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The previous one ( ) is now at 725 replies, and approaching the bump limit. I'll kick it off with a series of Clown World Order videos taken from a YouTube channel. There's thirteen in the series so far.

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Part one.

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Part one.

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Attached: Clown World Order No. 10_ Capitol Hill [Part 2 of 2].webm (512x288, 15.18M)

Part one.

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That's my dump for now.

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hello fren!

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Hey OP I work with the Jewish newspaper the Jerusalem Post. Who can I credit for this antisemitic video? What's your name and address?

Hello there, intrepid, young gender studies graduate! A CNN reporter by the name of Chad Hubert is already on the case. You can reach him at (420) 420-1488, Ext. HDNW. I've heard from friends in the biz that he's got a basket of good info that he could probably share with you.

Does anyone know how to hack someone's snapchat account?

Notice I made this thread yesterday and the thread got bumped out of the catalog in a few hours!
The thread was always webms & OC until recently too.
Clown meme confirmed for glownigger OP
CIA = Clowns in America, so what do you think Clown World means to them?

the thread thumb I made also has disappeared from the archive.

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I'm not entirely sure man but I think it could be done by hacking. Just a guess tho

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Are you lost, boomer?

Sarah Silverman was always that one annoying bitch like Kathy Griffen that no one ever liked but just tolerates because they're women

Yeah it's called "freedom"

Anyone have that one webm with a guy talking to the audience and had a book as to why hitler hated the jews and wanted to deport them he sounded like a old guy to.

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Take note: Everytime you see this post, the thread makes kikes mad. Bump

You can see the result of inbreeding in his face even at that resolution.

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That tourettes jew at the end, fuckin lel.

Here's a better resolution to approve your message.

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Hasn't ISIS been stomped out thoroughly by Assad and ol' Putin? Afaik except for the Kurds and some US ZOGbots Syria has been liberated

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If this were was a thing when my kids were young, I'd be in prison now

could've sworn there were numerous threads in which /baph/ approved of ypa./baph/ hasn't been good for quite some time though
extremely rare vid of kantian philosophic ironist educating washed-up thot

I'll just dump my Hitler speeches

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Most of these have Hitler speeches in them but I guess they'er really just either pro-nazi or anti-semetic propaganda

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damn user, didn't know things were this bad.
Only watch about 1/5 of each video because i couldn't handle it. Oh my Lord I feel despair. Feel like rying and give up. These people are relentless. Something needs to happen.. pls

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sauce on video of quotes?


Anyone got the title for the music track in the first one there?

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do you people upload yt here to not support jewtube by clicking their links?>>13183705

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This needs to become reality. Deutschland Erwache.

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This reminds me, shouldn't Soros be executed for being an actual Nazi?

Ok OP I watched the first 5 and you need to focus on a message when you make videos. This one video has a guy saying he is literally a government propaganda artist and every government needs to use it on their people but then it's in 10 minutes of other crap.

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I saved this from an earlier post:

top keg

Not relevant to anything.

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There is currently no way to embed archive.org on this site


This film was a remade film from an original longer, rough cut and unnarrated film feed, also a good watch but longer and boring


Free speech has to be the line in the sand. It's the foundation of this country.

Have a powerful response on stand by and remember any time a Jew starts harping about racism turn the convo to Israel's racism. There's real racism in Israel.

Not even watching your video. Is it one of the 10 or 15 where Based Pat Condell affirms Israel's right to exist? Because those are some of his best work.

Joe Biden announced his campaign for president at the home of the Jew in charge of Comcast. You know he got some Shekels for his pledge to attack freedom of speech. Iirc that Jew used to be the Diversity Officer or some shit.

Trump can't be trusted for a second term either.

What you want to censor Israel supporters? Hypocrite…