Drag Queen Story Hour bans clowns

clowns banned by trannies
Video of the invasion at youtube.com/watch?v=tFE_ouCRkwk
article at bigleaguepolitics.com/clown-world-protesters-draw-attention-to-absurdity-of-drag-queen-story-hour/

Apparently this shit's been going on 3 years now? wtf newyorker.com/magazine/2016/11/21/kids-attend-drag-queen-story-hour

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Do you really expect whites to do anything? Do you see any whites doing anything except dressing up like faggots? We are doomed. I'm making peace with it. There will be no wat, only whites being thrown over a cliff and stomped on FOR GETTING WEAK IN A WORLD OF SURVIVAL

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aren't dragqueens and trannies mortal enemies?

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Come to 1579

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These activists?

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It’s our collective fate for killing Hitler. Better luck in our next incarnation

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They don't want the competition.

1/10 tranies is a convicted sexual predator. And those are ones that been caught and convicted. Its got to be much higher than that. Letting your kids be read to by tranies is setting them up to be raped.


They must know, this means war!

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What if I identify as Honk?

Which one of you anons did this?
topkek keep it up hero



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Million Honking Clown March on DC

Here's a webm of the video that was uploaded to twitter.

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This is what the uniform should look like.

This needs to happen on a nationwide scale.

what are they? clownphobic?

I can see it now.

>That file already exists!

I'd try to get one with blue and white polka dots, or an inflatable one like those inflatable sumo wrestler costumes.

Why did they actually comply though? If libraries are public then they have every legal right to be there.

You can't just honk in a library you madman

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so while the muslims are openly killing christians, and killing gays as well, even making laws that are legal for killing them…the white race decides to dress up like clowns…haha

Christ, even in the days of the old anonymous we were much more ferocious. Bomb threats, actual threats, doxing and a whole host of other "evil meany stuff" (according to the new collective). It makes me think that perhaps the whole bit of "think of the optics, and muh PR" is nothing more than the actual inability of you here to actually do evil meany stuff. Because often, if you dont announce it even you can get away with it, and you wont get cia niggered. Yet nobody even tries.

so yea, you guys are pathetic, really.

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What's the big deal fag? You're free to do anything you find more attractive. But you're not, you're just another useless, talentless complaining fag, the only thing you'll ever be.

A handful of Whites equal a thousand muds and when they begin to feel threatened they will act. Or to put it another way, " we will not go softly into that dark night" or some such bullshit but you get the idea. I recently read that 80% of the population is not on Twatter, probably less than 5% on 8chin. There are millions of white men out there who they have yet to piss off. When you get their attention you'll feel it.

your welcome

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Yea let me go bomb some fucking fag rally right now faggot, I got like 5 cia niggers looking at me right now thinking of "but muh poor demofagcrycy it must remain fag loving :((((((((((((((((((((("

god I would try to kill like a billion faggots right now if I could get away with it. At the fag parade especially. God I would just convert to islam and kill the faggots with other muslims. But noo, I cannot, because there are filthy fucknig cia faggot nigger loving shitbags on every corner of the internet, fuck.

You can do that in other places besides burgerstan you know.

you dont know the extent to which these fag loving, degenerate gov retards will go to to protect their queers. Its not because of some divine punishment, or because of their bosses, they all have this innate drive in them, innate drive to virtue signal to get laid. They will put me on a list of "meeny of faggots" and then why I do meany stuff they will apprehend me, show their effort to some thot and get laid, thats basically the whole mechanism at work here lol.

u ok????

Truck of peace. Inshahllah.

The weak whites will be promptly shot for the faggots and degenerate traitors they are if and when the next furher rises in our midst. Maybe be one year, may be ten more years of this shit. Since the Jews force unnatural control and cannot fight for themselves, only controlling through subversion and weakness instead of glory and conquest, their systems will and must surely fall.

So the trannies are teaching children to twerk at the age of 3…"shake your butt, kids"
Because turning your back on a strange adult and shaking your BUTT is what our children should be learning. FAGGOTS NEED TO DIE.

Its kinda funny isnt it? The echoes of the few right wing whites that remain managed to capture me, giving me tales of their valiant natures, and effort in life. Helping me rise up in similar ways…only to realize that such a nature may not be fantasy, its implementation right now is. Because of dysgenics. I mean, what am I supposed to do, I was helped by the white nationalists, but the people that they too seek to help are probably not fit enough to be helped. Whom can I cheer on as they exert their will into reality? Who is the bad guy and the good guy? The roles seem to switch almost on a daily basis, these last few months. The same valiant nature that I was worshiping I can also somewhat see in the better muslims. In many other people.

Yet I tread along, seeing the alt right, loving its "based homos" its "based nigger monkey man" and all other assortments of filth. I think that perhaps in the future we have no other hope but to try to create a very uneasy alliance of sorts. To those who are willing, and able to kill of all the abominations of the whole of humanity, ALL of the gays, across all of the races, all of the trannies, suppress all of the feminist cunts. Pool our healthy minded mental energies together to at least accomplish a modicum of sanity back into the world. Probably a nearly impossible and monumental task I am sure. Extreme diplomacy, that we must extert when our govs are degenerate, our statesmen deserve to be hanged.

I'm surprised you didn't know how long this's been going on. As far as I'm concerned, one day of this shit is too much. There's no reason to expose children to concepts of an adult manner. They're just not old enough to deal with it and bastards forcing that Drag Queen Story Time on little kids are truly sick little fucks.


It's always LEFTISTS who make up and post these bullshit stories. You can always tell it's Leftists because they always quote Huffington Post.
Protip: they're the only ones stupid enough to believe huffington post.


Not evidence that he was jewish moarphykike.

LOL it's fucking moarpheus.

Moarpheus is a turk/semite/kike as well, just one pretending to be 'on our side' until it is time to put the knife in a twist. None of the kikes are trustworth.

Honk honk

Dumping shit on this faggot.
Pic related, it’s him.

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Ask yourself, what would Hitler do?


I do not know where you live but where i do anything that can be even remotely labeled as call to violence will instantly land you in prison for a weeery long time. Im pretty sure its like this in most of the west world except maybe murica. Nobody will try to do this.

Young minds are gullible and if you place that degenaracy near them and pretend its normal they will percieve it as such for the rest of their lives.
The next generation is going to be even more faggy then this one if it goes like this

We have to fight this ideology at its source. The left has been able to push unscientific bullshit because anyone who understands what they're talking about is on-board with the agenda, and the people who aren't haven't looked into it.

If you just try and understand their justifications with a critical and intelligent eye, you'll see how quickly their ideologies fall apart. I couldn't get through the first paragraph of a wikipedia article without seeing major issues that the left ignores.

We need to understand their weaknesses and then challenge them. There's a group of intelligent, rational thinking people here.

Want to defeat the clowns? Learn how they mesmerize the masses with their juggling, and show that it's not impressive.

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Uuuh currency if its the fiat kind really is a social construct. People are told it has value, everybody pretends it has value and poof! The worthless paper suddenly has value.

Except that "construct" has only been around in the West from 1971.

Boomers love bullshit - whether it's "constructing" multiple genders, "constructing" a worthless currency or "constructing" a new form of politics where reason doesn't matter as long as they get theirs.

We're living in a Nixon/Reagan nightmare where the rational thought that saw the West rise and become dominant has been replaced with nonsense that makes the Boomers feel good as they destroy everything that was handed to them for protection.

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It isn't just the Boomers…it is all of us who are flaccid and worthless when it comes to protecting what we love.

None of this shit was happening when boomers were younger.

It is happening now and now of you are doing shit.


What is really funny about it is that the institution that prints the money is private and it then loans the money it just printed to the us as if it were real
Why did nixon agree to that bullshit is beyond me

this isnt a battle of wits, that's what you fail to understand. It's a battle of who is stronger, who can muster more votes, more power, more sheer will against the opposing side. These arguments are all surface level, it doesnt matter what they write. You think the commies who wrote "the family unit is oppression" actually thought that it held up against logical criticism? They wanted it to be true, that is the main pillar of their thought and they are ready to will it into being true through sheer force. You think normies and intellectuals read arguments and change their opinions if presented with alternate better facts. That's certainly true to some minor degree but the real mass power is generated from mass media indoctrinating people nonstop from childhood onwards. There is no way to deprogram people like that. Their real art lies in saying nothing that can be pinned down to anything, they will just keep talking and keep making new arguments, new findings, new opinions. It's a DDOS of ideas, they know that it's mostly retarded but that's not the point. They arent trying to beat you on the field of logic, they are beating you on the field of power.

I just put a bunch of bookmarks like this in the fucked up books. It's the easiest shit ever. It caused a huge uproar locally. I could see the librarians were upset for a LONG time. They thought they were going to be smug but i fucked their world up. idk it felt like a win to me.

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This…I am not really 'into' the D&C with agism…it isn't even like they would come on here to protect themselves so they are EASY TARGETS for the kikes…I really despise people who pick one group of our people who can't defend themselves to use as a scapegoat for all the world's problems…




Of course not, they weren't in charge back then - but they are now, and have been since the late 80s.

Before then society was handled and protected by men with integrity, not a bunch of self-serving Peter Pan cucks that have spent their entire adult lives trying to connect with their inner child after blowing their minds out with drugs in the 70s.

My point exactly - they see the world through a Focault lens where only power matters - like the emperor with no clothes - but the truth can win out. We have to insist, loudly and often, that the emperor has no clothes.

How to do this? Find the simple, unavoidable, logical questions that show how empty and wrong these ideologies are.

holding a group accountable for their actions isn't scapegoating. It's holding them to account for what they've done.

If you can't see the generational betrayal here, then go ahead and just keep screaming about kikes and "what you'd do" if your sister were gangbanged by niggas. Or why not spend time playing the "left vs right" game the Boomers are occupying their retirement with.

This isn't a Boomer safe space.

We need more Honklers like these two out there making a mockery of this shit

Here's one more for fun. Something I've found interesting is just pushing the line back even farther. I don't bother if "should single moms cut off their kids dicks and make them wear a dress." which seems to be where the commies want to fight this out. I just go right to feminism and equality.

How about this for an approach. Use this to argue that women shouldn't be allowed to vote. Stand outside the library with a sign that says "drag queen story hour for children: a big win for women voters !" That's rhetorically much more dangerous for our enemies to combat than making a jackass out of yourself and trying to co-opt this forced clown meme. False flag this shit. Go and take pictures of what they're doing and slap a democrat logo on it. Shit like that.

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But anooooooooooooon, that's haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard. True Zig Forumsacks like know that sitting on your 400 pound mulatto ass mining EPIC REDDIT SALT from meaningless troll operations while voting for TRUMP #MIGA #TRUSTTHEPLAN #Q #TROLLLIBTARDSEPICSTYLE is more FUUUUUUUUUN and effective! If you kill your enemies, they win! If anyone criticizes ineffective time wastes, they should be the ones to take action instead!!!!!!

And you know who's going to be on that list for your magical saturday morning cartoon villain version of Hitler2? Everyone on this fucking board, because you niggers would rather sit in skirts fapping to loli trap porn while memeing about clowns and sending a basket of papers to a house than follow an example.

None of their bullshit can survive actual, intelligent criticism. If you can make it funny, even better.

But if it's unintelligent it'll just give them sympathy and further their cause (e.g. "see how closed minded people are")

How about: We Jews are PROUD of drag queen story hour for children! Stand outside with THAT fucking sign. kek. How in God's name are they going to combat that sort of rhetoric ? Say "no we're not."

It's cute that you think that still matters. It's really cute.
You can't beat them by arguing. This shit has been going on at an increasing rate since 2012. If you could beat it just by arguing with muh facts and logic, it would be over already. All they need to do is call a fact "racist" and the masses will flock to their side out of fear of being called _ist _phobic etc. themselves.
You can't argue you way out of genocide.

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pretty funny bit they should have brought water guns and sprayed them all down until they died laughing

Only because it hasn't been seriously criticized. You might think it has, but it hasn't. The sociology schools never tried disproving new ideas, and the Obama administration was happy to give the new religion the force of law without debate or challenge.

These ideas are false. They do fall apart under the most basic questions that are based in history, nature, evolution or reason.

Real basic questions that expose hypocrisy is both digestible enough for the masses and sticks in their teeth.

"In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance." - Karl Popper

The new left-wing fascism is intolerance disguised as ultra-tolerance. To not argue against it at every turn is to tolerate it, which is to admit defeat.

Learn the methods of your enemies, choose your battles but meet them half-way when you choose to fight and make sure you go down swinging.

lesbians, gays, bi, trans it doesn't matter. They all hate each other despite being less than 2 percent of the population.

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Good KIKE because I am not a 'boomer' and I don't D&C at your command against MY OWN FUCKING PEOPLE.


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OI, you havin' a crisis over there m8?

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Is Alex angry that the trannies there wouldn't trade gay sexual favors for bottles of Super Shemale Vitality?

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That is child grooming.

They are teaching those children sexual fetishes.

If you live in an area where this is occurring I suggest you report it to the police.

The point of this is to destroy the age of consent using the poorly defined concept of gender to open the door for pedophiles sexual access to children.




Watch. Share. Educate.

He sides with MSM and now runs the same narratives.
All proved in Tyranny's video linked.

The bodies are still warm from the New Zealand mosque and you're here pumping out blackpills as fast as possible in thread after thread (you're completely obvious from your writing style.) I love the way you use the term "whites" in all your posts, as if referring to some outside group, revealing the brown skinned pile of grease that you are. Grease burns very hot : )