4 million people are now one step forward in becoming a part of Russia, by end of this year vast majority will drop their Ukranian citizenships and became citizens of Russia.

Rest of Donbass will come home. Kramatrosk, Slavyansk, Avdeevka, Mariupol..all will be Russia once again.

God bless Vlad and his gradual salami slicing tactic.



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I've always found it hilarious that Russian nationalists like to call everyone who opposes them "Nazis" when you look at the parallels between Putin's regime and Hitler's. Particularly in the expanding of Russia. Principally there is the annexation of Crimea in an almost complete mirror of the annexation of Austria in 1938.
First destabilizing Ukraine, then crossing the border in arms, and then holding an plebiscite on joining Greater Russia.
Next he takes another bite out of Ukraine's Russian majority eastern region, drawing parallels with Czechoslovakia. Only time will tell if he takes the whole thing.
Putin even annexed small bits of Russian majority land from not only one, but two Baltic states. Estonia and Latvia (2003 & 2007 respectively).

the comparison with hitler specifically with regard to estonia and latvia is not accurate, what the soviet union did was flood the western regions with ethnic slavs. hitler's policy of "heim ins reich" was the exact opposite.

ukraine deserves this for trying to wage a ceasefire war for years instead of offensives. now theyve built up years worth of strongpoints to repel ukrainian attacks. ukraine confirmed content with losing their most prosperous region. azov should have went to war against ukrainian zog instead of rebels. kike led war on both sides.

Azov is zog

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Russian Far East homestead act for persecuted whites when?

Azov is armed by pissrael.

Who exactly destabilised Ukraine? The answer is in your digits.

So Russians got what they always wanted. Hohols flooding Russia and becoming full right citizens. Perfect.

Highest concentration of jews was in the east

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ukranian nationalists literally are nazis though

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oy vey hohly lost donbass forever
rip hohlyandia
hail РꙋСЬ

fucking yid

this meme is over 3 years old and that fat kike has nothing to do with them since then. whats the matter shlomo? cant find any more shlomos to give them sheks?

"Misfortune to those dwelling on borders that cultivate battlefields where nations are compelled to clash".

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Hitler did not destabilize austria and use it as a pretext to annex, so guess again dumbass.

A lot of them already were Russian citizens.
It's part of what the whole fight was about to begin with.

I'm really sick of Hitlerian historical analogies. Totally stupid habit.

Most people in Donbass anyway already holding Russian citizenship.

Don't fool yourself, nearly everyone living in Ukraine who speaks Russian has a russian Passport.

You made that statement without actually doing any research on the era. Time and time again the local NatSoc parties in Austria received orders from Berlin.

True. The USA began the process. However if you don't know about the various Russian nationalist organizations operating in Ukraine, you only know half the story.

Some are. Most are just Ukrainian nationalists. Russia has a fair amount of NatSocs as well even if it's officially illegal.

They've got to be pretty stupid to be Russian and national socialists though, haven't they? I mean, Hitler was looking for German living space at the expense of Russia. I can understand them being hostile to the (((Bolsheviks))) and (((oligarchs))) but they wouldn't have done any better under NSDAP rule.

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jfc behold the sad state of Zig Forums. our Fuhrer weeps. instead of jacking off to trap memes, you should all be fucking memorizing your own history. any self respecting NS ought to quit consuming Internet garbage and read a couple dozen history books.

there is no comparison between Putin and Hitler, unless you are a CIA traitor looking to pump the VODKA MAN BAD narrative. have we all forgotten that Hitler made a pact with Stalin in 1939? the USSR and the Reich were allies against America, at least for a time. how can Putin be Hitler when Stalin was Hitler's bff? of course the pact was destined for back stabbing and only happened because the USSR and the Reich recognized a mutual existential threat in America, and got married only for temporary political convenience.


It's a Russian invasion!

So? The vast vast majority of Austrians wanted to be part of the Reich. This had been true since the end of WW1. Hitler was an Austrian as you recall and understood this more than anyone. Even if natsoc parties took their orders from Berlin, Austria was never destabalized because of it, and they were overwhelmingly voted in.

Also Putin didn't destabalize Ukraine. You can thank the CIA coup for that.

For those wondering and reading this, the civil war in ukraine was merely boiled down to western and eastern jews bickering with eachother.

That's weird, I didn't know The Third Reich had a plethora of Jews that were economic oligarchs within their country. That's interesting. Wait, no, you're a nigger faggot.

he's a redditor, what do you expect?

fake news, sounds exactly word for word what my jewish history teacher told us sophomore year in high school

True. Domestically the difference is like night and day. 7 out of 8 major Russian oligarchs are jews.

Also true.

Now that's controversial. On certain threads, you can get a large amount of anons to support Germany (even modern Germany) annexing large swaths of eastern Europe. However on others this is not forthcoming.

I'm a National Socialist and I would oppose such an imperialist venture.

Summer (((came early))) after the Muller Report Nothingburger. 95% of these are rectally ravaged kikes making slide threads and snark responses.

No. the Russian Empire


Dicks out for Jewtin!


(((Russia))) is ruled by a jew and his chink golem commanding soldiers to kill our Aryan brothers.
Russia will fall as did the (((USSR)))
Shit thread is shit

P-please forget about him goys…. 3 years ago was two centuries ago.


So should we remember that jew forever, goyim?

You mean a nation which responsibly defends its people against an abusive majority and which annexes a region where the majority want to join?

Crimea is Danzig they are 100% the same

You two have fundamentally misunderstood what I said. I am not anti-Russia annexing Russian majority land. Honestly, my earlier statement was more of a compliment to Putin as much as pointing out the irony of Russian claims of the last 5 years.

Nope. Nazi is an over-used term but Putin and Hitler are almost perfectly unlike each other.
Yes, his name was Bandera. There, that was easy. Books help, OP.

have you retards never read Mein Kampf? conquering the slavs and settling Germans in the Ukraine was literally what he said he wanted to do.

Can I get Russian passport too, moi drugi? Just one more Man won't hurt!

Where does it say that in Mein Kampf? I've looked through the Ford translation and haven't found anything about settling the Ukraine.


Woah a kike lied in real time!