Suspected Islamic State member arrested over alleged plan to attack Gallipoli

Intended as retaliation for Christchurch:

Looks like the acceleration has arrived. Now imagine if he had succeeded, or if some other goat fucker succeeds with a similar plan. How many would start to sympathize with Tarrant then?

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I don't think that Tarrant expected such generous acceleration. Amazing how easy is trigger these muslims freaks.

Indeed. A Danish "fringe" politician recently had fun with a Quran in public, leading to Muslim riots.

The only attacks that succeed are attacks that are allowed to happen.
What is it about this attack that would cause actual harm to Jews?
Bonus points: Why do we know about the attack at all?

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Ah yes, the "jews control 100% of everything that happens, all the time" theory. If you really believe that shit you might as well give up right now.

The loss of innocent white lives is a tragedy. I'm glad he was caught.

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sorta true. the elite don't really care if goyim get murdered by other goyim, so most attacks are allowed to happen. they know about the shooters before they attack. probably even psy op them into doing it

Incase you didn't know muslims have been blowing up even before the cia-mossad psyop came into picture.But go on keep calling it accelerationism you nu/pol/ kike.

I am a Hindu but I'd be happy and honored to fight alongside my Christian brothers.

We must convince our white Turkish brothers that Islam is not the way.

You should start making some meme's in Turkish and propaganda in in Turkish you need to get them to see the light!!

But first leave our white nations and fight in your homeland,christcuckianity is a shitskin religion offcourse you would fight along side them.

Hinduism iz baste

Europe has many brown people who dont like islamists tactical alliances are the way forward for the struggeles ahead.

Nu/pol/ alert

Nothing has changed, they wanted to and were killing innocent people before Christchurch. Now we're starting to fight back.

I'm not. Only cucks would have died and this is just the Turkish government trying to keep their kebabs from overdoing the genocide of whites and work on the long-term game of just replacing us all and breeding on our dime.

I'm basically a white Hindu (I really respect and believe in the writings of Swami Vivekanada) would you want to fight with me in Canada against the mudslimes?

Eat dick faggot. You are kike here. I have more respect for antifa and white traitors than shills like you.

They must go back. All of them.

Bob on Christophobia | Ethno Nationalism

More riots in denmark

Based Hindu

Also easy to bait. Look up the draw Mohammad contest held in Texas

Predictable response. You don't belong here, and your presence implies you don't like the question.

Why not kill yourself right now, coward?

This. Same.

Take your meds.

I already have by default since I have no issues requiring a prescription. Conspiratard level paranoia isn't a medical condition.

Gallipoli is in T*rkey though.

Let's each one of us fight their own war. Unfortunately it's not like we will run out of mudslimes in our close proximity.

On the other hand you could help doing your part in radicalizing your Hindu diaspora against the mudshits and spreading awareness about the Hindu genocide committed by the Mughals and other mudslimes to the the stupid Whites and their "religion of peace" rhetoric.

Your subcontinent had the biggest death toll among the multiple victims of the religion of piss. Avenge them by pointing the blood in the muds' hands.

Take coward way out, coward, because the jews have ruled over you.

Gallipoli is hallowed ground for Australians - this is 100% in retaliation for Tarrant.

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Yep. Then the fire rose even more at Notre Dame

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It's not retaliation, it's just business as usual for Muslims, except this time they are framing themselves as the victims.

So this is the 3rd one.

The Cathedral, those recent bombings,and now this. How much longer can they deny that the cathedral was set on fire as retalation?

Based indeed.

I would think that all the Gallipoli veterans would have been dead for some time, like since the 1980's at the latest.

As if there was any psyops needed to make mudslimes attack whites. Letting them in your homeland en masse is more than sufficient.

You can't name a single ancestor of your's who was ever pagan.

How to identify real terrorists and psyop:
This one is a real mussie faggot because he got caught and his face is revealed. Means he was prolly typing it out somewhere and security picked up on it or was tipped off to be able to make the arrest before he could pull it off
in contrast if it was a mossad operation it would have succeeded and there would be a lot of disinformation surrounding it, like in Sri Lanka or christchurch because they are able to prevent the respective governments from taking action or somehow or other influence shit to make it happen
Mossad also managed to kill a Hamas engineer in my country just in the next neighbourhood from me despite a national ban on israelis from entering my country
Fuck jews man I hate them so much they cause so much bloodshed and puts the world in fear

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