How did you guys end up here? What series of political events eventually led you to find Zig Forums Zig Forums?

How did you guys end up here? What series of political events eventually led you to find Zig Forums Zig Forums?

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Stopping masturbating and sonic the hedgehog like twenty years ago

As an American, I want all the other Americans to remember. The government is against you, close to the eye, but they also know that they can not win if it came to war. Trump can't pay on the card. If there is an effort, they will lose, and society must do everything possible to prevent it. The US Administration does not support it, and people do not support the government.


Always been an edgelord


gg exodus

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gamergate :^)


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Aug 2014 the world changed, some of you might not like, but it was peak dignity.

Well shit, I guess a combination of various factors led me here.

1.) I have always been interested in politics.
2.) Found my way into halfchan about a decade ago, maybe more. I don't remember how really.
3.) Used to browse /b/, /co/, /tv/ and /fit/ back then, though everyone on Zig Forums was larping
4.) Slowly realized the lefties ideals I grew up with didn't make any sense to me. Like clearly we're not all created equal and the like.
5.) A close friend drifted towards the far-left, then disappeared for a year, and then came out as transexual
6.) People acted like that shit was normal, everyone wanted to supporter "her". I pointed out our friend was sick and needed help, received NPC talking points back.
7.) While all of this was going on I slowly realized that every TV show I saw pushed a liberal agenda, and they change literally all the ethnicities and gender of the heroes in the comics I was reading back then.
8.) Dropped /co/ and /tv/, stayed on /fit/, and I found myself agreeing more and more with arguments I read on Zig Forums.
9.) Started reading books more seriously, almost dropped all fiction. Found Moldbug's blog, read Christian theology. Came back to the Catholic Church.
10.) It seemed to me that halfchan was increasingly full shills and newfags, something seemed off. Fullchan seemed slightly more reasonable.

That's how I got here I guess.

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Gamergate. I met half a dozen nobodies through it. Five of them never gave up leftism; the sixth was a soldier. The narrative that GG only lied about being a leftist revolt was false as far as I could tell, though yeah, between right wing opportunists being the only kindness granted and leftist false flaggers screaming at nazism with one face and screaming nazism with the other, I understand how people thought the people who didn’t like the media lining up against nobodies might have been thought to be extremists.

Right wing celebs are fucking vampires, on that note; they legitimize the dumb shit of their opponents because they’re desperate to find people who might maybe agree with them.

I just got tired of watching people get shut down and told not to speak in our so called 'tolerant' democracy. The hypocrisy just makes me sick I want to fight them. A lot of people aren't racist at all but get labelled when they have something genuine to discuss. Unlike those leftist bigots I actually believe in real tolerance and real diversity even if I don't agree with the message. I don't feel like staying quiet about the problems we have any longer.

Some of the most important reads are fiction user, just saying

Yeah same here the agenda pushing is just disgusting, these people need to be stopped they are out of control and destroying our countries.

data-mining thread SAGE

This site is so absolutely enslaved to the false flaggers of years ago that I’ve started to understand… something. I don’t know. But it’s pretty funny how absolutely stagnant abusive people are. That’s why I’m still here - I’m awed by the kind of weakness that I never see anywhere else on Earth. A little bit of circular impulse and y’all go flying like a vortex puff, certain you’re doing your own thing and being “strong” even though without marching orders from a determined enemy you never would’ve taken a step.

I'm actually coming back to it right now. In my line of work I have to deal with a lot of narrative and fiction, so I guess I was saturated.

I'm currently reading A Canticle for Leibowitz.

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The riots in Denmark you have not heard about because the media have had a blackout.

Denmark riots


I had always known about it but never consistently browsed. Zig Forums on 4chan became too mainstream and boring; that is, it became a cesspool of troll threads, leftist apologetics and stagnant conversation. Zig Forums is different in that I feel topics are actually discussed and it can be enlightening. that said, it's also more hostile and hardcore than 4chan but i've learned to deal with it


Started visiting 4chan after the Black Lives Kidnapping incident… CNN's commentary still pisses me off to this day; those bastards need a gun to the face

Then I found this sight and never looked back.

The chemtrails they spray over my country turned me into this

A faggot? kek


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Zig Forums trolled poor Shia with HWNDU flag. that was some great PR stunt.

I applied to JIDF and got the job.

got redpilled off an anthropology website when I was 15-16 and since then whenever I would chat with people online trying to redpill them they would say "hi Zig Forums" and I'd always be like, "I don't go on Zig Forums, I'm not a fucking weeaboo" etc. and eventually I decided to come here and I liked it for awhile but then Blumpf happened and now the board is completely ruined. every thread is "UR A JOO NO UR A JOO NO UR A JOO NO UR A JOO DEE ENN SEE DUH JEN ERR ITT NICE TRY RABBI/SCHLOMO/KIKE", average IQ here must be around 85 nowadays

Yeah the "your a IDF shill" has really ramed up recently
Don't remember it being anything like this a couple of years ago
I just see it as our own infowars NPCs honking at each other (fucking hate that meme)

I just don't like faggots censoring my vidya and anigay.

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They can't help it. It's easy to blame all your problems on one source and think it'll solve everything. Reality is that the problems aren't so easy to solve you have to be prepared to fight your whole life for what you believe in.

Well I left 4chan in 06 then got rid of all electronics for about a decade and when I got a phone I went back but it was shit so I came here and it's less shit but been degrading since I arrived
Why do you ask, dataminer-kun?

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From an oldfag to a newfag.. cut it out with that clown meme please it's embarassing.

I thought there were good jews. Many of them in fact, and I had a big list to prove people "see, here's why I'm not a nazi, look at all these good jews!"
Every single one of them with no exception turned out to be "one of those jews Zig Forums talks about".

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was on halfchan pol for years because it was the only place with people like me.

then gg



Fine. At least acknowledge my some what unique green text.

fuck off poser

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As an American I want to remind you that, much like your body, there is no government, there are only individual parts. Also, you can become part of the government and change the world.

Always liked Germany. Browsed the chans since 2011. Browsed a bit of Zig Forums out of curiosity. Now I'm a full blown National Socialist. 1488!

Spyro the Dragon 3

No its funny simply because there is always this stupid frogclown honk! but it is a jew clownworld maymay and neinchan (possible niggerjewfeds) created it. The goal is to replace actual mesages like 'IOTBW' and 'jews did 9/11'.

Because of the worthlessness of feds like you, OP. Want to end vigilantism? Enforce existing law. "Refugee" scammers cannot be murdered in a country which does not tolerate fake refugee scams.


Why? Do you need some extra info on us, alphabet nigga?

I'll oblige, for the principle of this board.

I was a pretty left leaning guy, still a bit centre on some points. Did drugs, lived a hedonistic life without purpose. Was painfully aware of it and lived with self-loathing. I've always noticed the lies in society, but what made be aware of the grand agenda going on was a movie called A Pervert's Guide to Ideology, which was pretty much made by a Marxist, but I found to apply on capitalist society as well. The narrator made some good points, at least, which made me see society and people in a new light. I was already on 4chan for the memes for a relatively short while before Christchurch happened. Came because it was mentioned in the news, stayed because of the level-headed (mostly) and personal conversations. Got eventually redpilled.


le correction

if you don't understand the clown meme maybe you were never really into those meme things the young ones are sending on the image BBS or like the kids call them "the chans".

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Candace Owens redpilled me.

Christchurch eh? Good to know that St. Tarrant had a discernible impact. Welcome.

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Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves

- Matthew 7:15

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I'm just here for anime tiddies.

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Did a web search for Mongolian Finger-painting.

Came for the memes, stayed for the datamining.

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Spyro 3 and Cadence Owens

This is my very first post on the internets.


Portuguese is like 30% Gaelic.
Sing-songy and everything.


Interesting ID you have there.
I feel like I fell for this Iberian meme too. My ex-wifes dna came back with majority Iberian. She was a tanned beauty.

Good luck with your endeavors.

ty fren