Doesn't it contradict Sanhedrin 55b?

Doesn't it contradict Sanhedrin 55b?

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Paste at least a few paragraphs to your OP

Garbage original post

This reminds me. People pray to likeness. Pedophiles must surely pray to likeness. What is the likeness that pedophiles pray to? In what way are such people like each other? In what way are such people like everyone? What commonalities protect them? What shield do they bear?

It is said that god made man in the likeness of god, and therefore man is in the likeness of god. If all men are in the likeness of god, god must be comprised of a similarity between all men.

Prayer to likeness is formed also of knowing, or rather of intuition. By what intuition do pedophiles know each other? They certainly cannot in this society speak honestly of their desires. That which we call left and that which we call right do alike hate those who are so profoundly enslaved that they inflict their servitude upon children, and neither is the center amicable. What lie is shared alike among pedophiles that they may operate in such an ineluctably hostile world.

I am not a pedophile, but I would surely say that either way. So I tell you this, that you may know me sincere: whosoever hurts a child in my sight shall be cast down before the eyes of the world. No allegiance shall I keep if I believe it harmful to children.

And yet… what of this should I not say, were I one of the enslaved ones who devote themselves to something so buried they may have no honest joy?

Perhaps I can offer this token: to be free of a society of people enslaved to mistruth, I would “submit” myself to neural lacing, and have no secrets hidden in my thoughts. For no servitude is this to honesty, and never again should I forget anything, nor be vulnerable to any such lie.

Mark my words. If people do not voluntarily and in truth foreswear pedophilia forever, then by lying about people being pedophiles, the last inquisition will take the souls from all.

Jews are not especially prone to pedophilia. Not to my knowledge.

Another token. Integrity is cheap; lies are expensive. As technology advances this gap will grow larger. The people whose purity is stupid and intrinsic will not even think to hide anything from neural lacing, and then suddenly every sufficiently lawful dumbass will become sufficiently brainy and organized for scientific work. I plan to be in that army. That’s going to be a very economical “race” of people, superior to any attempt to organize on faith or pigment.

People don’t only protect their privacy because they have something to hide. Sometimes they protect their privacy because people who want to abuse privacy are abusive liars themselves whose privacy cannot be opened in turn. Yet for some causes the risk is worth taking, and for sufficiently transformative tech my own response becomes, “Fuck it, I know I’m lawful enough this project would be sincere if I were in the dark of it. Time to gamble on people being more like me than not.”

Did you catch that? Again the matter of likeness arises.


The rape of privacy is a rape indeed, but still I would consent to the ultimate invasion to have done with this world of abusive people. My defenses of privacy are meant to keep this world from collapsing into warfare amidst the final sprint. I mean it when I claim to be a pacifist… and when I claim to have been abused by people who rape privacy. I wish to live forever. Technology that restructures the nature of cognition is part of that ambition.

Forgiveness is good and valuable, and rehabilitation should always be prioritized over punishment, but the essence of primitivism is “getting away with it”!

I’m (metaphorically) sick of liars who can’t understand wanting to have the kind of independence of being enabled by integrity. Liars run inquisitions forever and somehow never come to truth, while honest people prosper just to live. A voluntarily honest society would develop well with the lightest touch.

That’s a big part of why I’m personally so intolerant of bigoted bullshit and indeed antisemitism as well. There are Jews who conspire; there is no Jewish conspiracy. There are evil Jews; Judaism is not evil. The best that can be said of you people is that you’re not as bad as what you imagine, but you imagine such deluded idiocy it’s hard to fathom how you could be.

Antifa tyrannized environments bereft of nazis with their irrational anger and short-fused prejudicial vitriol. They harassed people in the name of anti-harassment! I’d rather tyrannize you asshats personally. If any of you are somehow profoundly dishonest, that’s pathetic, innit? That still puts you in the crosshairs of a nice hedonistic froth of righteousness. If any of you are somehow profoundly dishonest, I’m not to know that, am I? I’m not watching you shitpost. I’m doing my thing - what pleases me - and what pleases me is to defend a transhuman model of honesty from people who would threaten it by being either privacy invaders OR people who don’t deserve privacy’s shield!


But hassidic rabbis practice it a lot.
Sometimes, they can't even maintain the illusion and you hear a few stories about their bath houses, such what transpired in New York.


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Advocacy group: Israel is a pedophile's paradise

Yeshiva teacher admits to sexually abusing boy

Sex slaves in the Holy Land, then and now

Israel Cracking Down on Human Sex Slave Trade for Fear of losing American Aid

The Billionaire Pedophile's Sex Den

Judaism is a child rape assembly line

Rabbis not Priests or Imams have the highest rate of pedophilia and child abuse per capita of Faith

Jewish French deputy, Daniel Cohn-Bendit admits to pedophilia

Interesting video about a famous French-Jewish politician and… pedophile

Allegations of Child Sex Abuse Cover-up in Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Communities



sorry, I meant the last (5th) pic

Ok, so this weird thing happened when I took shrooms.
I took them in the morning, then went down to the victory plot to do some digging around the potatoes. (They grow better if you bury the sprouts.) Spent a few hours in the baking sun, getting my vitamin D. No filthy jew supplements containing god-knows what, for me.
Making my way back "home", pushing my way through the screaming CHAV children and trying not to arouse the attention of the junkies and alcoholics, I waited for the lift.
Piss-stinking as always… I thought to myself " how is that even possible when it's cleaned by a Polish immigrant with a mop and a bottle of Domestos every bloody morning?"
Scarcely had the thought concluded, when the lift shuddered and came to a stop. I had arrived at my floor. There are many floors in this Stalinist hell-block, but this one is mine.
Careful now, walk around that yellow stained patch where the coke-head neighbour's friends pissed against the wall in a fleeting moment of ersatz transcendental ecstasy.
There, there it is. Key in. Turn it. In quickly, quick now, be on your guard, check that corner for an ambush. In, in. Slam & turn that shiv of cheap die-cast chinese metal in its slot. Good job.

I've known 3 or 4 pedos and I was always surprised by their utter frankness to the extent that you could say that they were almost totally out of control and were utterly unconscious of their own rotteness.

Shit OP
The Jew who answers the question does so convincingly
Gay thread

What do you mean by "pedo"?

Guys that lusted after little kids and even bragged of gratifying that lust.

So your definition already excludes women, who are a significant portion of child abusers, and in fact, the majority abusers of boys under age 6.
What do you mean by "little kids"?
What is a "kid" juvenile goat - satanic term
Is a 14 year old a "kid"? I will post a photo of a 13-year-old and you can tell if she is a "kid" or not.
Could it be that the jew has such total control over society, that it's managed to turn wives into "schoolgirls" who instead of marrying and producing top-tier virile White babies, attend a jewish institution called "school" and learn about "gender studies" and "feminism"?

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Ask on Stack Exchange. "Why do jews hate goys so much?"
Make sure you document all of the edits it receives.

The plural of goy is goyim.
The term "goys" is used by Rebel media shills to make right-wing lads look retarded.

Upvoted. Thanks for improving my question.

No problem ladino.

But seriously.
It's an important point.
The luciferian satanic kike uses language to marginalize White European ethnocentrism.
Especially they will deliberately include typos in black propaganda, in order to repel intellectuals.

They are not Luciferians, they worship (((YHWH))), the same sand demon as Muslims and Christians do. Lucifer was the white man asking retarded sand-people to stop making blood sacrifices to their moon god.