BKA (German FBI) launches "National Reporting Office for internet content"

The original article is in German but google translate works okay. Here are some excerpts.

Schleusungskriminalität, translated by google as "smuggling crime" means criminal content "smuggled" in from another country (!)

Internet Archive (archive.org) is mentioned:

These fucker are really going all out. And if you think this is only a Eurofag problem, think again. They have just realized that the free speech laws in the US are too strong, so they have chosen to attack the internet via the EU. But it will affect the entire internet.


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Open Source STASI

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Spiritually it is.

"Schleusung" is a specific german legal term. It ja exclusively used for human trafficking.

Anyway. Being familiar with German public administration i can tell you to just spam these guys with bullshit and/or leftist shill info. They'll be busy for years.

t. Kraut zogbot

Not anymore. It obviously applies to intellectual content now too.
But yes, totally spamming them would have been my first idea to counter them as well. However, they will certainly also start doing more and more proactive censoring, instead of waiting on content being reported to them, so this would only be a temporary throwing of sand into their gears.

Accelerate the spam just like the NZ gun turn in form.

No it doesn't. The article specifically states its about "information pertaining to human trafficking", because our goodest of goys/Antifa have been making "How to smuggle niggers into Germoney" sites for years.

And yet Indymedia, the German antifa website were they freely post about terrorist acts they have committed against right wingers, is still up.

Indymedia is run by the STASI, dude.

No it doesn't. The article is explicitly and exclusively about internet content. Nowhere does it say anything about people. The rest is your fantasy.

Yeah, and? Same shit, different day, new jews sticking their hands into the piggy bank.

mass report anti-white propaganda
if they get lots of complaints for every instance of tweet against christianity/whiteness/virtue/conservatism, they will be forced to keep statistics about these events
even if it won't lead to any political change or decision, the zogbots in the snitch office will be affected

They are already going after boards on Zig Forums.

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The BRD is an illegitimate post war construct occupied by the Jewnited States and in no way represents the German people you reddit faggot.

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The "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" is a trust management company that pays billions of euros a year to Israel.