Up and coming NS youth group in Ireland?

I posted this in halfchan's Eire/pol/ section last night and it received positive feedback.

Thought I'll post it here as well. Looks like an up and coming NS youth org in Ireland.



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Seems based.

up the ra o/ o/ o/

Good. The coming generations will shatter the lethargy of the white race in its entirety.

god SSpeed user
SH o/ SH o/ SH o/

Isn't this D&C? You can't shit on English and Normans and then say HH at the end.


NS Ireland is for the Irish. Fuck off John.

I hate the English very much so, but you have a point.
Ireland’s history is much more than just being fucked by other nations, and any supposed nationalist movement should focus more on the positives of its people.

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Defending your nation is a positive and defense of your nation is what's important right now.

Here's hoping it's not just another group of larping Jews like you fuckers.

Yeah m8, Brits out, Blacks in. That's how so-called "Irish Nationalists" have worked since 1921.

The IRA wanted to collab with Hitler. Kys retard.

The IRA also collaborated with zog.
Who do you think armed and financed them?

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In the same way that fucking Stalin wanted to collab with Hitler.
Marxist filth from day 1. 100% anti-Brit, 0% pro-Irish.

t. anglo-kike

This isn't Divide and Conquer. I talked to the dude that runs this org. He's not a chauvinist, nor a D&C shill, but Ireland being raped by the hand of the Sassenach is just… well, fact.

It's not like he's advocating Anglo genocide ffs.

Found the kike

Stalin never wanted to collab with Hitler. They made some treatys which had the purpose of buying the bolshevik kikes more time for ramping up the war machine. Hitler saw through their bullshit quickly and struck preemptively. As soon as the stories of the atrocities committed by the Cheka reached Germany, the German stance towards Russia was clear.

The IRA never slaughtered their own people and resisted the kiked brits for a free Ireland. Their rhetoric was always nationalist, no "world revolution" marxist bullshit. The enemy of my enemy is my friend" applied back then. So shut the fuck up kike.

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USA = Zog
USA armed and financed the IRA.
Why do you think all their guns and explosives were American? Why do you think the CIA kept giving them money? Why do you think the USA never objected to its citizens publicly raising money for terrorists?

Is this a fucking joke? Do you have the first fucking idea what you're talking about?

ZOG goes further than just the US, mouthbreathing retard kike.

Only that they didn't.

They didn't. Just like they didn't bomb their own federal building. Its a damage control narrative utilized by kikes such as yourself.

So we're supposed to believe that rather than procuring much easier to acquire warsaw pact weapons the IRA went to considerable lengths, difficulty and expense to acquire US made weapons and explosives almost exclusively?
Including weapons that didn't see much commercial distribution in the USA?

The old IRA bombed and shot Anglos and irish traitors. They didn't massacre their own people out of hatred for them. The Cheka slaughtered the goyim Russians in the hundreds of thousands just out of hate.


i in the ira stands for israeli

Britain was full of US made weapons which were brought there as WW2 preparation. Stop talking.

The US government funds all sorts of terrorist agencies.
Its similar to how the Russian state funded Bernie Sanders and black livse matter in the recent US election. Their idelogies dont have to align perfectly they just think it will cause trouble.

Even Macdonalds got in to a bit of a scandal because they were sending money to NORAID, an Irish American group which was funding the IRA.

Stop talking.

Including ones that were never used by the US military or indeed any national military?

W/e fag

Which would be?

but I am sure that there are 1/3 informers


The ArmaLite AR-18.
Never adopted by any military. Never achieved much private sales success.
Had a habit of turning up in IRA armouries in surprisingly large numbers. To the point where they wrote songs about the rifle and it became something of a symbol for them.

Specifically pigmented gonad slaves smh

Pigment allegiances are totally weak. What happened to youth rebellion?

Those were brought to Ireland from the US 50 years after the IRA was established, you fucking retard. You claimed the IRA was funded and armed by the US and your proof for that is that their american network of sympathisants smuggled AR-18s for them 50 years after its establishment. You kikes are surely inbred retards.

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In fact, the weapons not being utilized by the army makes it less probable that the feds sent them over to Ireland.

So what you're saying is that unless the USA were in balls deep from day one it doesn't count?
Typical pilpul bullshit.

If you ask me the circumstances surrounding the weapon make it highly probable the US government arranged it.
The weapon was known to them having been considered for adoption and tested, it wasn't selling and thus the manufacturer was desperate to offload what it had made and best of all they had plausible deniability.

England here and I don't even care if Irish are pissed off at us. As long as these lads don't fuck up like National Action I will support them. You really think these millennial Irish are still holding grudges that only fuck their interests up? I think 20+ year old Whites are morphing away from petty Nationalism.

A few AR18s popping up 50 years after the IRA became a thing does not prove jackshit, retard. 50 years is more than enough to establish worldwide connections as a terror org.

The thing didn't do that great, so IRA sympathisants were able to strike shady deals with arms salesmen to buy large amounts cheeply and smuggle them overseas.
The US would not buy large amounts of a brandnew weapon they never use and then ship it overseas. It doesn't get more retarded than that, considering the army has a giant arms stock of outdated weaponry.

Giant stocks of outdated weaponry that would be traced back to them.
Remember they were supporting a terrorist organisation that was attacking civilians in an allied nation.

you people rely on weakness and shatter strength
bigots want to be slaves, but other people don’t

Also, you yourself have just voiced the key reason why the JewSA did not do that. Britain and the US are allies, that means they are both ZOG territory. The jews do not destabilize their own ZOG territory. If anything, they bought some IRA key people to make a deal with the Anglos as a deradicalization tool.

Northerner here. I like it user. Keep it up.

Tell that to the Brits Out Blacks In IRA marxist sperg in this thread. Rather than look to the future for a real Irish Nationalist org he's been spending an entire thread running damage control for these commie fucks who spent a century exclusively shooting and bombing fellow Whites.

The current Sinn Fein leaders and membership, as well as what's left of the
provisional IRA and it's splinter groups ( real IRA, new IRA) are hopeless diversity loving Marxists, which is why they will either away and end up in the dustbin of history. According to Sinn Fein and the
IRA, the huge amount of immigrants brought into Ireland by the English government between the 1590s and the 1690s, which is termed the "Ulster Plantation", and which was designed
to change Irish culture, and disadvantage
the local population, was a very bad thing. It caused 400 years of hatred and conflict, the most recent outbreak being the "Troubles" from 1969 - 1997.
On the other hand, the huge amount of immigrants being brought into Ireland over the last few years is OK. Apparently, hundreds of thousands of niggers, Muslims, Indians, Brazilians, won't have any effect at all and we'll all live together in perfect harmony.

Sinn Fein and the IRA started to go Marxist in the 1930s. Generally, most of it's founders and membership circa 1918 definitely were not, but they had a small group of former Irish Citizen Army people Marxists whom they absorbed.
The IRA and the Third Reich made contact in the 1930s, the plan was the IRA would help the Germans invade Ireland when an invasion of Britain was launched. They would probably help run
the country in the same way as Quisling and his associates did in Norway, for example.
However, even then Marxism was rotting
away inside the organisation. When Francis Stuart, a fascist anti-Semitic Irish writer, got a job with the German Propaganda Ministry in Berlin making pro-national socialist propaganda broadcasts to neutral Ireland, he was told by the IRA member Frank Ryan not to make any broadcasts critical of either Jews or
the Soviet Union.

Of the approximately 70 people I know
who are politically active (95% male, average age 30), all are racist and their
sole priority is immigration and stopping it.

And nothing of value was lost, excdpt for rhe brave IRA fighters that left their lives.

The USA always betrays its allies. Except Israel.
It's literally the defining feature of US foreign policy

Good. The more young that knows the truth the better.

Buy all these younglings mein kampf

They need to change the domain name, it gives out a very unprofessional vibe. Other than that seems fine.

Best of luck, 14/88.

They better have their own paramilitary, or else they're just ZOG controlled opposition. dont see how they could gain popularity as most people are marxist and its really hard to find other NS people because people who call themselves nationalist and socialist usually arent national socialists.
Most people ITT are just amerimutt LARPers anyway who have never been to ireland

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>(((National Party)))
GTFO Votecuck, the only way to make change is an insurgency.

Jokes on you - You can't even vote for the National Party because they're not a registered party.


Good luck, make sure to stay off the radar as long as possible unless it is absolutely necessary to do otherwise.

Never get your cover compromised.

Whatever cuck, no-one join this honeypot. you either kill for change or you sit around with a thumb up your ass whilst the taoiseach makes the green isle a whole lot browner

Ok mate.

Free speech faggot, anyone can make vague suggestions about killing an entire race, its only when you start getting really specific about it THEN it becomes a honeypot

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Free speech? Well now I know you're not Irish. We don't have free speech here yank. Loose talk cost lives.

We do have free speech here, you dont because your a spineless cuck that would apologise instantly for triggering someone, we also have different laws up north.
Fuck off IRA scum. those faggot were marxists just like your shit national party thats controlled opposition

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Regardless of the source of the slogan its true and Irish history is replete with examples of insurrections foiled by two types of loose lipped individuals: informants and faggots full of bluster like you. If you like you can have a British variant: "Loose lips sink ships."

There isn't free speech in the UK.
There isn't free speech in the ROI.
There are platitudes to free speech that don't amount to actual legal protections of free speech. Therefore, "The North" doesn't have free speech.

I'd hope you have a decent VPN but I know you won't do a damn thing.

I know its true but like many slogans it gets associated with people one way or another.
it does, call someone a nigger or a paki a paki, what are they gonna do? most people here are jobless so they cant sack you, and the police wont investigate because they have bigger things to deal with, and if someone says "you cant say that" they just get told to fuck off and no one cares. you can say anything you like as long as it isnt against jews, taigs or huns or bobby sans or ian paisly.
Why would I do something when I can get others to do it for me? shoot some people or blow up someplace and people will just think its another IRA/UVF attack, i die/get sent to jail and nothing happens whole thing blows over in a week. but if multiple people do the same thing over the course of a few weeks then that would really affect the peace here.
You can and thats how the IRA did it, people who couldnt read or write volunteering because they believed in saving their country from the brits and theres plenty of people here that hate being betrayed by gerry and his goons for selling out.
What would a spineless cuck sotherner know about freedom anyway? Niggers are crawling all over leinster, especially dublin yet no one is doing a thing about it

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When the NS youth of ireland reads here, than take this advice to heart of face hardship.

Read this first:

redpill material ideas to use:


here are lots of pictures which can be used as sticker:









Retake Ireland. May the old celtic/scythian spirit drive off the invaders into the ocean!

Some deeper considerations about encryption of messages:


Interesting stuff.


Best to you and to the Gael. Can you save Iouernia from itself in time?

Looks like a tranny at first.

I support this

The reason millennials can be so based is because they had the Internet to subvert their education and media. The reason a larger percentage of zoomers are so based is because they had the Internet to subvert their education and media, and have seen that the incumbent system is a fat, corrupt jewish lie.

Fuck all you Irish cunts

"fellow whites" you can fuck right off seonin, you know full well that brits don't deserve to be here. Can't wait to genocide what's left of the british

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The Brits are a mix of Nordic-, Celtic-, and Germanic-speaking people over like 5,000yrs. Picking on the Bretonic phenotypes is just mean when it is jews who have tainted their once good name.

The IRA attacked invaders and sponsors of invaders. Please learn history. Look at a population map of Ulster over the last two decades and tell me they weren't doing exactly as I assert.
You can't.

Why is your sliced bread square ?
Answer me !

Simple drones, not intercepted in flight, boost the individual's range and precision of attack, carrying significant payload, in a way that opens up guerilla warfare like no time prior in man's history. We know that WiFi maps the 3d space, 5g tech will enable WiFi mapping across an entire country, so use your head and get moving, or don't and be sterilized in Israeli camps.

t. D&C

Not really. Reading about Ivar and the Great Sea Kingdoms will help you see that all Northern Europeans are brothers and that the concepts of 'Ireland' and 'Scotland' and 'England' are d&c.
Ya cheeky cunt.

Use heads if you can access wholly libre hardware like a wireless card.
Or, if you want to do something more time consuming, use Alpine or Gentoo.

What the hell is this?

Bumping to show my support

The protestants in Ireland are Scottish you dumb retard

Not being Irish, is this my problem?

NI has good gun laws compared to the rest of the UK and the republic, no abortion, fag marriage and hardly any niggers too

Irish are worthless cucks and absolute niggers, go back to cuckchan

Who cares?

This isn't your country. Go back to to South America where you belong you tree nigger.

Most people in Ireland during the time of the troubles simply did not really care about race, becuase there was almost no non whites in Northern Ireland at the time, they had the same kind of naievty that that boomers in all white villages have about blacks.

The PIRA *leadership* at the time was generally Marxist or Marxist sympathetic and the IRA did paint murals showing solidarity with the Mandela's ANC and Palastinans as they viewed the struggle between the Irish and British Authorities the same as the struggle between blacks and the ZA state .

If you dont believe me read memoirs from people that actually fought in Northern Ireland at the time

Pic related is an account by Brendan Hughs(in the public eye mostly known for leading prison protests and hunger strikes , but was part of IRA milllitary council and best buds with Gerry Adams.

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Good luck, but one dude isn't a group. Post update when you get more guys and do some antics.


They got played by jews pretending to be americans supplying them weapons. The solidarity with the PLO was key. Setup a supply route to the PLO via the IRA to infiltrate it. Now jews basically run Hamas, they are safe. The PLO was a threat to them at the time.

Got a citation for this?

Top tier post! reposting it in the serious thread!

baste Leprechauns, may they find their pot of gold


and redpilled.

I like what I see.

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Hello spamming kike

This faggot.

nice try mossad. Fed honeypot already