Murder FBI agents

Traitors to the American people, thieves of the taxpayer. Bomb an FBI office today. Come talk to me, alphabet niggers, I'll show you what you should be investigating.

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Here we have Zig Forums shilling at its finest. No you shabbo cunt we won't kill ZOGbot rank and file, only leadership.

nice fed ur gay

Now this is an actual fedpost.

glownigger detected

no i'm just lonely and i want someone to come over… they don't even want to van me :(


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I'ts all fun and games until law enforcement is the one being hunted. Once you take care of them you can kill anyone you like.

we are not your personal army. this must be a clinton posting. we're are all pissed at the "space wizards" but killing fbi agents won't fix the problems it just creates more. they would probably say it was isis and invade some other country.

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Yooo nigga that's illegal.



What a limp-dicked report. They should have been executed regardless for celebrating a traitorous attack.

CIA, I'm user.

Ever make love to a fat man in a trench coat?

OP is a fed and so are you, it's called polarization.

I cant create a new thread so I shall post this here
—–different video—-
I'm not sure where is a safe place to go, but Zig Forums has been compromised. Id assume this means the same for discord, neinchan, and just about anywhere else.

Expect a call from your local FBI agents, possibly even a door visit.

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FBI isn't above the law, they need to follow the process.

fuck off, conspiratard… you're making us all look retarded

when your on a high priority mission and the media is up your ass your damn right you better not fuck up.

theyll knock on your door as a salesman or you in a traffic stop by local pd or walk up behind you while youre in public. your home defenses will not even be tested. retard.

Sent ;-)

Maybe later.

Snitch niggers though? Yeah, wax these fucks if you get the chance. In Apex Legends with full approval of the EA ToS.

yeah but it's just words on a screen, the pic is from google images, and they'll look really dumb if they come knocking

full on retarded. that glownigger reported someone to the FBI and was surprised when they showed up regarding his posts. what a dumbass