Who can actually shoot to kill. Not as simple as you may think

Shooting another human is the kind of thing you see in the movies, but it's not as simple as point and shoot. In modern armies the shot/kill ratio is much higher than in history. Ever since gunpowder and firearms have been around it has been shown over and over that humans just cant kill other humans. In the wars fought during the early 1800's showed this. Using muzzle loaders they would practice shooting at sheets with targets on them, the soldiers were able to hit an amazing 90% of their shots on the target range, when troops squared off and fired at each other it simply was not this way.
When fired at a rank of 1000 men, there should have been upwards of 500 killed in each volley, but the actual deaths per volley was 3. Not 300….but 3. It took many years to understand the psychological reasoning for this.
Modern numbers are quite impressive, in the 70-80% range now, however, P.T.S.D. or shellshock has increased in bounds. The boys who are trained to actually shoot to kill are damaging themselves in ways the psychology physicians simply cant keep up to. It's a trained/selfimposed damage that the soldier is doing to his own mind, and repairing that damage may not be possible. We are forcing our young soldiers to do things their moral compass does not agree with.
So,,,,,do you think you could kill a human? Most firing squads or executions are either done with a blindfold or by a shot to the back of the head. The blindfold is not for the condemned, it's for the firing squad, just like the shot to the back of the head, the eyes are the window to the soul and make it much more difficult to shoot someone if you can look them in the eyes.

Could you kill a human?

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Kek this

I couldn't, but I know a man I can call

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Kikes don't have souls, not an issue.


Fuck off, Lindybeige. Shooting at a sheet is much easier than shooting during a battle when there's smoke, little communication, and enemy return fire to worry about. Nothing psychological about it.

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Most modern bugmen would even feel sick about killing a piglet with their own hands, let alone muh precious humans. But man can get used to it, it only takes some time and effort. I'd probably hesitate too the first time, but I wouldn't certainly be stopped by sentimental humanistic thoughts.

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Humans are capable of killing without remorese of hesitation if certain conditions are met. Does it feel/appear to be morally justified? Is it to defend yourself or others from an immediate threat to life? Are you killing subhuman mud races in the same way that farmers kill an overabundance of invasive or predatory species?

I'm willing to bet a good amount of modern day men absolutely fear the idea of taking or having to take another life, but would be surprised at how they felt about the act afterward. It just depends on the person. I had a friend a while back who would openly talk about all the fucked up shit he did and saw in ghanistan like it was a video game.

Is the same paradox meme as
as once you accept the meme, it becomes fact, not the other way around.

Time and time again, the most pressing question after spontaneous or passionate murder
Because killing someone is like tripping but catching yourself before you actually fall, moreso a stumble then a trip, really.

There's nothing sacred about other human beings. If they're the enemy you should have the balls to wipe them out if you had to.

I wouldn't feel like training if I wanted to commit an attack. Well, you wouldn't commit an attack.

Who's really gonna do that?

There are very few of them.

I think accuracy of shooting in combat is grossly over atributed to willingness to kill. Trust me, when bullets start flying, you're not giving a shit about whether it's wrong or not. More likely, especially with musket warfare, your primary concern is staying alive, and going through the motions of what you're ordered to do by the person who seems to know what they're on about. Sure, he told you to aim, but you just lifted your rifle like everyone else. Yeah, he told you to fire, but all you did was blindly pull the trigger, because your fight or flight caveman brain heard what it interprets as the chieftain/alpha/big man telling you to.

Killing is super easy in the moment if you pick fight over flight. With modern firearms, there's nothing to it. It's when the adrenaline wears off and your hormone levels are all jacked up that it may cause distress. And I say may, because if your head is right and you're fighting a just war (or if your own propagandists are doing their job), it's not people you're killing.

Go away lindy.


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धारा 295ए, 153ए आईपीसी Section 295A, 153A Indian Penal Code धारा 66ए सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी कानून Section 66A Information Technology Act भूत शौचालय ghost toilets गटर मछली gutter fish मुफ्त कृष्णा सनाथम्मा नायक Krishna Sannathamma Naik Arrest प्रतिबंधित मोदी कैरिएचर Banned Modi Caricatures श्रीवास्तव शिशु गिरोह बलात्कार लखनऊ Srivastava infant gang rape Lucknow बॉम्बे हिंदी 1995 Bombay 1995 ₹500 ₹1000 मणिपुर अपरिपक्वता Manipur indepence मुफ्त ਖਾਲਿਸਤਾਨ Free Khalistan मुफ्त भूटान Free Bhutan मुफ्त दक्षिण तिब्बत Free South Tibet मुफ्त कश्मीर Free Kashmir मुफ्त कालापानी Free Kalapani अक्साई चिन 1962 भगत रिपोर्ट Banned literature: Bhagat Report Henderson Brooks भारत का चीन युद्ध India's War Neville Maxwell निर्बाध विजय Unarmed Victory Bertrand Russell हिमालयी गलती Himalayan Blunder John Dalvi 1949 से चीन के विदेश संबंध Foreign Relations Since 1949 Alan Lawrence अमेरिकी क्रांति से ब्रिटिश साम्राज्य और राष्ट्रमंडल का विकास The Evolution of the British Empire and Commonwealth from the American Revolution Alfred LeRoy Burt जॉन एफ कैनेडी के पत्र। JFKPOF-118a-009 JFKNSF-111-016 Papers of John F. Kennedy. Presidential Papers. President's Office Files.

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there is a huge difference between just killing and killing for a reason. Someone breaks into your house, blow that fucker away you might feel bad later but at least you're alive to feel in the first place.

The only reason I became a zogbot was to kill, if the race war doesn't kick off soon I will probably go shoot up a school in minecraft

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Not today. I've got plans

youre a fucking bitch

no man has a problem with killing. they have a problem staying calm and effectively using weaponry when their lives are on the line.

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I could, sign me up 3 letter organization, who do you want done?

Very simple. Simpler than ducks.

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"human" is a social construct. Invented by jews for the domination of all species of man.

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nice try schlomo

This just in:
Shooting at live moving targets who are also trying to kill you is more difficult than shooting at a sheet stapled up at the range

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I can.



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when you shooting to a people you can have feels and its gonna be hard for many % od people
BUT if you shooting to a subhuman,to think that is ever under Animals for you (like niggers,shitskins,leftist) you probably dont gonna have any feels.
You just shoot a think that should never belong here.
this is why Nazis kill so many,because their ideology show oponents as a subhumans.
And this is same think as we doing today,telling ourselfs that oponent arent humans like us.And that is good think.
Only cuck west think killing is wrong

Bet you think the Bren gun can compare to a Spandau as well

without hesitation.

its not too hard to kill people, its only a challenge to kill soldiers. Saint Brenton got 50 with off the shelf AR's. you just have to remember to follow up your shots with double taps and headshots.

always walk over to them and finish with a headshot.

anything worth doing is worth doing right

remember to report slide jews

I've always had it in my head I'd have no problems killing people who I'm not emotionally attached to, especially someone who's a threat to me or those who I care about. I literally would never lose sleep over it. I don't understand libshit faggots who don't have this basic survival instinct and just become helpless in the face of danger like some fucking rabbit caught by a predator.

blah blah blah, someone just finished reading Lt. Grossman for the first time in their lives.

Yes, most people can kill when pressed to do so. Modern military training has properly diverged from the old method of shooting at paper circles into humanoid silhouettes, and even the average normie gamer is accustomed to reflexively shooting humanoid targets on their screens and watching the resulting explosion of blood and gore. A study even exists that indicates that modern FPS games are noticeably effective at suppressing the fear of death and physical pain in gamers after sustained playing:


The majority of individuals who post regularly on Zig Forums and are still here after the Tarrant shooting assuredly fall into the category of 2 - 5% of males who are capable of killing under the circumstance that a) the situation warrants it, and b) it secures their position within a desirable social hierarchy. Further consider that a distinctive part of online 4chan/Zig Forums culture is the routine distribution of extremely violent and un-simulated scenes of torture, killing and death. You could even say that coupled with its general anti-social and radically contrarian political ideologies, this appetite for raw and unfiltered violence is what sets the population of the chans apart from most modern forums and image boards.

To personally answer your question? Yes. Absolutely. I could kill a human – maybe even murder a human. I'll leave it up to you, faggot OP, to try and determine whether or not the validity of the semantic distinction between those to words is worth parsing through.

tl:dr OP is a cock-sucking faggot.

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If you're going to post fake kike shit why are you doing it here and not reddit?

LoL, with that said, if it's shistkins, kikes, gooks or chinks, or communists most definitely. If it's Europeans, or Japs though I'd definitely hesitate given the circumstances.

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My enemies are subhuman.


I've heard that Civil War soldiers did not want to kill their friend and family members so would purposely aim high.



He has a point. What's yours?

what's lindybiege?

Woah. So much edge on this thread. Careful not to cut yourselves.

That said, this is an irrelevant discussion. Tarrant had never killed a man in his life and he was completely unfazed, he suffered from no hesitation in defense of his people. Those who are motivated by pure love overcome many of the instincts we have against killing. Like how a father or mother will do unspeakable things to protect his or her family from enemies.
Our family is our race.

A formerly very interesting Youtube historian but he has become less interesting ever since he became sponsored by various online businesses.
Way too much filler.

You will never do anything cuck

Person who lives in a severely white/gentrified location detected.

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The mosque shooting live stream was no hollywood movie and it still didn't look very hard. Try again.

No worries moshe, you aren't human so there will be no qualms.

I'd (consciously and instinctively) hesitate when it comes to white people (and some types of non-whites), but I don't think I would even blink when it comes to (majority of) non-whites, especially sandniggers. Shooting is for pussies, I'd have no problems getting close and personal with them, gouging their eyes out, breaking their necks or carving them with a knife/bayonet. Hell, I'd line them up impaled on stakes for the crows to feast on as a form of psychological warfare. When it comes to more efficient methods, I'd see their corpses pile up by the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

And I'm a non-violent person who prefers order, cooperation, sympathy, and have never been involved in crime or anything like that. Someone should post that "why did you make me do this, all I wanted to do was play video games" pic.

Temüjin killed his own half brother with a bow because he would not share a marmot with the family when they are starving, it did Temüjin good.

You can't send white American boys, or nearly all american boys (blacks excluded) to elementary school, middle school, high school, and then expect them to join the Army and become killers. The reason PTSD is so high is because these kids who grew up to be men were not killing things when they were children….. because killing things as a child is considered sociopathic if not psychopathic behavior, and as (((doctors))) will tell you a sign of mental illness. If children were raised like Spartan children were through hardship, adversity, and abuse, you'd see much lower levels of PTSD. The reason I excluded blacks is because, and I don't know what the fuck is wrong with them but I seen them abusing the shit out of well behaved normal little niglets, slapping them, lifting by their wrist right off the ground, humiliating them, a 5 year old niglet has been backhanded 100x's more than most other American children, because they're animals. It's easy to kill, it's hard to kill when you have 15 years of moral indoctrination repeatedly telling you it's wrong, wrong, wrong, and you're crazy or have a mental problem if you want to kill a cat, rabbit, squirrel, or opossum. If you help your father kill, gut and then butcher a deer at 9 it's going to be a different story, but even then, it's not at all like the once was 1,000 years ago.

I'd like to kill the OP of this piss poor moral faggot thread.

bull shit
throughout history humans have been forced to fight one another over territory, killing other humans is nothing new

when you see brown what is hard is not to shoot

I obviously can't say for sure if I or anyone else on this board is actually capable of taking a life, but I'd like to make a couple observations that may provide some insight into the matter.

Brenton Tarrant, a self described 'ordinary white man' killed 50 people in about 8-10 minutes without any prior experience shooting actual people. Notice how he wasn't shaking much, if at all, and showed no signs of regret or anguish. He was also able to speak very normally during and after the shooting.

I'm confident that Tarrant is really not that much different from many people on here. Not including myself of course, I would never think to commit such an insane act of terrorism :^).

Tarrant also said that it took him 2 years of preparation to finally carry out the act. It seems likely that there will be at least a few copycats. These copycats will then fuel a reaction from Muslims and the media, and perpetuate the acceleration, exactly as Tarrant envisioned. Some may fail, but others will likely succeed. Considering how extremely well calculated his act was (he successfully accomplished every goal he laid out in his manifesto masterfully), it does require a lot of time and thought to effectively plan out something like what he did. So keep an eye out for a Tarrant 2.0 in the next year or two.

I believe it is the sign of an elevated mind, of an Übermensch, to be able to not only understand what is necessary, but to actually DO what is necessary with careful planning and remarkable execution.

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This is a very good post and there should be more like it on this board.

This is also a good post.

There is no such thing as not shooting to kill. glOP needs to atone for Waco by jumping into a volcano.


Could. No soldier am I, but I think I could. I would rather not. I expect I’d have more nightmares if I did. I’m a pacifist, as people ought to be. I’d suffer for having done it.

Pacifism is part of a fully reciprocal ethic. It’s okay to kill people who have killed people (“live by the sword, die by the sword” is grotesque, but it doesn’t violate reciprocity), but it’s not really good to kill anyone. I don’t like the death penalty. I detest wars.

I think this might be a wrongful bias on my part, an incompletion of my philosophy, but I also find the death of child molesters easily forgiven. Still, I won’t advocate the death penalty for child molesters, nor would I shelter a vigilante who said their targets were pedophiles. I think I may have said something to the contrary once, but I’m not sure; if I did, I believe I was acting a role.

The ethics of murder are something I’ve contemplated at length. I’ve talked myself out of three of them. I don’t ever expect I’ll fail at that task, but… y’know. Dark night of the soul.

Sigh. The cultural replacement of dark nights with dork knights fucking sucked.

Lol, exalt the broken man some more. I come here regularly for this. This kind of exorbitant weakness doesn’t exist elsewhere on earth.

The man threw his life away. Copycats would just be doing the same. No society was ever strong because people in it shattered at random in explosive rage at the mere existence of people they’d never interacted with.


I think most military is fucked in the head because they realise they are killing strangers for no reason. If you were sent to a strange place to kill people you know nothing about for no reason you might realise you are a fucked up individual.

Only time I could kill is if my family is in danger or my life is in danger.

Based and dharmic

fundamental misunderstanding on multiple levels. none so blind as they who will not see, etc.

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There are two orders of beings born in this world, the good and the evil. The good I have fully described; I will now describe the evil ones, Arjuna.

Evil men have understanding neither of action nor of inaction. Purity, right conduct, or truth are not found in them. They say the universe is unreal, without foundation, without governance, arising in no set order, with nothing but desire for its motive force. Perverse in spirit, lacking and understanding, cruel in the things they do, the followers of this creed stand as enemies of the world, set on its destruction.

Filled with insatiable desire, possessed of hypocrisy, pride and lust, they seize mistaken ideas and act from deluded motives. Relying on a feverish imagination that leads to ruin, they are enmeshed in enjoyment of appetites, convinced that this is all there is. Imprisoned in a hundred bonds of desire, given over to lust and anger, they try to accrue wealth by illegitimate means to satisfy their appetites.

Confused by ignorance, one says, "I have grasped what I wanted today; I will go after more tomorrow. This wealth is mine; I will grab more in the future. This enemy I have slain; others I will likewise slay. I am lord; I live for enjoyment; I am successful, strong, and happy. I am wealthy and noble; who is my equal? I will make offerings and give to charities. I will exult".

Bewildered and erring from a web of delusions, chained to enjoyment of desires, they descend into a foul hell. Self-conceited, stubborn, intoxicated with pride in their wealth, they make offerings that are offerings in name only, hypocritical and not in accord with propriety. Possessed by egoism, given over to violence, pride, desire, and wrath, they jealously bear hate against me, the divine principle in their own and others' bodies.

These that hate me, foul, cruel, and basest of men, I hurl into the wombs of demons when they pass through the cycle of lives. Falling into demonic wombs and bewildered in birth after birth, they never achieve union with me, Arjuna. They descend to the lowest condition of living things.

Desire, wrath, and greed, these are the triple gates of hell that destroy the self; therefore one should abandon these three. Released from these three gates of darkness, Arjuna, a man can do what is good for the self within him and achieve the highest condition. He who walks under the guidance of desire, forsaking what is written concerning right and wrong, does not achieve perfection, nor happiness, nor reach the supreme way.

Therefore you should know the written rules for achieving good or evil, and so distinguish right from wrong.

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Rape, torture, murder, skin people alive etc yeah I could do it easily and I'd laughed doing it

You are stupid, that's what you are. Pacifism is a vapid myth for empty people, moral equivalent of heroin. You are literally standing on the shoulders of men who are committing violence on daily basis and who create society built on violence (there is no society built and maintained without it), you are a shielded and sheltered ingrate schmuck, who is so deep out of reality that he can't even acknowledge that those men can throw him down at any moment. You have contemplated nothing and if you did, then you are even dumber. Anyone who puts any faith, let alone rational thought toward worship of this apex degeneracy and mindless brain-wank that is pacifism, is either a social parasite or not really as clever as he thinks.

Read Violence is Golden. I think Donovan has it on his website. And then read Spengler.

Pure and rather pathetic projection and absolute misunderstanding of human plight. This cult of weakness without perceiving it as such (as you are the case) is one of the main pillars why western society is dead. What does nature itself dictate clearly? It's simple - breed and spread your kind. Live your life, keep out of injury and death, run away from troubles. Every animal adheres to this. But humans are different, for good or bad. We have this "godly" spark that allows us to perceive and see things bigger and greater than us, than this natural hard-coding. Therefore it is not hard to see that the greatest and most human deed you can do is to waive aside and defeat the natural dictate and work, live, fight and ultimately die for something greater than yourself, be it an idea, worldview, your people or race. The fanatic is the purest human because he defeated the animal inside him completely, as he is ready to die for things greater than him at moment's notice. In that also comes the greatest and only true freedom.

You on the other hand, you have succumbed to the animal completely. There is nothing more important to you than to keep your worthless skin alive for just another day. Without any higher meaning, goal or purpose, without anything more than basic natural code that even your ape ancestors had. "Throwing away his life". Of course you are physically unable to even grasp this, so it seems to alien to you. No my friend, Tarrant did exactly the opposite - he fulfilled his life, he became true human in his purest form. In those fifteen minutes he was more free, human and more man than you will ever be in all your long years.

Ad. Society - there is no society on this whole world worth of talking, let alone saving.

Well, its easier to hit paper than to hit a human target that can hide behind cover and shoot back at you

Could I Kill someone?
Yeah, that includes ANYONE it's not like I'm going to take my time, just a quick professional kill. Torture however is disgusting.

subhuman detected


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That's a question to be answered offline, isn't it?

Okay but like none of that is true lol

You need to dehumanize your political opposition in order to inflict harm towards them. Leftists have it covered since they brainwashed others to believe that you're nazis. Soldiers have it easy since they have no connection to strangers.

Not a lot of people here are at this point as they have sympathy for white race traitors. That's the same reason why Nazi Germany and the Confederacy lost.

I see someone has read "easy way to stop smoking"

Honestly I have no idea how it would affect me. I would like to think that I would be able to kill but I don't know. Massive amounts of property damage always appealed to me more.

Only in minecraft.

trained courtesy the U.S. Government

That's karma for their moral compass agreeing to enlist and fight for pissreal.


"B-b-b-b-b-bbut only the s-s-s-ssssstate can have a monopoly on violence goyim……. It's morally just when we kill millions of muslims for 0 reason except the yinon plan in their own countries, but its unjust to remove the foreigners in your own land!!!"

They are treated horribly. They should get their just dues or revenge. Especially the ones with shellshock. Most of them young gullibles lied to and sacrificed their life/health only to be treated like fucking cattle, another example why serving zog never pays off.

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Killing anything gets easier the more you do it and some people find a real taste for killing; I can't attest to humans, which I imagine would be difficult for most, or other bipedal hominids, which I can only imagine would be hard at first but get easy over time.

the good, the bad, the weak
the good protects what should be protected, destroys what should be destroyed
the bad destroys what should be protected, protects what should be destroyed
the weak can't protect what should be protected, can't destroy what should be destroyed, so die

The first thing to understand is that Whites mistakenly see enemies as possessing humanity when it should only be reserved for fellow whites that deserve it. All throughout history, whites have been the most skilled at killing others. The only thing preventing whites from doing it so well is they cherish life so much that even enemies' lives are treated as having a life to be cherished.

Compare this to leftists and their shitskin pets. Shitskins are poor at killing but attempt it many times because they do not possess the ability to cherish life. Leftists haphazardly cherish life so they want to kill political opponents with reckless abandon and will rarely if not ever turn against their masters and pets.

Thus the only solution is to build up a "nerve," that allows you to see enemies as the threats they are, and overcomes any unwarranted sentiment for their lives. shows it the best. To be a capable and successful killer, you must psychologically strip the target of any label that grants them humanity.

To be human = white.
A life cherished, is one that is white.
Jews, traitors, leftists, and shitskin pets will not hesitate to try and murder even if they're incompetent at it.

My Ubermensch nigger….break free of the Last Man mindset and accelerate your life.
Hail Victory

good post

If you're hiring, let me know.

Yes it is.

Because bullets aren't used to kill people, they're used to control their movement, coral them like sheep and pin them down into a zone that an airplane or artillery can target. Historical soldiers had nothing like airplanes or artillery precise enough to take out groups of isolated and pinned down enemies on command.

Basically you're a leftist moron.

Factually wrong, the rates you were noting continued as long as WWI (who the fuck was gathering stats in a rigourous way in WWI). The PTSD and all that has sweet all the fuck to do with it however. After the worst of the cold war commies and faggots have been anti-hazing which is basically that thing that weeded out weak minded faggots prone to ptsd. Not to mention now that 'professional' armies can neither loot, rape nor pillage and are held to a legal standard that is in many ways stronger then a regular citizen defending themselves (preponderance vs reasonable doubt) why the fuck would any reasonable man stick around, this means dick munching faggots, women and office jockeys make up 80% of the army (and surprise surprise what's the percentage of people who get PTSD).

But hey im sure (((Psycologists))) and not clear policy changes that any fighting man could tell you time and time again have been against combat effectiveness and readiness are totally who you want to trust on this.

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Killing a human is much much worse than you think. Can still see their faces and have nightmares every night. Afghanistan. High number freaks me out. Pretty much steals your sole. Every one was shooting at me or my squad. When you must to protect your friends don't hesitate but don't go fantasizing about it. Nothing like video games guaranteed.

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If its a nigger, arab or jew with pleasure, I wouldn't hesitate. Chinks and poos would be a bit more difficult. Other whites only for very good reasons.


Please wise user, do tell what thread is up in the catalog that is so important it warrants forum sliding? Especially when on this board derailing threads is much easier…

honestly, I could kill easily and would be a hitman if given the opportunity. the only thing I'd be squeamish about is scalping, cutting faces off, or other types of torture. Shooting for whatever reason just doesn't make me squeamish.

dude, you're the wrong kind of person to be a missionary if shooting another person gives you nightmares.

I don't think there's anyone trying to scare, just having a realistic discussion of the need for training to overcome this. You need to desensitize yourself to the idea of killing. I imagine hunting is one good way. Kill Bambi's mom a dozen times and if you need to kill a human to defend yourself then it should be easier. Mentally imagining killing someone over and over probably also helps.

I have killed many people!