Explosions in multi car pileup possible terrorism


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Location Lakewood Colorado i70

Seriously nigger?
Just another day on American highways.

Probably just a boomer gasoline truck driver who fell asleep.


The way you're eager to shill this makes me think it was a satanic ritual mass murder.

That's a weird conclusion but ok


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Probably just some faggot transporting volatile shit in non-DOT approved containers and fragged himself and everyone else as a result of his incompetence

Apr. 21 to 26 Preparation for the Sacrifice (DA)
Apr. 21 to 29 Preparation time for sacrifice (SA)
Apr. 26 Grand Climax (EE)
Apr. 30 Beltane (NA, SS, SA, DA)
Apr. 30 Walpurgisnacht (SS, S2, NS)
Apr. 30 Solstice (UH, TH; Note 3)

Care to compound on what the fuck your saying?

Shouldn't you be somewhere raping slaves kike?

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Where at?

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Couple hours from me , nice.
Honk Honk that accelerated nicely

Nigger what? I was ripping at the soy fag in the first pic.
Tell me user, why would some random faggot want to incinerate some random cars on a road, suppose it is some sacrifice or holocaust, what connection is there, who is responsible?
From what the OP says, it sounds like some faggot transporting some special stuff that happens to be very sensitive and decided to play his super euro beat mix and got carried away.

What did he mean by this?

Kill yourself niggerbrain. You misuse memes btw, foreigner.

Well sorry I don't look into the same shit as you, you have an argument now you must provide evidence to your claim. I'm not saying it's impossible for it to some spooky glow shit, I just want your explanation so that I can be better informed, is that so much to ask?

That's the semi.

Watch the video for yourself it's live you lazy fucking nigger. I know you're a shill because I've already said enough details that are suspicious.

smoke instantly after the semi passed him on stream and cops were already there very weird

Anxiety cured

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Ok? I watched it, only odd thing I can note is that the faggot driving the semi crashed directly under the bridge, the pops and explosions didn't sound very large. Maybe he did it purposefully with the intent to take down the bridge, although it doesn't seem to have been very effective.
I haven't really been able to decipher what the fuck this says as he didn't include any further details about the dates, names, or abbreviations.

This here is a good point, although I would say it could have been dust kicked up since he was going 80+mph, but it also could have already been on fire. As for the cop, yeah it's a bit odd.

This is gay
If this is acceleration it’s fucking weak assed

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those black clouds were definetly from fire but i dont understand how they could get so massive in just a few seconds

no u

only just seems like the only thing the guy was accelerating was his truck and his death

this pic should be memed like the review kid looking out the window

He was probably carrying some extra spicy shit like a fat load of fertilizer or some other stuff that gets hot quick, and when he finally tipped it got all the extra oxygen + the synthetic shit from all the other vehicles and boom, it all turns into nasty fucking super smog. There is a reason DOT has a hazardous materials classification.

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go to min 54 to get the party started

How fucking naive do you have to be to think anyone could survive being rammed from behind by a semi truck and trailer going 60 mph and then exploding?

Now this faggot is talking about getting publicity and money for his footage of people getting BTFO irl.

Satanic High Holy Days, derived from ancient Levantine sacrifice week. Also wierd, destructive stuff tends to happen in late April.

You're so fucking dumb. You probably think contrails are the same as chemtrails.

Lotta soy in that goy.

Watch the vid again his trailor was closer to a box but it was covered with panels.


Yes there are many FBI sodomites in Colorado what's your point? Think they were behind the Haji Hauler?

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Innit great? People here are free laughs.

You're welcome.

Search for "Xenon Planet" he's yet another leftist rapist.

Literally every day of the year has some event or anniversary or religious significance associated with it.
Satanic illuminati shit is like sexism. If you look for it everywhere, you will find it everywhere.

If that wasn't terrorism this one sure was

Car Ramming Attack in California

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Dumb niggerbrain somehow it was only the driver of the semi that was quickly whisked away in an ambulance? That's convenient.

>One dead in fiery crash near Colorado Mills Parkway; I-70 closed in both directions


another article


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Take your meds.

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it's started….
DOTR begins tomorrow at sunrise /pol-fuckers

same energy

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So what diversity hire was in charge of that truck when he was flying along the freeway? Or was it someone sleep deprived from the dangerous scheduling and rushes these drivers have to do?

2:56:00 is when the semi speeds past. this is the beginning of the event

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Maybe it was Computer Controlled.

the machines are rising goyim

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A disproportionate number of events where a large number of people die occurs every year on or around April 19th. There is usually a bit of wiggle room for the exact date. Often, the dates line up with Purim. This year we have the Notre Dame fire, the Sri Lanka bombings, and a few other smaller things. All within a few days of the 19th.
They love their symbolism. One thing I speculated on was Assange being this years high value sacrifice as he was arrested and taken, held if you will, roughly seven days before the 19th.
Prove it wrong, though. World Wars, 9/11, Columbine, the Titanic, all kinds of shit conveniently occurs within a week or so of April 19th.
A certain occult ritual requires an innocent man be put to death. In 2015(6?), Aaron Hernandez "hung himself" in jail while awaiting trial thus nullifying all charges. Ergo, an innocent man was put to death. Wonder when that took place?

this guy is a massive faggot, and very unfunny for a "comedian" basically a derp that just livestreams his life and people donate i guess.

is this all it takes to make a living on youtube? fuck anyone could do that

Agreed. Typical soy cuck that votes Bernie in the day and assaults tranny hookers in Thailand at night.
Actually he lives in a van and eats out of garbage cans so I wouldn't consider that making a living.

No, no, no. This is clearly a satanic ritual intended to start the race war and bring about DotR and probably also project Bluebeam.

Brakes may have gone out or some other mechanical failure, I'm kinda surprise that only 1 person died, could have been much worse.
Although he may have been sleep deprived and just kinda floored it when he dozed off.

Oh shit! Those devil trips don't lie.
Actually makes sense and is spooky as fuck.


It's not mie fault I'm like this; mommy took ecstasy every saturday night for years.

Pajeets aren't allowed here.


Whats fucking weird is that the guy was just talking about how his rotors are worn down and his car stopped kinda wobbly so he needs to get them changed. synchronicity

not to worry that was a self driving Google truck of peace.

(fokken checked)
You're absolutely right. Have you heared about mercury? The nasa gemini and nasa apollo & the symbolicism of the 88 and maria curie's (mer-cury) rad, the death of her innocent husband and the life of curie daughters? It's uncanny how deep the rabbit hole goes, and I'd love to know more.


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Whos' retarded here?
You have NOTHING to base your assumptions on. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.
Don't try to act smart when you IQ is below freezing.

Why is he listening to nigger music, goddamn I already hate whoever this faggot is


Some I wouldn't call bad but big events nonetheless

Many more but those are all that comes to mind.

Soyboy meets the apocalypse.

don't tell me jews did chernobyl..

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maximum kekdrive


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9/11 didn't happen around April 19th because it was in fucking September

The horrific crash appears to be the work of a beaner truck driver…probably drunk.

Lots of mexican immigrants are drunkards.

is this guy homer simpson in real life? duh!!!
anyone have a picture, a photograph of the semi driver who went blazing through at 80mph during a traffic back-up?

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Foo Fighters DMCA complaint.

Never post here again.

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Typical Zig Forumsak numerology nigger behavior.

imagine having so little self awareness that you are the literal embodiment of 'soy wojack' yet still plaster your face all over youtube

"If you believe in prayer now's a good time to say one"


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This picture is so ready to become a gay blowjay shoop.

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user's we should become truck drivers and get all the necessary stuff to transport highly volatile and explosive chemicals.

Watch the vehicles burn and listen to this at same time: youtube.com/watch?v=hw4M14e6RCU

Sell your Uber stock now. Tesla is going to take over automated taxi, and trucking too. Yes, there are explosions, but look at all the Teslas that haven’t exploded yet.

Post proof or fuck off.