Beware Fed Spicci

Spicci is openly snitching on pro Whites to the FBI. He is an admitted Federal Informant. Hes worse than Cantwell and Antifa.
His motivation is he's afraid of another Branton Tarrant or Robert Bowers so he wants to help the Jewish system lock up pro Whites for a few edgy tweets. Lone wolves are seldomly prevented but Spicci is helping the Jews and the FBI niggers come after White Nationalists for speech.

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Where do you think you are?

imagine posting on twitter

Who is this faggot?

How retarded do you have to be to follow anybody on (((twatter))), anyway?

Lmfao you sperg.

This is allegedly Spicci the mamzer based on his first tweet confirming his Twitter.

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i can feel his nose thru the monitor….. it is like i have 3 d glasses on.

Read the replies, that isn't him.

who are any of these people of your soap opera?

He's apparently a TRSodomite.

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Why does this superlative specimen of badassery have his own thread?

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Yeah I saw some of these faggots crying for the feds on twitter today.

he was– he's too degenerate for TRS and got booted.
He did a podcast called Right To Bryden where he sucked off Ricky Vaughn's cock. Ricky being Douglass Mackey who when he got doxed it was revealed he was on the payroll of Jews in New York.

Wasn't ricky selling people's info to some jewish GOP operative?

I have a hard time believing that's possible.

Nothing of value was lost.
Better that it's gone.

Previous unhinged statements

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woman hating incel threatening families

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Identified some of his circle of friends on Twitter.

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White people are dead.

If you post on twitter we dont want you in our ranks anyway.

Why should we give a shit what losers on Twitter are doing?

We don't care about your no name ex boyfriends TRS

Why spend days fucking with a doxing tranny but here is an open traitor and the responce is fuck it? Sure they're not Zig Forumsacks but they're pro White and this faggot of questionable heritage is openly working with the enemy enforcers. Fuck TRS for shitting up the board so many time but this faggot is GLOATING about helping the kikes.

Not to mention the eyes that appear to be perpetually on the verge of tears.

Unintentionally hilarious

Literally who?
Nobody gives a shit about namefag alt-kike twitter beefs. This isn't Melrose Place. Fuck off.

Paul Nehlen made this thread.

Why are you faggots worried about feds? Being against unlimited immigration is a majority opinion. Put down your copy of Seej quit watching Rambo re runs and vote for Bernie.
Dumb asses

Archive of this thread in case mods delete

I'll just leave these herethis is a snitch hate thread+info on snitches thread

Other than marrying a spic, being a republike, and going on TRSodomite podcasts, Nehlen did nothing wrong.

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I’m just looking for recipes to add to my grandpas dutch oven cookbook

How valuable would it be to create an Informant wiki that keeps track of them?

He sounds like a 15 year old girl with high T

Holy shit fuck off no one cares


I thought that aswell before even reading your comment I thought fuck his nose is massive.

any one?

OP's name is Jason Jones from Cary, NC. Every time he gets butthurt over Twitter drama, he makes me of these fucking retarded threads. Ask him about the time his trailer trash ass got doxed over his Vespa.

Fuck off Jason, you're finished.

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Literally fucking who?

I knew some guys who were close when he was on TRS let me see if I can get ahold

Yes, Richard Schwartz was douglas mackey's/RV handler and sold a "smartcker" service to GOP candidates to facebook oppo research or some shit, nice scam too, only a few thousand a month goy!

Oyy Vey

hi there "kaspa" we'll get to you later ok bb.

spi*ci is a fat alcoholic manlet 5'8 200lbs who's hate of women comes from their constant rejection of his pathetic existence. It's ironic that he hates women so much even though his cousin was abused by a man and committed suicide which permanently scarred spi*ci. He's got fed handlers and also very suicidal so don't be surprised if he does something soon.

since I know your crew of rats are constantly monitoring and talking shit about the chans, let's handle them too

"kaspa" is psychologically and emotionally damaged because of her childhood but I'll keep the specifics private (for now). Let me hear you run that mouth about Nazis™ "BB", muh fucking shed, muh hornt lmao stay your lame ass the fuck in your lane bitch. Imagine tweeting out some literal Lauren Southern decade old anti-Nazi fat larp memes like you're le epic troll. You must be out of your fucking mind bitch. Twitter beef and "drag" who "came at muh friends first" all day nobody cares.. but talking shit about Nazis™ is what got you noticed by non Twitter users bb. Your granddaddy was the village rapist in S*rbia shitting in a hole in the ground so don't worry about Nazis so much with that lineage.

Let's get back on topic. Two people Douglas Mackey and some puerto rican "hacker" alias Zola.

spi*ci's crew gets boosted and info from a low level fat spic "hacker" called Zola and a boomer hacker called micro. Zola gets paid to shill pro trump shit and recently to attack anyone critical of trump with bots. Micro was paid to monitor Gab and feed info to feds there. Zola is the connection between this group of drug addled trash run by spi*ci and "Ricky Vaughn" aka Douglas Mackey. Zola works with another trump shill Amy Moreno who was obsessed with Mackey and has alcohol problems. She connected Mackey with Zola and Spi*ci to go after everyone who Mackey dislikes.

I could care less about these useless rats but they talked too much shit about NS not to get noticed.

Okay, look. I defend privacy, arrite? People who value their privies don’t always have “something to hide”. I’m not defending anyone, but especially not treasonous lying bigots, from snitching. People who fear snitches damned well do have something to hide.

Aryan is a slur. Racism is a mental illness. Be less weak, people! I defended people against “all dissent is mental illness” back when it was misaimed, but if you’re so broken you think beigeness needs defended, you DO need a shrink!

Hi this is Chris Cantwell and I’m about to track down and kill Spicci. I’m bringing Vic Mackey with me because he’s the ultimate mamzer slayer. Don’t go outside Sunday if you know what’s good for ya.

Vic Mackey here

I’m going to slice your head off Spicci, you fucking kike bitch

Hi this is Illegal Aryan and I’m gay

I’m Azzmador

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Who in the actual fuck are any of these people and why are they relevant to Zig Forums?

We run /pol\

"with a severed head can't tweet"- folk wisdom

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If this is representative of Zig Forums I don't know why I consider/pol/ relevant anymore. Suicide looks increasingly appealing. This has become 20 year old boomer hell.

He can't get any more dead, Rambo.


Kill Spicci first


Lmao then again since everyone here is anonymous, it’s likely that we’re all wignats just engaging in a circular firing squad

dox him, swat him

This is Brian Jeffs, Warren Jeffs nephew. He fucked his underage cousins

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You're a fucking sped. That's one of spicci's victims. I forget his name.

Hi Jason. Still butthurt about being doxed? Maybe try not being a faggot.

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Triggered wignat feds mad at spicci Cuz he has 90% of their doses. Honk honk faggots

Some alt-kike mongrel who other alt-kike mongels now apparently have a problem with because these burger retards can't seem to understand that when you wrestle with pigs you get dirty. I can hardly blame them though, because the number of pigs in their "pro white" movement seems to outweigh the number of normal, decent people by a factor of 100.

spi*ci is in the thread claiming doxes which others got. I see you're passing off another antifa dox as your own last night lmao. Now he's posting threats under different ids in the thread to play the victim since he's so irrelevant otherwise. Nobody gives a fuck about your lame fat drunk ass manlet. Rage all you want bb .."bb" must stand for boring bitch.

Microchip also recently backed federal informant chris cantwell as well.

Hey spicci, I know you read this like every other faggot informant in here. Don’t drive your car next week.

America needs to be fucking nuked.
Nobody cares about your subhuman e-celeb shekelgrabbers. Nobody is taking you seriously anymore. You are going to be a minority in your own country in a decade. Start forming actual actvist organizations and militias and stop giving federal agents, effiminates, non-whites and literal homosexuals attention for some "based" twitter posts.

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Once I was trolling a SJW and Spicci hacked the mainframe and sent brown sedans to my house. They hogtied me and threw me into the trunk. After a long ride they pulled me out and stabbed me in the face with a dagger laced in a healing elixir. So everytime they killed me I got better. This went on for 3 years. Now I have a job as a successful disctrict manager and baby number two on the way. Spicci really does have our best interest at heart. v


The main tactic the FBI uses is to build leverage over whoever they need to influence. Defending yourself from a charge as simple as "misleading statements" can cost tens of thousands of dollars and effectively bankrupt most people. Once the FBI has you on fabricated charges they can push you to do things you otherwise wouldn't think of doing.

You can be jailed on a technicality so easily. Misremember something and you can easily be convicted for making misleading statements. In the video they were being buddy buddy because their goal was just to get him to talk, it doesn't matter what, just talk about anything. I bet you that he will have made a mistake somewhere in there. They used a guy with a soft voice, a girl who feigns vulnerability, whatever psychological trick it takes to get the guy to flap his gums. He thought he was being clever with his video camera but he should have realized from the start that he was being formally interrogated. Oh and 100% chance the FBI was also recording that interaction.

The only winning move is to not play.

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Spicci is actually a 34 year old, literal faggot, named Oscar Jenkinson, who lives in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

oh i forget. Here.

B-b-but muh based GrecoJudean, nigger-fucking, homosexual who the left calls a NAZI!

But in all seriousness, I think it's all hopeless for amerilard whites. Anytime they try to organize IRL the movement gets infiltrated by an FBI/SPLC/CIA nigger or some idiot uses it as a chance to LARP about it in social media.

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Wew lad, now that's a bold move. I wonder how it will work out for him.

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Because nu/pol/ is full of schizo qtard boomers and mutt zoomers who care only about muh fun. Cuckchan garbage.

America has a bit of a paradox.
On one hand, they are the most fucked, being the ZOG vassal state and police/surveillance apparatus.
On the other hand, America is the least fucked because the sheer amount of firepower in the hands of the citizenry is staggering. And when the great burger dragon ever awoke it will topple the whole house overnight.

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FBI tracks down guy from Zig Forums and intimidates him. Free speech is over in USA. LOL

And make more and more actions like the one from The Hero Brenton Tarrant is the solution.
Incite all groups to kill jews. Not just white people.
Every single living being must be conditioned to kill jews.

I can confirm this is Spicci's identity. We met up last year and were partying in the woods. The drunk fuck left me out there with nothing leaving me to hike about 10 miles and hitch a ride to the airport tp fly home.


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/pol\ officially belongs to the wignats. Sp*cci is done for

Seems that he mentioned Zig Forums when he made the report about the Trump threat, and they're looking to turn him into some kind of informant?

Yes sir

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Let’s take him down!

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has this mexican achieved anything yet?


Some ex-trs fag

Don't trust spicci or kaspa. I only fuck with spooky movie night and groyper twitter anymore.

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Snitches get
Found another traitor

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I don't know who this faggot is, but good to know OP. I suggest you meet up with him and shoot him twice in the head. In the mean time… being Pro-White isn't illegal. But if the FBI is going to chase down public comments, I think I'll put some bean people in a hole.

What is wignat? This guys twitter reads just like Zig Forums so what is he.

"Wigger Nationalist", as in the WN's who aren't Trumpnigger AmNats. It's the new "1488er", and apparently also coined by the jew Mike Enoch, at least according to those leaked Identity Evropa chatlogs.

This guy is a literal nobody, no one knows who he is, Ive never heard of him and I manage 5 pro-white groups on Gab.
I also highly doubt hes worse than the outlaw cuckservative who now censors racism or the word Jew, even from the songs he plays.

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Never bothered reading those, you got a link?

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