California about to get rid of single-family zoning (Skyscraper mud-skin cities coming soon)

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California is trying to change its zoning laws so it can come up with solutions to house the gazillion immigrants flooding into the state every year.

If you're white and live in L.A., then your future will likely consist of sharing a half-mile high vertical rectangle apartment block with 30,000 other people, 99% of them non-white.

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If you’re a real estate fag, this law change is going to be worth absolute shitcakes of money.


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Economy is going to collapse before any of this becomes relevant to anyone. Shits fucked brehs, get to a rural area while you still can

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enjoy those beans while schlomo makes billions on this

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this should have been done 50+ years ago. High density means lower housing price.

You shouldn't worry about money so much

Then you're a fucking idiot, or worse
Move somewhere defensible

You'd rather have the beaners sprawling over the countryside?

more like lower living space means lower housing price dipshit

This user is paid to post here.

I dont think in rural areas it's a good idea but in places like Los Angeles it's common sense


On the bright side, with shitskins and traitors crowned in dense housing blocks, removing them will be easier than ever.

Already the case in California. Rural California is fucked up with beaners, dead and half dead fighting dogs on the side of roads. Houses all fucked up with twenty families in them. Ranches getting robbed. Shitass unregistered cars all over the place. Cops do fuck all about it (still policing white folks though).
California is already lost.
Move away.

15 beaner men in a 650 sq ft 1 bdrm apartment? Great.

It's because there's nowhere left to spread out to and maintain relative utility.

like the one in 2015?

And as California goes, so goes the rest of the west coast. Stand by for almost identical initiatives in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver BC.

This. two thumbs up

California is losing a House seat as white people flee the state. This will only cause house prices to rise and real estate jews to make more money


The more shitskins that flood in, the quicker they will have votes to secede from the union. Welcome to mexicali…oh wait thats already a place….

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They are the union dumbass

Hispanics are not kikes, but the kikes tool. Nice try schlomo.

I mean California is the union.. the idea of them leaving is ridiculous.

I'm not sure how much living space the majority of people in Cali have. Most people that aren't in IT are living in single bedrooms. Zoning laws that prevent densification create scarcity of units which means higher prices. For some reason whites have a hard time understanding this simple concept.

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Thanks for proving him right

he came in with one, no one is forcing him to live in california, nor is California forcing anyone to live in a multi-family houshold. What they are doing is allowing landowners more librety with their land, allowing them to use the plot to build a multifamily building if they wish


that what you pay in london, but also london is one of the big european citiy where single family houses donimate, rent is much cheaper in paris and Berlin despite similar incomes

The State of CA has been vomiting tax cattle for decades and yet housing is still a problem. It's not a zoning problem.

WTF? I love Dystopias now!

just let them an hero

If they want to encourage dense living and maximum use of property, then tax the property not what they put on it.

Mega cities are a mistake. They are an attempt to transform society into a transhumanist beehive. Mostly sterile workers without children and marriage. Quantity over quality. A beautiful medium sized city of 100,000 Aryan tier ubermensch living traditionally could outperform a disgusting bugman hive of 10 million.

The age of man is over. The time of the bugman insect has come.

Hopefully some anons watch this. Sorry for potato quality I crammed a 10min video into the upload limit so that you don't have to go to ((( The guy is based idk how he ever got on ted.

Basically he takes apart how American city design has fallen apart and what should be changed to fix it.

If you want to watch in non-potato quality here you go:

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Sorry I meant that I crammed a 20min video into 8.5mb :/

So what is it with shitskins and dense urban areas?

Is this why they DEW'd huge parts of California? They had this proposal in mind and what better way to kickstart it is to have a bunch of free space for rebuilding? this shit is beyond clown world.

It's real.

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This is a really good video, user, thanks for making and posting it. Early on it seems like he isn't a very good speaker, but he hits a stride as he gets into it. Very good points all around in there.

Reminder to you all that even if you can't make a fortune without moving to a city, do your absolute best to get out before starting a family. Kids need space and a community to grow up in, and modern cities offer neither.

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California is going to get there first on arcologies, fuck yeah.

Hey, you anti-imniggers, why don’t you go take your wealthy sponsors and go build a central american arcology? You can zip up the middle class of an unstable nation into a clean, safe, aspirational structure. If you do that, migration rates will drop.

The sheer verticality of the structure would reduce land reform tensions, too. It would free up space for ecotourism and resource extraction alike. There’d be no questioning the importance of linking an arcology into infrastructure; put up a few arcologies across central america and I bet long-distance tunnelled superconductor lines would spring up between them like magic. (Economical superconducting is not as far off as people think.)

Try submitting these ideas elsewhere! See if you can refactor them so you can infiltrate the less enslaved sectors of society with it. Hell, submit it as a nationstates issue. “Must not submit” does not mean “must not submit ideas”, after all.

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I'm glad I bothered posting it user

This guy is clueless though, all of this destruction has been by design. You don't want slaves associating with each other in public, you want them in their prisons and divided from every other person as much as possible.

Old news, read Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 UN official plans for the world. Congrats for catching up. The documents explicit shows they plan to put all people in big cities in US to help the environment. It will become illegal to live outside cities even since it could "endanger nature". There was a tv show recently which was about putting people imprisoned in cities behind walls. That is exactly what will happen.

They are not even hiding these facts. the details and the maps in Agenda 21 shows it all in minuscule precision. Around these years they will start to push it harder.

I thought the reason they did not do high buildings in L.A. was because of the quakes?
I don't care if they do it (let that shithole burn), mind you.

Is Agenda 21 still up?

Good attempt user, but there is 3000x3000 png stream in the original that probably bumps up the size a lot.
Input #0, mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2, from 'TEDcultureJamesHowardKunstler_2004-480p.mp4': Metadata: major_brand : isom minor_version : 1 compatible_brands: isom creation_time : 2014-01-28T20:21:33.000000Z podcast : 1 media_type : 0 title : TED: James Howard Kunstler (2004) video artist : TED date : 2004 album : TEDTalks comment : To learn more about this speaker, find other TEDTalks, and subscribe to this Podcast series, visit : Feedback: [email protected] genre : Podcast category : Higher Education Duration: 00:19:44.87, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 930 kb/s Stream #0:0(und): Video: h264 (Main) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv420p, 854x480 [SAR 1280:1281 DAR 16:9], 851 kb/s, 30 fps, 30 tbr, 30 tbn, 60 tbc (default) Metadata: creation_time : 2013-03-14T19:30:43.000000Z handler_name : VideoHandler Stream #0:1(und): Audio: aac (LC) (mp4a / 0x6134706D), 44100 Hz, stereo, fltp, 74 kb/s (default) Metadata: creation_time : 2014-01-28T20:21:33.000000Z handler_name : GPAC ISO Audio Handler Stream #0:2: Video: png, pal8(pc), 3000x3000, 90k tbr, 90k tbn, 90k tbc
I'll see if I can do a version at the original size…
minor gripe - he sounds like he swallowed the climate change scam.

who’s worried?

Here you go - Full size, & uncut, just under 15Mb.

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He's more of an oldschool peak oil / techno-industrial collapse guy.

He has a podcast:

thanks user, saved for next time!

The law change being discussed permits single family properties to be converted into fourplexes, not high rises.

I used to read Kunstler for years, eventually I found him to be a bit too much of a polemicist for controversy's sake, but fast forward a decade and he was pretty spot on.

Also, for anyone left at nutless Zig Forums who doesn't realize this entire fucking site is a corporate psyop / honeypot spearheaded by the Wendy's Corporation, just fucking unsubscribe from the internet.

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What do you think the "climate change scam" is? This isn't the first generation it was tried on.
Old school peak oil / techno-industrial collapse / global cooling = 70s climate change
Retro global warming / carbon emission renewables = 90s climate change
Cultural marxism / 'progressive' green policy communism = current climate change

I think the difference is that the peak-oil guys talk more about prepping than having cold showers and eating soy.
Maybe that's just the difference between boomers and and zoomers

If only that were possible

Next time, I'll read first instead of looking at pictures



Except when all the retards in California flee and start doing the same shit in other states.

>Except when all the retards in (((jewland))) flee and start doing the same shit in other states.
This is the reason zionism and antisemitism are not incompatible.

In earlier times cities were mass culled every now and then by a disease and/or warfare. I think we're heading for these times again as the majority population of these hives is incapable to maintain the infrastructure. The cullings will hit kikes and shitskins alike. Our job then is simply besiege them and force those who want to flee back into the city.

Americans are just dumb when it comes to land use. If you insist on low rises and single family homes, the price per unit will be high. If you start bulldozing entire neighbourhoods of homes and lorises and replace them with 80 floor towers, the price per unit will come down. America does not have an unlimited number of people. If you build 100M+ new units, obviously the price per unit will come down. You guys are poor because you don't understand money.


Thanks Nikita Khrushchev

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He's right about everything, but the kicker is we will never have; or be ALLOWED OUR ARCHITECTURE as long as cultural marxist, and all other Jews are allowed to rule. Because they want to destroy and uproot all forms of our white, national cultures.

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Lol, those are low-rises. Efficient use of space is more like pic related. Look at that and understand that it is something that you will never have.

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Lol, those are low-rises. Efficient use of space is more like pic related. Look at that and understand that it is something that you will never have.

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responded to the wrong guy… Your example is just a ghetto factory town of low-rises. high density looks more like this.

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Dumping unpozzed classical architecture so you people can see culturally and socially what it means to have self determination

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No, I responed to the right guy
I was criticising the assumes central command structure that would have to exist to build 100M apartments without a market mechanism
Which is exactly what Khrushchev did
They all suck in every way other than they are structurally quite good so they have stayed up.
Finally they have a policy to remove the last of them from Moscow and Peter
The millions of other cunts in the former union are not so lucky and have to live amongst these shitboxes.
We need a good balance of local policy that sets some limits and standards (don't build a disgusting eyesore - try to fit in with the existing archetecture - make spaces walkable and livable) and market mechanisms.
Local governance can set the standards and the market can set the price and supply.

Those are really nice expensive condos for the rich. This is more like what is in store for us;

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Pack all the drones into vertical hives by the hundreds of thousands. Doesn't matter they'll go insane, lose iq, become utterly isolated, lose all trust cohesion, never know their neighbours, be surrounded by gangs, drugs and crime.
No time for humanity, there's profit to be made.

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They did that in Vancouver and the prices shot through the stratosphere.

Saved, saved and saved
Shows how even the worst cyberpunk dystopias underestimate the crummyness in store

the thing is that there is a market for new units in America, but the government puts barriers up that make it hard to develop.

How is it that China and UAE are able to develop their cities without some sort of central planning. China and UAE just have companies that build them for profit. America is just stupid in that they haven't figured out how to get money into property development companies so they can do big projects. Basically, America has two problems: their developers are poors and their government has too many regulations.

Enjoying these user
Would like to see a US vibe too though

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I live in Vancouver and the majority of the downtown and suburbs are undeveloped. I I've in a 3 floor low rise in a desirable area and the majority of my neighborhood is single family homes. This is just outside of downtown. The only part of BC that is really developing is Richmond, BC, and that's because the Chinese have money. IMO Richmond is going to become more prosperous, attractive, and developed than downtown Vancouver.

TV and movies always avoid the brutal truth of things. Like watching Friends for example; nobody works, but they all wear cool clothes and just hang out being sarcastic with one another, just wisecracking all day long every day in very expensive homes. It's apparently Los Angeles, but there's never any niggers, chinks or spics; just rich twentysomething jews who apparently live off ample trust funds.

This scenario seems to just mesmerize the general public, so much so that the show was a massive hit.

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To state the obvious the change in zoning is Agenda 21 (but it goes further than just 2021) and they will eventually clear rural areas into the cities if that goes unopposed. That's the next stage.
First by stealth, cut post offices, medical services, schooling, and banks will withdraw, along with other big businesses in the name of "sustainability" then steadily increasing legal pressure, some new glib term will be invented for those who holdout to make normal people despise them, finally armed roundups. This is why we are being systematically disarmed.
The FEMA camps everyone worried about? Right in your own backward, in your own cities, and theyre not temporary, they're forever.

Until the Cascadia plate pops and the entire Fraser River delta just liquefies and flows out to sea. It's a river delta made of soft mud behind some very weak dykes, like Holland. Vancouver is on the Ring of Fire. Shit happens.

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It's nice you're posting pictures of old architecture like you're trying to tell us somethign, but what?

1. The world population was something like 1.8 billion at that time, not 7 billion plus

2. Nobody now would want to live in those places. The heating and plumbing were terrible. No AC. That shit simply won't fly nowadays.

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I live in commie fornia….
Now I have a burning flame of rage and they are slowly taking.

The wrong sort of regulations IMO
There are plenty of cities with strict building regulations and cheap housing
Pic related, it's Prague and it's nice areas are half the price of the shit parts of SF. (And you don't have to be surrounded by hobos, spics, junkies, and niggers)

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This is why a culling is needed. The kikes are right. We just have to cull the kikes first and cut the globohomo gibs me dats. Then the subhumans will kill themselves.

There's one movie everyone on this thread needs to watch; Michael Glawogger's Megacities. You might also want to watch his movie "Workingman's Death" too.

That's where you're wrong m80
My apartment is in a building built in 1903, the 1960s district heating kicks ass and is cheap as fuck.
New chinese apartments are made of paper, and only suckers buy them

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Reich map

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Jamal gets redpilled when a jew tries to sell him a flat