Dark City (1998) - A Film About How Jews Control & Manipulate Reality

A brief synopsis of the film:


The villains in this film, referred to as "The Strangers", are dressed like orthodox jews, they sort of look like vampires, and they have the ability to manipulate reality and put people to sleep. Sound familiar? Throughout history the jews were often seen as "strangers" because they never assimilated well into any societies they immigrated into.

I won't give away all the details in the film, but I hope you guys check it out if you haven't already seen the film. It's one of those obscure movies I stumbled across recently.

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Btw, I just realized that the main character in the film, John Murdoch (yes, Murdoch) looks like he's being crucified on the movie poster.


fantasie for amerimutts

Hollywood shoving it right in your face, huh?

Good movie, the only thing that almost ruins the movie is Sutherlands performance though

Also played by actor who play based Obergruperfuhrer Smith. Another connection is Cronos/Saturn and their time manipulation. They decide fate of human. Just like karmic system.

Still propably his best performance in whole career.

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You guys need to wash your hands, you keep smearing shit on things.

Dark City was okay. I disagree about the evil juice linkage. Watching the city transform in certain scenes was awesome. That Dr. Strange movie brought back a similar effect more recently.

Doesn't the ending in this movie show the Earth as flat? Like a flat spaceship or something?

Its a hollywood movie. You are degenerate for watching this filth.

Ya, it was an experimental city the stangers created to test on the humans.


Was just wondering if there was a similiar message in this movie 2 days ago, funny timing OP!

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Sounds like New York.

What’s with the time manipulation meme around here anyways? Do other people live in a world of shifting histories? I’ve caught people lying about history and I’ve caught myself erring in memory, but the whole shape of the timeline has never seemed to change.

I had a very Dr. Strange near death experience once (come to think of that movie) fighting back and forth across a stretch of time to not die, but that was just distorted perception in a high-stress moment. Perception is not reality. Not everything subjectively perceived is objectively real.

Protip: if people around you distort history, you’re surrounded by voluntary slaves. You shouldn’t kill them, but you’re allowed to play their pattern back to them. Taking control of them is for the best, though getting out is also good.

Fuck off comics cuck.
And thanks for the interesting movie suggestion OP. I'm not sure if this is an example of kikes throwing their control back in our faces or a very clever goy who got this pushed under their big noses. I didn't think the Strangers looked orthodox until I saw their furry wrists. Now I see it.

This was my favorite movie growing up, I really could never put my finger on why because I was too young to grasp a lot of the messages of the film. I out of the blue thought of the Soundtrack the other day and picked up a Bluray copy. Cannot wait to rewatch an old favorite with a new frame of mind.

Without a doubt though, the "Strangers" are analogous to Jews controlling society.

Without giving away too much, this chilling quote by Mr. Hand always unnerved me and resonates with how society is structured in modernity. We live in a playground of content from the collective history of Humanity… and all of it is being used against us as a distraction or a blueprint to control us.

"We fashioned this city on stolen memories: different eras, different pasts all rolled into one." -Mr. Hand

And then another favorite:
"Shut it down! Shut it down forever!" - Mr. Book

Watch Network, or literally any Richard Linklater film.


Even moreso than melanistics, Jews are intolerably good people, beloved by the public and their friends. They form valid interpersonal bonds in ways that anger dishonest leaders and stymie unworthy causes. Wisdom in Jewish texts is less opaque than wisdom in Christian texts, and less crazy than “wisdom” in Islamic texts. Judaism operates for the prosperity of the greatest and the least. It’s very unacceptably admirable to people who shouldn’t be in power.

Melanistics are too often bigoted, and even though they get more shit than they deserve, sometimes facing a bigoted world just means facing the reciprocal of their pattern. But I’ve never seen that of Jews. They’re not exalted because people love Jews. If there’s a real Jewishness factor, it’s having a redeeming culture in that lesser opacity of wisdom. They make a better argument for integrity and reach deeper into populations that struggle with integrity.

This movie isn't really obscure, the discussion has always comparing this and The Matrix.

The key to racial organization is racial hatred. So the piggy mint loyalists organize to make their race seem hated… but I don’t think the juice gets drunk that often, somehow. I don’t think they dwell in the reciprocation of a bad pattern. The only sin I’ve ever suspected of a Jew was stalking, and I didn’t have real evidence, nor did anything troubling seem to arise from it. Nor was it in any sense a racial crime - more a testament to the charisma I never asked to have and haven’t been able to shake, heh.

People need to bond as people, not as pigments, lest ye all get left out of the coming cuddlefish era and its vast expansion of oceanic living. If you want to rear ten whelps under the sea, I think we’re like fifty years from that tech on the brightest timeline, and lifespans will rise thirty in the interval.

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part and parcel of the Jew narrative, you dumb fucking goyims, they put it right straight in your face and goyims are to dumb to understand they are cattle being led to the slaughter.

you wanna see a movie about the jewish plans of subversion?

not joking, it's Revenge of the Nerds

nerds (jews, blacks, faggots, chinks etc) go to a White man's college. The Alpha Betas (White alpha football players) run the school, so the nerds subvert the system by gaming the university rules to become their own fraternity (the black frat they pledge has to take on all pledges on a probationary trial period.) The nerds then peddle porn to outsell the Alpha Betas in a money making contest (cream pies with a nude photo of the head cheerleader, they stole by breaking into her sorority) then they bedazzle the goyim with a stage production of music and fireworks, to win a contest for the best frat. The winner of course runs the greek council and becomes top dog on campus. The Alpha Betas rebel and trash the nerds house, as a last ditch effort to expel the nerd (jew) parasite. So the nerds show up at a homecoming rally, use black frat muscle to steal the microphone, and then whine about how they are the victims to the whole crowd. White virtue signalling kicks in, and everyone sides with the nerds and against the White Man's warrior class and patriarchy. nerds (jews) win by successfully uniting the dregs of society (muds, faggots etc) and then jewing the White man's honest system.

They have been showing us for decades, people just don't have eyes to see.

Don't get me started on Wag the Dog.

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d&c for slimy kikes

It's intentional, by openly asserting their control, with no consequences, it establishes a feeling of powerlessness followed by the surrender and compliance of their victims. It's a further tool of control.

New Line Cinema


Founder Robert Shaye
Shaye was born to a Jewish family in Detroit, Michigan, the son of Dorothy and Max Mendle Shaye, a supermarket owner and artist. His mother was an immigrant from Russia.

Caddyshack too. Jew joins and subverts a WASP country club that ends up being destroyed in an explosion.

I happened to catch revenge of the nerds 2 at one point. i started notices weird shit like this so i kept watching. there was weird pedo/homo vibes between the pervert kid and the super smart kid who got into college way young
at one point they threw a concert to change peoples opinions. the lyrics were complete garbage telling the audience what to think in a catchy tune. at the end they start chanting something like "no to 752" (a bill number or something for the school) and the dumb goyim crowd is entirely convinced

BASED! I really liked the episode where they explained how there's room in the Alt-Right for fashy gay jews like Milo, but not evil genocidal 1488ers like William Pierce. They also BTFO'd all the purity-spiralers who thought there was something wrong with Mike Enoch and his beautiful wife being jewish.

I should add to this, we see this pattern play out all the time, this is why you see so many on the left on TV act so snarky or act in the most radically cruel ways openly while cuckservatives stare into the camera baffled, saying "hey look don't you see, don't you see how horrible they are! It's a double standard!" The cuckservative has already lost, the leftist tool of the jew has asserted his dominance with no real consequence outside of the cuckservative shrieking, and the cuckservative tool of the jew announces his surrender by pleading and begging the leftist to be more fair and reasonable, and for the general viewer there is no choice but compliance towards strong horse as a basic survival instinct.

Weird timing on this thread, a few nights ago I watched Dark City and The Truman Show in one sitting. I enjoyed both. Dark City was interesting to say the least, it seemed far ahead for its time. I always enjoy seeing narratives hiding in script. I would definitely recommend anons watch it.

Examples abound, you can't unsee them either. However, I don't recommend watching hollywood filth, for precisely that reason. You can't unsee it.

What name of these episodes ?
I need to watch this.

if you do watch it download it via torreent to fuck over all the kikes associated with making it. Then keep in mind kikes are motherfuckers who want to rape your grand daughter if you're able to actually afford ever having a real life, and even having children.

Tell us about Wag the Dog.


Yeah I've heard that before what is it

To personal archives

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Dark city is one of the movies that the matrix ripped off. If you combine dark city and existenz you basically get the matrix.

Wag the dog is a movie about a scandal ridden president who launches a fake war in the mid east to distract from his own scandals. Except the war is LITERALLY fake. The country doesn't exist in reality, ths war pica and footage are fake and staged shops etc. But the media presents it all as real and the public buys it. It came out right around the same time as Clinton's lewinksi scandal when he started bombing the mid east and Balkans and shit

Fits in very very well with the all of the (((False Flag))) events we've been seeing, was this (((movie))) before or after (((Sandy Hook)))? Let me guess, this (((movie))) predates (((Sandy Hook))) right??

I think it was a (((prediction programming))), just like this 9/11 symbolism in movies and cartoons, before it actually happened.

> was this (((movie))) before or after (((Sandy Hook)))

Release date: December 17, 1997


The fundamental nature of the “aryan superman” is just fake. It’s a lie. The people who enact and desire it are so weak they fall apart into a million little pieces because other people elsewhere are existing at them. Strength in the actual is the greatest weakness of racism, and weakness in the actual is the greatest strength, for bigots live in the fabricated inversion of weakness.

Blueprint for a modern american city, AKA, a human farm, an example being NYC. Most movies appear on the surface to he redpilled but when you analyze them they are just another garbage jew film. Dark city on the other hand imo is different. It also got almost no press and was slammed by the critics.

I don't mind not being able to unsee it so much as I mind that I grew up on these films and they hold a special nostalgic place. I've realized that my favorite childhood movies are kike indoctrination and that despite this, I still love these films. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and the hamster just spins away with excuses on why these are still such great movies.

Does prediction programming work? I always thought they did that shit because of the Revelation of the Method. In the Talmud if a Jew warns or shows what they will do to the goyim, the Jews are absolved of any punishment or responsibility. Example being all of the 911 references in media and so on

yes it does work, and why it is done, even if you are not aware it's written scripture many people are aware it's occurring……. but they often don't know why it's occurring, how many people honestly suspect a systematic global plot it being played out, in front of their dumb faces, everyday as they are being led along by their nose, denial is so much more comforting.

You cant even spell one of the simplest words in our language. Kill yourself shitskin.

If you actually knew what you were talking about, you'd know that they later said in an AMA that they regretted making that episode, and now disagree with it's fundamental premise. Actually know what you're talking about if you're going to insult somebody, you nigger

Thank you user, I'd been trying to remember the name of this movie for months.

I've been aware of the concept of predictive programming for awhile and I just don't think it works. Most people regardless of hidden references are going to accept the government narrative because that's what government schools have taught them to accept since they were kids. Besides the fact that it seems like more and more normies thes that (((media))) is desperate to gain more appeal than conspiracy videos on youtube (and they still fail).

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I think I encountered a few of these types during the 2016 campaign. They were freaking out about kek and the frog thing.

That was quick.

Put down the reefer.

You'd get serious jail time for that these days. The legbeards should be rallying to have this movie banned… in fact.. hmm, get that faggot from Proud Boys to dress up as a badly passing tranny trying to raise awareness of revenge porn.

Go back to Porky's for another case of voyerism. "Oh, but goys will be goys, I mean boys!" Yeah, another case like

Imagine if the Clinton/Lewinsky thing happened in 1995 instead of 1998. (Like Bob Dole would have brought it up anyway.)

You don't change a horse mid-stream.

Blackpilled did a very good analysis of Wag the Dog on his youtube channel


Who else things Wolfgang Holbeg is controlled opposition? That was a clown accounting manoever. They will never admit to it.

Is this all you have, Chiam? I'm disappointed.

Thanks for putting it better than I did.

Angel Cop with subs, heebs reeeeed about it

I'm going to go watch this entirely out of spite for the (((kikes))) here kvetching already.
Tod für die Juden!!!

Jews tend to be very angry today.

Checked. From wikipedia:

Not normally an anime guy but sounds like I need to check this out. Is it just the english dub release that's kosher, or if I watch the jap audio with subs will I get the full version?

The whole story is set in japan and about japanese cops fighting against americans and jews.

Watch it in Japanese.

How is this related to politics????

This user gets it.

Ironically, written by a Jew.

Dark City isn't about Jews. It's about the Archons.

Maybe the same thing, or maybe Jews are their meat puppets. Who knows.


What about those? Decent nostalgia movies but not redpilled. Watch Videodrome with /ourguy/ James Woods.

Thirteen Floor is the original Matrix.

He did one on Falling Down too, was he right?

The symbol carved into the dead body of the girl he finds in his apartment is the pedo swirl.

The same symbol was in Eyes Wide Shut, at the costume shop "Over the rainbow" where the russian owner was pimping his underage 'daughter'.

The symbol represents the goddess, so i speculate the curvy swirl is code for girls, while the triangle swirl is code for boys. I think it can have another meaning as a portal or entrance into that world. He had to get the costume and mask to attend the masquerade. In dark city, it was the dead girl who was carved up that way at the beginning of the movie.

Same symbol FBI ID'd as pedo code. Same symbol for besta pizza / comet ping pong.
Same symbol on shops probably within your local areas if you investigate.

Chances are there's some kind of codephrase they use like in Eyes Wide Shut to approach and begin business with one another.

One of the emails talks about changing tactics of things that have been in place for a long time.

Not sure how one would find their new symbols or passwords without incredible surveillance or going in prepared to sell your soul to take a few of them with you.

It's similar to Matrix in some respects. Although not as entertaining as the Matrix, but philosophically more interesting.

Directed by David (((Cronenberg))).

except the main writer is Jewish you fucking schitzoid loser


Who do you think use jewish bodies?

The main director and main writer is Alex Proyas, who is Greek by nationality.
The second writer is Lem Dobbs (don't know about his ancestry)
And the third one is kike David S. Goyer.



says he's egyptian


an interesting thing i noticed while watching that movie

the scene where tom cruise enters the party initially, with the weird backwards music and the bizarre ritual.
if im not mistaken, the instrument he is trying to emulate in that scene is the "mellotron". a keyboard made up of ~16sec tape loops for each key, with one of the most notable settings being the stringed instrument samples.

now the interesting thing about mellotrons is, the originals were made in a very small batch, due to being incredibly complex tape loop machines made in the 70s, only around a dozen or so were created. rick wakeman from yes used them and toured on them, so owned several of them (either two or three). a handful of others had one for themselves. originals were millions of dollars a pop by late 90s, so the scene is shot with a blindfolded man playing an electric keyboard, but the way its being played reminds me far too much of how a mellotron must be played. holding a note for the full length of the tape loop results in a snapping noise and the sound being abruptly cut off, so in order to keep the notes sustaining, one must "spider" through the various chords so as not to hold past this point. very similar to how this scenes song is played

but you wanna know the weird part?
you know who had two of them? his favorite instrument of all time, one he was quite proficient at apparently
l ron hubbard
and you know where they were?
in the center of the main foyer of his house, as well as the center of the church of scientology
i think kubrick was very specifically spelling out that that movie was based around scientology and their bizarre behind-closed-door antics that he was no doubt wise to via being a major hollywood player for decades at the time that said, i think kubrick thought they were all fucked in the head and had no real part with them. he was big years before they were, so they couldnt just crush his career like they do now with dissidents in hollywoodtho im certain he was killed for his making of this film. also of note is the redman in the middles staff never touches the ground. similar to what we see in a variety of different occult schools egyptian, freemasons, tarot etc

i also think that, that bedroom scene where tom cruises irl wife at the time tells him she had a dream of the party/orgy and that tom was "fucking other men" was then used as a template for exactly what they did to tom cruise after he was no doubt menaced into joining for his role in such a damning movie. his irl wife did indeed leave him shortly thereafter and tom kind of disappeared for a bit, joined scientology, and was awarded with a nice new shiny (scientology koolaid drinking) wife read: beard. his famously erratic behavior at this point in his life immortalized in that oprah interview gives me more than enough suspicion, alongside this other theory, to think that he had been getting some serious ludovico treatment of some sort not long before

i also once talked to some dude in hollywood who claims he was paid money by one of toms agents to go fuck a blindfolded tom face down in his hotel room. but other than that story and some heavy bias/suspicion on my part, i have not a shred of hard evidence for this

regardless, its a very weird movie indeed

Actually, he is from the Egyptiotes (Greeks from Egypt). A small community of ethnic Greeks who live in Egypt for centuries.


Human souls.

not only human souls. it is not all jews and it is not only jews. but jews are their chosen people these days. or should i say khazarian mongrels are their chosen people.

All of Pedowood's movies are jewish propaganda. Stop watching their propaganda and start killing them.

I loved caddyshack and revenge of the nerds as a kid. It's not the worst part of swallowing the red pill by any means, but it sure was depressing coming to terms with how all of the movies I loved as a kid were poz propaganda.

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i know exactly what you mean.

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Wag the Dog (written, directed and starred in by jews) explained:

basically its about how jews orchestrate and profit from wars.

that song in the ritual, is simply this song (embedded) played in reverse. I dont think mellotron has anything to do with it.

kubrick was exposing something deeper than scientology user. i think that movie was about the babylonian sex cults of the elite. the scene with the jewish lawyer in the billiards room was telling in a vague way.

notice the star of venus throughout that whole movie. also notice the young jewish girl pimped by her father (leelee sobieski, jew)

this movie was cut down before release and that OG directors cut has never surfaced. it must have had much more to it, as the released cut doesnt make any sense.

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this is reportedly the translation of the lyrics.

the staff does touch the ground when he taps it to the floor in front of each girl who then rise. what significance is that?

Whats the deal with the redman in the middle, other than clearly being the leader?

looks like im just retarded anyways

you're forgetting about the kike raping the shiksah, and she loves it, because "alphas only think about football"
might seem a minor point, but jews kinda brag about being more sexualized than the goyim.

also the "porky's" series and in particular "porky's 2" where you'll find "christians" being repressive, hypocritical, assholes who want to ban shakespeare (happens all the time, right?) that march openly and hand in hand with the kkk,which ends head shaven by a jew with a rabbi's circumcision tool, and this enforced by injuns, this time featuring as the muscle minority, just like blacks did in the "nerds".
i rest my case.
pic unrelated, but not really.

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im 14 and this is deep

to be honest the movie kind of covered that.
when the nuuuurds start taking abuse, they go to the "campus police", and they get told that in fraternity wars only "the greek council" can have a say. it's an important plot point, actually. and it "explains" why no actual police is involved.
not that bad movielogic-wise, if you ask me.

it was Albania.
i wish it didn't exist…

the irony that this post is likely being posted from tel aviv…

Who is the Jew Final Boss? Ben Shapiro? G-d?

bibbi nuttinyahoo after he's eaten his 1000000th foreskin and has unlocked his true form, natch.

The Strangers are not nasty enough to be that. They are more akin to a personification of decay and stagnation.

Not as much prediction, Hollywood directors doesn't get to decide things. These are educated guesses about what the (((Sewer))) will be doing.

thanks user