Voat admin contacted by US agency

User PuttItOut, admin/owner of Voat (a Reddit clone that attracts refugees from shoahed subreddits but remains kind of a boomer circlejerk anyways) has confirmed that (s)he's been contacted by a US agency.

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OK? So fucking what? Reddit and certainly anything that is a low rent Reddit is fucking cancer.

Holy shit fuck off forever

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They also contacted neinchan not to long ago.
What a bunch of fucking traitorus scum even though this is low effort op this one gets a pass due to how fucked this is.

dont yall have google recaptcha there?
hate to break it to ya m8, but you were fucked from the get-go

You say that, but I bet even here, 99% of the people do not block the youtube thumbnails, happily sending the 'referer' header to Google.

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/v/niggers is good for a cheap laugh.

So fucking what? 8ch probably gets contacted every week by all kinds of agencies.



It is sad "heer me roar" still believes in the impartiality of the United States government.

So this place is a zoomer circlejerk

you can lit go watch the stats for that… it's public.. last month was a record month due to new zeeland btw

he's in no way wrong, muh voting consensus shit is for npc plebs and is inherently trash, imageboards are the superior format in every way. I don't want it banned, but I don't give a shit about it either
so did a shitload of other websites including normiemedia, reddit, 4cuck and Zig Forums.

i've never seen this website before but it looks quite similar to another website i know

Only after the wave of Qfags. Before that cuckchan Zig Forums tried raiding and Goats didn't notice, and after a day cuck/pol/ left complaining about the Nazi stuff not being a joke there. Good times

He's not a kike he's just boomer brained

Upvote boards are inferior, but there are good minds on voat. They need to be shocked out of of their redditfag mindsets though. Please, go terrorize them

I would trust Amazon the keys of my mansion. Absolutely. Like I put Alexa in everyone of my rooms so it is easier for me to switch on the lights.

not all the time, but you can see it in the transparency report. provided they are actually being transparent

i eagerly anticipate that smol text of
at the bottom of the page to quietly disappear one day

Yes, people snitch, but you must value disloyalty. It’s not that hard to be honest. Have a single history and then if anyone lies about you they’ll just fail in the long-term.

New biotech is bringing us into an era of immortality. We’re coming up on the era where people might start falling in and out on centennial cycles. Can you hide anything forever? Why do you want to?

T. Pseudophilosophical retard

Everyone here should care when an ally is attacked and potentially silenced

Imagine being this fucking new and not knowing about our three year running Voat op. Just blow your brains out, you newfag sperging is worthless to the board and brings everything down like niggers moving into a white neighborhood.

The 2020s is about to begin in a police state. Social media: Unlawful consent.

-because minors and mentally ill might not understand the terms and conditions and therefore cannot act in their own interests

-uninformed consent: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter does not disclose certain information, like; "hey sally, i know your only 13 but you don't mind if creepy Lester Crest accesses your data and uses it to design new bras for teenage girls do you?"

-to constantly access and stalk, harass, bully, monitor children and mentally ill where ever they are abroad and in the US via tracking

Minors and people with mental illness and learning disability do not understand the severity nor the implications of those things, they do not understand the law, they are not legally competent to give consent

They are 100% being misled, coerced, exploited by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google etc et all

WHY is social media permitted to obtain unlawful consent, from CHILDREN?

Further why hasn't Wojcicki, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Sandberg et et all been arrested when violence is allowed on their little invasive exploitive platform? And i call it a platform because THEY ALL collude to shut down right wing political views.

Socialist social media all collude to shut down right wing political speak. They illegally coerce people with learning disabilities, the mentally ill, minors, they spy on everyone 24/7 and the government uses them to spy, they take your posts when you don't break the law and manipulate, censor, edit, shadow ban they, they even report you to the FBI if they really hate you or really feel like it, they even use they data as leverage and try to control you, blackmail, extort you.

They abuse their TaS, ToS, T&S councils, and human resource boards on vulnerable people who don't know any better they set up their little TaS, ToS, T&S, human resources, public relations Salem Witch hunters all while spying on everyone 24/7, pushing left wing propaganda 24/7, censoring opposing views, and i'm sure these data breaches and hacks are controlled leaks why they publicly leak user data i'm not sure.

The social media companies are twisted, exploitive, and control too many people, too much data, and control too many peoples lives.

Government and socialist social media and socialist news working together to break liberties neck. And when corporations use federal agents on some one posting on internet something someone or the corporation didn't agree with and wanted that person censored or humiliated, embarrassed, destroyed, ruined, which you do do in USSA for no reason and have done before on innocent unsuspecting people hundreds of thousands of millions of innocent unsuspecting people you now live in the Soviet Soy Soi States of America.

The federal agencies, intelligence agencies, have done this in America and have vanished, censored, silenced, shadow banned, excommunicado'd, persona non grata'd millions of innocent people in various ways, from making them unhireable, to killing them, to jail time, to ruining their accounts or internet experience, to lawsuits, to letyong the FBI and SWAT kill their dogs and brutalize them and ruin their houses, or making it impossible to get into or finish college.

All because some socialist social media company got mad at some text some one wrote online.

And don't tell me we don't live in a socialist country. Remember Homan Square in Chicago Illinois? Of course you don't remember Guantanamo style Homan Square in Chicago Illinois the black site housing 7,000 - 8,000 inmates and administering enhanced interrogation techniques. We live in a socialist police state.

"You know there are some words iv'e known since i was a school boy. With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.’ Those words were uttered by Judge Aaron Satie as wisdom and warning. The first time any man's freedom is trodden on, we're all damaged."

The 2020s and the internet is about to begin anew in a police state.

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That's why this shit thread has 20 replies huh? Epic OP bro

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Who is Voat's "angel investor" anyway?

You should probably lurk some more.

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you wont do anything you nigger

Good post.
If H8 speech exists as a concept, then free speech does not.

You won't do anything about it, so why do we care?

The FBI possibly? The leaked texts showed they covered for that lying fakehatecrimes.org chicongo niggerfaggot jessie.

Why does literally no one here give a shit about this then?

Comments aren't upgloats you newnigger


You kikes have a history off cowardice, so you tend to see it in everyone.
I expect you weep a lot last thing at night

thank you for that

Oh that's cute, doesn't matter how many times (((you))) spam it, I promise you it's never going to catch on. /intl/ used to do better work than this, I'm ashamed that this is the best you've got now.

This is just fact

General Patton was right about the 'yellow-bellied Jews'.

Shitler is spam for teh Jews, it's their coat of armor that forces non Jews to look away from their crimes against humanity.

White Nationalists are too fucking stupid to realize this.


Kill yourself yid

quotes got swapped, blah blah etc

Fuck off you repulsive kike. Reported for insulting The Führer.


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