Cher doubles down : 'Criminals and pedos should not vote'

Cher doubles down : 'Criminals and pedos should not vote'

Too bad she deleted her tweets. Almost redpilled but not there yet.

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Demonically possessed illuminati trannies shouldn't vote imho.

Eh. Felons, not a big voting block, right? Most people get through life peaceably. Who would they even vote for?

Prison conditions should be nice to minimize the trauma of imprisonment. I don’t care if felons do or do not vote, and I don’t know the data about whether enfranchisement or disenfranchisement works better empirically.

I think I lean towards enfranchisement. Imagine if a corrupt politician trumped up a charge against someone threatening to expose them. That person shouldn’t lose their vote. We shouldn’t be afraid of people with the most dynamite charges voting - there won’t be a lot of them, and the most wretched charges are the most vicious things for an evil mind to dream up one way or the other.

Think pf all the guillotines whose blood was drank by innocents… Strike that, reverse it.

An opportunity presents itself. Remember brothers that the sheep need to have someone else legitimise a view before they will dare hold it. By supporting this crazy illiterate bitch in her common sense view concerning criminals and voting; we will allow the fearful masses to support this view as well.

Fire up those twatters 'n' all that.

Criminals always vote left-wing because all anti-police movements are left-wing. And open borders mean more criminals come in, meaning police have a harder time getting anywhere, which means criminals have a better time doing their thing. You do the math. You don't want murderers and pedophiles to be in charge of how we treat murderers and pedophiles, the fact that this is the case is part of the reason why things are as bad as they are.

The left tried to get prisoners the right to Vote in the UK.
ECHR wanted them to be allowed, problem was (apart from them being criminals) they would have been in biggest voting block in some areas of the UK.
Only very few are aloud to vote today, mainly people on remand.

Women shouldn't vote.

Women and niggers shouldn't vote.
Most criminals are niggers.
Therefore, criminals (felons) shouldn't vote.

well there goes her hollywood career

Not happening, though would be nice if the jew wasn't involved in elections. They should be killed in USA for treason though.


They already do, they just get elected first.

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There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, worse than a pajeet loose on the internet.

If I can turn back time…

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I’ve been thinking about this, and I think Bernie Sanders is right that felons ought to vote. Civic consideration is a luxury of people with time and distance.

Felons might have their votes won by candidates promising better prison conditions - and that would be good, because reducing prison trauma improves rehabilitation prospects.

Beyond that, what will a prisoner vote for? They’re profoundly more unlikely to have corrupt connections to power than lobbyists or celebrities, and we don’t take the vote from lobbyists or celebrities.

Prisoners have more free time than almost anyone to contemplate civic affairs, and doing so gives them something productive and pro-social to do with their brains while in prison. The role of citizen is a righteous elevation from the role of felon, and if we want prisoners to make that transition successfully the work should begin while they are still jailed. Contemplating their vote is likely to be an exercise in peaceful purification of self and other.

what a brave, bold statement

She isn't that much better than a criminal or pedo

Whoa, cool it with the antisemitism

Hitlerious 180 she's done all because when Trump threatened to culturally enrich LA and all libshit cities to biblical levels.

When NIMBLY begins, virtue signaling stops.

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OP is misquoting Cher: she doesn't say criminals shouldn't vote, she says "people in prison" and narrows it down to (murderers, rapists, molesters of children and bombers of boston). IE she has no problem with non-imprisoned criminals (ie her buddies) voting.

She also does not say anything about pedophiles. Her statement would not preclude pedophiles who haven't been imprisoned for molesting children from voting. A reminder: someone does not need to have a paraphilia causing them to fixate on prepubescents to the point of duress to molest a child, they could simply be a desperate nigger who finds raping a kid easier than raping an adult even if they prefer adults.

Forbidding criminals to vote or be elected basically hands over voter discretion to (((judges))) and (((lawmakers))). Do not fall for it, it's a weapon they will turn against you.

Voting does nothing.

Only straight white men supporting children should vote.

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being synonymous with petiphiles, cher just lost alot of gay support

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Eventually she will get to extermination…if we just let her keep boozing it up, or whatever she is doing to give her honest opinion, FINALLY.

Think of the loss of property values and her assumption about being able to walk free in her own nation…haha…those days are gone BITCH now you get to experience the same things we experience day to day. Africans aren't going to 'understand who Cher is before they drag her corpse into an alley to rape and rob'. HA!

Just typical irrelevant "American" news.

Cher is now more based than the cuck-in-chief

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