the future if there is no great fight back by Whites worldwide. Whites will just implicitly form smaller and smaller societies since this is the "easiest and nicest" thing to do for all the other races. Leading a great fight against the enemies of Whites will have many Whites join the non-White jewish side because that'd be the "easiest and nicest". I want to be proven wrong but media is just so widespread and Whites are easily taught to trust in abstract ideas which are used to ensure they lose instead of just accepting nature having as many kids as possible and protecting their kids as much as possible.

Funny how Europe is still Whiter than you are.

Great going 'Murica. If that is the best of the whites, then I'm ashamed to be white.

Yes you are not europeans.the white races in america coming from europe white races.america is a crazy culture.
But there living very much humans in europe.but not much if you look to China,asia,and america it's more quiet on that way.america is a cut FUCKING crazy culture and they think they are O so great.
they are a grazy culture of mixing races.
crazy buildings.cunt music.the American cars where good until 30 years ago.
america is a crazy country of farmer americans.what are they have to be Proud?

USA ? There living MUCH negro apes there! USA apes country.

America? Ha ha

Russia is better then america.
1 russians are a pure white race.america is a fuck country of mixing races.

2 there living much negro apes in america.

3 who have done the real work in war 2?
Who have done ? The sovjets.not USA.

Only one nation in the past thousand years has inspired me with the desire to fight for my people with an unrelenting zeal. It wasn't America, a nation founded by freemasons and jews. In order for National Socialism to succeed, the New-Zion known as America must fall, and something folkish must rise in its place.

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europeans hate america because they think america is so great.
Russians hate america.muslims hate America. Who not? The jews not.
The future is not good for america.

China is the New world power.

death to america.

Not sure if you are retarded, but you need to find your priorities. The United States is an ongoing global disaster, but the jews in Russia are keeping pace to compete. Russians need to restore their Monarchy and folkish way of life before the jews in Russia have you all replaced by niggers, chinks and arabs.

Much Americans are Proud because they think they have defeat germany.
That is not really true:the USA and the sovjets.but the sovjets have done more THEN THE AMERICANS.americans want to think that they have do more to defeat germany,but the sovjets did more.
Until the ww1 america was more normal.
America is a grazy culture.
With their cowboy's and their saloons!

not death to the white race in america but that to that culture country.

Is there going to be another idiot American standing up for his fucking country?
or does he admit 'indeed I'm a pussy American of a cancer pussy country'?
America is a pussy cancer country.
Cancer America.Cancer America.Cancer America.Cancer America.Cancer America.Cancer America.Cancer America.Cancer America.Cancer America.Cancer America.Cancer America.
Then tell America how good your country is: 'America big again'.
The world laughs at you, America. Die America.

America is the inevitable final form of Modernity. With its hatred of caste, mongrelization, consumption.

The cesspit was founded by rejects from their own cut of the world.

I understand. Thankyou for doing so anyway as there are a few effort-posters and old-fags left who enjoy reading actual thought.

As for OP, as a Europhile myself, my reason for liking Europe so much is partly to openly and proudly counteract the dumbass anti-European jingoism that cuckservatives love so much
but also out of a deep longing I have for the deep spiritual connection with our peoples' past and Folkish traditions. This is especially true in nations less effected by the jewish mass media and hollywood like Poland, the Baltic states, Hngary, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, and the Balkans.
However, even in Western Europe people have a spiritual rootedness that is lacking in America and I truly do wish this could be incorporated into American culture. Particularly Folkish dances, festivals, and clothing.

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Your 2,000 years are up, faggots.

It was built by Celtics.
The US is the greatest Celtic nation to ever exist.

China will collapse in about 20yrs, at their "greatest" in recent memory, because of their one-child policy. They will soon have too many elderly to take care of and not enough people or money. It will only get worse with decreases in China manufacturing and the continued bain drain with Chinks moving abroad for university and never returning.

Lmao, jew ass ayy represents the very essence of European degeneration, it's the "far west" in the very spiritual sense of the term, all the degenerating tendencies that originated in Europe reached and keep reaching their maximum expressions in the USA, which surpassed Europe more than 100 years ago and after 1945 made sure to accelerate those even back home(the same Europe which ~100 years ago at least showed some signs of last resistance against the jewsa enforced judeo-anglo financial global empire).

Name one.

Europe fuking suks. Except some great land scapes and Czech women.

The USA will be Brasil in a couple of decades
Your country is lost and there is no way to turn back
Perhaps a small separatist movement might succeed eventually, I don't know where though? Any states strong enough for that?

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No. We will keep attached to our traditions and to the old. We will keep rejecting modernity and killing all jews, leftists and niggers.
You can't stop us. We are above you all.

My family has been here for about 150 years but for several tens of thousands of years Europe was our home. I am European.

go back to cuckchan.

Civ nats plz go

Pure ignorance

How are your half-Nigger mongrel grandkids?

Fuck off Amerimongrel/Mud.

You mean your childish fixations on children's characters like Nigger Cat Man?