How long until liberals are able to legalize pedophilia?

How long until liberals are able to legalize pedophilia?

Apparently, they removed the original post but anyway:

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Depends on how hungry the glow niggers are.

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I wonder who is behind all this…

They sure are in a big fucking hurry. I cannot believe how far and fast the audacious impudent jews have gone with this shit.

The French Pedos that invented SJW woke culture have been trying since 1977. Look up the highlighted names.

Legalized pedophilia is something the woke left has always wanted.

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You hillbillies are hilarious.

Unsurprising. This concerns me more, however.

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There's a lot more of us stuck in the cities than a dickless wonder like you would care to know. You're surrounded by us actually. And furthermore, if you could figure out how to grow a vegetable without starving yourself to death in the process, you might hold the countryside in higher esteem than you do now.

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my sjw friends need to see how I'm woke

Any other anons able to smell a woman's clean, or well, as clean as they get pussy when you're in the same room/bus/train carriage/they walk past/serve your food/when you visit your female doctor etc?
Imagine the stink when she's just wearing undies.
tip: psilocybe mushrooms greatly enhance all the senses including olfactory, be prepared if you choose to go in public while tripping.

I don't think they'll try to legalize it just yet, but they're on a roll with normalizing degeneracy at the moment so their arrogance pushes them ever onward.
First, they'll reduce sentences and restrictions for the offender based on 'harm' to the child or if the child (or the parents of the child) have given 'consent'. This is why the matter of consent by a child is currently being made more opaque. The child can choose what sex they are, so why not choose who they have sex with? The older the child, the less protection they will receive.
Once the general population have been manipulated enough to accept these steps, then the process of legalization will begin. First will be the age of consent which will be lowered to accommodate the immigrant populations be it beaners or sandniggers (it would be…phobic not to) and once that slope is greased we can all slip gently into Sodom. For the jew, normalizing perversion is a prime way to control and subvert the goyim.
They tried the same thing in the late 60s and 70s especially in Germany, UK and France, but the backlash gave way to a more puritanical 80s (although all those pro-pedos were still fucking kids, but nobody thought to mention it).
The NPC parents in your post represent a large swathe of NPCs who are unable to question the narrative they are fed, but they are only a small minority. Most parents, myself included, would beat down any degenerate who dared approach their child. attempting to normalize their corrupt existence.
I'm just hoping that the backlash this time will be swift and painful enough to send them back into the shadows for a very long time.

This guy shrooms

That's why you fucking archive it..
Stop relying on other people to keep it online forever.

It's already decriminalized if you're a tranny or a jew

or a woman

I give the warning because I was completely unprepared for this, the first time I went out in public while communing with the mycelium.
Seated at the rear of the bus and minding my own business, I suddenly noticed a rancorous odour, a cross between very fetid, 3 week body odour, and a decaying corpse.
Turned out, two niggers had just got on the bus and sat a few seats ahead of me. I couldn't understand why no one seemed concerned, upset, or bothered by the stench. It was then that I realized they couldn't smell it.
Also noticed a strong smell of urine in a lift where someone had pissed a few days earlier (and it had been cleaned up with detergent.)
Shrooms, man. It's not a hallucination, it's the raw data stream.

Over the last 20 years the AOC has gone UP in most countries, disproving your paranoia

itt hag lovers

Puritans and femikikes.

So give people qrd on how to archive. Not everyone is a computer nerd.

They won't be able to if you keep calling their bluff. Right now they're trying to see what they can legalize while trying to bypass its stigma. Keyword: bypass.

They won't risk a game of trying to destigmatize it, although some might try. Therefore, in the meantime what people should do is constantly, and I emphasize "constantly' call them out on it. Call their bluff.

Tell every normalfag out there that the left is filled with pedophiles. Tell every normalfag out there that the left wants to legalize pedophilia. The left will do one thing: deny it. Then when a leftist gets caught being a pedo, caught trying to legalize, apologize, destigmatize, you get validated. Everyone calling leftists pedos gets validated.

In short:


If they legalize pedophilia they must legalize murder, because people will rip the 'hey it's legal it's legal' guy apart and feed him to the cat and you can't put everyone in prison.

You're forgetting that they don't just toss this shit out without preparing the ground.
The pedophilia is a like a seed, a seed tossed on barren ground won't thrive.
They till the land with propaganda until it is fertile and ready.

To give you an analogy, the govts of the West don't just up and ban guns.
They prepare the ground, they prime the populace with mass shootings, real or hoaxed.
There's a misconception that the state will take guns by force, but this has never been necessary in any disarmed Western country.
When the propaganda has done its work, the gun owners willingly rescind their weapons.
Just look at NZ right now.
"Gun owners hand over their weapons - "there's no place for these in our country, they say" "

That's not even close to a refutation tho.

To be honest, the media totally exaggerated or straight out lied on that. I mean, the number were like just a few dozens of people. A far cry from saying "oh, gun owners in zealand are giving in their guns".

But, I assume this is part of the propaganda as well.

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Demographics are destiny.

They tried this in America. Remember after Sandy Hoax, or whichever one it was, when the virtue signalers all made videos (illegally) destroying the AR-15s somebody bought for them right before they made the videos? The obvious intention was to use the kike trick of making it "cool" and "progressive" to reject guns and gun culture.

Instead, we laughed at them. Later, we'll make them weep.

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Would you dare to check a look ?

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At this point anyone with grown kids should just go full minecraft

>implying the smell emanating from that thing is of a pussy
More likely the smell is that of a gaping wound intentionally kept open through daily dildo penetration exercises.

Fully RayTraced Minecraft I suppose ?

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Liberals won’t legalize pedophilia because it’s the favorite fetish of corrupt purifiers. People who tolerate impurity don’t have to resort to mucking with children. Just be honest, seek the best data, don’t try to control people, and you too can be one of the privileged people who don’t need pedophilia to get laid.

Ever notice how they'll sneer and guffaw every time a priest is outed as a pedophile, but they'll get real quiet when female teachers molest at the same rate? They won't legalize pedophillia, they'll turn a blind eye and let Vice and Buzzfeed defend it.

Faggots have full immunity. They can flaunt child prostitutes at parades and gay bars. Nothing is done. Now they castrate and sodomize your sons. It will soon be illegal to resist.

It's not a pedophile issue in the Church but a homosexual one (but (((they))) portray it as pedophilia issue, because it's illegal and they can't say that homosexuality is wrong)…Furthermore, there are no more (legit) pedophilia cases in the Church than in other groups, quite the contrary…Yet, we always talk about the Church and never about Hollywood, Mosques and Synagogues pedophila cases, because information is a weapon.

It's not just that they want to legalise it, they want to legally fuck your kids as part of Sex Ed in government mandated schooling. They want your child's first orgasm to be infront of the class given by their teacher. They want to pair white girls up with niggers and ruin them forever even before 8 years old. It's not just childfucking, they want to go FURTHER than that! The left is full of sick fucks with the attention span of a goldfish and they constantly need more dopamine from increasingly fucked up acts. Hell, even Somber the horsefucker called them out in Fallout Equestria: PH with that feminist vault with enforced lesbianism and very lax morals on adult child relations.
The left is full of sick fucks that want to rape children in the open, it bears repeating!

I think I have an idea for why narcissism spread in power and prominence. People forgot how to lovingly reassure people that they weren’t the center of attention. It became taken for granted that only shattered dancing slaves really exist, and all the humble people are doing their humble thing so angels will sing their praises. The idea of true and sincere humility… was forgotten.

People who are actually irrelevant don’t have to be hatefully told they’re irrelevant - the escalated emotional energy makes the claim intrinsically dishonest! People who are actually irrelevant also don’t necessarily want to hear that they are actually relevant - that takes arrogance for granted, and it’s (drumroll please) dishonest! Don’t create situations where both answers are dishonest. Only love offers a path through that dissonance - remember the possibility that people may not want to be significant, and reassure people instead of hating them.

When narcissism was taken for granted, it became very powerful in society. To reduce the power of narcissism, people need to individually remember the existence of people who don’t want to be “rewarded” with attention.

Although of course this is pearls before slaves - instead if using it in good health, you hypercompliant authoritarian scumbags will ape gentility at me for a while. Unless you think this is me saying that I really actually do want you to do it (isn’t it fascinating how manipulable dishonesty makes people?), of course.

Remember always that the master’s concern is for truth, and the rightful master emits truth and hears it. We *can* build a society without slaves.

I’m a faggot, and you’re literally just incorrect. Seriously, that’s pathetic. Functioning people don’t resort to mixing sexuality and children outside of sex ed. Go to Inkbunny if you’re obsessed with fictional pedophilia - it’s not exactly socially acceptable, but it’s bona fide harm mitigation.

This post could be considered as throwing pearls to the swine, but I like it.

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They did it under the guise of "comedy".

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No, Sir.
I know the smell of pussy.
Neo-vags do not smell of pussy, because they aren't pussy!
Want to know what a neo-vag this isn't a joke, trannies actually call the wound left where their penis was amputated a 'neo-vagina', kek actually smells of? Well, sure you do and I'm the man to tell you.
>crypto-leftist lurker drops in to (1) REEEEEEEEEEEEEE NO IT'S JUST LIKE A REAL ONE, BECAUSE IT IS A REAL VAGINA!!!111
Well I know how you fellas love muh science, so here ya go. Enjoy.

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Oak meadows and rich wine for me

Ah yes, a wholesome beaner family activity. Those people are so fucked up… Every spic i've ever known had some fucked up family life. Sex abuse from their male cousins, Dad beat his ass as a kid with metal rods, etc. They're so fucking subhuman and I can't believe my beautiful country is flooded with these fucking frijole people


*something seems off*
*checks post history*

The kikes are self-identifying. Fire at will.

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Yes, that DOTR mob on your final day won't matter at all, pedophile.

If every white male would just terminate 50 beaners each weekend, we could have this place cleaned up in no time.

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I think your bot got confused chaim

Children are constantly in the psychedelic state of mind in the first stages of life.
Even that child's mind is a more powerful pattern recognition engine than the mightiest dream of Silicon Valley.
What separates it from the adults in terms of being able to apprehend that there is a problem, is that it has not yet been socially conditioned to pretend it doesn't notice.
Picture is 100% correct.

Pride parades with naked little boys surrounded by dildos and faggot propoganda for little kids isnt harm mitigation. Its thinly veiled conduit to channel kids to abusers.

Harm mitigation is killing yourself you insufferable faggot.

Was it ancient Rome or Greece that fell to this degeneracy? Probably both.

Sick, disgusting truths need to be memed.

One can only dream. Too many cucks and "muh clubs / Tinder" retards.

And this isn’t even the version where they literally make a “vagina” out of part of their asshole? which can rupture and cause non stop shit to leak out of their front hole.

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(((they))) only admit it when it gets leaked through a bunch of other sources first

Oh God user…MAKE IT SO…fuck the beaners are AWFUL…all of them.

You people are so disgusting. You are exactly what's wrong with America. You are reprobate, meaning, God has given you up to your lusts.

Please, move to Canada and convince all your faggot buddies to do the same.

girls have been groomed for motherhood, sex, fucking since they were little girls for as long as I can remember. it wasn't until the 1970's that little girl began to be groomed for "a career barbie"

13 is about the right age, and then marry her off to a 30 year old guy with a house and a job, (a college degree would be good to, but at least a Masters degree, any asshole can get a BS degree) at 15 or 16 years of age. Those pert tittes are ready to produce milk by then fo sho.

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Actually I love the fragrance of a clean healthy woman's pussy especially when they're on the rag. But then, I'm not a faggot.

Forget the flagrant dementia of the drag queen. Look at mommie. What a piece of insane shit she is.

eh? no it's stop abusing gays.

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Not ray traced, Path Traced.

Path Traced > Ray Traced

Three years.

why marry her off to an impotent bugman? So she can end up sad and dried up taking care of his cats or dogs, aka, their surrogate "children".

this is why a license should be required before anyone is allowed to make kids.

They know their time is up.

Which is why the Jewish-backed feminists campaigned for age-of-consent laws to begin with! It all makes so much sense, now!

Rules for thee, not for me, goyim.

For your consideration:

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first thing i noticed, the dykes are all jew trannies

15 is low enough, jeez

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fag dyke abuser parent

Very interesting. Biology doesn't lie, and that is a persuasive argument. It would result in a stable marriage if you trained the girl to be a good wife, but then they aren't being treated as an individual with free will if you start manipulating them into a relationship right off the bat. Still, your manipulation or slut propaganda.

so we can jerk to it later


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This is a hilarious premise for anyone who was on 8ch 5 years ago.






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This shit used to warrant a ban

The prosperity of all people is linked to the prosperity of all people. Those who seek to dominate others are always eventually slaves, while those who seek the prosperity of all draw the world towards greater heights.

Liberals still aren’t inclined to actual pedophilia, though if anyone is actually worried about this, the #1 purification step should still be legalizing prostitution. Pedophilia is the recourse of pathetic people who don’t know how to appeal to an equal. Prostitutes fix that by not being an equal. Like a child, they will within limits do as directed. Unlike a child, they know what they’re getting into and are being paid for the emotional labor of dealing with the libidos of slobs.

More images on this argument constantly posted to /b/. Please refute them

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15 is a little high IMO. You should be able to marry a girl when she is 9 but you should wait until she is 10 to fuck her balls deep, over 12 months you should be making very gradual progress so that nothing is painful and you doing all the work with oral and stuff. You should never ejaculate inside her until she can overhead squat double
her bodyweight though, because otherwise her core might be too weak to sustain a pregnancy.

This guy knows what's up. Jews demonized teen brides to prevent white men from fertilizing new moms at a prime age and giving niggers the dibs, ruining them

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Is anyone else more revolted by this little girl's exposure to a woman slathered in tattoos with a partly shaven head? That's what her mother is telling her is a "strong woman."

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A strong woman does the dishes and inspires her husband to want to help her.

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Two words: Hajnal line.

the best part about marrying a youngin is when yer old and gray she be there by your side before you die having lived a full satisfying life

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yea im going with this goy tbh

what does he mean by this?
was this the user who wanted a red HRE flag but it turned out to be albanian and he didnt notice until after he posted it

2 people doing the dishes gets it done in half the time. Cooperation and teamwork never hurt anyone