Bernie Sanders says Boston Marathon bomber should be able to vote

Anons I just don't know what to think anymore living in Clown World. Are they in collusion with Trump or did Israel tell the Democrats to secede.

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Why would an obvious patsy used to justify imprisoning humanity and giving full control of the universe to faggot pedo murderer thieves not get the right to vote in a theater election between mossad selected candidates who were directly involved with the planning of the bombing?

Huh Jared? Why wouldn't he?

i think bernie is a jew hating jew and just today he argued against marxism and argued for the "other kind of socialism". It is why the left is trying to shit on bernie in every way possible.

No one says "anons, " either. I guess that should slide though because it's only you people here now anyways

Is this lost down the memoryhole?

good fucking job you third grade dropout

How could you directly fight Jamaican Banker policies and want to completely flip their Jamaican world upside down and not hate Jamaicans?

How is any human being promoting any empathetic causes subject to more scrutiny than any murder thief or faggot pedo rapist? Any time somebody is doing something other than profiting or promoting their ego, even if they are a fraud it's worth at least acknowledging the issue instead of going " Oh but hes X so Y." If Chad Pitt is going "man the animals are being abused man the fuck man this is fucked dude project mayhem man dude bro!" , Yeah there's going to be the Brad and Angelina Non Profit For The Animals angle, but easily shifting npcs towards unifying causes and building them some foundations for their otherwise nonexistent morals is something that should be exploited when possible.

It's pretty fucking disgusting how the acknowledgement of billions of human beings being debt slaves who would die if they didnt work one week for Corp Inc is by default an indication that you are a "pussy communist " , and in the Red vs Blue (nothing else) climate where you hold onto your ego like it's your child there's an infinite loop where you are drowned out by noise any time you bring up an incident involving a human suffering. The inverted consequence of this is promoting personal growth becomes taboo.

We have the technology and manpower to eradicate all suffering from existence starting tomorrow , but faggots have to be like "Wah I'm king capitalist I have money so I own your entire fucking life" or "Wah I'm king socialist I brought this up first so I get all the privileges Trump has but my narcissist dictatorship is the correct one!

non-americans can vote so why the fuck not

You do realize that in most of the democratic world, prisoners get to vote, right? Jfl at anglofag burgers taking their own political idiosyncrasies for granted.

the principles of (((freemasonry))) strike again

Bernie is a Jew.

He's just an actor, so why not?
Boston marathon bombs were pyrotechnics.
They used amputee actors as casualties.


I'll wait for the meteor to get rid of all the filth this world produces.

In USA you cannot vote from prison?

And he also talked about how he hated the disgusting kike netanyahu.

We denied 2.5% of the voting population from voting in 2012 (1/40 adults), which is around 6 million people. I’m sure it targets mostly niggers too. Felons can’t vote and should stay that way. Political equality is the biggest meme in existence

Throughout American history the ideas and beliefs of popular counter-culture movements were able to rise in popularity and strength by promotion of music.

Whether you're talking anti-war "hippies" that were arrested and even genocided by the US government at Kent State, or pharmaceutical and illicit drug sales in rap music having brought young black criminals "out of the hood" and into wealth.

Each of those cultures thrived on music and artistic expression as a weapon. I think we're going about this wrong. 

Also OP is a faggot for the low effort post on my board. This isn't social media.

Bernie Sanders is an idealist and they're terrified of him.

I member that
Hiding in a fucking bait boat that was shot like two hundred times

Let me guess, "our beautiful democracy blah blah blah freedoms blah blah american values."

I remember seeing it as it went down too. It was propped up as some prolific win against terror or something. The bombing leading up to it really had little effect on me because I was already so desensitized at that age and didn't give a fuck about gore or suffering of others. Plus: Boston isn't a place filled with good people.

Eh. Felons, not a big voting block, right? Most people get through life peaceably. Who would they even vote for?

Prison conditions should be nice to minimize the trauma of imprisonment. I don’t care if felons do or do not vote, and I don’t know the data about whether enfranchisement or disenfranchisement works better empirically.

I think I lean towards enfranchisement. Imagine if a corrupt politician trumped up a charge against someone threatening to expose them. That person shouldn’t lose their vote. We shouldn’t be afraid of people with the most dynamite charges voting - there won’t be a lot of them, and the most wretched charges are the most vicious things for an evil mind to dream up one way or the other.

Think of all the guillotines whose blood was drank by innocents… Strike that, reverse it.


100% Banning felons from voting was meant to target groids. From Nixon to Reagan both were legitimately racist as fuck behind closed doors and most of our Presidents were tbh. When racism was made into serving of a social justice cause to end racism, racists replaced the war on niggers and kikes with drugs and drug dealers because it thrives among nigger and Jew communities.

Bernie is the anti-thesis to Jewish Zionism. He's a good man who believes the shit he says. He's not /OurGuy/ but the establishment is terrified of him. He's an old hippie.


lol the absolute state of Zig Forums

Two retards who don't know history.

Yes Bernie is a kike but he's an old hippie. Antiwar. The US government used to round up kikes like him and kill him along with black panthers and other antiwar figureheads. They're terrified because they can't contain his ideals. That's why they're not backing the Jew.

Huh. So Nixon got hated for being a bigoted throwback. Lovely. Take it as a lesson, creeps. Racists lack integrity and integrity can’t be that weak on high.

Stating facts and being educated on the situation surrounding Bernie doesn't mean someone supports him. Being this ignorant and instantaneously avoiding an in depth discussion is the so called ""absolute state of Zig Forums"" because people like you are so blackpilled and depressed feeling sorry about yourself that you assume this is Twitter and every reply has to be fit into 240 characters.
Life isn't just black and white. It's detailed and thorough.

13% of the population. 50% of violent crimes.

Hes a pro zionist kike, fuck off back to leftypol.

Watch his interview with Al Jazeera where he says "Israeli crimes" and uses air quotes he's a pro zionist kike.

You just got redpilled and you're really rambling like a cuckchan refugee. So let me tell you more about Nixon. No, he was impeached because the Jews were terrified of him. He also couldn't be contained and had a soft spot for the American Nazi Party and GLR. Don't be intimidated by knowledge newfag just recognize that there's always a bigger picture.

Bernie has refused AIPAC money several times. No, he's not their kike. Trump is their Shabbos Goy though. Both of them are pieces of shit but Bernie isn't a Zionist kike. He's a rebellious hippie and and an independent and they don't want him to win the nomination. Period.

They're intentionally pushing a Sodomite faggot because Kamala, who is married to a Kike attorney- and controlled by AIPAC, didn't go over well among niggers.

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Bernie is a bro.

You don’t know me or anything about me madam
I feel great thank you

God damn are you guys this dumb. Trump and the GOP absolutely raped your ass in every way because they serve their billionaire donors and not you. Are we clear? Is this to much to take in?

Then why the fuck are you quoting candidates, I don't want to hear a god damn from any of them, just tell me who are their top donors and nothing else matters.

I'm confidant they'll come up with some gimmick or sound bite to get you to vote for Trump. You deserve open borders and I hope you get drafted to fight in the upcoming war w Iran.

Check out the vid and I can't wait for the new immigration bill to scrub E verify so all immigrants (legal and illegal) can compete with you for Jobs. GOP USA

maybe if you weren't poor you wouldn't be so weak and pointless

You're retarded.

You're clearly new here. Fuck off.

By decree, I declare this thread to be an official slide and kike thread.

(((Voting matters, goy. Oh vey. Please choose between two equally kike and shill infested parties. Do not take matters into your own hand; vote for a kike shill approved saviour that will let you down again and again. Or else the patsy shitskin muslet will take your vote! Be afraid and stick to our Hegelian dialectic. You need to think voting actually matters.)))

Democracy serves to:
1) divide an otherwise unified homogeneous people
2) cause distraction from the actual (((powers that be)))
3) work towards a pre determined solution by Hegelian dialectics
4) legitimise the status quo by upholding a facade of ‘decency ’
5) keep you invested in the system; keep you having believing that a (((politician))) will save you, instead of acting yourself

If it didn't matter the entire establishment wouldn't be plotting on Bernie. If it didn't matter than Jews wouldn't vote in significant numbers.

Trump v Hillary didn't matter, same donors.
Trump v Biden or Harris same donors
but Trump vs Bernie or Tulsi that matters.

Factoid: More Jews vote in LA county elections than Mexicans

He should be able to own a gun too.

I'm guessing this. The Trump pan was a very long con to set up and they definitely want to get the most out of him with a second term

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natsoc is the most European sytem ever you fucktard. kiked democracy is not the same as ancient greek democracy. founding fathers didn't want it a pure democracy

Democracy stated in India not Greece that should tell you all you need to know

This is why tor should be permanently banned.

literally who

Democracy is a tool of the jews.
Kill your local jews.
Never let anyone but your own race have rights.


this isn't /fascist/

Jews get a pass on the enforcement of drug laws, knew a filthy heeb in south Florida who dealt opiates, coke, xanax and always dealt and smoked a huge amount of weed with the smelly Venezuelans. All drug dealing was done via Facebook messenger, never a single issue arose. Crazy kike even smashed into a car being driven by the wife of an FBI agent in the Miami office, fucker couldn't drive after that so the Jew hired drivers. None of it was ever a real issue. Short of killing someone in broad daylight in the middle of the street while a news crew films a traffic accident jews can get away with anything, and then say the shooter had a name like Purvis Rutall

Purvis Rutall is pictured here at Disney World's adventure island sometime in 2016

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This place has turned into a nursing home for boomers.

Bernie vs. Blormf is a legit dilemma.

He called netanyahu's policies racist and shat on Israel, he's by no means a zionist.

And nobody is attacking this talking point?