Yet another English boy murdered by African migrant with no major news coverage

3 shares on a Facebook post that hided the attackers picture is apparently all his life is worth.

No Tweets, Reddit posts, major news coverage or even any care at all. No one cares what happens to poor Native European males anymore..

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Look at those suggested stories too.. UK is a cesspit

Here's a full video on these moped gang savages. London is a third world shithole.

Sorry the full video isn't available anymore. Summary: bunch of blacks who are happy to throw acid in people's faces to make robbing them easier. White liberal journalist takes pity on one of them and gets him a trial as a racing pro.

Can we just send all muslims and niggers from Europe to UK? Just end their suffering already.

Quads of quality.

The flowers of multiculturalism bloom brightly


takes pity on THE NIGGERS?! Or the victims of the niggers?






Why isn't that nigger taken out to the middle of the desert buried up to the neck and left to die after coating his head with honey?

forgot to add
these people deserve a gun and a right to defend themselves

I guess we need to start running guns, ammo (with every small watercraft that sails, pay for your trip and help out Whites) and importing rapid prototype machines to Europe…this is ridiculous.

We're talking about a BBC journalist so of course she takes pity on the savage. They're the ones in the YouTube thumbnail.

Bongs can't have guns. But there's no excuse to let a nigger live like that. If the government is not going to deliver justice your responsibility as a family member is to find the rapist/murderer, where he lives, then tear out his throat with a steak knife. If you are a weak pussy he has to sleep sometime.

Right up to the point he throws acid in her face because she won't fuck him.

Bongs can have anything they want. Their government hasn't been a LEGITIMATE government for the british people in 50 years.

Please just kill this country already. Even the Swedes fucking fight back, we don't. Out of all the Western nations, were the worst I swear. If we can drink beer and watch sports, we won't do anything

weve got guns but theres lots of hoops to jump through and legal gun owners are the biggest cucks out there and would never risk loosing their precious firearms certifcate

Do you not have black market for guns over there?


too bad brits don't have guns to stroke and cradle and brag about and never fucking use

True. They're are probably 2 million mixed race people already and the white race won't exist on this island by the end of the century.

crime's everywhere, nigger. this doesn't prove anything

unfortunatly i agree. brits will do nothing and they will be slowly replaced by niggers and muslim scum. they think by voting brexit they will solve everything. niggers are killing them exactly like in South Africa. i still don't understand how Churchill managed to start war with Hitler. it looks like bongs would rather welcome everyone than fight. he may be drunken fat manlet but what he did was miracle.

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Difficult to explain how we went from a proud warlike nation to the world's biggest cucks. Emigration and dysgenics caused by the welfare state is part of it but mostly it's brainwashing.

A proper Brexit is not going to be allowed to happen. We'll still be ruled by the EU but instead of European immigrants well have south Asians instead.

Cuckistan is a shithole worse than Brazil. At least in Brazil if you shoot the favela scum the police will thank you. In cuckistan you need proof of id to buy an assault spoon.

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PLus you got kinda wrekked in WW2

because you cucks still haven't realized
Treason May ALREADY signed her surrender treaty
She tried to get it passed 4 times, when you only meant to allow 1.
She bypassed Brexit deadline 2 times when it shouldn't be allowed.
She is only trying to work out how to get a cover story to say it is passed, but look at what she does/did - SHE ALREADY SIGNED IT!
She signed away your military last year. Now they wear EU flag on arm.

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Whenever I read the words "knife-crime", I remember, that's illegal in britain to carry a knife. Honestly, it's a good thing to abuse people people, who think of being armed as a criminal act. Moar dead white cucks, plz. Let's hope, that everyone, who has "agreeing to being disarmed" in is genetic potential, dies soon.

As long as it's men dying, IDC… it's less competition that way too


and let's not forget jewish too

we do but only albanians and niggers buy from it, way to risky for the average middle class normie

presstitutes always want to fuck, that's their job, and 90% of them are jewesses

Before ww1 only an ellite class of soldiers would fight and the common man had little to do with it. WW1 was the first war where the common man had a real chance of dying and it absolutly ruined the image of war

Not enough dead subhuman anglos. They need to be exterminated for 1945.

Someone should edit this picture

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why are you so mad brits have sex and you dont?

Im pro immigration. Like they can come live at my house pro immigration.

Don't take this the wrong way user but there isn't a whole lot left to lose for you guys. Say, hypothetically glowniggers, you wanted to effortpost well there is a sort of ironic justice in doing so with weapons acquired from invaders. Although I'd imagine it would be expensive. Here in burgerstan you can get $100 throwaways easy. Hell I knew a guy once that traded a bottle of jagermeister to a meth head for a .40 cal pistol.

steals your bike and then blows himself up

So? Someone shoot that dumb bitch.

I got a clerk first .32 revolver with sandpaper glued to the handle from a nigger for 40$. Buy em cheap, stack em deep.

What excatly have americans done with their guns while their country has became minority white?

50:1 user…think about it…maybe we just need a challenge.

Mopeds are badass now. In America there are beta males doing the Sons of Anarchy thing and spending tens of thousands on low performance Himey-Kikeson motorcycles.

notice brenton tarrent was not from america but from a country where guns where actually hard to get.

I dont think americas gun laws are bad but they have became a pressure release valve for boomers

I will never mourn a normie , especially one thats on the other side of the continent

This would be a front page story the world over if the father would do an b.t. on the savage(s) that did this. Double plus good points and outrage if he wipes out some uniforms that stand in his way. Even in the caliphate of Londonistan he can obtain arms and ammo, from those self same imported third world subhumans. Just snatch a few politicals children whom support the influx of subhumans and sell them to the mongrels for supplies.

A father whom loses his son to this invasion is an father whom may as well be dead. His son is his direct link into the future, the only one to carry his genetic link from hundreds of thousands of years ago into the next hundred thousand. With this death at the hands of mongrels and traitors, it is the same as being killed oneself, worse in fact. As such, the man's final act must be to embrace vengeance and cruel cold calculating savagery for such an heinous crime. Anything less is cowardice.

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As if "Theresa May" has any say over anything.
The outcome is predetermined. It was determined before the vote was even cast.

What stops you lads from spreeing?
For me its a lack of any weaponry

Mothers in the UK are sending their white sons to the USA to be subjected to psychological torture (we like to call it "behavior attitude modification") like locking them in a freezer with corpses when they show signs of having any testosterone or backbone for example "tearing around on his motor scooter" and getting into fights.
Coming soon to a child near you
Paywall…the whole article was available on snapchat pic related

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Not saying he was a kike but here's his namesake

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It's not about mourning, it's about using the story to red pill people.

Checked, but that name though.

my respect for law and order
in china sepratists managed to kill 30 people in a mass stabbing but i would nevevr do such a thing off course

literally clockwork orange

Sandniggers have sex, not anglos. That is why Muhammad is the most popular english name.


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I see what you mean. Except in _A Clockwork Orange_, Alex’s got an appreciation of European culture (in music—i.e. Beethoven), aesthetic and he’s literate; and while he’s a psychopath as in Patrick Bateman, he has contempt for weakness like the equivalent of Boomers (e.g., That scene where he bludgeons that cat lady tantric instructor with a giant ceramic phallus?). (The modern-day equivalent would I guess be some niglet in a North Face puffer blasting Drill music; the woman would look exact same as cat lady but with an EU pin badge.)


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t. GCHQnigger

They ate all yours, you faggot.

This but unironically.

B-but they binned knoifes! How could this have happened?!

great article title, im assuming the nigger wasnt part of the 3 friends

Next we kill those slimy frogs



but Pepe is the name of my gardener, and he's very good at his job


why does the EU flag look like a sphincter??

It's a jewish false flag so that americans can start war with Iran.

They can't have knives either.

How did the murderer got a knife loicence? crickeys

(((Person))) who chose a career of playing pretend likes to play pretend even when not on the set. Who knew

We're too law-abiding. Its a fact of the English nature.


Shit son, the whole world needs it.

Just saying


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(argh…wasted on 'just saying'…argh)

sounds like natural selection to me

Another sign that the Third Reich won the second world war. 100,000 Dresdens couldn't compare to the societal destruction of civilization that the 'victors' inherited from their war against European global dominance.

You won't be drinking beer much longer, it's absolutely haram.

Wtf are you going on about? That nazi’s actually won and are in control of the world? That they are responsible for the flooding of shitskins in all 1st world countries? GTFO and go watch your (((infowars))), stupid retard.

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holy fuck, lurk 6 million more years

Anglos are getting their just deserts for their boundless racial treason in The Great Kike War On Europe. They STILL won't admit they fought on the wrong side.

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