Killed her son, did drugs entire pregnancy, suffered 6 months, nothing but compliments

Literally insane. She did drugs her entire pregnancy (heroin, alcohol, meth) the kid was born with a breathing issue and died 6 months later as she continued to be a total hedonist piece of shit and rob peoples homes and contribute nothing to society. And she just sits there and says it because no one will get her in any trouble.

All the comments are just "you have such nice hair" and shit.

Play at 10:20 or so:

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Beggars can't be choosers, incel

Beggers cant be choosers schlomo

She killed her son, how do you even react like that lmao

Yea those people are fucking disgusting. "SHE IS SO HOT!" Fuck those people. God damn we should be allowed to kill those people.

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Thats the first mistake you've made user.

In honest truth, do you think such a child would be brought up as a benefit to society? It's better off dead rather than being raised by a degenerate that needs to have been gassed yesterday

I know they don't have souls but this is appalling by any measure and no comment like "haha didnt you know" is going to bring me down from the outrage. She should be in prison for life.

No but the fact that our society is so fucking PUSSIFIED that this woman has clearly gone her entire life without anyone admonishing her publicly for killing her son in a horribly traumatic way is a bummer. I know, clown world. But, a bummer none the less.

Until I saw the video and linked it around, ALL of the comments were "you are so hot, great hair". Just insanity.

Yes guy with the Bert pic, that is the proper reaction. I'm sick of the "lol whatever, back to my porn and overwatch" reactions, I want some outrage for a fucking free hedonistic baby killer who robs people for personal dopamine fixes while her son gasps for air in an incubator

If children were allowed to sue their mothers for causing birth defects

Thats if they fucking get to live well enough to process the thought of anger or any thought at all besides remembering to close their mouth and not drool.

Ambulance chasers could sue them.

Yep, but all the comments are niggers or paid comment bots.

This. As fucking disgusting a creature this woman is, it wouldn't be doing the West any favors to allow her to raise a child. Liberals, even white liberals, should be encouraged to have vasectomies, abortions, etc - anything to prevent them from having unfettered access to a developing mind. Yes, that also means we need to take back academia. Traitors before enemies, and these "people" would raise only traitors.

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Hey, I agree with you, but we need to START with SHAMING THE FUCK out of people who do this.

Yes this baby is dead, and won't grow up to be a drug addict/murderer as it obviously would have under the parentage of this horrible human being.

But watch the documentary "The City on Crystal Meth" about Fresno, California. There are countless women in that city who are so methed out they can't even brush their teeth who have liters of children, I'm talking 12+.

If we don't start going HOLY SHIT, FUCK THESE WOMEN, then these are the kids who will be roaming around the streets when we're 50-60 years old, children of absolute soulless meth addicts.

honk honk 🤡

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Notice the dyed hair. Why do these depraved, evil, sick, disgusting women ALWAYS have dyed hair?

They always have tattoos and dyed hair. And yeah, this woman gets in no trouble for nuking her child with heroin meth and alcohol, ensuring it was suffering the entire time it was in the womb, and it suffers for 6 months then dies and she treats it like she's the victim.

Theres this theory that correlates dyed hair (especially vibrantly coloured) to animal aposematism or warning colouration. It's some sort of subconcious means of communicating and most generally used by such people

Unfortunately traitors before an enemy is not an accurate description here. You cannot mass-purge the traitors until you've re-gained control of your own government. Jews must be dealt with before you can deal with the rest of the invaders/degenerates/traitors.

Remember your order of operations:


Jews -> Liberals -> Chinks -> Muslims -> Spics -> Nigs

Start with your most capable/intelligent enemies first then work downwards.

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My favorite comments.

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Women are completely horrible monsters when they aren't being beaten/dominated by men. Self destructive and irresponsible to their core.


I would also like to add a C at the end as well, because once we secure our home nations the Chinks once again become the primary threat, but this time it's a nation V nation.

All of those comments are from today after I started posting it around, before that it was 99% "you are so brave" "you are so hot" "omg nice hair"

The real crime is that she was even allowed to give birth. All addicts should be sterilised.

Also, how do you know her child was even White?

I find women who do shit like this fundamentally revolting and unattractive, even if they are physically "pretty". These people must be complete animals who never evolved to find things like intelligence and good-character attractive, hence why they're stupid animals and their offspring will always bee stupid animals because they never select for intelligence when finding a mate.

Having shitty/shallow tastes in women is an excellent indicator of being a shitty, inferior person.

Notice how none of them say that she would make a good mother, they just say she looks attractive.

white women at their best

Are you talking to me? I have no idea the ethnicity of the father, I haven't thought about it - the kid died at 6 months.


Bobby Fischer said it best when he said "women are fish," religion says they are the "reflection of the man," they simply reflect whatever the dominant hierarchy in society is. They could be the most loving, gentle people on earth, or they can be psychotic killers depending on who the dominant men are. Being that the dominant hierarchy today is mentally ill jews, the modern western women emulates all of the traits of parasitism, betrayal, unmercifulness, cruelty, hatred of nature, etc. that make jews such a vile people.

You should think about it. It matters. For all we know the father was some worthless drug dealing nigger, and would we as a society really want to be encouraging the spread his genes? The answer is no.


I don't want this person to have a child, but they should never have meth-fucked than continued to nuke their kid with drugs in the womb no matter what ethnicity is.

Post your comments there, not here, it's an echo chamber here anyway.

tbf her hair does look great

==or they could just simply be brainwashed sluts enraptured by a moment of attention seeking pseudo celebrity status by idolizing nigger loving whores on social media/television with no self esteem a false sense of security easily manipulates by trending naysayers and the intelligence of an 8th grader with a yearning for a real feeling of self worth that she can not obtain without her 485 friends on Fakebooks recognition algorithm…

I knew this guy that married late; he married a pig I knew of since high school. What a pussy whipped sap. He was overjoyed to have found a female that would marry someone as ugly as him, and so he grovelled to her. I talked to her for 5 minutes and with 5 minutes of polite simple questions she eagerly told me of all her moral turpitude throughout her life. He sat there shitting his pants with shock and awe. She handed him a cocaine baby, born 6 months premature. That wretched little weasel did nothing but emit enraged howls all day every day.

And do you know what? He'd always been a fiercely strident proponent of Neitzche.

What a fucking hopeless loser. I'd rather burn alone in hell for millenia than be married to such a vile pig for even 5 minutes.

enslave women
execute the dregs
colored hair is fucking illegal

wait what race was the kid?

Do you tell women about that idea before or after you poke holes in condoms?

Wait, who am I kidding, that’s incel shit.

It's sad how much attention we give drug addicts while people who aren't addicts and are struggling get nothing but shit

Purple haired skank cunts go with nigger like fried chicken goes with watermelon

They do get shamed, and then a billion beta white knights and other women come from nowhere to defend them

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

She talks about herself the entire time while the junkie opposite her doesn't even ask ANY follow up questions about the dead kid. She just mentions it in passing before talking about herself for another six fucking minutes.

And the guy interviewing her ends it with a pterodactyl screech. What the actual fuck?!

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You showed interest in her depravity, and she served it up to you. Women enjoy telling men what they want to hear. They will talk dirty and be a slut for a man who desires it. They will also play the part of a virgin. Women will tailor the relationship to the man. They will be submissive to the alpha, have a mutual relationship with the beta, and cuck and abuse all others.

But, gee. At least she didn't have an abortion.
And , it's called addiction not hedonism.

I don't know how you could hear what she says and call her life anything but hedonism.

I don't know how you could see her hair and think it's "great".

To deny someone a chance at even living is far more cruel. I know you’re using hyperbole but there are people out there that genuinely think this.

Do you faggots not understand the concept of social darwinism and eugenics? Do you want every retard thot to have a kid? If the baby was born it would have down syndrome or some shit. The only flaw in this is that the stupid cunt didn't die with it. Just because some roastie is white doesn't mean it's not passing on nigger genetics.

This guy is correct.

No one is commenting on that, we're commenting on her behavior as a person, and she will end up having a kid or multiple kids a some point and god fucking help them

God has already helped one.

Wonder how the uploader hasn't deleted the comments yet lol

Her getting her tubes tied would be god helping out

It must be nice up there on your high horse with your collection of strawmen. No one is defending this bitch.
Can we start by sterilising you?
Darwinism is not individualism and eugenics implies an authority figure.

Chill out my man

Hello there butthurt incel

Disgusting and pathetic that you would defend this sorry excuse for a human being

Comments closed in three… two…

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Tits or gtfo

Your body is the glove of your soul

Thats why liberals destroy their body. Their soul manifests in the outer world.

Everyone should read these tips to stop his inner jew:

In a “Nut” Shell - The Crazy Colored dyed hair , the facial piercings ,the disk things in the ears, the tattoos and the overdone makeup are there to say:
“There’s something wrong with me”
It’s a Red Flag , in their desire to be “unique individuals” they become just like everyone else that’s part of a Group Think , Hivemind where membership requires only you drink from the fountain of Leftist Degeneracy

That's a man.
Ergo it was never pregnant.

You're making a fundamental error, mistaking a general behavior for the behavior of a certain type of woman.
Deliberately giving your child FAS is mainstream now.
It is written about in the mainstream press.
Mainstream women explain how they maimed their child for life by making it drunk in the womb, and they're praised by other women and thirsty beta males.
This is the inevitable consequence of giving women Imperium over their unborn children.
It continues after birth too, which is why a woman can murder her child up to the 365th day after birth, and only be charged with the token offence "infanticide."

They are Fad Followers , the drinking while pregnant is the new Fad , it goes along with all the other items hand in hand. I saw Drag Queen Story Time (another Fad) IRL. The degenerate behavior is interlinked on a progressive sliding scale. (pic related)

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I remember this video. just like OP said: whiteknight thirst galore.

What's really nuts is she looks jowly, wrinkly and has obviously hit the wall a long time ago.

Deliberately creating outrage to portray women in a bad light and further the jew-engineered rift between men and women?
The next one to be interviewed on the same channel also looks like a classic male-to-female tranny.

CG= Cross Gender
The host has classic female-to-male transgender features.

CG kid is a Vice/Rebel media affiliated channel promoting the trans agenda, while using MtF trannies to demonize White women.
CG kid is a female-to-male tranny, a classic female to male tranny, as so many of the "male" Vice/Rebel e-celebs are

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By the way, it's stating the obvious but just in case some don't get it.

Wait, was the child white, or was it her nig nog dealers janitor in a drum?

I would get this MILF pregnant

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dream bigger dude
any methods you would use for kikes work just as well for degenerates

don't bother, moishe.
anyone with a mind knows you're just trying to rev up the incel train so white birth rates drop further.
hang yourself.

found the insin

Then use birth control for fucks sake, jesus christ, stop being whores for a fucking change and grow up

>shilling for (((birth control)))


Chinks? Wtf are chinks doing here besides making shekels and spying for the motherland? I don't see those baby dick, fish heads as being any sort of opposition. But! If you do mass kill them, China will come to their aid. That's inviting a big fucking problem which will prevent the elimination of the mud people so rethink your shit.

There are literally women that will whore themselves out on the back pages when they are pregnant. This is the tip of the iceberg