Father Gagged, Found Guilty Of ‘Family Violence’ For Calling His Trans Daughter A ‘She’

Father Gagged, Found Guilty Of ‘Family Violence’ For Calling His Trans Daughter A ‘She’

>British Columbia's Supreme Court declared a father guilty of 'family violence' for giving interviews to publications including The Federalist in which he used female pronouns for his daughter.

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Family Violence via Talking in Public?


zog with the fake news again. i forget what its called but there is a term for local news stations running scripted stories when they have nothing to talk about. im sure the zog uses scripted legal cases as well.

Find out the adress of that judge and kill her asap.

>>*Clark and Maxine are not the real names of the father and daughter involved.
The media misidentify people without repercussions.

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do male and female bathrooms still exist in canada?

Cucknada is lost, nuke its large cities and then invade. Mental to only ever visit the forests and countryside if i ever come to Cucknada.

Abolish schools.
Abolish television.
Abolish smartphones.
Abolish friendships.

Only then, you can save your daughter.

You know, of course, that this will not work. How will she live in society?
Fact is: you need another society.
You need a isolated, self-sustainable community, with its own laws, and no connection to the STATE.

All these problems started with the State. Abolish the state, as a concept, and live free.

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Daily reminder that all of this is directly top down by the Canadian military and they alone are responsible for all of it.

Cocksucker, please. Its still misidentification. Its alright if you don't post.

I can't tell if you're a conservative boomer or a markov bot written by a pajeet working for CSIS.
Yes, the military owns the media and opened the borders to frankfurt school jews.
Its the military that lends money to single moms and girls to take sociology courses, its the military that created GBA+, islamophobia, and transphobia bills.
Canada operates no differently than any mega corporation.

honk honk

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honkiest honking that ever honked

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This is the only acceptable time for you underage faggots to talk about wanting to fuck a boypussy.

Is someone going to challenge this shit already? It's unconstitutional, it breaks freedom of expression.

They're only going to use this against the poor who can't stand up for themselves. Someone glorious troll with $$$ must arise..

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Other countries have constitutions too stupid amerishits.

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Your limited charter isn't a constitution, nigger.

you're asking for Russia to invade not the US right? The USA is just as extremely pozzed

It's called British Columbia because it's worse than both Britain and Colombia combined.

Tell me more about your uncodified documents nigger.

It would be terrible if someone were to find the judge responsible for this and did something to her. A tragedy to be sure, the future of Canada depends on such forward thinkers.

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Where? In a leaf kangaroo court? Wuh?
If only you knew how bad things really are, user.

yeah because any high risk high procedure surgery doesnt swallow, totally heals and looks normal after only 10 days

I already posted this once but I'm so nice I'll post it for you again.

No excuse for that when there's no physical ailment

Are you implying that chickenhole will ever look "normal"?

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fug. those stories are harsh. I've never had a child taken from me like that but I've known a few people who mutilated themselves like that. They all had severe mental issues and were 'changing identities' to try and have a fresh start at life. They considered themselves to be failures in some way and sought to escape it.
E Michael Jones, Hitler, and Jesus are right about the TQ.

lol this been posted to death in shitpost in /lgbt/ always gets trahed by other post with better results, but keep cherrypicking what fits your narrative to fit your perspective, thats on the same level as spaming Top10 plastic/cosmetic surgeties that went wrong and use it as argument for anyone else to ever do it, some doctors are fucking awfull at what they do and you know it, more poeple die from missdiagnosed basic shit than from a gunshoot per year.

its not what action you do but with what mindset, the issue and you can look it up also on the *chan section for trans and traps is that i fyou are depress and go with hormones it will not fully cure depression, some people think its like a magic wand and solve all the issues, same woth people who think getting x job or hitting the gym will also solve all the other issues in ther lives, wierdly if people hapily embrace transgender stuff they get called transtenders despite been the best candidates to never kill themselves and keep been happy

freedom of expression is limited by quite a number of things under the Charter.

While I think its wrong to give gender reassignment treatment to minors, the OP and the article they quote distort what is going on.

The actual issue the court looked at here was the father interfering with medical care, not pronoun choice. In Canada children gain control over their medical care as soon as they can reasonably understand the issues. That is child and issue dependent but happens between 12 and 16 for most kids/situations. In this case the doctors, and later the courts, determined the 14 year old had that understanding.

Here's a more complete/accurate version of the story nationalpost.com/news/canada/who-gets-to-decide-when-a-14-year-old-wants-to-change-gender

The mindset isn't the direct cause of self harm in this case. Propaganda pushing gender identity stuff to kids is selling self harm as a way of reinventing oneself and being accepted. Many of these kids need help but they are being taken advantage of by a bunch of jewish snake oil salesmen. the hormones are being manufactured and sold by israeli jews
Some actions are pathological self harm. like getting sterilized and having healthy tissue removed from your body
Trying to get a fresh start at life by getting a job and improving your health isn't pathological. cutting off your tits and getting a doctor to glue your arm to your clit is pathological

Can the 12 year olds consent to sex? Can they rent a M rated game?

Could I still be shocked in this fallen time, this would shock me.

Logic doesn't work against kikes. They're like trial lawyers. They'll give you a big song and dance and claim it proves you wrong.

Oh that's disgusting. This must be the first tranny vag I've seen, I somehow assumed they'd be way better at it than that. I'm quite glad though, the freak has to see that every time it starts to think its a girl.

Can someone repost the recent image if the dude with his tattoed dick chopped off in his hand?

not quite, its not the first time in history humans feel compelled by their body, their mind or just a concious choice and explore the wildride that is more than the usual hormones in the body, i remember reading about a village in ancient rome where they filter and drank female horse cum to not only keep the young cute males cute but also give them androginous looks

also asian countries like vietnam and thailand had has this trend of 3rd gender and that is been going way back before the jewish menance put a hand on those eastern countries.

its some of the current mainstream media culture going nuts and over the way to promote this to more people than needed and in so affecting some 'vulnerable' people? sadly yeah, im not dennying that, but im dennying the absolutism that the passion/burning desire for transgender folk to mold the phisical to fit the soul its not new on human history is just that now we have more tools

Anyone who would peddle tranny shit on your children is no different from a child molester. Deal with them accordingly.

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You will never be a woman. From the article:
>The fact that Clark is now not allowed to express his views publicly to anyone at all was, apparently, understood to be a fairly imposed consequence for his previous court-objected behavior. Had he strictly abstained from referring to his daughter “as a girl or with female pronouns,” he might not have been guilty of family violence and so subject to this order.

That's simply a fact of Canadian law.

Different laws apply to different things. Your questions are stupid

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/r/ing more stories like these.

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It's just an open wound. Gives you the measure of the insanity going on.


How long before we regularly treat those with other forms of Body Integrity Identity Disorder with surgery? Amputating limbs, blinding them, making them deaf, converting adult men into little girls, Bronies into RainbowDash?

History will judge us harshly for encouraging the mentally ill to think their delusions can be solved with invasive surgeries and powerful hormones.

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Even if it did "look normal" to the eyes of someone drunk on nightclub booze, in the deliberately shadowy lighting of a toilet cubicle, where the transwoman hopes to be penetrated by an unaware dupe, scientific analysis of the microflora and fauna of that mutilated wound site, proves that it is most certainly not normal nor healthy.
The "neo-vag" is diseased in its normal state.

Our study is the first to describe the microflora of the penile skin-lined neovagina of transsexual women. It reveals a mixed microflora of aerobe and anaerobe species usually found either on the skin, in the intestinal microflora or in a BV microflora.


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Arnie is a biological female.
Arnie's face is feminine.
"He" has particularly narrow shoulders.
"He" is testament to the power of HGH and androgen replacement therapy (and a lot of gym time.)

Counter sue the Province for sexually abusing a minor with testosterone treatments.
Or -doesn't 'age of consent' apply to genital mutilation?
Sue them until you literally own the courthouse.

That was the weirdest and one of the most disappointing ones. Who do you think molested them when they were kids?

Yep. Most trans aside the fetish trans who are a different beast are usually mental cases who have an actuall mental problem like depression, anxiety, schizofrenia I spelled that wrong and the likes but are never properly diagnosed because the "doctors" are lazy as fuck and would rather just call them trans and be done with them while getting a small kickback for the drugs they push on the tranny. If those drugs were to be given to trannies at cost there would be a huge push against trannies by big pharma and "doctors".

Because (((history))) is 100% factual and never contains lies.
No, they did not. That's kike lies. Just like their bullshit about how injuns had trannies called "two spirit"s. Except that term was made up in 1990 at a fucking LGBTFXZWTFBBQ conference.

it's not bullshit though, it just another example of women being disgusting monsters that hate men so much they will destroy their own sons for money;

'The most repugnant of all their practices is that of male concubinage. A Kodiak mother will select her handsomest and most promising boy, and dress and rear him as a girl, teaching him only domestic duties, keeping him at women's work, associating him with women and girls, in order to render his effeminacy complete. Arriving at the age of ten or fifteen years, he is married to some wealthy man who regards such a companion as a great acquisition. These male concubines are called Achnutschik or Schopans' (the authorities quoted being Holmberg, Langsdorff, Billing, Choris, Lisiansky and Marchand). The same is the case in Nootka Sound and the Aleutian Islands, where 'male concubinage obtains throughout, but not to the same extent as amongst the Koniagas.' The male concubines have their beards carefully plucked out as soon as the face-hair begins to grow, and their chins are tattooed like those of the women. In California the first missionaries found the same practice, the youths being called Joya.[69]

Transexuals are mentally ill, but so are the people that create transexuals. All throughout history perverts have been turning boys into girls so they can fuck them in the ass. See also; bathhouses in israel, turkey, persia, greece.

ROFL. I mean, it's not just the judges fault. Obviously, the laws in Canada are completely assinine. No freedom to speech? Comeee onn

Keep defending overt bias in legal proceedings by jew selected judges

Your video is talking about his 'wife', not Arnold himself. I haven't seen anyone talking about he himself being a tranny.

Oh look, Vargsplaining.
You are just another kike, pushing the exact same "freedom" shit which poisoned those following "alternative" lifestyles like trannies, queers, feminists.
Evola told us about your kind.
You encourage the dumb goyim to break their chains. Only when it's too late do those dumb goyim come to understand that those chains did not bind them, so much as sustain them.

Trannies are the coolest white minority group going.

Not even on his soy stack.

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And yet there is no evidence for any of the jewish lies you are promoting. What a shock.

There is evidence of catamites in many cultures moshe. Read a fucking book.

>oy vey goyim just read my (((books)))!

sounds like WG to me


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So much freedom of speech!

No country has a constitution like Americas except Japan and that's only because they were fucking conquered by them.

Family lost, all lost. The people doing this know what they are doing to us, they know what will happen to us if we go along with this and that is what they want, our complete death.

America represents two entire continents, but burgers can't help thinking they're everything, starting with miss universe.

I was brainwashed into becoming a transgender girl.

Of course I'm your typical INTJ/INTP nerd male.
But there was pressure to be a girl from all angles.
Girls wouldn't date me, and I wasn't a "chad" type. You know what I mean.

I wasn't cool or charismatic. So cute anime traps, adorable IRL traps on the internet, the general degenerate propaganda that was all over the place, and more than anything, a desire to try to "Be the perfect girl," convinced me that I should just be a girl.

I could be a better proper lady than the whores and sluts of the modern world, so I did.
But that's the same issue that saved me. I wanted to be a conservative, elegant lady, not a slut, and that brought me here. I always knew there was a problem. You know, that itch, that feeling that something is wrong, and you just don't know what.

The Matrix.

I took many pills, but I needed the correct red pill to solve the issue in full.

So thanks. However, it's too late. I already appear on the outside to be a beautiful, lovely girl.
My face is forever changed, and I pass perfectly as female. 8/10 or more, perhaps.

It's not the worst fate, but it's still…a fate.

But I urge you to consider this: LGBT people are victims of brainwashing. They can be saved. They can still join you. Do not doubt leftists. They are brainwashed in every way, from every direction, to every degenerate path. But they can be saved.

Transsexualism in females is very strange.
In males it is understandable.
Why would a female want to be a male?
Except perhaps a very ugly female?

Anyway, transsexualism is a thing, at least in males, because of the very strict gender roles. For females the same pressures do not exist. Females can be much closer to each-other than males without it be 'gay' and females are not in competition the same way as males. Females can act weak, feminine, or masculine, and tomboys are totally ok. Males are only expected to be strong and masculine. Males have less freedom to be nya~

There is also the issues of contaminated water and food, and circumcision. Major contributing factors nya~

If Traps, males who live as females but don't self-mutilate, were acceptable, and circumcision was banned, and the food/water supplies were cleaned, then transsexualism would not be nearly what it is today nya~

Also I'll just say that if a kid can chose to mutilate his/her genitals then they can also consent to sex. Futhermore, if a parent can get their baby circumcised by Jew/jew-doctor then they can fuck their kid nya~

Circumcision makes it easy for me: about the Jew, muslim, and cuck question. Anyone who supports it, I don't care if they die nya~


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The only reason to despair is if you wanted kids, or if you had your genitals removed not just HRT.

You are right, only the 'best' most dominant males are valued. This is the way the world is, therefore there should be increasing pressure for low status males to 'transition' in a feminist society nya~

Again, that doesn't explain why a genetic female would want to be a male… except perhaps the lack of a dominant male is her life.

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Sorry, this is for you nya~

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In the end the only way to reduce transsexualism is to eliminate feminism. Reduce females to property of their Father or Husband by default. Otherwise, females are the superior sex by nature of their social dominion, and a few chads/studs will live like kings but in reality they will be managed by the women. Therefore their will be great pressure for males to transition to females before puberty. I would be a 9/10 girl if I had transitioned like I wanted a child, but now my only option is to struggle alone to become an Alpha male nya~

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Ahh so many spelling mistakes. Whatever nya~

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Made me feel physically sick
This is no place to raise children
Leaves need to leave.

The purpose of this is to create a generation that can be used to mandate the end of reproductive rights for everyone.

By "reproductive rights" I don't mean abortion. I literally mean the right to reproduce with a willing partner.

If you, YES YOU, do not help spread this message, your entire family line will become extinct. All of your ancestor's work will be for naught.

I am banned from 4chan for spreading this message.

DO NOT claim this to be "general societal craziness". Do not revel in the idea that it's other people's children and not yours. Doesn't matter if all your children avoid this fate.

The children that fall for this will take the rights away from your children.

Spread that fact about the future. That "conspiracy theory" or you might as well castrate yourself.

We are being exterminated and people are not making the link that this is an organized top-down strategy.

DO NOT declare that these psychologists are just wrong. The entire field of psychology is a fraud. They are required to make the judgements they do. There is a literal book that is almost like an evil bible that they are required to follow or get blacklisted from their field.

Spread this message or be exterminated>>13217560
. Your choice.>In the end the only way to reduce transsexualism is to eliminate feminism. Reduce females to property of their Father or Husband by default. Otherwise, females are the superior sex by nature of their social dominion, and a few chads/studs will live like kings but in reality they will be managed by the women. Therefore their will be great pressure for males to transition to females before puberty. I would be a 9/10 girl if I had transitioned like I wanted a child, but now my only option is to struggle alone to become an Alpha male nya~
Feminism is just a top-down mandate by powerful men. You are thinking in terms of "movements' when all power is really exercised by people. Stop this.

The motive is extermination of the masses. These trans kids will grow up to be foot-soldiers for extermination.

One of their tools is that people look at this and think "well this just means my kids are going to inherit the earth".

The trans kids will grow up to take your childrens' rights away.

LGBT people will be given such privileges by the elites that they will become effectively soldiers for depopulation. Elites do not waste money. Their top-down "movement" that they created out of nothing is an investment.

Understand! This is important! Point out to people that they are unconsciously not taking too much alarm from this because they don't see that this castrated generation will be used to castrate their children!

Assuming this isn't tranny delusion (as it likely is), it seems to me like you have a unique opportunity here. If you didn't destroy your fertility via orchiectomy or SRS, or you froze sperm beforehand, you can find a woman who wouldn't be willing to marry a normal man and produce white children with her. Sure, you're a little fucked up and not likely to be the best father, but just by being redpilled you've got a leg up on a lot of "normal" men.
You were an incel beforehand anyway, it's not like this is worse than that.

This is correct, but not in the way you think it is. Hint: what does masculinity look like in primitive, pre-patriarchal societies compared to civilizations?

kek here
I was looking up David Sierhuis of winnipeg child and family services and strumbled upon pizzagate tier shit

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Where the police are the pedos.

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Vancouver Island is a containment area for kike pedos and chug gangs.

there is something evil in this city I need my pepes.
I was named after a frog but online they call me bog
the are trying to kill me and have tried so many times its becoming laughable

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I do notice that NORAD only covers AIR defense.

There's another military you might want to look into that seems to have an invisible grip on the western provinces and parts of the east, too.

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Winnipeg is the CENTRE of Canada, which is meaningful for masonic pedophiles.

Because you're taking the wrong approach, user. Think strategically. Learn about freemasonry and most importantly, learn their initials code and hand signals. Observe HOW they get out of crimes, then get some OPSEC and go online and fuck with them.

You've already blown your opsec but I have a team working on the Glen Murray stuff, rest assured.

i am kek my pepes getting caught was always part of my plan…

the jews worked together in stealing my SON

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jusein trudeau has allocated money for mental health shit

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i am not only the first artist to use art to remove the hit on his head but i am the first artist to remove my wanted level with art and reputation and naming the jew.

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they knew I was the ONE before they took my SON and I have been the storm ever since but they are changing me, once i was always righteous but I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO and i am tell all that if my son is not returned and my rights that were stripped of me.. then everyone will answer for this…

they took my SON TO CONTROL ME as no one is quite as powerful as I am. we are in a point in the history of our species where we may never come back from DO YOU GET IT…


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