There's no going back. Europe's problem is never leaving

By the time a right winged political party rises in europe, the vast majority of refugees would've probably received citizenship at that point. While the wave of refugees might have slowed down, those already in europe will breed, and breed they will.

You already know how crazy middle eastern countries overpopulate, it'll only be a few decades before they out populate the natives. There won't be no "crusade", no "race war". They'll just quietly breed in their houses and before you know it, its over.

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That's why Tarrant is a saint, everything in this board is nothing but playful banter but everyone here knows what they should be preparing themselves to do with due legal process

The future is brown, they have the natural resources which you buy cheap for your economy and in turn import them.A mutual understanding if you will.

it all comes down to this. The economy, fuck the culture and fuck the people, if it benefits the economy than the jews are happy

There is no peaceful solution to this mess. Remember Hitler and the NSDAP won because Germany was still German with strong nationalist and conservative leanings, outside of Berlin of course. Nowadays, for many white nations, the rot is too deep and many are on board with the replacement and degeneracy.

What we truly need is for the bread and circus to end. Once things get harder again, people will wise up and speak up.


systematic genocide or deportation will never be socially acceptable again

It will once White nationalists stop fighting each other over borders and realize who the real enemy is. Then it is a matter of working together like the jew does to systematically drive the jew from our nations. Once this "simple" matter is accomplished, White people as a whole can recover from this jewish propaganda and rekindle their natural and healthy ethnocentrism.
Once this happens, driving out the foreigners is as simple as a bloody war of liberation.

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the rule of law will have completely broken down too, hell, it's pretty much dead across Europe now anyway. It won't matter what piece of paper says they are European, some bureaucratic handwaving will see them sent to hell.

jew demoralization shilling: the post

Citizenship is a ZOG construct. You can't make a non-people into a people.

Also, citizenship can be revoked by killing.


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No wonder they make them wear trashbags head to toe, those are some ugly fucking children.

I am not so sure about that. In a total war, the more radical measures were always accepted by the unwashed masses. And total war is the only thing that'll save us.

If you believe in karma the curreny crop of RAPIST SANDNIGGERS, NIGGERS, SEMITES and all other TRAITORS will pay back too, some way or the other.

make a flu that causes cancer and set it loose.

All it takes is for each men to kill 50 muds each day.

It was hopeless back in the 900-1000s when muslims outnumber white men in the fucking armies.

Now it's just cucks refusing to take up arms.

What is exile? What is genocide? It's happened before and it will happen again.

The only way that Europe can 100% die is through miscegenation. That is also why America is in so much trouble. Europe might well have a more dire war on its hands, but the people are far, far, far less mixed. As such they can emerge from the carnage unscathed and build a glorious future. There is of course plenty of hope for the US too and I wish them all the best; but stop sticking your junk in spics, chongs and nogs.

Do you know the meaning of the word 'holy'? Do you know why purity is considered a good thing? Then start acting like it.

you shouldn't be celebrating so hard
a future with white countries full of niggers meants you to will soon be surrounded by other fellow niggers, enjoy cibilisation while it last becos when it falls down domesticated niggers like you will soon fall prey to the feral niggers the zog is importing from the wilderness

Both America and Europe seem fucked to be honest.

Europe just has a slight better chance since people do not respect the government as much.

Jesus fuck, for all that freedom talk, americans sure as fuck respect their police.

anchor babys will be deproted too
things are so cucked that by the time white nationalist get to powers they'llget the power becos the resentment against the zog grew to big for them to put a lid on and the ones who rise will be on "no bullshit" mode deporting people on mass

“Only out of anarchy and revolution can a new White nation arise. And if you do not succeed, let the enemy speak in horror, for generations to come, of the fury of the last Northmen.”
Open Letter to a Dead Race, David Lane.


Never going to happen.
That's not even critical to our fate. Those already here represent sufficient stock to replace us, while also heavily contaminating the next generation through miscegenation.
That's already happening.
While the typical Pakistani breeder pops out 6-8 offspring on average, White women trying to raise similarly sized families are vilified in the press, and even by their own "friends" for "sucking the planet dry", "taking an unfair amount of precious limited resources" etc.
The problem is not external, it is inside our women and men.

Now comes the charge of defeatism, when these observations are true and realistic.

Jewish control of the press and education, sealed the West's fate.

Evola is our philosopher, but how many here have bothered reading him? He isn't suggesting a way to overcome the environment, but a way to survive within it, until the present order collapses under its own weight.
This will not happen in any of our lifetimes.

You'd think they'd self execute.

inshallah brother

Regarding the oft-cited claim that "White women rarely have mixed race children" - I don't know how they are hiding the true figures, but they are hiding the true figures.
The most common mixing is White woman + negro male. It's epidemic. Again, no point blaming the women themselves, Hollywood, education, government and women's glossy magazines did all the hard work.
To get as many White women as he wants, all a visiting nigger student has to do is act in the typical "confident and happy Black man" way, to emulate as closely as possible the typical Hollywood portrayal of "virile black man", and he will have more women chasing him than he can even sleep with.
Under the facade, when the women aren't looking, he is moody, lacking in confidence, insecure and virulently hateful of good looking White men of breeding age, often treating them with passive-aggressive hostility.
He knows, that his popularity is built on an illusion created by hollywood script writers, magazine editors, marxist educators and politicians.
He also knows that if it were not for the protection of said marxists, he would be hanged from the nearest tree by the menfolk of the women he is defiling.

The intelligence agencies are the people bringing them in. To be used as snitches. Just about every illegal or migrant I have met in the past decade glows more than a roo full of queer Jews.

we'll see

By 'Europe' you mean the white race surely OP? Ok good, well we are the minority, let that sink in.

For every time in your life you have heard the word "minority" used as a justification understand that it was talking about whites and realise you live in the upside down.

The whole of our governments, media, finance, education etc. have worked tirelessly with one goal: to replace whites, knowingly or not, since the end of WW2 the plan has been happening in every white nation.

No political solution exists without the awakening of white men, the time is so short or we will be the last white generation with the power to stop this.

You cannot go innawoods with your waifu and outbreed it, you cannot hide your power level while the entire system works to destroy your race, you can only fight arm in arm with your brothers.

well. if you want to play karma, that mean you will be killed and your women raped. too bad they are soo ugly that nobody want to fuck them. you should leave when you can. day of cirkus is coming.

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Except it has been happening to whites for a century. Blow your brains out, retard.

So never.

Prove him wrong, then.

There is no miscegenation in America.

Killed, you stupid faggot.

Get out, reddit. Never post again.

i seem to recall another time where everyone thought europe would be brown forever, i wonder what happened to that

The problem racists have is that sanity will not submit to them. Bigots scream about wanting to be specifically-pigmented gonad slaves and they are just not capable of making a persuasive case for that.

Organize and march on the government. Arm yourselves and take action. This is what the past has taught us. Follow the model that successful leaders in a rebellion used. Hitler, Napoleon,l. But the key is organization and overwhelming support. One man terror attacks will do nothing but sabotage any chance of building yourselves up. Buy a gun, train, find non-normie friends, wait, be ready.

It’s a long game. People are too cucked to choose a war over beer and football. The suffering will need to increase. And it will. The Jew always loves to make the gentile suffer, there is no end to their greed.

They've already fled like rats from one war zone. I see no reason to assume they won't flee a second time.

So what are you waiting for?

as long as the cunts dont come here….
wait never mind they're already here

You think it’s “cucked” to want to have independent minds and a prosperous society? What would a slave like you consider “uncucked”?

Preparing is the only thing you can do for now. Lone wolf activism is pointless and only serves to reinforce the media's narative on Europeans.

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Preparing for what?
So preparing to fight a race war would not reinforce the media's narrative on Europeans?

What kind of logic is this?

It takes over 100 years and 02 world wars for the jews take over white nations.

Why is everything so simple with these cucks, yet these acts are never carried out?

With modern european AND american cucks, I think it's over.

They are gonna wait until they are 1 million, then the jews will tell them it's over, then they aren't going to wait no more.

Jews got the long games.

Racists are cattle, whining about a world no longer dishonest enough to support them.

People don’t mind extending a lot of support to others, but you must have integrity for it to be stable.

At this point, I agree.

Muslims and niggers will react violently if they are genocided.

Whites just stop, think and get genocided all the way.

Whites don’t get genocided is the thing. “Niggers” don’t want to do it. Muslims, Allah only knows, but they mostly blow each other up. This weaksauce lie about white genocide betrays only weakness and a longing for some golden age of dishonesty.

White is being genocided every days.

Eastern Europe has the most recorded abortion in the globes while whites are being encouraged to mix with niggers and chinks and jews.

Again, tell me what are you waiting for?

The system collapses? Are you waiting for until you are 80 year old then fight back?

people having abortions are not genociding anyone, liar

Yes they are.

People said men killed more people than anything, yet women in a mere 50 years killed more people than people died in war.

This is a fucking shill, report

Well OP, congratulation!
You just described what happens in the USA. It was tested on them, and now they using this tactic on europeans. The only thing which currently hold (((them))) back from a full succes are the slav countries. But once the money is denied for them, they will break.

Source about "How the American future is fucked beyond repair":

PS.: The only way to win is purging! This post isnt a black pill. STAND UP AND FIGHT! They dont play nice and neither should you!

hmmyea maybe if in a limited nuclear (not necessarily) conflict where the major population centers as the ruhrgebiet, cologne ,berlin, frankfurt, munich and etc. get glassed, the fallout is advantageous towards eventual survivors aaand whoever wins said conflict is pro german (ethnicity-wise)…
you just have to look at the current censorship wave going on… (all the laws who implement censorship, everybody and his dog were oppising beforehand, but in the end voted in favour of them) …to mute the alleged rumors about certain changes taking place in society since around 2015…all under the cover of countering so called hate speech,… (the term which sounds like directly taken out of the book 1984) …blasphemy, gore and so on…
exactly what the ruling classes in GER always blamed and convicted and condemned the 3rd-Reich for !
they are doing exactly the same only with switched roles…
since germany is still ONE of the best countries in the world in my opinion, it would be just but wise to learn from history and not becoming the boiling frog; if able to determine beloning to any group of the german society being targeted by said measures…
try to determine good safe heavens for ethnic germans / white euros with the right attitude…
sacrifices will/must have to be made since there are few countries who are either compatible (without downgrading on the genome) or most importantly are attitude wise pro immigration concerning a major group of based and redpilled europeans…
area wise maybe some parts of the U.S. of A. and Canada, Greenland, Ice-, Finn-, Ire- or Scot-land ? imho. this looks pretty dull since even being top tier countries they all seem to suffer under the same kind of mainstream-media-facism…
i assume the decendants of WW2 veterans in the Allied countries should know that the only way to deal with these kinds of opposition would be to project overwhelming full force by altering the demographics of the opposing group drastically enough there will be no to diminishingly low amounts of resistance possible afterwards, allowing for mass-scale reeducation programs like the Marshall-Plan…
but then again who knows…

Shilling just means having an opinion and expressing it. Try being less of a mindless drone. This world is beautiful to honest people, but it’s honestly trash to liars.

*sigh* this is most likely true. I saw 2 high school aged girls hanging out with a black dude. Blacks are rare where I live.they were all giddy and happy and the nigger wasn’t even that good looking. He was literally just a skinny nigger that dressed niggerously (backward cap, branded clothing, jewelry). I wanted to yell out the window “WHORES” but I was with my mega NPC worker in my company truck so I held back.

We must slut-shame all coal burners to the extrem. If women are taught that a nigger wrecks their social status they’’ll stay away from the nigger. Like you said, they only like niggers so much because they are being promoted as fashionable by Jewish media.


Why are you watching high school girls, you fucking creep?

Its weird something like that made you feel so insecure you wanted to scream

People have friends. They enjoy the company of their friends. They aren’t such NPCs in their own life that they project it onto all others; they aren’t so shallow and status-obsessed that they see no other motives. I’ve been mistreated by legit status-obsessed people before, but even when others around the SOP were cowed into compliance, the SOPs were still always a minority of anyone. Even most SOPs aren’t heartless, if only because it isn’t statusy to be heartless.

Idk about that. I see a TON of white male + asian female couples. Very common actually.
The problem is largely feminism, which has turned our women in entitled wild beasts, and feminized men don’t have the balls to handle them, so they seek out more submissive women

Man wtf are you talking about? Bigots? Go back to reddit
I mean you don’t even have to be a white supremacist to agree with us. If you are some kind of liberal and value “diversity”, citing the ridiculous mantra “diversity is our strength”, ask yourself how you plan to maintain diversity when we all interbreed into an amorphous, homogenous mass, totally lacking in the original traits and customs of our root races.
The traits, phenotypes of our varied races, when mixed, will regress to a mean. Skin color would be a homogenous beige color instead of a variety like we see today, eye color will largely be dark as those colors are dominant over lighter European colors.
Racemixing will destroy diversity, liberal…

You’re nuts. Get a shrink.

I’m not, I’m a biologist. It’s really quite simple, spend like 10 minutes reading basic Mendelian genetics then come back and post

Racemixing won’t destroy diversity of colors. People who are 60 today might live long enough to see people start changing colors. Beige is the color labeled “white”; the usually presented all-mixed color is both a very attractive light brown and itself implausible due to ongoing biotechnological shifts. Pigment fanatics are at best begging for skittles diversity like sjws of a few years ago - didjoo notice how well that went over?

Fuck you Muslim.

Women are impressionable creatures and the media is relentless in promoting miscegenation. Shaming alone isn't enough to change anything, rather limiting exposure to modern media is the solution. Thankfully that will come about naturally as everything gets worse and increasingly falls apart.

Meatvats, buddy. Just like tobacco plants are used to study plant genetics because of superior growth characteristics, meatvats will be used to study animal genetics. Forced growth will push the curve forward. We’re in the future and

White shills are not White to us, neither are Jews scumfuck.

Nugget are you dumb? The ending number of the post that user replied to was 5150. It was a joke

Faggot, running the world one moderation at a time

Which I think nicely illustrates the appeal of accelerationism for many.

No, do you understand evolution at all? We evolved certain skin tones, using just one example, to thrive in varied environments. So the example of skin color:
Whites evolved light skin tones to help survive in low UV-index environments, which helps greatly in the conversion of cholesterol to vitamin D precursors in the skin. The need for darker skin is not necessary in said environments because the risk of skin cancer there is lower. Dark skinned people, well have you ever noticed they are almost always equatorial or recently migrated from equatorial environments? Areas with high UV indices?
The only reason racemixing occurs is because modern society has created such an excess of resources that we can survive better in environments we are not suited to survive in. In other words, multiculturalism can only be put on an artificial life support of sorts by modern society, as these societies totally negate natural selection.

Variety in human phenotypes exist for a reason, user.

You don't get to play victim little faggot.
You censor everyone right of Stalin on your platforms and are reinforced with generous Jewish corporate donors.
Censorship is OK for your sites, it is OK for ours too faggot.
Welcome to the echo-chamber.
Now if only we had mods worth a fuck, you'd have been banned already.

The solution is to bring in a new generation and teach them right from wrong. Teach them how to understand manipultion so they can see through it and let their minds form before ever seeing television or video games. All media is is a stream of other peoples consciousness. When you watch tv you don't think, your imagination atrophies and you become almost catatonic, only able to please yourself, eat and shit.

You are a big ass faggot dude

Don't waste your time replying to that Muslim shill, he's not one of us and he doesn't matter, ignore him.

This is the same poster
Notice the shill language:
in quotations since he doesn't feel comfortable saying the word and thinks it is illegitimate
That's pretty obvious, signifies that Allah is his God
Learn to spot them and report them.

Still not going to allow you to subvert these boards sand NIGGER

>only thing which currently hold (((them))) back from a full succes are the slav countries. But once the money is denied for them, they will break.
sound like what jews tried to do with germans before WW2. East Europe want to leave EU anyway.

That is why all non whites looks same. Indians, arabs, mexicans. black hair, black eyes and brown skin. we had dude from peru in work. i was thinking he is gypsie for few months. until i had to talk with him.

Notice his language
It's a shill, stop replying to it

When did Zig Forums become a place that is more focused on self policing and censorship than speech? Its fuckibg pathetic. You niggers should be ashamed. You became everything you used to say you hated and why?
Fucking stupid god damned monkeys

So am I a jew or a sand nigger? You cant even keep your insults straight you cry baby bitch. Go cry and suck a dick, maybe you can get me banned.

Shill trick by the way. I can share this because causality favors me overall:
have two phones. This gives you two IP addresses. You can use them to represent “both sides” of an argument, or use one static while IP-cycling the other to have “multiple people” attribute an extreme pro-biotech stance to muslim shilling with the other. Not that I did that.

Honesty lets you share information freely and partake in the whole advantage of advancing technology. I have the house advantage; I am in on the ancient secret; I fear no weakness.

You both serve each other, so the distinction hardly matters.
Both pedophiles, subhuman Abrahamic scum.
I already pointed out you are a Muslim based on your language sand NIGGER.


this whole thread is bait anyway.

Report it.
I will.

You cant even keep track of whom you are talking to? Even with ids? Look back. Im not the fucker you said that shit too. You live in a weird world where you cry out loud and try to shut everyone around you up. Fuck you, fuck cencorship. Go get a mod to tuck you in and kiss you goodnight.

Wow ypu just realized a trick every god damn person who uses this site knows. People make up contention just to get an argument started to waste time by representing both sides. Amazing.

You don't fool me faggot.
Your language is consistent through your posts.
Run back to facebook where they tolerate Islamist scum like you.
Fuck you, nonWhite opinions don't matter.
I'm here to take away your power of appealing to the weaker-minded people with your rhetoric about censorship.
Some ideas shouldn't be considered, it's ok to shut down your speech Muslim scum.
White free speech only.


place for the grave, white accelerators

As an eastern european i can confrim this isnt true. Our leader plan is to reform the EU from within. He talks about how the European People's Party are infiltrated with liberals (pretty possible since the german members are pro-migrants), and how it needs to be cleraned by the people (means sending anti-migrant politicans to surpress the pro-migrants). The other option is the leave the EPP and form a third party which will with timewill be able to fight against the batshit crazy SD (Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats) and it's cronies.

Tl;dr.: Eastern Europe trying to pull a Trump right now by winning the elctions and trying to legaly force out the anti-white traitors and supporters. Kinda risky tactic and even if its work it will take effect very very slowly. The danger of that when they finally succes there will be more muslim than white is very real. No wonder OP is mad as hell.

I guess internet nadzess, shitposting, clowns, tranny hunting, "nigger, kikes", shitler, "natsoc", alt-right, "Christcucks", "boomers", redpilling, etc., isn't working.

Maybe trying offline normal networking with others Whites for change.


East Europe is not one country. Our shithole want to leave but we know we would be fucked up and end poor like Ukraine. But we would leave if we could.

You're a faggot. If we keep waiting, there will be nothing. It's like just waiting for a solution to surviving universal heat death. Eventually, no one will be there to create a solution. However, if we work a lot (even if it is a fuckton of lone wolves), we can solve this shit. Heat death and Jew-controlled sandniggers.

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There will be a war so you best prepare. Any sane person can tell that Muslims don’t get along with anyone. If our governments are giving into the beast and bringing them in by the millions, then sooner or later they will attack just like they do in every country where they are a major portion of the population. Muslims have killed over 600 people of other religions in the last 30 days alone, including 300 christians in 1 day.

Democrats think they are virtue signaling and doing something harmless, but they are weak people who invite their own death. Our best defense is that Muslims hate degeneracy more than we do. Gays and trans will be targets first. The fact that the left still says whites are a bigger terror threat when we have hardly ever attacked anyone and Muslims have murdered thousands of them, thrown them from rooftops, and shot up their clubs… it’s a sign of how deeply impaired the left’s reasoning is.

They are our defense not because they will change their views or fight with us, but because they will be cannon fodder, and when Muslims murder them in droves we will know when the next Crusade begins and neither side will give a shit about what’s legal anymore. Order cannot be maintained in any region where Islam is over 40% without totalitarian regimes. The west has bitch ass regimes. It will be ineffective. Half the police are already on one side or the other.

I want my nation to last, I am proud of the US, but I must admit that times look like the events before the fall of Rome. We must be strong to survive what is coming and we must never forget that leftist policies and altruism is what invited in enemies. When leftists beg us for protection we must not offer it. Their lack of foresight must have an evolutionary consequence or this disaster will repeat.

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The Jew must be named. Don't forget that.

do you even realize how wrong you are on so many levels ?
trust nobody, ultimately there is only self preservation if push comes to shove.
to satisfy the unconscious craving for social affirmation.
They are the actual NPC's being brainwashed their entire lives watching tv, mtv, msm; attending public schools and universities and as of late being tailor-fed faesbook propaganda, living inside of their filter bubble; not even realizing the illusion which surrounds them…

Well shit has to get worse before it gets better and trust me it is going to still get much worse, just prepare yourselves for what is to come.