Urgent! Reality check!

This is a matter of definition; not politics.

This is economics; not propaganda.

Opinions are like butt holes; everyone has them.

Facts are imperially true.

First, look at the difference between data and information.

Data can be misleading, most popularized information is actually misinformation… Example, (Average can be then mean, the median, or the mode.)

This post is neither of those.

Here is the hypothesis:

“Socialism forces the majority of individuals in society to consume more than they produce.”

On this premise, any socialist society is doomed to enslave a minority, catastrophically destroy the natural ecosystem, or starve/deprive the lower and middle classes.

This universally occurs when currency is forcefully redistributed.

How you ask?

To answer this question, you must acknowledged one simple fact; money can’t feed you. Currency is literally equivocable to toilet paper.

Money only has value in our collective imagination.

You cannot pay people to fix the environment. You cannot bribe away human nature. Give a serial killer a million bucks; he/she will use that money for more serial killings. Give a horder guaranteed monthly income; he/she will continue to use the money to horde pointless junk.

In conclusion. Stated, as simply as possible, to help put this into perspective.


Socialism = Collectivism = Communism = Marxism

AKA: class warefare.
Why is this relavant?

People often differentiate Socialism and Marxism by saying that Socialism is NOT class warfare.

Ask yourself, how does Socialism collect all of that funding?

Is it voluntary?


Socialism collects funding at gun point to redistribute that wealth.


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Ask yourself what so many billionnaires and millionnaires stand to gain from pushing a Communist society

socialism =/= marxism, national socialism =/= marxism

They don't wan't Stalinism, they just want to give gibs to non-whites so the cattle is always at replacement level.

it's a matter of perspective, not definition
"wealth redistribution" is fine so long as you're the guy with the gun
serfs can quibble over fairness, justice, democracy and the power of the individual, but they're just watching kabuki
real power comes out of the end of a gun, so don't listen to any faggot that tells you that the pen is mightier than a sword, as they've probably never been stabbed, let alone written about
the same families that have been hiding behind thrones for generations are still pulling strings and calling shots, regardless of whatever religious, political or economic system the serfs are championing
thing is, they're not immune to bullets
I'm not either, which is why I'd like a crowd to hide in if enough people reach breaking point and decide to do something about them
create a vacuum and wait to see how long it takes for someone to step into a Rothchild's shoes though, for example
sometimes systems take on a life of their own; cut off a head and it grows back. You need to take it out by the root, destroy the body, whatever.
That's the power of a 'collective.'

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niggers don't know bout dat How hitler actually regretted having any asociation with socialism. He created his own system: == THAT WORKED == thats the point any name you want to give it is semantics.

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Socialism always has wealthy elites who end up being the masters of an enslaved society.

Those wealthy elites that rule over a socialist society usually cause more wealth than equality than a capitalist society.

Big testicales =/= Balls =/= Nuts =/= Males reproductive organ =/= Deez Nutz

By your logic…

Here's a critique of capitalism from a "right-wing extremist" (i.e., sane) position in blog format. Feel free to drop your comments and reservations over there:

(Kek, it's not a fashion blog)

Not reddit.


Socialists have rebranded themselves repeatedly.

Every time they get a bad reputation, they come up with a new label.

Concentration camps have become re-education camps.

Elon Musk was not allowed to sell flame throwers, so he labeled Joan flame throwers “not flame throwers” and then the law allowed it…

Jews are not really jews any more… Goyem have taken over Judaism… you dumb fucks…

Labels *his* flame throwers

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marxism is, national socialism is not


National Socialism = Communism…

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National Socialism is Communists…

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Also: socialism =/= National Soclialism, but other than that, /thread







It doesn’t matter who is justifying the wealth redistribution or the methods…

It doesn’t matter if you are loyal to your nation or all of humanity…

Literally, all forms of socialism have the exact same result in the end.

Mathematically, your fuel tank can last forever if you keep dividing the fuel in half. In reality, you won’t make it very far.

Socialism exploits a perceptive delusion.

If it takes 20 years for your society to collapse, the 100 I.Q. Dip shits assume that it is just the changing times.

The ultra-wealthy laugh all the way to the bank.

If the socialists kill the untrained-wealthy, then a new ultra-wealthy class takes their place; they are always worse than the originals.


Finally a well deserved anchor of a contentless brainlet post.

Marxism: Top-down Socialism
By focusing on the group you inherently overlook the individual.
Volkism: Bottom-up Socialism
By focusing on the individual you inherently consider the group.