Kikes stage fake hate crime in leaf land

So a bunch of kikes said their restaurant was under attack from a bunch of nazis, but of course it was all staged.

From the article "Last Thursday, police responded to a report of an assault at the River Heights restaurant. Oxana said she was assaulted, dishes and appliances were smashed, and hateful graffiti, including a swastika, was spray-painted on the walls. She insisted she would never stage something like that."

Kikes going to kike, just like nigger kike smollett, they're doubling down by saying it wasn't them.

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Man, I’ve been reading Mein Kampf and I have to admit that I see what the fucking problem is. Shit like this only confirms it for me.

See how stupidly they do shit like this in leafland and than realize he holohoax is their biggest scam that worked

It worked up to a point, now it's disintegrating

The holohoax was the 3rd biggest scam.

Kindly learn how to properly compose a thread, dear stick bundle, so anons don't have to do your digging for you.
Full story:
‘Worst’ anti-Semitic hate crime at Winnipeg cafe allegedly faked by owners, say police:
Court documents show BerMax Caffe owners were in financial trouble:
see pic

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Hey Rabbi, have you been to

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Makes you wonder doesn't it?

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Winnipeg has more kikes per capita than any other city. They don't tolerate that kind of thing when they have large numbers.

Sure they do; they were behind it. They spoke up only because they were busted faking a hate crime yet again. Next they'll quietly rescue their fellows.
Rinse, repeat.

Burn the place down now and make it real for the bitch.


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Radio Host >Let me ask you a straight question
Juden> Well before I simply answer, you must understand my family suffered the shoah.

Why not? It's already racist and misogynist!


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the people's republic of shitleafistana…
"Hateful" comment leads to arrest of 46-year-old man

>Authorities have not disclosed the nature of the post, other than to call it "disturbing." It was left as a comment on the social media feed of a news organization, which removed it and reported it to police. The RCMP said the suspect remains in custody as officers continue their investigation.

Your opinion = jail, eh

They actually went live on radio to defend themselves and, if you can stomach it, it's hilarious. It is beyond stereotypical.
Original link: hzzps://www[.]cbc[.]ca/player/play/1507407939895

its funny how obvious it is their entire world view is based on pedowood media where skinheads go around throwing beer bottles through taco stands and painting swastikas on synagogues

kek. that low spatial I.Q. and swastikas is a potent laugh inducer.

Damn right it will

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Learn how to make a quality thread you faggot.
At least post a link to the video.

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It might as well have never happened, If I was a kike media fag I could run fake stories like these all day without any evidence just to fuck with the psyche of the nation im subverting

The jew, once again bringing attention to everything but the point. They make good trial lawyers though, don't they! But look what happens when there is no judge to keep their conduct in check.

We should be encouraging more jews to do this. The majority are low IQ like their niggers they're so fond of. Let kikes redpill others by having them kike more. The not-so-low IQ jews will have their hands full trying to bail them out.

Jews have a lot of influence but have very few hands that can pull strings. If you inundate them with too many incidents, they have less time and energy to respond.

Thats not a real id
shit meme tbh, maybe halfcuck or the altlite fags with Q might fall for it

8/pol/ is dumber than the two groups you mentioned.

yikes. learn to OP.

why do kikes sound like they're snoring when they breathe?


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Dr Jones knows this too. It's in their nature.
between 27:30-28:30

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Just sayin

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They were trying to sell their business, which among them is usually sold only to other members of the tribe – especially if the business is sound. It may be this is a judenwhistle to expedite a sale, or invoke the satanic hand of the rabbinate. Which may explain why they don't care about the community alienation, shame, police resources, goyim laws or legal consequences. Everything must go!

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so basically it was just another "Whatcha doin' rabbi"-moment?

It is real in their minds