*monitors your Zig Forums shitposts*

heh, nothing personal kid.



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user didn't get called in because of his posts, he got called in because he's on record for snitching on a leftist that mad ethreats against drumpf. You're circlejerking over a literal snitch.

Odds are they talked to the antifa shitlib and became friends.


And the problem is?

Probably. There's no reason to ever report anything to the FEDs. Just look at Ruby Ridge, WACO, etc, etc. They are all scum.

The second you start snitching to Zogbots, you forfeit any right to complain about how fucked this country is. You're part of the problem.

I thought the ebil deep state was against trump?

Funny, that's exactly how I got my job. Try harder.

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btw, just so all you glow nigger cia faggots lurking this thread know: EVERY POST I HAVE MADE TO CHANs IS A WORK OF ARTISTIC FICTION AND SATIRE.

Lefties aren't your friends, they're your enemy. Trump is a jew loving kike but that doesn't change the fact they're monitoring shit and shouldn't be

how self important are these zogbots?

All Whites are my friends. The National Socialists of Germany were able to rise to power because they converted the Communists. If you believe in the Left vs Right system, you're cattle.

They've overstepped the insight their generation allots, someone show this video to whoever we think their boss is and get them reassigned.

t. cuck

every post ive made is dead serious and i genuinely hope politicians, kike bankers, zogbots and shitskins are murdered.

It's what was happening to the user in the video too, but his autism levels were too high for him to realize.

any pro white group is filled with fags getting sheks for giving the alphabets tips. informants get paid.

Is very true. The majority aren't so curious as to even give a shit, they'll side with whoever the winner is.

In terms of commycunts do you honestly believe they're doing it for anything more then the recognition they 'know' they'll get from conforming with a group they see as dominant? Every single one of them will turn, and are currently turning, when they realize where the focal point of society truly is.
And now we see the latest generation and their thoughts on the matter.

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did you see user's youtube account? it looked like a patsy in the making.

>"don't videotape me"
The irony.

You can only snitch on people that aren't retarded, user, don't be retarded.

What I was trying to say was this isn't a left/right thing, it's the FBI and god only knows who else sifting through everything you post and they shouldn't be allowed to do that


Relax, user. Be like water. The time will come to be like stone.


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Fucks sake FBI… You sure suck at this game.

Remember, they wanted to recruit a kid into their forensics branch because he could build computers. These glowniggers are literally as dumb as niggers.


it was in the other thread, user, short clips with 10 views each on a wide variety of topics and spanning over the course of about six months. Gave a very suspicious impression.

Instantly reminds me of pic related

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That was a ploy to get him to lower his guard. Particularly effective when used on individuals who feel dignified in their actions; Zig Forums is a prime target.

missed the other, anyone save it?

What? I have only seen one, this one with the two FBI agents.

Link? The video is gone. How can we find his channel?

Get a load of this goy!

Go look for your "friends" at the next tranny parade then, faggot.

Just found this in another bread


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and you want me to just trust your judgement? shlo……

JIDF you sure suck at this game

Everyone realizes that you stupid fucking nigger, being unable to put information in perspective is a symptom of autism, retard, so if you're talking about shooting untermensch, you're on the fucking list.

Obviously they have been here all along, and that's not news at all.
They are trying to use moment of the new zeeland shit for recruiting people. That is what you are seeing here

Go support your based DACApedes. White Antifa members are far more valuable to us than you will ever be. At least White ANtifa members aren't afraid to go out and fight against zogbots, while conservacucks like you go out of your way to lick boots.

Recruit people for what?

Paperback books really fuck up your dossier on record ;^)

post the webm you faggot

Nah, JIDF wouldn't care about glownigger drones, faggit.

Zion will burn and glownigger LARP will never be good.

To be informants.

t. leftypol


Lolbergs still come here eh?

You're a fucking retarded cuckold if you think white trannies and marxists should be allowed to live. Always kill a traitor before an enemy. Cut out the tumor before it spreads to the salvageable parts.

Unironically kill yourself.

What statement of mine did you deduct from that i'm a conservacuck? This is hilariously retarded.

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well I'm not them so I can't answer for that, but she even mentions computer forensic in the video there. look everyone knows that people here knows howinto you know what, intel shit and generally good knowledge of the darker parts of the internets and an exceptional gift of digging shit up when it happens.

that alone probably makes the (((feds))) wet. it's only so much you can learn from coursing you know.

what alarms me a bit about this whole thing is things that has happened here lately, I will not go into my self and so.. But just this easter now, I guess our equalient of the FBI(it's different anyways.), they had this stand at this massive computer gathering… everyone was going… wut? leave us a lone.

it's where young anons go when they are learning coding and so to compete. I was there several years as teenager until I started to work.

And they straight out said it, they needed people like that, and yes, even hackers, they said it

Only a conservacuck would think that Leftist Whites are beyond saving. You have zero knowledge of how the Third Reich rose to power.

Sage negated, JIDF

Yeah, you really suck at this game.

>that alone probably makes the (((feds))) wet

The Third Reich rose to power by beating up marxists in the streets, assassinating their key people, purging their own ranks from marxist with long sharp knives, and stayed in power by putting marxists into concentration camps or lining them up along a ditch and shooting them into the neck. Please drink bleach.

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Found your pic

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I can only go by memory. The channel was a person's name, the first name was longer than the last. The last name might have been Lee. There was very short clips with Rockwell and others that fit the narrative this site is brushed with for others gain. Less than a year old, short clips that likely flagged them as well for their content. Perhaps there is a method to backtracking the deleted video, the link is still there, to the account that deleted it.

Out of arguments, kike? Sage negated again

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Found the kike

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No thread content.

How stupid do you have to be to not understand that that Law Enforcement is not on your side and they never will be? You deserve everything that comes to you.

this board is one of thousands, shill

No arguments needed, you're a retarded glownigger.
I can just point at you and laugh and I win. Stupid glownigger.

zion must and will burn


Yeah, you are.
Pic related.

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Could it be that you're the fed from the OP who is now fearing for his life? Lmaoing @ your life, pal

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There is literally nothing wrong with reporting your enemies to the state. Let the behemoth devour its own offspring.

Now you're calling me a glownigger?
Whats the matter, jidf no longer make sense?

Oh well, I'm sure the glownigger thing will sti-

Oh nevermind, glownigger. ;)

You stupid nigger, the state is your enemy.

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