The Jews have no Future as Youth Rejects Pissrael, only Boomer lifesupport now


=='''Younger Republicans are less supportive of Israel, poll finds
The survey showed that Republicans over the age of 65 are the only age group in which a majority (57%) have a favorable view of the Israeli government. '''==

While Republicans continue to be strong supporters of the Israeli government and people, a growing cohort of younger Republicans no longer view Israel’s government favorably, according to a Pew Research Center survey released Wednesday.

The survey showed that Republicans over the age of 65 are the only age group in which a majority (57%) have a favorable view of the Israeli government. Among the youngest adults (those younger than 30), just 27% view Israel’s government favorably.
Younger Republicans also have less favorable views of the Israeli people – and more favorable views of the Palestinian people – than do older Republicans. Nearly half of Republicans and Republican leaners under 30 (48%) have a favorable opinion of the Palestinian people, compared with 30% of those 30 and older.

There are more modest age differences among Democrats. Democrats in every age group are more favorable toward the Palestinian people than are their Republican peers, according to the report.

“We see a massive decline among young Americans in support for Israel, and this is strong among both Republicans and Democrats,” said Amnon Cavari, a lecturer at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya. “This trend is something important to watch.”

He told The Jerusalem Post that individuals reach “political maturation” and develop their views of the world between the ages of 18 and 25. “To have that cohort being so critical of Israel and supportive of Palestinians in this conflict means we will see this shift for a long time,” Cavari explained.

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Israel sucks, but the problem is their right-wing governance. America is drifting left. I used to hear it said that right of centre in Europe was left of centre in America, but that may not always be true.

Daily Reminder that only about 1/3 of the Republicuck base cares about isntreal.

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That 57% approval for old boomers is lower than I thought it would be.

None of israel's policies would be functionally different if any other party won their election or some other guy replaced Netanyahu. This is a fallacious argument.

Here's the actual poll.

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My bad, here's the REAL survey.

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This is totally in line with my experience especially among the working class of the younger generation. I don't know any working-class Millennials or Zoomers, whether they are left or right leaning or black or white, who are fans of Isn'treal. When boomer genocide comes, and it can't come soon enough, only a certain sector of the rich and the petty bourgeoisie will still support the Zionists.

This, historically Labor was more brutal than Israeli rightists.

This is not out of being redpilled it's more about muh poor brown people. The anti Israel crowd in the west are mostly SJWs

So now it's over with the outright hostile plan.

It's the you are raysiss you get outbred by brown people instead.

It's good that they are learning to reject cuckolding themselves to Israel, but that will only take the next generation a portion of the way. The key that unlocks the door is are they willing to remove the infestation from their own nation? That will measure their success. If the dog can shed his fleas, he can truly prosper.

This, the JQ doesn't even enter into the equation

The JQ is being rephrased as the Zionist Question, even on this board.

I think much of the boomer support for Israel comes from a worship of Jews that has been grafted onto Christianity our country. Forced Jew idolization in the secular sphere is more stick than carrot, so there are less efficient results. When forced into the marketplace of ideas instead of being just a dogmatically accepted fact, it's true colors are more apparent. Efforts to indoctrinate the public are still being made, but they're losing their golden ticket as people are becoming less religious, and younger religious people are questioning this precept.

These cause it to not rise above the level of virtue signalling. Nothing of weight is being addressed.

Troubling. The diaspora are more of a concern than the nationalists in Jew HQ.

This is a step backwards. Zionism is related with a homeland for the Jews (ostensibly). The Jewish question puts the focus on the Jewish religion and race as a whole. Like another user said ITT, Israel = Jew HQ, attacking Zionism doesn't focus on the International Jew

Zig Forums is being refashioned as an anti-Israel board, not an anti-jew board.

Jews like Cortez bitch and Maduro are perfectly fine because they are not "zionist".

You're right. Even if the state of Israel ceased to exist today, nothing would change because only the low-tier jews live in that sandy shithole.

Remember to always ridicule and call-out politician worship, especially of communist scum like AOC and Maduro

What is the JQ equation? How would one go about proofing the JQ equation? Would you use like Proof by Contradiction or Deduction?

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Regardless of the details of the equation, the answer is 1488

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Jews = bad.

That is the equation.

Whew. People actually believe this? It seems Alex Jones and the like have successfully obfuscated the meaning of zionist into some boogeyman. I have slightly less faith in humanity now than I did a moment ago.

For anons who don't have time to lurk or lack the mental faculties to dismantle the web of Jewish influence, this one phrase is sufficient. If one learns nothing else from Zig Forums, learning this one simple fact causes one to leave a better man than when he arrived.

Everything on Zig Forums can be summed by that equation.

Moarpheus, kike2, all other "anti-zionist" kikes shill for this.

Ever having faith in humanity at large was your first mistake. History is made by minorities, the vast majority of people are dumb, easily manipulated or apolitical. This is why democracy and political equality is the tool of (((them)))

I was just thinking about this today. After the boomers die out there will be less support for Israel. Now we just need to push right wing atheism so the Israel lobby can't get evangelical Christian money and votes. No evangelicals, no ZOG.

Why be anti Zionism? Seeing sandniggers and kikes, 2 of our biggest enemies, duke it out over some shithole in the desert is at the very least entertaining. And lets not forget that Hitler himself was a big proponent of a Jewish homeland in order to get them out of Europe.

Lets not lose sight of the fact that the Jews in the west are the real threat. They are the ones pulling the strings and pushing globalism/open borders.

Why is always Jews? I'm not even kidding, what about their religion makes them so despicable, so fucking vile? So evil? They are the most hated group on the planet for a reason, and that reason is because they ruin everything they touch.

But what about them makes them that way? I just don't fucking get it. What, in the Jewish mind, drives a Jew to be so awful?

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Never read the new testament in the king james bible?

Biological selection. Politics and culture are downstream from biology, and jews have been jewing so long that it's become genetic. Just look at this appalling heeb.

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high levels of race mixing and incest. their secret club religion promotes pedophilia and cannibalism. constant paranoia, high rate of schizo. most have a bad inferiority complex due to being highly inferior
possibly easy vessels for demons or literal manifestations of evil created by the demiurge to hasten the destruction of the world

It is not about right-wing vs left-wing. Communists reject Israel too. It is about tribal thinking! When a policy supports our people and rejects the kikes, it is a good policy, which means that even some leftist points are alright! Cuckservative right-wingers support Israel and are the biggest traitors of our people, that's why they deserve the bullet too!

A long long time ago. A human realized that instead of killing the cow, he could make the cow his slave and take it's milk whenever he wanted. From there it was only a small logical leap to realizing that you could enslave your enemies rather than kill them. Middle Easterners evolved in a region surrounded by enemies on all sides, and the desert has few natural resources, don't believe the bullshit about the Levant being a bread-basket, that place is hot and arid, and jews are not farmers anyway. The real resource that the middle east has always exploited is human slave trade. And they have always been the best at it.

Die Jugend gehört uns

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So boomers really ARE the problem.

I always knew that Democrats are the real racists

There are no good jews you dumb fucking nigger.

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There is no such thing because you didn't convince us for shit this is obvious pilpul and subverting you obvious kike.
Fuck off there are no good jews.

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It's these people who are helping the Jews to end freedom of speech.

(((Pew Research)))
Just sayin'

You learn through pain.

Heres the (((gallup))) one

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Actually he is fine because Trump hates him. If you pissed of Blumpf so much he wants to invade, you are clearly doing something right


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Nuke israel, then mecca

This guy gets it.

“Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. THE BLOODTHIRSTY JEWISH TERRORISTS HAVE MURDERED SIXTY SIX MILLION in Russia from 1918 to 1957!” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Laureate and Russian Patriot.

They want to be Jews, but not accept true Judaism. They are privilege seekers nothing more.

Israel, Mecca, Washington DC, LA, Brussels, London, and Berlin. Problem solved.

..and there are only 2% jews yet control both parties. numbers are irrelevant, money and blackmail talks.

Oh don't you worry. When the boomer Jews don't have a youthful generation to prop them up we'll pick up the tab. We're good Americans!


To be honest, that's actually pretty amazing. You'd think it would be much higher. There's hope for them yet.

Haha poor manlet kikepiro tried so hard to capture the youth but his disgusting semitic inbred unibrow ratface was just too unlikable.


Politics is downstream of culture, DOTR comes, KYS

Someone please drop off passages at your local from the Talmud showing abortion comes from Judaism.

Christcucks damn near stroke out when they learn this.

You forgot all the central banks, the IMF and the World Bank.

In fact, you could probably just do those and save the cities for the citizens to clean out themselves. Why deny them their right to revenge?

Show Christcucks the passages from the Talmud on abortion, and explain to them that abortion came from Jews. Without Jews, no abortion.

Plus, it's hilarious to watch them when you do it.

It's more that the holocaust is drifting into the past.. Israel was built on holocaust guilt, and that victimhood made them above criticism.. now people are starting to see just how brutal Zionism is.

Zionist Christians don't care about that.. They might even hate Jews,, but Israel needs to exist so Jeebus can come back and end the world..which is what they crave.

This, I don't care if the jews are zionists or not.
The only thing we should care about is destroying the current banking system. We should avoid talking about 14/88 and redpill the niggercattle about this:

Yeah well, once shlomo starts spreading the shekels around to the cuckservatives that will change. The old cunts have the power which is why they get the bribes. As long as we only have two major parties, America will continue to be the jews bitch.

I guess the Fourth Turning means gassing of kikes. Poor poor Bannon, that obese ZOG shill.

That was true… but this country really went to shit under Obama…. if you voted for him pls kys!

And yet they are still on board with white genocide and flooding our countries with shit-skins so it literally doesn't matter.


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Neck yourself

No, shlomo

No, it didn't. You just decided to start noticing.

On a long enough timeline, every jew becomes good.


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Criticizing zionism is attacking JQ, great way on breaking their victim narrative.


Don't forget your judeo-christian values!

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There are. However, there are quite a few checkmarks they need to have.
There's Bobby Fischer and Otto Weininger. Can't think of others, but there presumably are.

It doesn’t matter how many Americans support Israel. What matters is how many politicians support Israel, and right now that’s near 100%. AIPAC is a huge voting and lobbying bloc, and every major Presidential candidate as well as many other major political figures in the past few decades have attended or given speeches at its conferences. It’s not the vote of the American people that’s got a hold of our Republican representatives, it’s AIPAC.

For example, you say only 57% of boomers support Israel, but 99% of Republican senators (everyone except Rand Paul) voted to make BDS illegal.

Found the "everyone i dont like is a jew"

a weighty concern, true. thankfully this has been overturned by the courts for violating the 1A, at least for now. apologies for the article being about literally a sand nigger. it was the first one i could find. i recall reading user's comment claiming that this judge or another judge who held a federal seat made a similar ruling, causing it to apply on a federal level, but i don't feel like digging to verify at the moment.

sage negated, uberkike.

It's just too easy to dislike jews.

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Is this Farrakhan the Islamic white hater post.
Is this the new plan after taking out the twin towers did not work
Fuck you are Dumb.
We know..

If the shills here were to be believed, the Republican youth has suddenly embraced "radical Islam," because anything other than fanatic support for Jewry is "Muslim talk."
Tick tock, indeed.

BUMPED as fuck


When the Judeophile right is defeated, a major pillar of support is gone.

Israel would be shit no matter which Jew were in charge.

Maybe, guess we'll have to wait and see if israel exists in 20 years - or the US for that matter. ;)

I have my doubts that either country will last another 20 years.

Theirs is a singularly perverse and grotesque culture derivative from them being a singularly perverse and grotesque group of creatures on the biological level.

Gods willing.

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