Modern Zig Forums - useless?

Is modern Zig Forums becoming useless for everyone?

The only worthwhile messages have been repeated for the last 10 years:
- jews are bad
- Hitler/nationalists are good
- muslims are bad (now muslims will dispute this because muh jews are bad, muslims dindu nuffin)

All the conspiracies stuff amount to be a big nothing, and pro-white propaganda/march/action are actively shunned on this board due to bad moderation and anti-deradicalization shills, they will never let anyone become Brenton Tarrant on Zig Forums. Even argument wise, every argument ends up being people calling each other jew shill, moishe, chaim, it feels like the Zig Forums has become a synagogue.

On the reverse, I spend less times on Zig Forums and more on vidya, and I find that it is more constructive to play vidya. FPS teaches me how to shoot, CQC tactics, strategy games and RPG teach me how to organize, command and build up character/parties.

These are more beneficial than talking about nonsense on Zig Forums.

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Nigga wanna hit record
Nigga wana shoot



You can thank kampfy for driving everyone worth anything away after the last election. This place will never fully wash off the stink of that asshole. Find other shit to do.

Came to say this, only a handful of oldfags post here anymore. Its all shills, newfags and kikes making bait threads for media to vulture on.

Zig Forums won't survive Meme War 2 -win or lose- as either normies will take over or glownigs will shut it down. We're going to need 4th generation imageboards soon if anti-social media is to survive the dragnet. Keyloggerchan and godaddychan are garbage fires.

Get a job you goober.

Yes goy. Go to work every day so the boomers, niggers, and based NEETs can profit off of your labor.

Anyone stupid enough to think books are bad needs to be shot in the dick, so they can't reproduce, then the face, so they can't talk other people into being illiterate with them.

Already got a job.

But a job doesn't teach you as much as vidya.


there isn't much reason to post here anymore, and there's every reason not to.

Even without kampfy, I ask you, what is there more to be taught?

Jews are bad.

That's Zig Forums in 3 words.

I keep reading this over and over. how do you survive without a job? How do you accomplish anything without income?

Make it,
semites are bad
and you have a deal…can't 'accidentally forget' the khazarian pharisee semitic mafia

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Jews are semites.

Arabs are jews too, in fact, a subset of jews.

Just Start a Business

This…still here on occasion pushing ETHNOGLOBE.


Don't you get fucked even harder with a small business? I heard that the gov made it almost impossible.

You need to take a loan.

Congrats, you just become a slave for life.

naw I played Sim City…I know that when you take a loan your city/enterprise dies…no exception. Imma do it the Amish/Mennonite way.

Thanks vidya.

Sure didn't teach that shit back in school.

Wonder why? Hmmm…I got my first CC offer when I was 17. Nothing screams 'fiscally responsible' like an unemployed, teen who is barely out of high school.

To the shredder…which is what I hope happens to all the people proffering loans. I have these fantasies about going around town burning all the 'payday advance'/'payday loan' places to the ground…ALL OF THEM (preferably with people inside; little fucks would probably run out; boo)…Never taken out a 'payday loan' but they are such a blight on our cities that I think they deserve some Napalm.

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Ur a faggo

Vidya is fucking degenerate and Zig Forums has tiers, you're on the second lowest one right now this is a low level redpill board.

Vidya is less degenerate than Zig Forums.

degenerate is less degenerate than degenerate still degenerate
degenerate yourself degenerate
improve yourself-procreate-accelerate-die

>just play gayms and stay (((distracted))) like a good goy
You're no better than lardass boomers watching niggers tackle each other over a piece of inflated leather.

highfive sage

anyone know how i can hack my gfs phone or snapchat?



Ya and your the problem.
Quit making shit threads.