Half Million of Pakistanis may enter Romania

Half a million for a country that has 18 mil citizens is a final blow disaster. The romanian ambasador in Islamabad has proposed this. His name is: Nicolae Goia.


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Fight or die Romanians

Why can't they take Hispanics… oh right, because their birth rates are 1.8 (SAME AS US).

This world will be African at this rate.

And do what?

What in bloody hell?

Did the Pakistani ISI pay the Romanian ambassador a couple million $$$ and promise him a harem of sex slaves or something?

Why would he sell his people out?

Nobody will see diference. Romania is already India of Europe.



Are there actually 500,000 open job positions in Romania? I highly doubt that.

Only 1% will get shit tier jobs like in Germany.

Well Romania is fucked now. Better clean your guns, shit is about to get FUCKED.

Send a message and kill Goia.

Totally does not rape children

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Does he have a family?

You don't need a gun
You don't need a machete or sword

All you need is an ice pick up your sleeve.

Romanians have always been fairly resistant to foreigners. Let's hope this'll spark something.

Jews need the browning of Easter Europe to happen fast

Romanian niggas beddah do sumpin quick muddafukkaz.

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C'mon, do something…start channeling your forefathers…get all atavistic and shit.

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Romania is the most ancient site on the planet with artifacts from an Aryan culture. We should be digging through the entire country for any artifacts because that could be where writing was first invented some 7,000 years ago! Such symbols are meaningful to us because they keep on reoccurring and we keep on using them.

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The memes write themselves. This cryptokike deserves the rope.

What in the FUCK?

Yea more fucking nadzess for the Jews. More shitler, clowns and trannies instead of doing anything normal in real life that would work.

Those Pakistanis will actually whiten Romania lul

This birth rates in Bazil and just on there.

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Kill yourself kike chode sucker. We are rising and none of the (((tribe))) can stop us.

someone plz remove this jew trash

Let's be honest, 0 out of 500,000 Pakis would even stay in Romania. They'll just go straight to Britain to live off welfare with all the other Pakis.

Open a kebab shop serving roast British schoolgirls to drunken british soccer louts after a night of hard boozing perhaps?

They could easily use it as a loophole for flooding Europe, you wouldn't need 500,000 real jobs, just 500,000 fake jobs with paperwork written by some Romanian or Jewish parasite. Kind of like using hotel rooms to launder money, no one has to use them, they don't even have to have a bed.



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Does Romania even have those jobs available? What the fuck is the justification they are giving for this?

Jesus fucking christ this seems to absurd and blatant. It's literally soft genocide right in the face of everyone.

And Gypsy anons here have any advice for how this will go down with the general populace?

This 'Shitler' shill is truly pathetic. Dr. Goebbels looks upon you with utter contempt, kike.

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gonna have to update this map

they wouldn't stay in Romania, they would use the work visas to enter the schengen area then go to Germany/UK/Sweden

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Roma (Gypsies) are not Romanians. They are a roving band of child kidnappers.

You mean like being a "responsible conservative"? How's Trump working out?

they're ruled by Muslim and Jewish Oligarchs, no way I'd rank their poz that low

Any actual pure Romanians left?

Romanian govt already dismissed the 500k paki fake news.


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Jews mostly advance their agenda via the "inexplicable actions" of some Goyim official, once the official(s) are in a position to strike without anyone able to legally oppose their actions.

Yeah, last time I checked jobs were pretty scarce in Romania, and good jobs more so, with maybe a LITTLE opening for White English speakers with Unix skillz and/or real connections in the West.

I've been told that "picking up odd jobs in Eastern Europe" while traveling etc is pretty much a non-starter. Grandma already does the sweeping.

Romania had a choice as to whether to stay in the Serb/Russian orbit or to whore itself out to the west. The literal whoring has happened for some time (you would be shocked at the percentage of prostitutes that are Romanian or Moldovan) but this is just a progression along that line.

Romania needs more immigration. Immigration is excellent for the economy. We need more people to do work. We need these people to be low iq militant aged men from 3rd world countries because they are the most economic boosting, and also because we have to because colonialism, slavery and the 6 million. The facts are we are responsible for all the evils on this Earth and have to repent our sins and turn the other cheek. We must welcome the stranger and accept them as one of our own. We must accept abide by the commandments and jesus’s Word if we wish to go to heaven. Only love and peace will get us through the gates. Remember we are all one in the eyes of god. Do to others what expect they do onto you. This is the only way. As a wise man once said, If you kill your enemies, you lose.

none of those immigrants are going to stay in that shithole anyways.

Get these non-whites out of my country. That's what I told these whites. Get them out of my country

I screwed the whites

Serbia is western neo-Weimar tier ever since kikes got Vucic into power, and they started literally flooding us with niggers ever since Trilateral commission held a meeting here. They are giving free land and money to rapefugees while they kick natives out of apartments over nonexistent debts.

I hope us and Romanians will go full Vlad mode on invaders and their Jewish sponsors again. I once sieg heil'd at a group of Romanians when I was driving on a boat on Danube, some looked shocked, but some looked in approval and one even sieg heil'd back. Western cucks will never have such moments.

Wow I care so much.