Dravidians - A new enemy

Curry niggers widely considered a peaceful and inferior minority but there's more to them than meets the eye. They might actually slowly takeover white nations if we let them continue to take our jobs. The fact is that Indians are now the highest earning group in the US, UK and other white nations. The IQ of India is thought to be just 82 but this is based on estimations and not IQ tests. Here are some IQ test results:

Southern India - Over 107
Central India - Over 110
Eastern India - Over 108
Indian Americans - 112 (estimate?)

Make no mistake, Dravidians are a threat. Their natural tendencies to scam and accumulate wealth through business make them an unrealized threat comparable to the Jews.

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100% Correct, I live in London and the borough I live has quite a large community of Tamils and other south Indians.

They have their own corner of the town, well maintained and no litter everywhere , they rarely leave it ,dont racemix, not involved in crime , have lots of children but the kids aren't feral retards like most nigger children are. They are the least "offensive" type of immigrant.

And this is why they are dangerous, they'll slowly creep in take over without anyone noticing or caring.

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do you even know what that word means?

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These mudshits drove us out of India thousands of years ago, and they are being used for the same purpose today. Why do you think kikes favor them so much in spite of their overall incompetence?

ALL inhabitants of South Asia are dravidians that have little Aryan DNA. The pakistanis, afghans and bangladeshis are radicalized by islam, which is why they use different tactics to takeover
Exactly. The fact that they live with their own kind proves how dangerous they are. If they weren't, they would just live with everyone else. But no… there's something going on

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There are more indians in the UK per capita (in the current year) than there were British in the height of British India when the curry niggers chimped out and kicked the brits out.

They're the most nonathletic people on the planet. China has a billion and can still produce world class athletes occasionally thanks to the bell curve. India has a billion and the last time they won a gold medal at the Olympics was what? The 1970s?

Flush the Poos
Plumbing now

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Then why are you not kicking them out you nu/pol/ homo ? Oh wait you are busy being a cia-mossad tool for the next iteration pisslam vs west war a repeat of 2001.
Now go masturbate over Brenton "I love israel" Tarrant memes.

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jews arent athletic either and look at the damage theyve done

Kill yourself shitskin.

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We are talking about a people that are directly related to Abos.

It's not that complicated.
It is simple ethnic preference.
All races prefer to associate and organize with their own to consolidate power.
Indians are just another group taking advantage of Jewish fracturing of society.
Whites need to rediscover their racial consciousness, period.
That's the most important thing to make the movement grow.

The next time I am in an Indian business, I will shit all over the bathroom floor, make them feel right at home.

No, it is based on real IQ tests you worthless fucking street shitter.
Child IQ tests do not correlate to adult IQ, they mainly measure development speed not intelligence. That is also not a random sample.
Same thing again.
And again.
You can get the same exact effect with arabs or other mongrels simply by lying about their age. A 13 year old taking an IQ test for 12 year olds will score well above 100.

Dravidians are not related to Abos. They are somewhere between east asians and whites

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This has to be the dumbest thing I've read this month

Correct. IQ declines by 6-10 points between 7 and 17. Still, their IQ is unreasonably high! OP is also right that they're the highest earners

Ask me how I know you are black.

Stop underestimating our enemies faggot. You're only hurting our future by lulling us into a false sense of security

You should be more worried about whites than street shitters rabbi.

Canadian Tamil here. Tamils are not interested in taking over the west. With 74mil in population, we are the biggest stateless nation in the world (check bolshepedia). Our last effort for a homeland was thwarted in 2009 by the Kotte government of Sri Lanka (known zogbots).

All we want is our nation back. We are more than aware of the loss of our best and brightest to first world countries. We have no intention of staying, or at least I hope future generations don't forget what our goal is. A free Tamilnadu.

You may find more allies in Tamils, who've been fucked by the kikes out of two countries (India and Sri Lanka) in favor of pro-kike goverments backed by the typical (((Central Banking System))), than your average immigrant. We don't mix, and we don't intend on staying longer than it takes to get our fight back on in the land of our roots. The majority of the ones in the first world are also christian polulations, as opposed to the ones in the homeland who are Hindus. This is likely the cause of economic divide among religious lines, and its the same successful group that has come here.

We do not get along with muslims (see Vellupillai Prabhakaran's treatment of them in the north of Sri Lanka during our war), and more of my current generation are being wakened to the fact that the (((British East India Company))) is anything but British. I suggest if you attempt to redpill one, to work along those topics.

Our IQ is surely not above average. I believe both Chinese and Indians are being measured based only on their first world members, similar to the selective IQ testing for Ashkenazi that resuulted in their stupid claim.

There is only one rootless international nation, and it sure as fuck ain't us. Do not listen to kike attempts to divide traditionally nationalistic ethnic groups with known roots in lands that have no overlap with your own.

The chinks and dotheads have always slowly slithered in "peacefully" behind the scenes while everybody's attention is focused on the obvious nigger, spic, mud problem. Those two races are much more similar to the jews in how they operate and suck the life out of white nations.

You jest but they should be made to feel uncomfortable in some way. I mean niggers usually do that job for us but they don't fear Whites as they collectively steal wealth and opportunities from them.
That should change.

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Check out this website. Massive infodump on silicon valley replacement

Dravidians/South asians are worse than chinks because they have no sense of self-respect and grovel like dogs to scam us into thinking we're on the same side. Their ultimate goal is to destroy white culture and establish Hinduism worldwide with their "we were all one" bullshit.

Muslims hate Jews more than any other race. But sand niggers are the enemy just like you scamming dotheads. You need to go back

Oxymoron, there's no such thing, you're officially recognized as a citizen by the jewish government of Canada, but you'll never be Canadian. Fuck off out of Canada and fuck off out of Zig Forums as well, I've noticed you street shitters behind all sorts of d&c shitposting on this board.

Jew thread

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Do you want them to racemix then?
This is such a dumb statement on so many levels

curry niggers are like the white man's retarded cousins
unfortunately, they breed like asians

they pose no immediate threat as long as we let them poo in peace

we wernt really kicked out is just got too expensive for no real gain so we withdrawed

Point out the D&C, kike.

I agree, we need to go back. I would imagine there are individuals in every race that is aware of the need to remove the influence of Central Banks, IMF and the World Bank in our respective nations. The sooner you redpill everyone, the sooner the worldwide struggle can truly begin.

WW2 clearly illustrated how far the tentacles of kike influence were spread. A nation was unable throw off it's yoke because it's neighbouring nations were still under kikel control. Today the reach is wider, and has enveloped many third world countries such that I know there is no free Tamil nation until the surrounding nations are also free. And those nations will not be free until the nations around them are.

Gaddaffi, PLO, IRA, LTTE and many other nationalist struggles recognized the need for a networking between themselves in order to more effectively dismantle the globalist machine. The sooner this generation of free thinkers do the same, the higher our collective chances are.

I'm a bit confused about the scammy part; I think you may be confusing us with Sikhs or Patels. Most Tamils I know work in restaurants or in tech, not really sure where one would run a scam from such "lofty" positions.

1. This is another not-the-jews-goy thread.

2. What exactly are Dravidians? They look like dark skinned Caucasoids (or dark skinned jews in the case of Pichai; Gabbard is a multiracial who doesn't even look Dravidian) rather than hybridized Australoids as they're often claimed to be. Of course, there is an Australoid element in parts of India and the Andaman islands, but for many of these Dravidians, they don't look all that much Australoid. That said, I have seen southern Indians with visible Australoid (or pseudonegroid) admixture.

How exactly did Dravidians come into existence?

I'm not into the curry hate. Amongst them - as amongst whites - there are insufferable jew bootlickers like the CEO of (((Goolag))), and of course H1B visas are a scam by tech companies to depress wages even amongst the yuppie elite, but I don't blame the curries (Dravidians or Indo-Aryan) at large for this, and this whole anti-pajeet meme feels like divide-and-conquer jewery to me. Hate whoever you want, but acting like curries are anywhere near the problem that Schlomo is is just disingenuous.

t. White man who likes dosa

I've been obsessed with this topic myself. Genetically, I do think we are the mid-point in the excursion the proto australian aborigine people took on the way to where they are now from the Horn of Africa. See the Southern Migration Hypothesis on bolshepedia for what it's worth. Not sure of the accuracy of this, but it seems the most plausible.

Now for culture and language, it gets interesting. There is a very old Dravidian speaking people (the Brahui) in Pakistan that are genetically closer to old persians that live in Pakistan. They are genetically distinct from us and the Pakistanis. Our language does indeed seem to have been known to be very old, and texts mentioning it have been around for a long time. However, we did not have a writing system associated with the language until the early middle ages. This is one mystery.

Kikes in general seem to obsessed with our language and its study, which irks me to no end. A scholar by the name of Zvelebil has outright stood in the way of a lot of discoveries in our language. The same cultural sunversion seems to exist for Hungarians as well, which when I looked into l, led me tp the Sumero-Hungarian hypothesis. On our end, we have the Elamo-Dravidian hypothesis. And if that wasn't bad enough, there are separate, Koreo-Japonic, Koreo-Hungarian, Hungarian-Finnic, and Koreo-Dravidic theories all culminating in an Altaic language theory. All of the above are controversial.

Koreans and Japs also have more recently developed writing systems, and all of the above languages including Sumerian are considered by academia to be language isolates. There is not much I can say in conclusion but that there are some very interesting coincidences. What bothers me is that the further pursuit of any of these theories is one that should be explored but isn't. I hope it continues at a better pace one day, after the more pressing concerns of war against semites have been met.

They have a significant amount of abo admixture in them. The Indian population is basically different ratios of Aryan/Iranian farmer/Abo. Dravidians lean more towards the latter two.

It's too bad the Indians mixed with abos, if they didn't they'd have very similar genetics to Europe


There is an organised effort by certain parties to force a war between European christians and Arab muslims in these coming years. It is the precursor to Iran-Israel war (Warsaw circus honk honk) and the building of the third temple and greater Israel
ISIS was a placeholder state for Kurdistan and to weaken both Syria and Iraq for a later invasion. Notice how ISIS never killed a single jew and have entered israel for medical assistance. Kurdistan is also very friendly to Israel, I have no doubts that Israel seeks to expand its physical borders to the Euphrates as promised to them in the Bible and the Kurds can have the rest, including parts of a dismantled Iran.
Genesis 15:18-21: On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abraham and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates"

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Any further balkanization from India will result in a Chinese puppet. LTTE failed because of Chinese intervention.
Tamils should work towards strengthening India and increasing their influence there, rather than working for kikes in the West or commies, mudslimes, and christcucks in India.

Tamil Kingdoms historically have prospered when India had a Hindu supermajority with Sanskrit as the common language between all of India, this status quo should return.


Who cares about indians? They aren't lobbying to completely open our borders. Let them own all the 7elevens in the US, I don't care. They can have all the cheesy low end hotels too. Yeah, fine, they are all named Patel, and they all have a jew like temple-finance scheme to support each other, but that's pretty much where it ends.

That's fucking funny considering many Tamils are leftist and anti-Hindu. They definitely aren't working towards that.

The issue with Tamils is that they're primarily leftist jew puppets in the west and east, most of them are politically shite.

t. Tamil

No but that's actually a great idea
Stop cucking to gujjews, this is why whites are going extinct

Why do dravidians only poo in their home country's streets?

Rare high IQ post for this board. So glad to see other pragmatists. Tradpurityfags are the divide-and-conquer globalist wet dream, they should be gassed with their kike masters for their kikery.
Keep pushing, bro, and I'll do the same.

The ones with high IQ are not Dravidians. They are lighter skinned high caste Indians with more Aryan blood. The darker Dravidians are the untouchables and they have low IQ, as so Pakistanis and especially Bengalis. Despite all the 'positive' discrimination, those two groups still live in the gutter after 3 generations in the UK.

The Altaic language family is absolutely retarded. The Elamo-Dravidian theory is possible, especially considering the genetic affinity of the IVC to Iranian agriculturalists, but there isn't enough proof.
Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions have been found from as early as the 4th century BC. But even that is definitely quite late.

Not really true, the most influential Indians in the West tend to be higher caste Dravidians (who are generally only slightly darker than North Indians).

They don't, that's more a thing in North Indian slums/villages.

I don't patronize either 7elevens nor budget hotels.

I just think we have more destructive enemies.

The successful ones in the UK are from the business caste which is in the middle between the priestly caste and untouchables. They are brown but not really dark like you would see on the streets of India. They're most Dravidian but with a fair mixture of Aryan.

You shouldn't be allowing this kind of infrastructure to be owned by foreigners in general. Will you ever see a white owning a shop in India or anywhere else in Asia? No.

Like I said in , all Indians have Aryan in them, just in different ratios. Had the Abo admixture never happened, Dravidians would probably look similar to Iberians or other Europeans that are primarily based on Anatolian agriculturalists.

It's honestly depressing how close Indians would be to Europeans aesthetically if it weren't for the jungle fever of our ancestors

Something major must have happened back then, maybe societal pressure? like right now in present day you'd get mocked, lectured and harassed for even stating you will not marry outside your caste.

I agree, this is our biggest weakness. I think the kike programming of "blame whitey for colonialism" is also doing a fantastic job of blinding the majority of us. The more you and I do to redpill our brothers on the common economic and social slavery of all our races, the better. That said, as you probably know already, Tamils share the third world obsession with wealth and (((education))), such that I am very afraid it will be our undoing in only a few generations. We must endeavour to change this and to relight our racial pride above all else.

Can't eat that spicy food anymore, man. Maybe I'm just getting old, but a good pot roast with gravy and potatoes goes way further for me.

True, but what are the chances of changing a fully corrupted and controlled goverment from within? You would need an army od uncorruptible individuals working together, and we (all nations) just don't have that yet.

This sounds like you are thinking of yourself as based on Aryan with a mixture of Abo. I personally always believed of myself as based in Abo, and possibly mixed with some Mesopotamian or Persian group.


These people were not related to Aryans, so even if we are mixed, it would be with some proto-persian element. At least, that's my current stance until something tells me otherwise.

Indian endogamy only happened after a few centuries of mixing. I have no idea what could've caused such widespread mixing. Someone wanted to stop the damage, so they instituted the caste system which led to thousands of years of endogamy. But the damage has been done.
This shit is retarded, fuck the leftists for destroying tradition

Spice monkeys, particularly the Sikh ones are incredibly devious and ambitious. And the Sikhs are the special mercenary enforcers for the London jews, in India, Fiji and throughout the British Empire. Indira Ghandi and her son were assassinated by their own sikh bodyguards.

Now sikhs are in the Hell's Angels in BC. They're massively into drug dealing. When I was young I could only dream about getting in the longshoreman's union. Now it's all young Sikhs with connections getting in there. $110k a year not a problem. Become a foreman after 20 years and haul in $450k a year.

It's disgusting.

Holy fuck, even in NY City

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This isn't true, Brahui have Aryan admixture.
Genetic evidence shows that our ancestors (ASI) were Iranian agriculturalists+Abos. But then after ASI and ANI (Aryan+Iranian) were formed, there were centuries of thorough admixture. So we aren't as genetically unique as you'd think.

The reason why I drew a comparison to Iberians, is because they have more affinity to Anatolian agriculturalists than they do to the Aryans (who are genetically most well represented in NW Europeans). So they're basically analogous to Dravidians in that way, minus the fact that these people lost their language and never mixed with abos.

meant to reply to

Dumbest shit I have seen, as if the Upper caste girls here aren't marrying low caste utermensch by seeing the Jew propaganda.

You guys hate brown people because muh they are shifting to my country, its too hard to fucking fight like Hitler when you have amerizioncucks waiting to invade and blow shit in your country, do you think anyone would want what happened to Gaddafi? And you have lemmings migrating there though high IQ they are not your average ideological pol tier who understands the metaphysics, you literally have a whole culture of go outside and get a qt hindu brahmin girl here, that's enough motivation for cucks to emigrate from their forefathers land, Pichai and Nadella are Jewbots just like you american who let the fucking federal reserve operate for a literal century, and waged war who didn't submit to your goy paper,its your problem to kick invaders out not some brown guys faulty.

Sources? Would like to add on to my IQ folder

You seem like a knowledgeable fellow, Tamil user. I hope you have success in your efforts to reclaim your home and beat back the jew. While I wouldn't consider you a brother, I'd consider you a friend

Sri Lanka has revised down the death toll from Sunday's blasts by more than 100, to "about 253", the health ministry says.

It has blamed a calculation error.


Not exactly high IQ.

I am currently trying to imagine what would be average IQ of whites if they had not let go of Aryan paganism and imported shitskin christianity…

A blessing. The Gandhi dynasty is supported by the Jew so I doubt the assassination is their doing.

I apologize, I should have been clearer. Ysing your own terminology (which I admit I am not familiar with), I was speaking primarily about ASI (the language and culture givers from ancient Mesopotamia/Persia)

From what I've read, ASI would have come unto contact with us (probably people similar to the Veddas) and cultural transformation happened before the ANI ASI mix happened and migration into North India (mentioned in first link iirc). I do not discount the possibility of later mixing between North Indians and South Indians, but considering how similar we look to Veddas, Aborigines (an uglier cousin for sure), Somalians and Ethiopeans it must be small enough to consider ourselves primarily the native people of that land. Even the aboriginals of South East Asia have a similar look to us.

Your information would be great to digest myself, if you by chance have any links. I think you and I can probably have some good conversation on this topic, but I would prefer to stay anonymous for obvious reasons. I won't be able to get back for a bit, but I will respond eventually.

The high death tolls are propaganda to whip people into a rage. I could see this being a false flag to make an excuse to genocide the mudslimes but I have no issue with that

That is good enough for me, though I consider all non-semites brothers in this idealogical war.

spice monkeys shit in streets

spice monkeys don't know/care about germs and disease.

spice monkeys have high IQs

spice monkeys will take over America from stupid white men.

More or less the way it happened was that as the IVC (Iranians) fell, some of them migrated south and mixed with abos, and others stayed and mixed with Aryans. Then the resulting groups admixed.
I don't have an abo facial structure nor do I have their telltale characteristics, besides slightly elevated melanin. Chances are you're the same, go to the mirror and compare your facial proportion to an abo's. It won't look similar.

Here's a recent paper- biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/292581v1

Nah it'll stay in jewish hands

They are related to Abbos
South Indian component is not found purely in India, however it is found in Andaman islands. In India, it is mixed with Iranian farmer-component and later with Indo European invaders. In Australia it is mixed with Denisovan
PCA is not only affected by mixing, but also by isolation, so two ancient isolated components can go further from each other by time

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jew first

Indian politics has reached such levels of absurdity that I'm sure that it'll soon be ripe for a fascist takeover. This is especially true in TN.

they'll be out of water before 2030
so will the chinks
the problem will solve itself

bullshit, sauce

Genetically curryniggers are mainly semites (some are med) mixed with abos. In a way they are almost on par with niggers when it comes to intelligence, so the lower castes are not a threat. The higher caste who are often almost pure meds or arabs have very little abo admixture so they can pose a threat.

1st result on google
I'll try and find the video of the Australian security think tank talking about Asia/Pacific emerging issues and why Australia needs more American boats in it's ports.

No, there aren't any semitic groups that ever came into and mixed with India. The ancient Iranian agriculturalists are similar to the Anatolian agriculturalists that populated Europe prior to the Aryan invasion. And of course there was a significant influx of Aryans involved in India as well. Very similar genetic history to Europe, except the abo admixture.

Interesting. I think it seems a bit exaggerated but who knows. Either way the true solution to this is eugenic depopulation.

Australia is using this to justify it's spending on the Air Force and letting 5 eyes all up in it's shit.

It's not just India, but also China that's facing a water crisis. The chinks have Africa though. No mention of all the other slant nations in the region, but their prospects are similarly shit. Too many people, not enough water for agriculture and sanitation.

Hence eugenic depopulation. Japan has unintentionally been doing this for a while, though they may be doing it a bit too fast. Once automation is good enough though, required populations can be much lower and you can eliminate much of the lower classes.

war, in other words
goes over better with the plebs than suicide booths

Nah just sterilize the disaffected poor, and don't do too much to help them as they die off. Ideally you could give them assisted suicide/euthanasia but that may not be feasible.

Plausible if it's disguised, but how can a government do this without triggering mass unrest? Perhaps if a society is completely subjugated.

If I was a member of the globalist elite, in say China, I would probably work in concert with similar elite in India to stir up jingoism in our respective nations and send hundred of millions of men to their deaths in a war.

I'm not a member of the elite though. Maybe my thinking is 20th century. Maybe the chinks have cooked up some targeted virus in a lab somewhere, for when the shit hits the fan.

Sterilization is easy enough, just bribe them with money. Perhaps buy the land of unnecessary farmers as well (preferably replace them with forest). Once the people you want to get rid of are childless and landless, they have nothing to fight for so they won't fight.

Proximity promotes breeding. You can stave it off for a short time, a few generations depending upon some cultural norms being dominant in discouraging it in the dominant subspecies, but you cannot hold it back forever. This is why the yids are pushing this invasion across all white lands from so many disparate subhuman species, some of them are guaranteed to cross breed even if we go full n.s. again. The one drop rule insures destabilization and destruction of the species under attack.

Whites do not produce enough offspring themselves to directly compete with most other subhuman species unless certain criteria are met. This means that even if whites reclaim their dominant position as rules over the others, their rate of production means eventually they become an smaller and smaller portion of the population. Whats more, infighting between white enclaves and ruling classes will eventually promote an more integrated use of subhuman works to free up whites for war and luxury living, which further diminishes white rates.

Eventually the subhumans have enough cross breeding to undermine the lower classes of left behind whites, causing an evaporation of white foundations and unity. Some of it is due to rape of whites once areas are overrun, some of it due to foolish white men adopting subhuman jungle fuck babies as their own falsely believing the creature is fully human, and that allows the invasive disease to intermarry with other white families looking for short sighted position within class competition. Eventually white men start dying too at too great a number to fend off competing white rulers, increasing mongrel waves of attackers, and inter breeding. This starts an feedback loop which guarantees the invaded lands become fully mongrel. Even 'white' bastions which can setup enclaves of unassailable retreats still have some % of infested blood. Many enclaves across the world with small populations with obviously white features are clearly mongrelized despite their ability to still form some continued cohesion.

The white mans continued failure to recognize that their ability to humanize creatures that hold some form of human features externally is an critical fault that could cause our extinction. For every % of subhuman population in close proximity almost guarantees that in an few centuries the ability to remain pure decreases by an exponential factor. As the subhumans spread white features between them they become even more 'human' in whites eyes and acceptable as breeding partners. This is a big reason so many whites see extremely white admixture mexican mongrels and east asians as so desirable. The desire to breed will eventually win out over self imposed rule sets. Especially within underclass whites whom are rejected, belittled or subjugated within an culture, all subhuman females seek to breed whites to increase their children's future power prospects which make them easy marks for desperate men.

We must purge them all. Subhumans might be allowed to live in their own protected enclaves on preserves heavily fortified and completely separate from any whites all all times unless sterilized if people in the future allow it. Centuries from now. But our fight has to be total extermination. Our current future demands that be our baseline due to a complete lack of luxury in command and control over our own lands, people and cultures. As time rolls forward this becomes even more dangerous.

The jews are counting on this as an fallback attack should whites awaken and their human shit waves fail in open combat. It is an sound strategy borne out by the repeated cycle of truth throughout history. Now with our technology allowing our most remote and protected enclaves open to attack, enclaves which once would have protected our species even if our southern reaches fall, now our future is grim indeed.

Steele yourself for what comes. You must dehumanize yourself, so you may completely dehumanize these subhumans and the cuck traitors whom protect them. You must face to bloodshed, embrace the ocean of six billion non human souls you must reap to protect those few of worth.

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Meant for this one…. meh.

All semites and negros should be completely eliminated. Indo-Iranians and descendants need genetic purification through modern genomic technology.

Not sure about the rest really. East Asians could maybe use that genetic purification, SEA needs it too. Turkics should probably be eliminated. Native Americans and descendants aren't worth much either. Not sure about non-Aryan Europeans (Iberians, southern Europeans, etc) either.

You forgot the Basque, the Swedes, and perhaps a good portion of the British Isles.

Are those not Iberian?
Genetically very Aryan. NW Europeans have the purest Aryan DNA of the whole world. Interestingly, Finns are probably the closest genetically to the original Aryans despite not speaking an Aryan language.

Haplogroup analysis determined that Swedes especially are a pre-Aryan European people.

I wonder {{{who}}} could be behind this post

Sri Lankan here. Do you claim Sri Lanka to be your homeland?
Also your claim that Tamils won't stay in western countries longer than its takes is completely false because the Tamil diaspora of Sri Lanka is constantly stirring shit in here to incite instability to retain their refugee status in the said countries. The actual patriotic Tamils who stayed here know this and they hate the diaspora because of it.

On an unrelated note, when are your Buddhists going to forcibly excise the Muslim Mudbeards from your country?

All Europeans are a mix of Aryans, Neolithic hunter gatherers, and Anatolian agriculturalists. From the data I've seen, Swedes have among the highest percentages of Aryan DNA.

race-mixing leads to shitting streets

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Why are there lately so many South Asian poo in the loo tier niggers on Zig Forums acting like they belong here or they are /ourguys/?

They are I1a, which belongs to a paternal line that's been in Europe since the Neolithic. Aryans are R1a which came later, during the Aryan Invasion. Is simple as that.