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This is your life now.

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A Man’s Guide To Testosterone Replacement Therapy

1.) Introduction
2.) Why Do More & More Men Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?
3.) What Are The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?
4.) Your Questions on TRT Answered
5.) In Closing / Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction

I have tried to make this guide as comprehensive as possible. I am not above updating it and improving it in the future.

I do not claim to know everything, claim to go into the greatest biological and scientific detail on each point, nor be a medical expert, but I know enough to answer almost any question someone who is just beginning or thinking about beginning TRT could want to know.

I may know more than the average general practitioner, or even endocrinologist, but I am not a doctor, nor licensed to give medical advice.

So even if your doctor is a complete idiot who knows less than I do, it is he/she who is licensed with the necessary credentials that legally permit them to give you medical advice, so you should only take advice from them, not me.

This is a practical, rather than intellectual piece. I will employ a simple writing style accordingly.

The structure of this article will take a questions and answers format from section 4 onward, with some background into the importance of TRT beforehand.

I have fielded questions from across the internet (email, blog, Twitter, Reddit) and the purpose of this article is to answer the plethora of questions put to me on TRT in a single, centralised location despite the controversy my thread fielding questions for this post generated. TRT is, unfortunately, something of a taboo mired in ignorant fearmongering.

There’s a lot of interest in TRT in the men’s part of the internet, and as a website dedicated to the betterment of man, I do not believe Illimitable Men would be complete in fulfilling the vision I have for it if I shied away from covering this topic simply because its controversial.

Men don’t shy away from things just because it’s going to elicit some outrage and disapproval.

I have no doubt that, upon the publication of this piece, there will be additional questions in the comments. Valuable questions that haven’t already been answered may be added to the article in future revisions, time permitting.

I want this piece to be as helpful, truthful and comprehensive as possible.

It’s taken me awhile to publish this since I first announced I would be working on it, but alas, you will see it has been worth the wait. Reading this will tell you many of the most relevant things you need to know about TRT.

But before we begin, let me reitrate the following: any test recommendations, health services or health information provided by illimitablemen.com, written or verbal, is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition.

2.) Why Do More & More Men Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?:

There is a generational decline in testosterone levels amongst men independent of typical age expected decline.

This means men aren’t just losing testosterone as they get older, but men of all ages have lower testosterone than men who were their age the year before. So 2012’s 20 year olds would have 1% greater testosterone than 2013’s 20 year olds.

The later you were born, the lower your testosterone is likelier to be at any given age relative to men who were your age in a previous year.

The average 20 year old man in 2017 has less testosterone than the average 20 year old man in 1997 who has less testosterone than the average 20 year old man in 1977.

This is true for men in every age bracket. Men of all ages across the board have lower testosterone levels. Your grandfather will have higher testosterone at 75 than your father, and your father will have higher testosterone at 75 than you will.

Male hormonal health and fertility is in crisis, and little is being done about it. In fact, blood testing laboratories continually lower their “acceptable range” of blood serum testosterone levels as the population’s testosterone decreases year on year.

They do this, because they devise the range based upon a sample of men from the population.

But if the average man’s health is deteriorating over time due to poor lifestyle choices and inhospitable environmental factors, then the quality standards for male health is effectively decreasing over time.

Men who would’ve gotten help with old reference ranges will no longer get help with newer, revised reference ranges because most doctors will not treat men who fall within the reference ranges even if they’re symptomatic.

And naturally, if the reference range was taken from a population whose health is deteriorating over time anyway, and there is a long-term trend in testosterone decline that hasn’t been fully investigated, then revising the range downward is foolish, as it makes it harder for men with ever poorer health to get the treatment they need.

A 25 year old man with say 400ng/dL of testosterone and showing symptoms of hypogonadism (low T) might’ve gotten help back in June from a sympathetic doctor, because although he was in range, he was barely within range.

Now in September 2017, the same 25 year old would be “much more deeply entrenched” within the accepted range, and therefore, although his symptoms of low T remain the same as they did back in June…

He is now far less likely to get the treatment he needs because the revised range makes him appear healthier, even though he isn’t.

The reference ranges really skew the frame of reference doctors use in deciding whether treatment is necessary or not. And the reference ranges are continually lowered to permit an ever declining state of health in men.

Likewise, the WHO (World Health Organisation) keeps downward revising what constitutes an acceptable quality and quantity of sperm.

Lower natural testosterone levels, means lower sperm count, and poorer sperm quality.

In 1968, around 38% of sperm was abnormal in the average man. In 2008, 97% of all sperm was abnormal.

So effectively, there is an epidemic in male hormonal health and fertility and little if anything being done by the medical establishment to redress it.

If you don’t take your health into your own hands and look after yourself, no one else will.

The doctors are busy fiddling numbers downwards instead of helping those who need it by basing their testosterone ranges on erroneous population samples that reflect the state of societal health as it is, rather than reflect an actual desirable healthy state in the body.

The fatal flaw in this is the presupposition that the current state of health in 18-39 year old men with a BMI under 30 is desirable, and that it is wise to gauge reference ranges based upon a large sample derived from this population.

The downward trends over time in both testosterone level and sperm quality and quantity suggest otherwise.

Perhaps one day male health will be taken seriously and society will do something to rectify this truly shocking state of affairs.

But until that time, it’s good to be a man that’s ahead of the curve, and proactively taking matters into his own hands instead of waiting for his nuts to shrivel into nothingness.

3.) What Are The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?:

There are two primary reasons to take TRT. Replacement, or optimisation. Replacement applies to men who have low testosterone, and so wish to replace their body’s poor natural production with a higher level in order to reap the benefits of high testosterone.

Optimisation applies to men who are not low in testosterone, but want an edge in life. Not only low testosterone men want to enjoy the benefits of testosterone. Mid testosterone men often do too.

This is a controversial and unorthodox reason for taking testosterone, and is shunned by both the public and much of the medical establishment, yet many men take testosterone for precisely this reason. I’m not here to sugarcoat or hide information from you, so here it is.

What benefits are to be had from a high testosterone level?

– Improved mood/confidence
– Improved energy
– Reduced anxiety
– Improved erections (occur more frequently, and when they occur, are stronger)

– Increased penile girth/length (for some TRT users, but not all)
– Deeper voice (for some TRT users, but not all)

– An increase in muscularity and a decrease in body fat (not instantly, but over time) – even occurs in men who don’t work out, but the effect is even more pronounced in men who do

– Increased insulin sensitivity, meaning greater protection against diabetes
– Greater exercise tolerance (greater strength and endurance)
– Increased ability to gain muscle mass

4.) Your TRT Questions Answered:

“I don’t want to inject testosterone, but am doing everything right with my diet, sleep and exercise and believe I can no longer increase my T naturally. Are there any other options aside pharmaceutical testosterone for increasing my natural testosterone levels?”

Yes, you have three options that I’m aware of, which, despite not being natural methods, will increase your testosterone level without requiring you to inject testosterone.

The first two options are applicable to any man, whilst the final option is context dependent in that it will help increase testosterone levels in some men, but not in all men due to its method of action.

The first option is clomid monotherapy, clomid is a drug which increases your luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). It is your LH and FSH that are responsible for communicating to your testicles how much testosterone (and sperm) they should be making.

Think of them as hormonal signal instructions that biologically dictate to your testicles how hard they should be working.

The higher your LH and FSH, the more testosterone your testicles will make, the lower your LH and FSH, the less testosterone your testicles will make.

Now despite not being a “natural method to increase testosterone”, clomid increases your body’s endogenous (internal) production of testosterone as opposed to shutting it down by introducing an exogenous (external) source of testosterone.

The first advantage to this treatment method is it’s an oral, so it gives the needle phobic a way of treating their low testosterone without injecting.

Secondly, the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone is not reduced by this treatment method, but rather, for the duration of the treatment, is ramped up.

The downside is that many men who employ this treatment method feel absolutely horrendous while on it. Reports of fatigue and a general poor sense of well-being are not uncommon.

Having high T but feeling terrible seems completely pointless, and that’s why I wouldn’t recommend clomid for this purpose.

The second option is HCG monotherapy. Rather than injecting testosterone intramuscularly (into a muscle), you would inject HCG subcutaneously (into stomach fat).

HCG is not luteinizing hormone, but rather mimics it and tricks the body into thinking it is it, this causes the testicles to produce more testosterone and sperm.

Men often take HCG as an ancillary drug when injecting testosterone in order to maintain their fertility, but it can be used alone.

Men who take HCG by itself, as well as in conjunction with TRT, often report a greater sense of well-being.

For those on HCG monotherapy, this is because their testosterone levels are higher.

For the men on TRT who already have high testosterone, this is because the precursor hormones that were depleted (the hormones necessary to synthesise testosterone naturally) have been replenished.

The third option is an aromatase inhibitor.

An aromatase inhibitor will increase testosterone significantly in a man who has low testosterone and high estrogen, but will have little to no effect in men who have low testosterone and normal estrogen.

Before supplementing with an aromatase inhibitor, you should get blood work to see your total testosterone and your estradiol (E2).

If estradiol is in the high range whilst total testosterone is in the mid-range or lower, you may see significant increases in testosterone without going on TRT by opting for an aromatase inhibitor protocol.

Naturally, as with TRT and HCG, the dosage and frequency with which the aromatase inhibitor is to be taken is person dependent. What works for one does not necessarily work for another.

“If I start TRT, will I have to stick a needle in my vein like junkies do? How does the injection work?”

No. Testosterone is not injected intravenously (into the vein). It is injected intramuscularly (directly into the muscle) or subcutaneously (directly into the abdominal or love handle fat tissue).

Doctors at the forefront of developing TRT practice via experimentation (primarily, Dr. John Crissler of allthingsmale.com) recommend subcutaneous injections as the safest and most effective method of administering testosterone replacement.

This method of administration allows you to pierce the fat layer with a tiny 29, 30 or even 31 gauge needle that reduces the injection pain associated with larger needles and avoids muscle scar tissue.

Intramuscular is more common and is still preferred by many as it was the standard for many years.

There are numerous muscles you can inject into, such as the deltoid (beneath the shoulder on the outer arm), the ventrogluteal (the hip) and the gluteus maximus (ass cheek).

Personally I prefer to inject subcutaneously into the abdominal fat, as it’s not at an awkward angle to inject and I’m not tearing up my muscle tissue by sticking a needle in it.

“My doctor has given me a 300mg/ml vial of testosterone to self-inject 100mg per week at home, how do I inject 100mg if the vial is 300mg per ml?”

Very simple. You don’t need to inject an entire millilitre of oil.

If you were injecting 100mg once every 7 days, you’d draw 0.33ml of oil into the syringe because 100 is a third of 300 and 1ml of oil contains 300mg of testosterone.

If you were injecting 50mg twice a week, you’d draw 0.165ml of oil into the syringe, because we know 0.33ml of oil contains 100mg of testosterone which naturally means 0.165, which is half of 0.33, will contain 50mg of testosterone.

When drawing such small amounts of oil, you’re best off using a 1ml syringe so that you can better titrate the dose.

If you use a bigger syringe, say a 2.5ml one, the measurements for each line on the syringe will go up in 0.1’s (0.1ml up to 0.2ml up to 0.3ml) rather than 0.01’s (0.10ml, to 0.11ml to 0.12ml) making it very hard to accurately dose between hundredths of a millilitre rather than tenths.

So for small injection volumes (1ml or less) you’re better off with a 1ml syringe so you can more accurately titrate the dose.

Typically, testosterone propionate has fewer milligrams of testosterone per millilitre, at a ratio of 10mg of testosterone to each 0.1ml of carrier oil.

Whereas testosterone enanthate and cypionate tend to have 20mg, 25mg, or in your case, 30mg of testosterone to each 0.1ml of carrier oil, allowing you to get higher testosterone for a smaller injection volume.

You will never need to inject more than 0.5ml at any one time when doing TRT level doses of testosterone.

Larger volumes (and thus bigger syringes that can accommodate a greater volume of oil) are for steroid users.

“Does taking an estrogen blocker mean I need to have an additional injection?”

No. Estrogen blockers (known as aromatase inhibitors) are orals, not injectables, and thus the control of estrogen does not require an injection.

“How does TRT affect fertility?”

Negatively. TRT makes you subfertile, lowering the quality and quantity of your sperm because your body is sending far below normal amounts of LH and FSH to your testicles.

The reason this is happening is because TRT is suppressive of your body’s natural production of testosterone, that’s why it’s called testosterone replacement therapy – it is replacing your body’s natural testosterone.

So because you have high testosterone from injections, your body sees this, and your testicles decide they don’t need to do any work because you have more than enough testosterone in your body.

The side-effect of this is the testicles are not only responsible for producing testosterone, but likewise sperm. So your fertility is negatively impacted.

You can run HCG concurrently with TRT to increase the quality and quantity of your sperm, and failing that, come off TRT in order to conceive.

By doing this, the body’s natural sperm and testosterone production will begin again. Permanent infertility is incredibly rare.

People who say TRT will make you infertile are fearmongering and do not know what they are talking about. It makes you temporarily subfertile for the duration of treatment and there are concurrent treatments you can use with TRT in order to abate this entirely.

“How do I know my estrogen is high without getting blood work done?”

If you start getting general fatigue, fatigue after eating meals that don’t have a high glycemic index, a sense of social anxiety, sore/itchy nipples, no morning erections, or weaker erection strength when stimulated, your estrogen is probably spiking via aromatisation of the extra testosterone in your body.

The more of these symptoms you have, the likelier excess estrogen is to blame. And at the same time, you could have none of these symptoms, and still have high estrogen.

The more body fat you have, the more you aromatise testosterone into estrogen and the likelier estrogen is the cause of your problems.

Be mindful not to crash your estrogen levels with large doses of aromatase inhibitors, as this will lead to general fatigue and joint pain.

Only people who are very experienced with TRT and know their bodies very well are able to accurately gauge if their estrogen is high or low without blood work. In short, you’re going to need to get regular blood work, otherwise you’re just playing guessing games.

“I’m 24 years old with 576ng/dL testosterone. Can Modafinil/Ritalin or Nootropics in general make up for low T?”

You have suboptimal testosterone for your age, but not low testosterone. If you have the symptoms of low T, you might have low free T or high estrogen. You need to run blood work to determine this.

You can’t really compare CNS (central nervous system) stimulants to a hormone. If you’re thinking of using stimulants, I will assume fatigue is the main thing you’re looking to fix.

The stimulants will alleviate fatigue for as long as tolerance to said stimulants remains low, but they will not alleviate any of the other issues associated with low T. Your body does not build up tolerance to testosterone like it does stimulants, so from a tolerance perspective alone TRT is superior.

And that’s not even the main reason TRT is better.

Higher testosterone has a whole range of benefits, including but not limited to: improved mood, insulin sensitivity and erections. In a nutshell, don’t look for a band-aid to fix issues caused by suboptimal testosterone, address the root cause of the problem.

“I’ve read that TRT before 25 isn’t advisable because your brain is still developing, is this true?”

Most physicians won’t prescribe TRT if you are under the age of 25 out of fear it will permanently screw up your hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis (HPTA). Unless you have extremely low levels, say 100ng/dL, or are missing a testicle or something, they are unlikely to prescribe you testosterone.

“Will TRT make me go bald?”

Only if you have the male pattern baldness gene. If you have the male pattern baldness gene, no matter what you do, you’re going to go bald.

Higher levels of testosterone will make it happen quicker and sooner.

Are any of the men in your family bald? If not, more testosterone isn’t going to make you magically go bald either.

If you want to know for definite, get your genes analysed by 23andme.com to see if the MPD (Male Pattern Baldness) gene is present in your genome.

Men who do not have this gene will not go bald irrespective of whether they use TRT or not.

“What is the maximum allowable interval between injections?”

This depends on the type of testosterone you’re using. If you use testosterone propionate, every 2 days. If you’re using testosterone enanthate, every 7 days. If you’re using testosterone cypionate, every 8 days.

Injecting this infrequently will not give most men optimum testosterone levels, but will instead start you off high and leave you mid level before you next inject.

If you want to keep your level high all the time, you would inject more frequently. The propionate daily, and the cypionate/enanthate every 3-3.5 days.

There is a form of testosterone known as testosterone undecanoate that would allow you to have a single injection every 3 or 4 weeks, but it is not approved for use in the US and does not keep your testosterone levels as stable as the faster acting esters, so is not recommended.

“My doctor gave me 23 gauge needles to inject my testosterone, but I’m in considerable pain when I inject. I don’t understand all the different needle sizes. Can you explain how the needle sizes work, and which ones I should use to inject my TRT?

The gauge is the thickness of the needle, the inch measurement is the length. The lower the gauge, the greater the thickness. An 18 gauge needle is a lot thicker than a 25 gauge needle.

The largest available needle is a gauge 6, and the smallest is a 34, although gauges outside the 18 – 31 range are so uncommon there’s an extremely low chance you will ever use them.

Needle length varies, and is proportional to the gauge. Thicker needles with lower gauge numbers have greater lengths than thinner needles with higher gauge numbers.

Your average 18 gauge needle is 1.5 to 2 inches long, whereas a 25 gauge needle is usually 5/8th’s of an inch and a 27 gauge needle is usually 1/2 an inch in length.

I would recommend using an 18 gauge needle to draw the fluid into the syringe, and nothing bigger than a 25 gauge 5/8″ to inject it.

A number of men prefer to use 29-31 gauge 1/2″ needles subcutaneously to minimise pain when injecting.

“What would the optimal TRT protocol look like?”

Firstly, you run blood work and see what your levels are. You get your testosterone checked, you get your SHBG checked, your PSA, your LH, your FSH, your prolactin and your estrogen (E2) checked.

You get your free testosterone calculated included in the test otherwise you’re going to be working it out manually with a calculator such as this one when you get your blood work back.

You get put on 100mg of testosterone enanthate or cypionate per week.

You do 2 injections per week, once on Monday, once on Thursday.

You inject 50mg each time into the subcutaneous fat tissue, rotating between the left and right abdomen.

You do this for 4-6 weeks, then you get more blood work done.

You time the blood test so your sample is taken just before you’re due for your next injection. This allows you to see the lowest level your testosterone reaches between injections.

You’ll be mainly looking at testosterone, estrogen, prostate specific antigen, hematocrit and hemoglobin to see if they’re at desirable levels. You don’t want your blood getting too thick.

If your blood gets too thick, you will have to have a therapeutic phlebotomy (give blood), you may have to do this regularly.

If your testosterone is too low (say 500ng/dL when you only injected 3 days ago) – you increase your weekly dose to 150mg of testosterone, splitting the dose to 75mg twice weekly.

If estrogen is too high, you introduce an aromatase inhibitor. A starting protocol is 12.5mg of exemestane every other day.

If you plan on having children in the future, you add HCG into the mix, usually 1000IUs per week split between two 500IU injections.

You run blood work again in 4-6 weeks and adapt your dosages and frequency of injections/consumption of aromatase inhibitor as necessary.

This is called “getting dialled in” – adjusting the dosages of what you take and when you take them so you feel good and get good blood work back. It takes time, money and patience.

It will take a while to optimise your TRT protocol. You will not be fixed instantly. This is hard work. It’s for men who are mature enough and frankly bold enough to take control of their health, and can handle all the responsibility that comes with that, and would prefer that rather than spend their lives in a low testosterone state because injections are scary and monitoring blood work sounds like a lot of effort.

5.) In Closing / Relevant Reading:

Tired all the time? Depressed for no reason? Go and get your blood work done. I’ve already told you what to check.

When you get your blood work done, make sure you actually have a physical copy of the results so you can interpret your own blood work.

The number of times doctors have said “your levels are normal” to sick people is so off the charts, it’s criminal.

If you’re in the continental US, there are some online mail order TRT clinics you can use:


If you want to do further reading on TRT before committing yourself to what is ultimately a lifelong endeavour of injections and blood work monitoring, I recommend the following books:

Testosterone: A Man’s Guide
The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Manuel


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Everything you will ever need to stop the inner kike, which gets fed by the (((media)))

300 very wise short and precise lectures:


Finally doing KETO+OMAD here (or something similar+OMAD). After 3 weeks: -7 kg and -6 cm. Almost in the healthy range of both BMI and waistline, but this is not enough. I've been too degenerate for too long so I'm going for actually healthy, not just a safe-feeling statistical categorization.

Incidentally this has caused me to stop drinking and watching porn, which is more than I planned for.

What's your take on nofap? Is it just a reddit meme invented by betas who thinks it will get them laid?
I'm 101 days in an I honestly feel no different outside of some negative effects. I'm horny most of the time which is really distracting, I have wet dreams maybe once a week and sometime I'm really anxious. Ever since I started going to the gym it's gotten worse. I'm so insanely horny when I come home from the gym I just want to get in bed and rub one out and it feels like I'm always on the edge of cumming most of the time. I bet if I had sex with a woman now I would cum in less than 10 seconds.
Did our forefathers not fap? What did they do when they didn't have a wife to cum in?

Fapping never was a problem to me, I fapped maybe twice a week sometimes less and it has never controlled my life or got in the way, but now it's almost constantly on my mind. I felt better when I did fap than I do now.

Anyone got any takes on this?

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Rub one out if you have to. Just don't use porn. Repeat: DO NOT USE PORN

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Lmao at your lives. Lift all you want you will still have tiny bones and small hands. Also this has nothing to do with politics in any way

Why? Vandalizing ZOG property isn't only a good exercise for covert operations since it trains you to overcome mental blocks and to act under the influence of adrenaline, but its also a valid option for distributing redpills.

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You are a jew and a shill since you are countersignalling self-improvement, which is quite literally improving the combativeness of the fascist political forces.


Antiporn redpills

卐 - Jews and the Porn Industry













internetsafety101.org/upload/file/Social Costs of Pornography Report.pdf






youtube.com/watch?v=vTD_itXrR6E [Open]

youtube.com/watch?v=XvyejdlmKpE&feature=youtu.be [Open]




Also, check out this website:


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==Warning this is a SLIDE (((/SIG/))) thread== Notice how OP focuses in getting women instead of destroying the jew.
Remember we ==are not== self improving for women. We are self improving to destroy the jew. Ignore this thread and let the shills talk to each other.

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Better to channel your energy into something constructive than destructive. To put it loosely: you can spend your time tearing down the manifestations of the things you hate but what will take their place if there is nothing made manifest from which you love?

The whole idea with nofap was to help renormalize the brain if it was addicted to porn because, similar to addictions such as gambling and overeating, it's fucked because of all the dopamine release. If you didn't have a masturbation problem before, whereby you're jacking it several times a day, there's no real reason to do nofap.
Exercising, especially working on muscle, goes hand-in-hand with testosterone production. The higher the testosterone content of your blood, the higher the feelings of aggression, anxiousness, and horniness.
Because that's how the male body naturally lowers testosterone: by ejaculation.
Not sure, but remember, back then, successful births were not as likely as they are now with modern medicine. The husband would fuck his wife a lot and she would produce a lot of offspring, but not all of them would live. That's why physically active men are horny; it's necessary to maximize survival of his bloodline.
You've got high testosterone; you can get a blood test to confirm. Rub one out every now and then if it gets unbearable but as said, never ever use porn; use your imagination.

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Engaging in these kinds of activity is not only more valuabl than shitposting online, its also a type of training in my view. Fascist death squads won't fall out of the sky.

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Strict nofap for months is for recovering from being a porn addict. If you have constant horny boners and no woman then you have two options that aren't degenerate. Wank once per week without porn. Or learn to be comfortable being horny and use the energy for accomplishing goals. Meditation and other mind-body training exercises like Qi Gong can train you to harness horniness to increase motivation and creativity. You should probably still ejaculate at least once per month though.

The idea of paying money to spend three days a week around a gaggle of sweaty normalfags is a much bigger deterrent to getting fit than any personal effort or sacrifice required on my part. Surely there are some resources for NEETs to get swole at home one of you generous Olympian niggers could point me towards..

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Is it somehow hard to link to the new thread in the old one.
Every fucking time…

That guy in OP's video has to be a faggot.

Abs are nigger-tier anyway, why do you think most nigger males have visible abs and most white men don't? Abs are just for show and don't do anything. The only white men with abs seem to be muscle-obsessed homosexuals anyway.
For whites, it's natural for the muscles to have less definition and be of a more stocky quality anyway. Blacks have muscles that look like tumors, Asians are formless barrels (especially Mongols), and whites are somewhere in between, a little closer to Asians.


Lots of falsehoods in this post.
Nofap does not mean "no masturbation" but "less masturbation and no pornographic imagery". Everyone, i repeat, everyone on the planet should do nofap.

This is all false except for the horniness. Agression, as in moodiness and the tendency to "snap" are a result of hormonal imbalance caused by too much estrogene in men. Thats why women have a tendency to be moody drama queens. The "agression" of high testosterone would be more accurately described simply as "confidence", or "dominance", as in, the will to more agressive self-assertion. Studies have shown that high testosterone men act more fairly and aren't as quick to start fights.
Anxiousness is completely false, high testosterone levels reduce all forms of anxiety, most importantly social anxiety. Self-confidence positively correlates with testosterone, which is one of the reasons why building muscle mass helps to increase confidence and to fight depression.

Complete pseudoscience with no scientific basis. Frequent ejaculation has no impact on testosterone levels according to most studies, having sex (and ejaculating) actually leads to an immidiate increase of testosterone in men.
Frequent porn consumption however will most likely destroy your testosterone levels due to the unnaturally high dopamine release which fucks up your hormonal system. Dopamine serves as a reward hormone. The mental disengagement of the dopamine release signal from the activities which actually deserve a reward, which are replaced with porn, reduces your sense of achievement for these other activites and leads to low self-confidence. Testosterone is also reduced through a doom loop, since all the activities which increase testosterone are replaced with porn consumption as a "quick fix".

You can shorten this statement by a lot. "Men are horny because nature drives us to procreate." Infant death rates of course were much higher hundreds of years ago, but you should realize that women aren't fertile all throughout the year. A man would have to fuck his wife only for a couple of days every month if his goal was to get her pregnant. Its even probable that when the women knew that they had their ovulation each month, the men would just go into voluntary celibate for a while (or fap) if they did not want to have children anymore.

So savage niggers are disseminating pro-white propaganda in the public space? Savage niggers are destroying anti-white traitors property as a show of force? Seems like you're just a coward.

4 days is the minimum for a white man. Also, i can understand the aspect of wanting to save money, but having a problem with engaging in athletic activities around other men because >muh sweat or whatever just reflects your own insecurities.

I'm using the following.
I use a walker for dips, and do ab wheel rollouts instead of walkouts.
Just started with his leg routine. Finding a place to do hamstring exercises' was tricky.
For cardio, I've been jumproping.

Upper Body


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… here u go

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I really depends on the gm in the gym but most gyms suck, they kick out anyone pushing themselves too hard. I can't find a gym that allows you to squat or deadlift more than 315.
home gym< public gym

Savage niggers scrawl shallow slogans in public instead of engaging the public. Savage niggers destroy property rather than own it.

Being frugal counts as self improving. I've been listening lately to financial advice from the quintessential boomer Dave Ramsey. Some of his advice is actually really sound. Prior to this I was considering getting a car on credit but I've done a complete 180 now. I really want to never put another cent in the pocket of a jew ever again. I've also gotten into buying a lot of stuff secondhand and I may just never buy an item of clothing or shoes new ever again. If I do need to I'll research the hell out of it first to see if it lasts. Unironically reddit is great for this. The BuyItForLife subreddit draws attention to kike practices without outright naming the jew. Such as planned obsolescent or marketing a quality product heavily until it gets a following and then quietly manufacturing the product as cheaply as possible. The subreddits main draw is showing which products are really worth their money and last, which you can try to pick up secondhand (since the products are more or less trash now). I'm working on my wife and while she probably will never drop to my level of buying secondhand sneakers she does only buy quality clothes and only if they are necessary. So yeah. Frugality really hurts the jew so please share any information on this.

It must feel so good to go from being a chubber like that (video) to being physically fit. I wish that everyone could experience the best health and physical fitness. It makes me so sad to see European people who don't care for their bodies.

Take pine pollen tincture bros. It is the closest thing next to steroids for jacking up your testosterone, but without the side effects of steroids. There will always be shills that doubt it's ability, but this works. I have noticed crazy results in the last few months. This stuff is a life hack. You really feel the difference.

You need enough Boron in your body as well…you can't make testosterone without Boron and it is extremely depleted in modern foods. I take suppliments. Boron regulates the sex horomones among many other VITAL body functions…it is estimated that more than half of humans are boron deficient even those who eat 'boron rich foods' because overcropping has depleted the soil of most minerals…most vitamins/mineral suppliments do not include Boron as well. It is also vital in wound healing which is extremely important for muscle building/strength training.

I've constantly told myself that one day I'll workout from home but it never happens. Then I bought a gym membership and I haven't missed a single workout it only costs me about $20 a month
Gym's aren't as bad as they've made up to be, it's just memes and if you don't like your current gym just go to another one

another reason I don't like gyms, if you close your account you have to give a months advance and what they don't tell is there's a hidden fee if you leave, they close freeze your account but you still pay for next months

Thanks for the tip

See? Vapid shit like this is why I don't want to associate with gym niggers.

No. Associating with normalfaggots is a non-option. I am seeking self improvement. I am not looking for friends. I am not on a quest for trashy cardio bunny pussy.

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Found the fat faggot

Most white men are decadent, frail, lazy and weak fags. They have been destroyed by civilization. In a natural environment, men would be in ketosis most of the time due to their meat-rich diet, which would lead to a low bodyfat percentage and defined, ripped abs. Low bodyfat is a strong signal of health, which is why women are instantly aroused by ripped abs. Also, this is simply an untrue statement, as statistics show that obesity is rampant among niggers.
Why are you projecting your mental disorders on other men?
Look at a few roman statues, or the work of Arno Breker, and you will see some nice sculpted abs. Pic related. Lose weight, fatty.

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I work outside doing small scale farming…you don't need a gym of you do that.

But i didn't even say anything about homosexuality. Seems like you really are ridden with insecurities.

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My gym doesn't charge a fee for leaving, makes no sense imo. But you can usually check out the gym for free one time to see if its to your liking.

he's kind of right though beginners shouldn't worry about the abs, compound exercises work the entire core and the abs are the most overrated core muscle in the gym

I hope this is some strange new meme.

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I train the abs like every other muscle. You should train all muscle groups in my mind. But yeah if you squat heavy you could leave out the abs, as a beginner at least. Also "core" is just a new faggy word for abs.

wrong it's more than that and it includes the erector spine and the glutes

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My dentist is a smart ass. He told me, "Only floss the teeth you want to keep."
That was years ago. I floss every day like clockwork because I want to keep them all. It is weird I think one of the main reasons that people don't floss is because it stinks, literally (at least I am grossed out by the smell). But if you didn't get that nasty buildup out of your teeth then your mouth would smell like shit. Better to floss, keep your teeth, and have a nice smelling mouth.


Alright but i wouldn't fuck with training my "spinal erectors", seems like a waste of time. The important stuff will get trained during basic crunches or high leg lifts and the rest will be trained during other exercises.

You have the entire catalog to shitpost in, yet you choose to shit up /sig/threads. Very telling, rabbi.

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Stop thinking too much about what you are going to do and think about actually doing it. Find the basics, go to the gym and you'll learn as you try but start light so you don't injure yourself. You don't need to worry about charts to begin with, just remember how much you benched or squatted and try to do more next time.
Try 5x5

You don't go to the gym to look for friends or to associate yourself with the people there. Nobody cares about anyone but themselves in the gym, they're there to work out

Most of my posts have been contributions to the thread, not shitposts. Cry harder.

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Be a good goy and keep paying off that estate debt, boomer. Mowing your lawn will save the white race.

You have the entire web…

For most of recorded history white men have eaten a mixture of plants and animals, we're not Eskimos, who are very stocky and not heavily muscular.
The Romans were corrupted by homosexual acceptance, like the Greeks before them, and both civilizations fell to nonwhite hordes. NS Germany sought to emulate Rome, but weren't aware that the unrealistic hypermasculine idolization in Rome was ancient homosexualism.
Look at how many faggots are into muscles today.

American niggers, but not fat Amerinogs, Caribbeans, and native Africans are or can become naturally "ripped" (to use a homosexual term you use) much, much quicker than whites. That's biological, not brainwashing. Blacks are built for labor, hunting, and fighting, not for thinking.
And look at white farmers. They aren't he-man faggots with 6-packs, they're strong and sturdy, but stockier and thicker, and they can physically fight hard because they actually use their muscles for hard work, not to attract other macho faggots. I can tell from experience that white country boys are not anyone you want to get in a fistfight with, and they can probably knock out your average bodybuilding gymbro faggot.

There was no agriculture up to the neolithicum. Tell me more about how a few apples and some berries will feed a warrior tribe, especially during the winter. (Hint: apples do not grow in winter and stay fresh for a few days at best).
White men have always had large frames with defined muscles in a natural environment. Eskimos are malnutritioned shitskins not relevant to the discussion.

Nice kike lies.

Aeschines in his speech Contra Timarchus based his defense on the law which denied any participation in public affairs by homosexuals and pederasts. According to the law of "same-sex companionship" (grafí etairísios), any citizen could bring charges against a person suspected or known to be a sodomite or a pederast. Aeschines will attempt to prove that Timarchus did not have the civil right to bring charges against him because his "lifestyle"– that of a "passive" homosexual ( i.e., a kínaidos, the most repulsive and destructive form of homosexuality, according to the Greeks)legally rendered him a non-person according to Athenian law

Some of the laws mentioned: a) The teachers of the boys shall open the school-rooms not earlier than sunrise,and they shall close them before sunset. No person who is older than the boys shall be permitted to enter the room while they are there, unless he be a son of the teacher, a brother, or a daughter's husband. If any one enter in violation of this prohibition, he shall be punished with death. The superintendents of the gymnasia shall under no conditions allow any one who has reached the age of manhood to enter the contests of Hermes together with the boys. A gymnasiarch who does permit this and fails to keep such a person out of the gymnasium, shall be liable to the penalties prescribed for the seduction of free-born youth. Every choregus who is appointed by the people shall be more than forty years of age.

b) If any Athenian shall outrage a free-born child, the parent or guardian of the child shall prosecute him before the Thesmothetae, and shall demand a specific penalty. If the court condemn the accused to death, he shall be delivered to the constables and be put to death the same day. If he be con- demned to pay a fine, and be unable to pay the fine immediately, he must pay within eleven days after the trial, and he shall remain in prison until payment is made. The same action shall hold against those who abuse the persons of slaves.

c) If any Athenian shall have prostituted his person, he shall not be permitted to become one of the nine archons, nor to discharge the office of priest, nor to act as an advocate for the state, nor shall he hold any office whatsoever, at home or abroad, whether filled by lot or by election; he shall not be sent as a herald; he shall not take part in debate, nor be present at the public sacrifices; when the citizens are wearing garlands, he shall wear none; and he shall not enter within the limits of the place that has been purified for the assembling of the people. If any man who has been convicted of prostitution act contrary to these prohibitions, he shall be put to death.

Aeschines then summoned the jury to remember their (Athenian) ancestors, who were "stern … toward all shameful conduct," and considered the purity of their children and fellow citizens to be "precious." He goes on to give an example regarding the way the Lacedaemonians (Spartans) felt about such matters. He justifies his praising the Spartans by quoting an old Athenian saying which teaches that it is "well to imitate virtue even in a foreigner." [kalon d' esti dai tas xenikas mimeísthai.]


Well there's two options for you to avoid normalniggers
1. If you're NEET staying up super late and the gym is 24 hours can go really late at night when people aren't around.
2. Get some equipment from Craigslist or some other site for a home gym.

Julianus, Flavius Claudius ("the Apostate") educated in Greek "paideia". On the subject in question, writes:

Then never think, my friend, that you are free while your belly rules you and the part below the belly, since you will then have masters who can either furnish you with the means of pleasure or deprive you of them. (Oration VI, 196 c.)

Plato talks about how homosexuals must worry about being found out:

If you are afraid of public opinion, and fear that if people find out your love affair you will be disgraced. (Phaedrus, 231 e.)

More Plato:
This law is the cause of countless blessings. For, in the first place, it follows the dictates of nature, and it serves to keep men from sexual rage and frenzy and all kindsof fornication, and from all excess in meats and drinks, and it ensures in husbands fondness for their own wives. (Laws, VIII. 839 a - b.)

I maintain … that our citizens must not be worse than fowls and many other animals which are produced in large broods, and which live chaste and celibate lives withoutsexual intercourse until they arrive at the age for breeding; and when they reach this age they pair off, as instinct moves them, male with female and female with male; and thereafter they live in a way that is holy and just, remaining constant to their first contracts of love: surely our citizens should at least be better than these animals.(Laws, VIII. 840 d - e.)
About Alexander the Great, Plutarch has this to say:

When the governor of the coast-lands of Asia Minor wrote to Alexander that there was in Ionia a youth, the like of whom for bloom and beauty did not exist, and inquired in his letter whether he should send the boy on to him, Alexander wrote bitterly in reply, "Vilest of men, what deed of this sort have you ever been privy to in my past that now you would flatter me with the offer of such pleasures?" (On The Fortune of Alexander, 333 a - b.)
About the Spartans:

Affectionate regard for boys of good character was permissible, but embracing themwas held to be disgraceful, on the ground that the affection was for the body and not for the mind. Any man against whom complaint was made of any disgraceful embracing was deprived of all civic rights for life. (Ancient Customs of the Spartans, 7. 237 - c.)

That the law against pederasty was violated on occasion there can be no doubt, but there is also no doubt that it was illegal. For instance, Plutarch writes:

Pederasty needs a fair pretext for approaching the young and beautiful, so it pretends friendship and virtue. It covers itself with the sand of the wrestling-floor, it takes cold baths, it plays the highbrow and publicly proclaims that it is a philosopher and disciplined
on the outside – because of the law. (Dialogue on Love, 752 - a. Emphasis added.)

Other sources:
Robert Flaceliere in his book Love in Ancient Greece (trans. by James Cleugh. Frederick Muller Ltd., London; 1962) :

On page 140 he writes: "The permanent popularity of courtesans [hetairai] in ancient Greece is surely the best proof that homosexuals were either not consistently so or not particularly numerous. We have already suggested that inversion was never very prevalent except in one class of society and over quite a limited period."

Bruce S Thornton, a professor of Classics at California State University, Fresno,
In the preface (p. xiii) of his book titled Eros: (The Myth of Ancient Greek Sexuality).
States in no uncertain terms that the Greeks "were horrified and disgusted by the idea of a male being anally penetrated by another male, and called such behavior 'against nature.' "

On page 100, Dr. Thornton writes:

Very little, if any, evidence from ancient Greece survives that shows adult males (or females) as "couples" involved in an ongoing, reciprocal sexual and emotional relationship in which sex with women (or men) is moot and the age difference is no more significant than it is in heterosexual relationships.

Thats just factually incorrect. Rome collapsed due to many factors, one important one being germanic invaders plundering them multiple times. Assuming the aesthetic ideal of muscularity to be one of these factors probably requires a hell of a lot of mental gymnastics and self-loathing.

They were absolutely aware that kikes were trying to push this narrative, lol. Of course kikes would hate beauty and the physical manifestations of ideals like masculinity and discipline, so they tried to slander it as being degenerate faggotry. Psychological projection was probably also involved as kikes have to make everything about bodily vices and perversion.


Also, about that last bullshit paragraph

[citation needed]
It is true that many African natives are ripped, but thats because they aren't as far removed from their natural physical state as western white men. If you have been shoving processed food in your mouth your entire life, sitting in front of a computer at your desk all day long and never done a sufficient amount of exercise, then you are obviously going to have a much harder time trying to lose bodyfat.

And so are whites.
Now this is top tier cope. "I'm a fat ugly pig because i am built for tHiNkInG!!!!" Aryan warrior tribes have been hunting, building and fighting for hundreds of years, while also producing the richest high cultures on earth. The Roman patricians, the highest class, designated much of their free time to physical exercises. The ideal of the strong mind in a strong body was held high. Only the domesticated, weak white man of today would hold "thinking" in higher regards than the activities life demands of men for the basic necessities of life.

And yet they will be fucking killed by a professional UFC fighter of their weight class.
Lets face it. These are all copes. White farmers use machinery for most of their work, the manual labor required of western white man is only a fraction of what was required in the neolithicum or even earlier when the only known method of getting food was hunting, aka running for miles after your prey and carrying large chunks of meat back to your hut.

Hilarious cope, bro. Lets see how your "white country boy" does against a highly trained kickboxer like myself. Whats he gonna do, shovel me out of the ring?

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It should be noted that SSAs have less body fat overall than Whites, who also have less body fat overall than East Asians.

That might be why the guy you responded to perceives blacks to be quicker at muscling, since less fat shows muscle better. I don't know the science of it, but Whites might be able to get muscle just as quickly, or at least not too far behind, it's just that their muscle definition isn't as visible on average as they have a slightly higher degree of body fat. Note how few Asian athletes have visible abs, and if they do, they're usually southern influenced Asians like the Cantonese, Taiwanese, or Japanese. You can also see this with Whites: Eastern (not Southeastern) and Northern European athletes, MMA artists, etc. have less abdominal definition compared to Meds, Balkaners, and for some reason British Islanders.

Also, blacks have a higher ratio of fast twitch muscle fibers compared to Whites (and Whites a higher ratio than Asians, and Meds a higher ratio than Northern/Eastern Euros), so that might also have something to do with the ability to bulk up quicker.

look up "SnakeDiet" on youtube

This helped me.

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you realise in actual race or civil war situation there will very little one on one hand to hand combat.

I'm not saying be some couch potato but dont focus solely on looking like a body builder but passing out after jogging a mile.

I'd like a source for that. I know that Northern Europeans have on average larger frames than Africans, which might explain the high amount of white guys in professional powerlifting / strongman and which would relativize the part about niggers being able to "bulk quicker" since although niggers would look bigger, Northern Euros would have more mass (at equal muscle distribution). One group "bulking quicker" than the other is a nonsensical statement anyways, since it comes down to three factors, hormones, nutrition caloric intake.
A high testosterone white man with a good diet would gain more mass than a fat estrogenized nigger eating mcdonalds shit at the same caloric intake and the other way around.

I don't disagree with that. Work on your cardio as well and ideally learn a martial art which will add a dynamic component to your training which neither cardio nor hypertrophy training can cover.
Muscle mass, strength, endurance but also reflexes and general athletic ability will all be vital in combat.

Despite apparently having less body fat percentage for healthy sized adults and somehow less of a genetic risk to obesity, blacks pig out in the US, ballooning their obesity rates to be among the highest in the US.
As for fast twitch muscles:
Incidentally, this study also showed that blacks have a greater risk to obesity than whites for other reasons. Maybe there are "good genes" and "bad genes" in both races that give different vulnerabilities to obesity.

Useless ad hominem. It only takes a few brain cells and some motivation to succeed without incuring debt. You will be in a much better position to help others if you can improve your resources instead of engaging in small-scale violence and vandalism.

22 checked. Do not cause a ruckus, user! Be respectful of ZOG noise levels and state-approved propaganda programming.

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You ever wonder why kikes removed Arno Breker's statues?

Quick question: can testosterone be increased through natural means? Certain food or exercise etc?

So what exactly can you with your average middle-class white income achieve? Larp with some civcuck boomer militia at the shooting range? Donate some shekels to pro-white organizations without doing anything yourself? Unless you're bribing politicians, i doubt you're doing jackshit. Of course its good to have financial stability, but using >muh shekels as a cope to justify countersignaling activism is pretty pathetic. Small-scale violence is still violence, pro-white slogans on public property are still pro-white slogans, and a burning car that belongs to a kike is still a burning car that belongs to a kike.

Lifting weights increases testosterone. Also make sure to get regular solid 8+ hours of sleep every night. Keep bedtime reasonable. Act like a fucking man.

It can be increased with food/supplements and exercise but unless you got really low levels it won't make a difference.

You can only take measures to come to your natural genetic maximum, like zinc and vitamin D3 supplementation, good sleep, regular exercise and healthy food. D-aspartic acid also leads to a temporary increase.
Other than that, only non-natty stuff will help.

Cheers, I'll take this to heart

They were corrupted by (((Christianity))), interesting how you fail to mention it, ain't it Moshe?

jews are scared of the white man

I'm currently on week 5 of the 5x5 bodybuilding routine, and I am finding myself struggling at certain exercises more than others. Squats are grand, and now that I'm squatting more than 50 Kg each session, the weights actually help stay balanced. Deadlifts, Barbell Rows and Bench-presses are grand, though I do have a question. Last time, when deadlifting 70 Kg, I found I had to lift the weight using a regular grip. Therefore, I switched to the over-under grip. Should I keep the grip, or will keeping a regular grip for a bit longer strengthen my grip for future, heavier lifts?
Now, the main reason as to why I am writing this is because I find myself struggling at one exercise in particular much more than the others, and that is Overhead Press. During my last workout, I failed two sets being unable to complete a full set of 5 reps. I completed 3 sets using the 'slow and steady' method where I gradually pushed up the barbell, making sure to put the muscles in. However, I found my muscles being overtired by the 4th and 5th set, failing them both. I took a break, and then redid them, instead using rapid bursts of energy to push the barbell up, and then controlling the descent. Using this method I completed the 2 sets, having in total done 5 sets of 5 reps, and 2 sets of 4 reps. My question regarding this is twofold.
Firstly, if I fail a set, what should I do? Redo the whole set, redo the missing rep or what? I don't want to be missing important workout, but I know that it's possible to overtire your muscles.
Secondly, is the gradual, slow and steady method better than the rapid bursts? Which should I be using? The slow and steady requires a lot more effort from the muscles, perhaps a bit too much, while the rapid burst feel a bit too easy, since they are aided by momentum.

Thanks in advance.

Here's some foods

Attached: the manly grocery list.jpg (618x869, 109.88K)

Yes. Eat 4000-5000+ calories per day. Lift weights 3-4 times per week. Sprint 2 times per week. Stand and walk most of the day. Sleep 8+ hours per night.
Most common reason for low T is being sedentary. For those who lift weights the most common reason is too high stress from not sleeping enough, overtraining too much while eating too little. The hormones must come from somewhere. It requires a lot of food and the right stimuli.

if youre not fit youre getting bullied and disavowed

In general a good list though, beef, eggs, butter or liver are great.

Because they are naturally inferior to Whites and don't want to look at a superior specimen (it reminds them of who they used to be before they rape mixed with niggers) when they THINK they are God's chosen people but everything about them declares it to be untrue? Something like that?

The more I learn about Jefferson the more I long for a jew free environment. We can't mature into the Great Statesmen of the past while our culture and morality is being eroded out from under us…Jefferson is my hero.

where do you get organic fish?

Was kind of a huge faggot dude.

Whole foods often does, check also farmer's markets if in a coastal area, might find some fish farmers.

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what's wrong with mint?

Fucks your testo levels

I’ll say this about the TRT route, if you do it you will probably do a cycle eventually. If you are or were prone to acne, DO NOT DO IT.

You can expect to get severe acne post-cycle.

Look up Acne Conglobata. You’ll have to go on Accutane. Showers will hurt. Shirts will stick to you, you will bleed through them. Sleeping will suck. Again, if you are one of the unlucky folks that is prone to acne and you could not eliminate it via diet, do not take steroids.

If you ignore my advice, heed this: stay at 500mg of Test a week.

Take Dbol for fucks sake if you do stack. Dbol/Deca/test is a great stack. First cycle is the best cycle. Never start a cycle without all your post cycle drugs on hand.