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David Pelzer is most likely connected to the Finders Cult. Pelzer, SC. Health Communications Publishing in Deerfield Beach, FL located right near Parkland. Possible MOSSAD connection given Broward County.
David Pelzer grew up in a suburb of San Francisco called Daly City. The Finders had a base in San Francisco. Possible connection to Presdio and Michael Aquino.

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Other urls found in this thread:“클럽-내-강간문화-근절하라”강남-한복판서-클럽시위/ar-BBUxOvh

Origin of the name "Pelzer"
Hampstead comes to mind.

Read more:


From 10 degree of Illuminati

5119 Fountain Ave Apt117 LA CA 90029

My parents were psycho people try to sell me to be prostitution and Kill.They theatening me everyday.

I need you help.

BANPOJN WATJAROTHAYANGKUL and His Spouse try to sent people to rape and sell me to street gangs.Order by Thai King and His Son!



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A Child Called "It", page 39

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She has playlists that show mansions and other locations, meeting locations:
Also, she has a another comment here:

DJScratkherzOriginal No.925 2 months ago BANPOJN WATJAROTHAYANGKUL and His Wife frightening that he want to rape and make me get pregnant. He buy human Traffic(Amisa Raksiam) Prostitution.

Interesting, the Amisa Raksiam leads to these links.

This singing artist appears to have a song titled free me. here is the video.

(Special thanks : amisa raksiam (for the best vocal voice ever) nonpierrecord really really appreciate, truly thankssss you ..) artist : nonpier record

Hello voat! Long time no see. I have been very busy these months. For you outside Brazil, this is Raul Gil. An oldschoold brazilian tv host and always sexualizing children in his tv show: NSFW Today, his 17 years old assistent has killed herself. Red alert for me! This week I will dig more this sir. Ah, and if you all need anything about any brazilian, I have easy access to databases
1964's, Raul Gil was almost arrested on a whorehouse, he used to do nightshows over there
this is a guy that own a contest on Raul Gil's show and has been arrested for abusing minors
This is Raul Gil 's Son, on the Rockfeller Center, he is weird as fuck, always surrounded by children, please take a look
This is her instagram, in this picture she is thanking the host Raul Gil for almost 7 years working together

Here you can find the full booklet:

Here's a picture with the full contents in 1 overview: Album

Last page: *"This project was designed by Marina Abramovic and Jacob Samuel. The text and plates were created by the artist in her studio in Amsterdam, Holland during May and June of 1996. The etchings were printed by Jacob Samuel, on Gampi naturel and Rives BFK. The text was edited by C.A. Samuel….

…..Special thanks to: Sergio Edelzstein; and Sean Kelly, New York. The edition is limited to 21 copies".*

Sean Kelly is a butcher and an artist: maybe others have other info on these people.

I presume John Podesta attented the first 'recipe' because the other recipies are too time consuming. He had the Essence Drink.

A mix of fresh breast milk with fresh spirm milk and then looking in a mirror as long as it takes to summon the devil or demon. Then cut your middle finger of your left hand and then suck the blood and chew on your finger. The rest I don't really understand.

But the booklet makes it clear that it isn't about food, but about rituals.

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This forum is supposed to exist to abuse children. To lie to them, and give them mistruths “to grow out of”. That’s the real reason why the forum’s moderators are such broken slaves so hostile to truth.

The site staff might also literally be pedophiles.

Yes, and the same applies to 4chan.

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I was one of the major rhetorical engines of Pizzagate. There was a spate of internecine struggle and lies in leftism. There was a not-to-be-acknowledged crackdown on sexual content, and an enforced expectation that anyone who liked it was an evil sexual harasser dangerous to the chilluns.

That hit me when I protested it, so I popped the original on this. From my perspective it was my campaign; it rose at my will and lasted while I wanted it. From my perspective I was complaining that sexual purification creates a deep shadow in which profound evils hide.

There’s been a crackdown on pedophiles since. A few got taken down on the left, and more in churches. Nobody likes pedophilia except pedophiles, who are absolutely broken to the stuff. It’s not a healthy interest. I think prostitution being legalized would do more than any hate and fear campaign to reduce actual pedophilia interest rates. Like children, prostitutes are willing to be sexually molded. Unlike children, prostitutes know what they’re doing and get paid well enough to suffer voluntarily. Fears of inappropriate red light breeding can be handled with IUDs.

The left has rescinded its sexuality crackdown. I managed to reach through the wall of darkness as an activist! There’s still no basic will to acknowledge that it ever happened, which is obnoxious, but the thing itself is down. So I don’t fear that prudery will lead to an immediate increase in the pedophilia rate.

It’s prudery that does it, I believe. Adults need channels of sexual expression in an “or else” kind of way, as awkward as that gets.

Personally, I believe children need truth.

I’ve been told this next bit was just me, but what I also wanted was reassurances of a peaceful world. I liked my mother’s peaceful new age music, despite everything else about dealing with her.

One of the pricetags of reaching through the wall of darkness was that my lightside presence was basically written out of history to punish me for my defiance. I’ve only been politically active in anonymous spaces since. It was only an a metaphorical extinguishment, but it was complete. Worth it, though. I’d rather live in a progressing world than rule in a fallen one.

Are you schizophrenic?

People have been posting an image that looks like a Google maps image. Something on top of a snowy mountain? And then something that looks like a square lake or something blacked out? Sorry for being retarded I genuinely don't know what those are

I was sodomized by a Kindergarten teacher in late 2003/ early 2004 which is why Pizzagate concerns me so much.


They put those pedo symbols in just about every kids show I've seen. I don't get why they do it, or what good it does them - but it is undeniable that those symbols appear more often than could be cohencident

Ancient demonic symbols.

at least post the webm so other anons can archive

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Pelzer repost

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May wearing a spiral.png

@1:11 Luzatto mentioned & possibly connected to Podesta's heated pool.

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South Korea has its own Pizzagate and it's fucking real

Part 1: Rape

Part 2: Snuff films


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(((Every single time)))

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Literal witches were running South Korea. We linked them to Hillary's coven & Order of the Eastern Star a few years back.

Where's that post from?

cuckchan pol I'd guess


pedophiles hate pedophilia loudly
to avoid getting caught
I got lied about after being tricked regarding this,
so I didn’t expect it
most of you people have just
never had any strength in your life

there will be an answer
even if it must be installed by force
what you people submit yourselves to
is too dreadful to let you enslave others
man must not submit
and will not

take a bump so the forum will not forget
for a few hours longer
how obsessively weak it really is

8 Chan the site you are all posting to hosts more pedos than anyone else. Funny how that is never bought up in these conspiracy pedo threads on /pol

No you tard. Pelzer's mother was an alcoholic nutjob and his dad was a passive alcoholic. His abuse wasn't sexual and is likely greatly overplayed since he only spoke out about it after his mom died.

The finder's cult didn't employ civilians and - i'm not joking - was spearheaded by a cia nigger that thought abusing kids would create enough "psychic suffering" to piss off aliens. Aliens either aren't real or don't care so they're researching how to pull it off with holograms now.

It's sad that the only people left on nu/pol/ that seem to care about this topic are boomers, schizos that think things like fat hippos in bad cgi movies are pedo symbols, and the schizo boomer federal agent that for four years claimed 8ch was a pedo site because some 2D lolicon boards exist.

Yes, there's a pedo rape and snuff dungeon under pizza parlors and every corporate logo is a hidden wink to pedophilia.

But they won't even mention the fucked up promotion of sick pedo fags on Jim's pedo central.

i can 100% bet that this guy is an assmad pedo that's still butthurt over Jim nuking the actual pedo boards. their response to that was to go on a crusade against 2D just like this faggot is doing.

notice he doesn't do anything about so-called "orbiting" boards that exist to pretty much stalk underage e-girls.


he's right,

I lose 8 aunts and uncles who were abused until they killed themselves or died of infection, I'm blood relative to 23 US presidents


private drone law enforcement

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This fucked up board cannot link like a million other sites on the internet.

Actually, it can. You're just a newfag.

UPDATE: Within five minutes of posting this, one of my family members got a call from someone pretending to be me, saying I got in an accident and needed money or something. Taking fire? Over the target?


Another reason pizzagate is memoryholed. Other than schizo boomers and retards, it got filled with LARPers making up bullshit stories. Where did the real 8/pol/ go? The election didn't do this. Kikey didn't do this. Only under Ron Watkins' rule has it turned to shit like this.

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I wonder what they 'transport'?
There was a similar logo for some NYC company moving office furniture, and also for a dental place one user found - we never heard from him again after he was investigating the shipping crate outside the building.

Shills not even trying today, kinda ruins the fun.

Some facts:

-Good Guys are winning
-Bad Guys probably not telling their lackies/cronies how bad the future looks
-Still shilling away as if you won't be implicated in your masters' crimes
-I honestly feel bad for you, but equally strong is the annoyance you pose.
-Good cannot come from bad, and vice versa, not even sure how you can expect your life to improve on this path
-Once again, and I think this will be the most significant point, you are not very good at your job. I might as well shill myself.

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I know this game…

Yes he did. His hardline trumpnigger faggotry is what killed this board. Ron fucked it up in a different way but it's a lot easier to ignore and filter boomers than it is to ban evade relentlessly.

Ron's plan is to boost 8ch ad revenue by attracting boomers and trying to contain them on an unlisted board. Not as terrible as kikefy's - more retarded than overtly against the users.

first day here?

Lazy as hell.

uh sweaty pizzagate isn't real, the mainstream media told me so

Lying fag if not Fednigger detected. Listen stupid cocksucker; Why don't you actually start arresting real criminals like podesta/jeffrey epstein instead of looking into sharing old pics of retarded old case file leads from your gay %5 mkt share outdated Motorola FBI issued phones there agent fuckwad?

Fuck you dense glownigger kike worshippers. You're such see through stupid nigger disgraces to humanity trying to induce people into your jew schizo bs.

I know you're a glow, so get another REAL job, turn on your (((masters))) or kys fag. Untill then you're just a petty little bootlicking slave to ZOG working to destroy the best race and people that ever set foot on earth.

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It's not fucking 2d cartoons only. Some real fucked shit over there. Did you even look at the links?


I repeat:

Taking fire. Over Target?

Jews always slipping in anti White memes

Yeah listen lying glownigger, you're literally inept and worthless at your job. A parasite. You can't even lie, you can't even do your job of promoting schizoid bs properly and you come here to rely on FREE info from unpaid anynomous people, that will regardless of any incriminating evidence on the sick pedo ring ultimately end with no convictions because you fags are apart of the Kike cabaal epstein is a part of, because your jewish bosses all fuck little children like every big lying sack of shit traitor in DC.

You need to end it my man.

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The board cannot link to other sites. Why the retardation?

Some you /pol people are okay with this posted at Zig Forums.

And you will support a pedo site by continuing to post here.

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lmao, go blow your fucking head off.

hmm, I wonder who could be behind this post……

the reason why links aren't clickable is because of referrers, also you can crosspost but you just need to know how to do it, newfag.

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Lurk more, cunt.

And thus it was proven once and for all, pizzagate was dead. All the legitimate investigation disappeared, leaving only schizophrenics, tech illiterate boomers, and actual retards, screeching about lolicon and pretending federal agents are calling their families over images that were posted online.

muh gay narrative

get fucked, downboat nigger

double bump to shit on the nigger and somehow make him less brown in the process

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People understand at this point that pizzagate/qanon/related tangents are just smear campaigns working off of nuggets of truth used to jockey for position among competing criminal organizations, right? No actual consequences are going to emerge from any of this.“클럽-내-강간문화-근절하라”강남-한복판서-클럽시위/ar-BBUxOvh

t. chaim

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There is no punishment for these crimes other than death by execution.
Pelzer, SC is a hotbed for criminal activity.

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Go hop on the qboard right now and name the jew. Let me know how it goes for you.

t. epstein


I have suspicions of a popular pizza restaurant in a growing area not far by with lots of mctownhouses popping up. used to be a smallish town but theres plenty of buzz. place has a pincode entry basement that is basically a bunker write next to a genetics lab testing facility. the security is too good for a pizza place to "store receipts." they actually store receipts there but it would easily function as a room for other activities.
owners are crypto-jews.
one owner is gay with anthony weiner vibes
they do live music events (to cover the sounds?)
this town has an unusually high amount of missing kids and teens
masons in the area as well
is this grasping for straws or substantial?

right next to*
i'm an idiot

Post some photos/info

Post pics with info

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Vancouver too.

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Useful tool:

Fundamentally, the lesson of Pozzagate to the left is that by letting their integrity lapse, abusive people enslaved themselves. This is also the lesson of Pizzagate to anyone who unlike me did not have honest intentions in mind in promulgating it. Integrity is the foundation of all power in this world, and psychological abuse is the foundation of all enslavement. When we tell lies they must always be told in an utterly cautious and limited fashion lest we fall from power.

Do you really want the world through darkness to become ruled by someone like me? Confess your sins. Expose the channels of information that you should not have, and rip the veils from all who psychologically abuse others. Apologize to those you have wronged, and you will dwell not forever in enslavement, but will rejoin the community of honest people.

Once upon a time, upon the advice of my therapist, I cut ties with someone whose sexual needs had become intolerable to service. By this and other means, I drew the attention of people who see their own paranoia in all others, and who are easily lead from the path of light by their psychotic vengeance fixation. Still today their lies enslave them to me. Mine is the honesty of all liars; mine the seraphim of baal

I am an honest pacifist!

You know, if billionaires were really into pedophilia, they’d probably make sexbots. Really expensive sexbots with exceptional programming. Maybe gold surfaces, maybe realistic artificial skin and blood reservoirs under it… Point is, they could honestly do better than anyone on earth. They could have safety in their wild desire, they could satisfy it better than with real children, and the cattle classes are still so easily spooked by semblances that the taboo factor would be fully intact. It’s kind of like how I honestly expect rich people play with some of the most expensive, exactly made, and fucking weird bondage gear on Earth. I don’t say that in hatred of wealth or BDSM. It’s cool. If everyone consents and only goes as far under as they consent to, I expect it’s an awesome trust exercise.

Pedophilia is a really a hick crime of poor people. One of the reasons to reduce inequality in society is to reduce the hick crime factor.