We need to create a federalized method of organizing

I need input on this. I've given up on the idea of an organization appearing that will serve the interests of all. We're too wide spread.

What we need is some type of protocol whereby we can organize a federation. If anyone is tech minded think of the Mastodon method. Or how Switzerland or USA does it except without some faggot as a leader who can call shots and thus be subverted.

Basically at grassroots level you could form a local community of like minded individuals with a common goal. Alone you will not be able to achieve much. But if there is an agreed upon protocol for you to network with other groups then suddenly we have something.

There just needs to be some underlying goals that everyone agrees with.


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We need to take Zig Forums IRL , utilizing the same leaderless structure. And make it global, because our enemies are. Think of a two-key encryption, Zig Forums would be a "private" key while IRL would be a public key.

How to apply this realistically?

Have you read the books of H.Covignton? They have a pretty clear idea about how to do it.

We are stronger if zog doesnt have a head to cut.

I have not. Anything in particular?

By widespread, you mean too rare to find each other. Abusive people empowered fascism in this country, but, y’know, not YOUR abusive people.

The fascism that rules today is the fascism of lies.

I mean geographically but also ideologically.
If group A is pro violence and group B is anti violence there should be some protocol whereby they can still work together for an greater ideal.

The gist of cultural marxism is one big whine of ITZ NOT FAIR.

It plays on the white psyche, all that ice ace sharing and high trust that if someone accuses you, you must hear him out.

Cause them to increase their rhetoric and be seen as tyrants. It's not all of the solution but a tonic for many more whites than those who go actively seeking redpills.

The five books

And for ideas: a jerarchy organization is both strengh and weakness. So it will be better to keep it at minimum. Relaying more on little squads with a leader that serves as a form of communication with one another. But that on the low level.
Also we could let each "unit" to organize and operate as it wants, in this way preventing the enemy from having a clear picture of us.

You should REALLY read covington book's. He goes on this subjects pretty deeply.

Read the first one. It's a real trip. Think; Modern updated Turner Diaries

Preposterous. Violent people are slaves. They dwell in deep wells of manipulation and defiance; decent people keep them in check while indecent people punish them. It’s not literally impossible for peaceful people to collaborate with violent people, but it’s pretty close. It’s not productive. It probably ought to be impossible, and it’s generally more helpful to the violent than the peaceful. Coercive people work the axis of history in the wrong direction and get lost in the tide.

Leaderless is stupid. You need leaders. Its that natural order. Leaderless movements are for flags like occupy and communism.

Tell me the names. I'm having trouble with finding them

Oh excuse me…*fags

Well, Zig Forums would be a semi-anonymous place where we discuss ideas without personal attachment (There would be no leaders for them to bribe, coerce or character assassinate, no mass-psychology for them to exploit). IRL would be a place where we enact them. You wouldn't need someone to give you orders, and we would be up to tricks of our enemies in real time. Basically, most of us would know what they need to do, without there being any command chain to speak of. Due to chaotic nature of chans, they would find it very hard to predict actions of each individual, and thus develop counter-measures.

Someone who they suspect to be very dangerous and prone to violence could act like a total pacifist calling out agent provocateurs, someone they did not suspect could be doing a lot of damage in the meantime. We would change tactics on the spot, creating order out of chaos, a beautiful symphony.

This, if done properly, would render most of their containment methods obsolete. Internet surveillance is meaningless if you act beyond confines of what they are capable of understanding. Physical enforcement would prove to be quite difficult as well, especially if you are not breaking any laws, and if you are, doing it so in a manner that overloads the system, exploiting it's every structural flaw to the maximum.

We must develop next level cybernetics. Take everything that made chans great and apply it IRL. Everything is a game of numbers.

Yes, you need leaders. The best one being yourself.

Are you deliberately being stupid? These micro groups would obviously mostly have leaders or some sort of hierarchy. I'm talking about a way for these groups to collaborate.
Think the Axis in WW2. The Italians Japanese and Germans didn't see completely eye to eye or coordinate but they had treaties in place.

Here they are user. Have fun

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Oh shit. Thanks

Oh look. Another useless "we need to do X" thread that won't amount to anything

Fuck off with this inconsequential armchair hypothesizing and actually do something if you want to see change. Don't come to us tell us what we need to do, come to us with something you've alreadydone, in order to prove to us how it is effective and we should follow it.

/pols/ toxicity pushes most blue pilled faggots away. Added to the fact that if something isn't on the front page of jewgle they wont go there.

What i propose is a website which needs a username and password to comment but does not display said username. You could report shills and bots but you would still keep anonymity and stop name fagging.

The most important thing to do is to organize , it will take a long time for anything to happen when we have no IRL presence. Remember you are talking to people who have pretty close to your political opinions , and most likely aren't lemmings.

We must reach the outside world and spread are views or we will leave our future in the hands of the lemmings who have no thought for our people or our race.

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I already have a local group. I'd like a way to collaborate with others.

Rather than underlying goals, foundational principles perhaps? To Know and Understand, To Find the Truth.

There are of course a great many self-righteous individual persons, and groups that feed their delusions. How does a man tell the difference between self-righteous and righteous? Those with a dedication to Know and Understand, to Find the Truth; and those that simply find what they want and declare it truth?

Even if there is only ever one person in this Federation of Independent People, if that person is committed to the Truth, it is a worthwhile endeavour.

Would you be fine with dropping a name (obviously of the group) ?

No. It doesn't have a name. We're a group of men who are either in a healthy non miscegenation relationship or actively seeking such. We promote that you should get married and follow principles from /sig/. We avoid debt and putting money in the pocket of our enemies.

Why not just use a tripcode nigga

It sounds a bit vague. Which truth? So you can be seeking truth but in day to day be in an interracial relationship which is obviously bad and playing into the jews hand.

A trip code would work.
But I also want something to differentiate the Website and group from Zig Forums and 4chan. Maybe even allow private messaging?

No problem, im just doing my part
Where are you from? Im from Argentina. And im really looking for groups to join.

no retard, we just need to subvert and take control of the Republican Party.

Wow great input. Thanks for stopping by. Ever thought there is more outside the USA?

Alright user let's start by linking up with like-minded individuals and get shit going.

The first and most important step is initial communication. We need a way to talk freely and securely without (((them))) listening in or infiltrating. From there we can organize in to more appropriate groups for our ideology/geography.

Now how we actually implement this is beyond me. Maybe a private forum, maybe an IRC channel, I really don't know.

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CHALLENGE with networking with like minded Call of Duty Mod War 4 GAMERS
Most people have heard of terms such as ‘Data Mining’ and ‘Machine Learning’. However, few people have an idea of the power such techniques hold and the impact that they have on our daily lives. Some might know that email providers use machine learning to filter spam. Or that applications such as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana have a basis in machine learning. However, machine learning can do much more than those two examples. To better understand what technologies such as Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) could do, an understanding of data mining and machine learning is useful. Put simply, data mining is carried out by a person who is looking for a pattern in a specific dataset in a specific situation. Whereas machine learning makes use of a computer to predict individual outcomes using a dataset to create an algorithm. [1] In other words, you could say that data mining explains the patterns and machine learning predicts with models. For further information on the basics of machine learning the following (Dutch) article is available on IThappens: ithappens.nu/toepassingen-van-machine-learning/. To further illustrate the capabilities of such technologies, we will explore the NORA technology in this article.
What is Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness?

According to Merriam Webster, ‘non-obvious’ can be defined as follows: “not easily discovered, seen, or understood”. [2] Within the context of NORA this essentially means discovering relationships between disparate data types and data locations. Technologies such as NORA are data mining technologies using real-time analysis of data and distributed data mining to uncover ‘non-obvious’ relationships. @@@@@@@@@For example, NORA could tell you whether your childhood neighbour’s boss frequents the same bar as a notorious criminal. And NORA goes through this process whenever new data is available.

Though the basis of NORA was first developed by Jeff Jonas in 1983 to identify credit fraud, its rise to fame can be found in early 90’s casinos to protect them from unknowingly doing business with criminals. Building on the capabilities NORA had shown in the gaming industry, the CIA invested in NORA to be further developed. Where NORA could help improve national security by discovering threats of a terroristic nature. Later in 2005 it was acquired by IBM. [3]
How does NORA work?

NORA - IThappens

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You are misunderstanding. I continue to engage with this as if it were legitimate, it pains me that I cannot know. In any case, please forgive the following pretentious ramble as I clarify.

These are not a set of goals they are foundational principles. You can build any house upon them you desire. If you must ask which truth, then you have failed to form a solid foundation for that house. There is only the truth. It’s not vague at all (chaotic complexity etc aside), if it appears so then it is only because our ability to discerned it is flawed or incomplete.

For example; it is not diversity that is a strength, it is perspective. The flawed, incomplete understanding of diversity has thus led to a reduction in the ability of "the left" to discern the truth. There are those that have found what they wanted and abandoned the search, elevating the method above their goals. Many seem to have forgotten their goals completely, becoming consumed with the method.

To perhaps use your example, though I may be misrepresenting it, the method you would use to produce a strong people is to avoid interracial relationships (I make no statement on how sound it is as a policy, even in a limited scenario there is always possible future genetic technologies to be considered here). The method you have chosen is "avoid interracial relationships", but that is not the goal. The goal is to produce a strong people (or perhaps just the number of your own and related offspring). Your methods may be correct, or they may be flawed, but if you are dedicated to the truth then you will always be able to look past your methods to your goals.

Finally, my personal morality allows me to make no judgement about your goals. We are not even to make moral judgements about you. Our desire is to increase Freedom and Creativity. I might hope that as a world you find ways to compete in peace and cooperate towards the acomplishment of your common goals but ultimatley your paths are your own to cut.

You'll learn better in time. If anything it should be destroyed to force Whites in a new direction. It is a great enemy to White racial consciousness

Checked. Everyone should have already started on their close friends. Build your inner circle of those you know well and can reasonably trust. Build safely as possible from there but don't don't bring them into things or around your men until you can be reasonably sure of them. If you don't want to there are people you can pay to research prospects. Overall safety first. As for safe long range communications I don't have anything to add but there are Anons who are I'm sure.

I'm listening.

To have private communications, you need private communication lines, which is a huge feat.

We need like carrier falcons or pigeons, maybe a long distance HAM radio network would work, maybe like pepe drones that fly from town to town and carry an image board.

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Zig Forums is far less toxic than it used to be, which is a bad thing. It served as a good filter. True battle for normies is outside of Zig Forums , other websites, platforms, IRL. This place is a containment zone, they are not even bothering to send proper shills anymore, which is a good indicator of it being harmless for them.

You don't need usernames, what you need is to spread our ideas as much as possible, to whatever extent possible. But only to the people who are actually capable of understanding them. Lemmings are irrelevant, they will get affected by other means, or perish. Race is not only biological, which is why those who only belong to in in the most base, material state "lose it" so easily. It's something that you must appreciate on both instinctive (biological), mental and spiritual level. Otherwise it's not substantiated, and will perish. Like everything else.

Our truth is will to power, towards a shared vision.

We must adapt to operate in an environment with little to no privacy and maximum exposure to subversion. It's the most difficult approach, but the most sound one, long term.

Most anons grew up and spent a lot of their youth playing video games. Including some very challenging ones that pushed you beyond the limit to beat them. While from a then-current society's perspective, it seemed like a complete waste of time and life, it was actually what trained us from the early youth to develop thinking patterns for resisting the Jewish "AI god" to come. We taught ourselves to recognize AI behavior, identify it's patterns and defeat it by either creative intelligence or sheer intuition. Making us the prototype soliders of the future wars. Not only do most of us have the "specs" for it (INTP/J personality, >120 IQ, etc.), our brains are also wired differently due to different nurture. This practically makes us a different species, the one that their herding algorithms are highly ineffective for.

No matter how complex and advanced their cybernetics gets, it will still be the "dumb AI" that we remember from the old games at it's core. And every AI can be gamed, even the "godlike" ones. Instead of trying to affect the medium, we should be affecting the observer instead. This is what the true war, the occult war is all about. War for reality.

What was the real reason for them going after the gaming industry? Money? Making it PC? That was only a convenient cover, the motives behind it are far more insidious. It looks like some /ourguys/ were involved in the original gaming scene, turning it into a dangerous weapon. Once the kike has learned of it, it has dispatched it's drones to neutralize it.

you can't beat deepmind, try and it will break your will

testing testing tor bump

Unity with hitlerists/jewshaters? No way. It is better union with china than with you. Extinction/replacement is your best way.

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Scrub all references to race and start talking about how immigration is used to lower wages.

It's simple, should the American citizens have a say in immigration policy or should some Jews and corporate fat cats in a smoky back room decide for us.

In most white countries it's the latter.

Mathematical factoids and memes are interesting. For example did you know we spend over a billion a day on interest on our debt?

Just remember if free speech is restricted speak out against the corporate power and be antiwar.

I was just reading this

Jews want to destroy freedom of speech and thanks to 4 and 8 pol it looks like they will eventually. wtg fags

Check this twitter to see the Jews latest ideas, R & D on manipulating public opinion thru the media.

We need to create a federalized honey pot

Great Idea
let's call it "Friends being Individuals". We can all be friends, have sleep overs, tail-gate, have cook-outs, go camping.
We can market ourselves by our acronym FBI and see write-ups in the MSM daily……. awesome dude.

Bump. Once this happens things will change forever. One an organization of truth spills into real life, it will spread. People want the truth.

Maybe, but many people don't realize that what they take for the Truth is a lie.



lets make tee-shirts
Friends being Individuals

Video games. We should meet in video games.

I feel that we also need a mutual aid community which upholds it self through the creation and maintenance of a series of tech based co-op organizations.. we can build a social network, a search engine, patreon like service, video hosting.. anything that is crucial for our communication, we should control.. also a folkcoin (crypto currency) based on productive labor for the movement would be optimal as well. We need to take back power from the tech mongers, and the Usury mongers

This, I vote for Rust

Global report.

We built a White Preservationist page on FaceBook, and we receive between 20,000- 60,000 impressions per month, we have grown from zero members to 1890 in 4 months. Some might not like it, but Facebook is the best place to white Pill the conservatives, centrists, and libertarians.. we get many messages thanking us for the unique content, and bringing out previously unknown ideals of our Aryan past

Organizing takes BRAINS to do right. And who here actually has 'em?

Not you apparently

Fixed for you.

Yes, we should use every medium and social network available, just package it carefully to avoid wrongthink censorship. Once their mass hypnosis is dispelled, people easily come to the right conclusions and final solutions

Slaves exits for a reason. Tools are a necessity, your one sided view will only turn those slaves against you. A society needs all the castes operating their proper function

Shit thread, but I'll recycle it.

Not really, my stomach is growling, and I think many other men are the same way, willing at this point to follow whoever has food and medicine, but I would strongly prefer a stable situation with a tribe of my own race.

I can using my own GPU servers.

Naturally, it should be the inverse of the FBI, the IBF.

Any serious attempt to take over the world of minecraft would have a cryptocoin with encrypted traffic impossible to detect or ban from the net.

Bumping for interest.

they don masks and sit at the metaphysical table, discuss affairs of the world and dispense memes like fallen gifts from on high through visions and song
if they are to manifest in reality, they then bleed, and then die
a time may call for this, but it better draw the lords below forth so they too can bleed and then die

until then, they must amass a great following, never expecting of them to join the table, speaking to them as the eternal voice that commands their eternal spirit, and as mortal men in disguise.

and for those who won't follow, damn them all to the hell of their own making

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The underlying goal is victory, which requires that we defeat the enemy.

Money is an abstraction. Skill and will are the necessary inputs, neither requires payment.

Good idea, bad location.

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Just use the Diffie–Hellman exchange algorithm.

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O in ZOG means "occupational". You dont organize openly against an occupier. Local groups of people that know each other well, and they run a partizan group, doing hit-and-run operations.

Maaybe separately some political action. Like Sinn Fein and IRA, look there for an inspiration of acting under an occupier that has to keep appearances.


Elaborate on this

My concern is that we are losing the information war and that censorship will continue to be hammered down. I don’t know how we can take this system down anymore, if anything I think we need to stop being all over the place and have a set plan of what to do. Because there will be no more Trumps and political means to succeed in our goals. We need to make a 5 year plan, what do we intend to do to shake things up as they say? We need to stop making the system laugh, we need to make them scream.

thanks for the goods straight up, didn't even have to dig for a couple minutes.

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I have been thinking about this topic for a while, sadly tor prohibits uploads from tor users so I'll have to upload raw text from a pdf.

Creating Communities

The Process

email address for planning the meetup (time, date and place).

a) meetup again
b) reject match


This is a very abstract way to build communities
framework, communities of similar minded people will find each other given sufficient time.

This is theoretically decentralisable

There is minimal identifying information kept on the server
* an email address
* relationships with other users

Shills are ejected by design


Proving that this project is legit?

Keeping out infiltrators

Verifing the server is running the correct software

The hardest part of all of this would be keeping it shill free. There are glows and antifa out there that want your guts. One barrier to entry would be a requiring a large time investment. Ensuring that matches are offered slowly (and more slowly to those with a poor karma) would discourage ""“activists”"" and other groups.

email epa at cock dot li, tell me what you think :^)

You're just spent four long blog posts saying that we need shill free irl groups but that keeping them shill free is next to impossible.

I'm a tech brainlet. I took some C, Pascal, etc back in 1980s and got As, but never used it.

Why can't some Open Sores "distributed" peer-to-peer thingy be invented that would become the new Social Media and couldn't be censored, and would also act as a conglomeration of all other Social Media content, after removing all their ads, thus ending their business model?

Girls, this ain't like taking on Standard Oil or even AT&T. You don't need ANY physical infrastructure, just one program that gets instantly shared world wide.

PS-Social Media ain't like Google where you might need at least some real algorithms to get best results.

AFAIK, everything Social Media does (except collecting info on users to target with ads) could be done by rookie freshman programmer. Its just sharing text, pics and barely video.

Do you have any degrees or certifications in geology?

I’m saying don’t do anything on top of a supervolcano.

Nope, you don’t need a degree or certification in geology to know that this would kill you if you were on top of it.

I've been trying to come up with a way to do something like this, as a bored out of my mind programmer, but I haven't been able to get the idea quite right. The main problem I see is with p2p solutions is that the data has to be stored somewhere, and users aren't going to want to download a massive post history just to use the site/app. If you store it all on your own server, you have it centralized and the big players will shut you down. I would absolutely love to work on any software project related to Zig Forums interests, I just can't quite figure out a worthwhile implementation. Your example of a conglomeration of all social media content would be good, but you'd need a partnership with the others to access their data, which would never happen. If anyone has a good software idea and wants help, I'm always lurking. Even if someone made a non censored twitter clone, it would be difficult to get it mainstream (others have tried) and eventually you would be sued into submission for hosting "hatespeech" or the like. I feel like there is a genius software idea that is simple and effective that I just can't figure out.

internet blood farts

We already have this. It's called Proud Boys. Just stop masterbating ffs


It’s only good for narrow tasks with well defined rules. In real life you can throw a wrench in its computations with an ounce of creativity.

Best way to organize is to break away from the system. Create a homestead in the wild. Farm the land and build it up. Raise a big and healthy family on your homestead.

Invite your friends to be a part of your home and as more and more like minded people join you’ll have a thriving community. The community exponentially grows. It may start small but it’ll become very large in a few generations.

This is what the Amish are doing. I’ve done calculations on how rapidly they are growing and if trends continue. On average they have a family size of 7. If this continues starting at current pop levels 251,000 for 3 generations they be 3,921,875 large, for five generations they will be 61,279,296.875, for seven generations 153,198,242, for nine 957,489,013, for eleven 5,984,306,335.

This is how we win. On top of fighting back we create our own trad societies and multiply. The christain population in Rome started very small and all the sudden overwhelmed the romans and subverted their culture from within in the course of hundreds of years. Unlike the Christians however we will not destroy, we will create.

Don't have be in the wild to break away.

Model it on the mafia: to get a meeting, you must be introduced by a member, someone initiated. And it must be grassroots, like OP said. Anons in Michigan, for example, need to create their own clubs with their own initiations, traditions, etc. There should be thousands of these clubs across the USA.

Glad to see fullchan is open to these ideas. You'd be called a fed on halfchan for even suggesting.

Something we all need to understand is this: power doesn't come from memes, it doesn't come from voted, it doesn't come from the people. Power comes from wealth, knowledge, connections, relationships. As long as we are languishing here in digital space is as long as we will remain powerless. To break the wall of anonymity is the ultimate next step for Zig Forumsacks.


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W-wait are you saying we could receive missions? If that's the case I think as a rule when we get co-op missions as a show of loyalty to each other and the cause that we write up reviews on our partner and their performance. This is gona be fun, I'd like to create some missions if thats ok.

For long distance, I guess we speak a language that they don't immediately understand, like memes. Obviously they will catch on and its not exactly foolproof.
In person however, basic opsec like cellphones out of range, sweep for electronics etc freely talk about radical plans without consequence among a small known in group and never rehash this anywhere else. The group decides on actionable ideas/plans from the mundane to the extreme and no one else. Ideally these people live together and maintain close contact for intervals of time depending on the severity of their work.

Memes are constantly changing. It wouldn't be too hard to create a test of sorts. Fill in the blank type shit, like "_ _ _ _ _ calling." Get 100% of them correct or you don't connect.

You think Portland would like to drink that milkshake?