I thought the policy of this site is not to let non-US governments tell us what to do. Guess I was wrong.
/lippe/ used to be a modest German politics board. It had a few guides, books, and other redpill stuff; but going there now only shows pic related.
See for yourself:

There's a high chance many other boards will follow the same path. Who knows who else the 8ch administration will bend to?

SOMETHING is happening to this site, and it isn't good.

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more at 11

Holy fucking shit

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So is there any hope for people who just want some anonymity online?
Who don't want the government to go after them, or spy on everything they do?
It really is looking more bleak every day.

Are there any alternatives? Would Iceland be a good country to host such webpage?
Is there a country at all where one can host this kind of websites?
This is truly scary

This month's Transparency Report is gonna be interesting.
These cunts have some serious explaining to do.

They want to force us to the deep web I guess

Inb4 Zig Forums gets shut down

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Saw it happen multiple times live

Fuck (((them))).

See you out there space cowboy

it will be good because cuckchan nigger will go back to cuckchan

Those deep web chans are dead for the most part, but now it's starting to seem like that won't remain true much longer.

Fuck (((Zig Forums))).

Sounds like the BO of that place got v&.

Remember kids:
NEVER be a retard

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mods are feds lol you know we’re right yet you still do it. confirmed pedo cult degens. rope.

I remember that this board had a "list". Maybe that was the reason. Other than that, it was pretty typical Zig Forums stuff. Codemonkey is a fucking cuckold of the lowest kind.

Reminder that VPNs are compromised.

I know that what I'm about to post is very unpopular and I don't care, so don't bother replying.

I think it's a good thing. Perhaps this will force a lot of us to spend our free time on some other, similar, but way more fun and substantial things.

Use your CHEESE-BOX lad… Zig Forums ain't getting deleted, it's a honeypot.
It would have been the first target of any govt, yet it's still here!
It's being used to gather intel on far-right dissidents.
Assuming (pretending) you're an actual user for a second, you must have noticed that most of the replies here are from ZOGbots or other shills, with very few actual anons left.

the moderators allow Cheese Pizza to stay up now.

Fake and fucking gay, OP.

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If we know he's giving out user info like candy to these goons (which we do), the time has come to find a better site. But unless we can get another exodus going (which is pretty unlikely because we 1) need to all agree Zig Forums is dead and 2) need to all agree on a new site) we should at least do what we can to protect ourselves.

I'm connecting from the UK and I see the message OP posted.

so what can one do, isnt tor also compromised?

Was expecting posts like this.

Then it's not Zig Forums, it's your kiked up ISP.

Its there if you use Board-Specific CSS.

i2p, freenet, the list goes on

oy vey

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How do you know that?
It could be 8ch serving the wall up to a given IP range.

During the Arab Spring, every government that resorted to shutting down social media was toppled immediately after. Syria was the only one that didn't shut it down, and it's the only one to have survived.

Knowing that the bogus German government – a descendant of the phony government we installed in 1945 – is genuinely afraid of its subjects talking without a policeman in the room is good news.

Put out the eyes of the government. Hide your conversations, then occasionally send one werewolf outside to visit beautiful Christchurch. Make them obsess about "online radicalization" – which is exactly what we do, to be clear – until they blunder into so many shelves there isn't a single teacup left in the china shop.

This is all part of the delegitimization process. Make normalfags stop thinking about the government as a legitimate authority, and convert them to seeing it as an alien and oppressive force to be overthrown. When the cops stop answering emergency calls, it's time to go to work.

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In fact no fuck you, it is 8ch.
How else would the message appear you cunt.
It's not coming from an intermediate site/firewall/ISP.

Try and delete the cached version your browser has or browse in a different browser where you have never visited this page you glownigger brainlet

This is literally my first time ever going to that random fucking board and it's working normally.

You didn't even respond to what he said, kike. Same thing comes up for me, and it literally can't be an ISP. That's not how this shit works you illiterate cunt.




Ok, so the BO has set the board up so we only see the image, but the board is actually still there.
So question, is it:

How long will /fascist/, Zig Forums and other third-position boards last?

mods never interact with posters because theyre feds


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Everyone wants to portray themselves as being "in tech", even the ones who just edit webpages for a living.
Tech drills the oil that burns to power your PC (tech), to allow your fucked up html to display (not tech, just a language.)

Is the troll the one who thinks they're trolling or the one who gets trolled by the one they think they're trolling?

It's not a big deal, even if they close a board down we can just open another. It's just a law enforcement procedure. It helps a lot if people report illegal material/incitement to violence/direct threats/CP so it can be removed. I haven't actually seen anything illegal here until recently after Christchurch so it's probably journalists/paid shills posting it trying to get the site shut down.

Remember guys, the feds use imgur as an image host ahahahaahahaha fucking nigtards.
God I hate nu/pol/. This place used to be good.

The shilling is fucking transparent today.
Keep repeating Zig Forums is safe and people will definitely believe it! Zig Forums IS SAFE YOU GUYS! TRUST YOUR MASTERS! Zig Forums IS SAFE8CHAN IS SAFE8CHAN IS SAFE8CHAN IS SAFE8CHAN IS SAFE8CHAN IS SAFE8CHAN IS SAFE8CHAN IS SAFE

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Tell your boss to fire you

It's a public forum that complies with the law, so use your fucking brain and a VPN. Stop being retarded and overreacting you aren't some rebel fugitive on the run from the government.

Which chan is rhe best alternative to 8 ?


>implying the (((Verfassungsschuetzer))) don't keep images on imgur for this very purpose

There is no real alternative, voat which is a reddit clone allows some free speech. It's really hard to find places online that don't have cuckolded politically correct terms of use. A lot of Americans hate freedom now.

lol our (russians) feds use (nearly) same methods for blocking websites

Reminder that shills like this are allowed to post here

It's literally proven multiple times in this very thread that the OP is a literal fucking retard that doesn't understand anything, and you cling to your false narrative like MIGAtards and Qcumbers cling to drumpfenbergsteinowitz and mythical glowniggers.

Holy fucking kek, this pathetic damage controlling kike right now. He doesn't even realize his pathetic fits are making even more anons aware of what's going on.

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Clover (pic related) works with /lippe/, which means that CSS is to blame.

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Don't bother user. Schizos and qcumber-tier retards on this board will claim it's anything but what's already been proven to be until the end of time because they can't admit they were wrong.
Same thing all the kike lovers do when told of the atrocities Israel and international kikes have done, or how the holohoax was a lie.

The fact it's CSS literally means NOTHING. Like I said, it's still there and restricts basic access to the board. Gibbet yourself.

cuckchan. There is no other chan and you should go back there

it's some retarded discord trolls

VPNs are barely safer than barebacking.
They can help protect you from corrupt janitors but not from the feds.
Better to use Tor (not perfect either, but more secure than a VPN that can be ordered to divulge your details, or may not even operate a no logs policy.)

Tried with a few VPNs, same result on all of them. Board definitely shut down.


keep being transparent

Look at the source, it's still there.

Use a no log VPN, they still comply with the law but if they have no information on your IP then they have nothing to hand over. Obviously you are correct that not all VPNs make you safe. Really it only makes it more difficult for law enforcement to track you down, it's best not to break the law. Using a good VPN just helps to prevent unlawful harassment for wrongthink.

its retard bait.
i have imgur blocked so i get nothing.
why is the thread still up?

so how do we access it and see the threads about why the board owner put that image up. im sure german anons who post there will be discussing it.

You already know what's going on in the world and just waste your time here anyway. It is time to act for what you believe in.

no it isn't you stupid niglet

background-image: url("i.imgur.com/ckQu6Gc.jpg");
background-size: 60%;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top;
background-color: #8599CB;
position: fixed;
overflow: hidden;

a, hr, div, header, footer, #text, img.board_image, div.pages{
display: none;

It doesn't matter even if it's shut down. Just make a /lippe2/ nothing stops you from recreating boards. 8ch is a legal website, you have nothing to worry about it's designed for freedom of speech.

It means EVERYTHING. The Board Owner broke one of the site's few global rules by making the board inaccessible. This is something you post on /sudo/ and try to claim the board for, not OMG GERMAN FEDS HAVE POWER AND CONTROL OVER US-HOSTED WEBSITE BOARDSZOMG

Works for me.
Sorry your country is shit.

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fuck off dumb
I meant that this method of blocking can also be used by the feds


Thank you for the input, German CIAnigger.

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OP should probably delete this thread, it's been debunked and even if it is true it's not an issue since anyone can recreate old boards or new ones.

What about all the non-US visitors to this site who have to obey US law? Don't be retarded, it doesn't matter if they shut down every board every single day. People can just constantly recreate them as long as the site stays up.

Literal kike lingo straight out of buzzfeed.
Do they not even train these shills anymore?

Can confirm it's a CSS issue.

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Yeah I take that back, didn't scroll the whole way across.
There's this message/title and only links to other boards it seems.

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I mean if you read the thread it's actually been debunked. Also 8ch only concerns itself with US law as far as I know.

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So why does it matter?
If Zig Forums is blocked tomorrow then what stops you or anyone else from creating /pol2/?
Do you have finger paralysis or something?


The saddest thing is you don't even realize how pathetic you are.

If you disable lippe.css, then the normal catalog shows.

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search for "/stylesheets/board/lippe.css" and delete it

how do we access the board to see current threads?

Well, time to prepare the bags. Another movement incoming.

ok try to post

I already posted


youre really dumb faggot
in my country blocked hundreds of thousands(millions? who cares) of sites similar methods. they get by with some rules in iptables.