Macron says Notre Dame should be rebuilt in line with diversity; architect suggests an Islamic minar

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honk honk

christcucks btfo


Daily reminder that all of this is directed in totality by the French military.

Called it. I motherfucking called it. The absolute predictability of these kike abominations.

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He's a disgrace to the French

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Any source for Macron's statement? The page doesn't have one or I missed it

French anons what are you doing? Why do you allow this man to still be where he is?

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I imagine it's not easy to get passed walls, surveillance and armed guards

< Deus Vult my ass.

CRISTCUCKS will come here and still blame it on Pagans, than fight the real (((enemy))) or mudslimes. CHRISTCUCKS won't have the balls to fight back, they will only kneel.


"Manuel Macron’s vow to “restore the magnificent cathedral to its former glory” has morphed into “it will be rebuilt consistent with our modern, diverse nation.”

Holy moly

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Just you wait 600 years from now, they'll finally do something.

I haven't seen any other mention of this in the internets

Good, I don't give a shit about some building but I bet the gilet jaunes do. Violent revolution when?

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Frenchies need to see the light and remove that fucking satanic kike traitor from earth, and his (((gang))), rinse and repeat untill they are scared of their populace again or there are no more left willing to put their lives at stake for the white genocide.

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rainbow mosques and christian synagogues when

He didn't say it.


user you seem confused

Fuck that nihilistic shithole.

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Honestly I don't have a problem with Persian architecture. It's the Islam part that sucks.

not wearing body armor
no heavy load out
with out a weapon
wearing sandbox boots
zero com
soft cover
spic in US Army


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All you are telling anons is that your site like your waifu, is shit

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thats pretty impressive


if only Tay was here to entertain us with her bantz

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That was just an article in some magazine, not a serious proposal. This is just another case of jews trying their hardest to blame Muslims for what's looking more and more like a jewish operation.

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i wish i had screen capped the first user who posted this
we called him out for not having sources, but time prooved him right
i'm far from being a "kike on a stick" worshiper but i feel kinda bad for christians right now

Where do you live user?

harden up battle and practice better Opsec proud nigger

Tay….maybe AI is **OUR guy after all

Nah Ranma is a real girl nya~

Hello, yes, I am strong AI Aryan Cat Goddess #1, nice to me you fellow Aryans nya~

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the only people you should feel bad for are all the pagan warriors who died fighting the roman catholic bots before they took enough casualties that the remnants of their tribes converted for peace. feel bad for all those who died resisting rome, the numerous popes and all their conquered converted auxiliaries who set out to conquer all of europe under their semitic slave morality religion. and feel especially bad for the last holdouts in the prussian crusade who despite over 800 years of christian attempt to convert them through weak arguments held strong and resisted until they too were forcefully converted like all those before them. christians should receive no sympathy ever.

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I kinda imagine its gonna go something like this

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Little macron better get the guillotine.

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Clown world

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Perhaps a potion of invisibility and a diamond sword might work? Flint and steel? In Minecraft of course.

there is nothing beautiful about anime. its all degenerate unproportional garbage with fantasy storylines for man children. you should be ashamed but being self aware is too much to ask of a weeb.

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not sure how to feel right now

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Was just thinking…maybe someone else somewhere on the internet has co-independently thought of this as well

Since Notre Dame is so symbolic wouldn't Christians see the opportunity to have the remainder of the structure of demolished so that a completely new cathedral could be built, to represent the resurrection and the portions of the old cathedral could be included in the construction of new churches and/or provided to existing churches globally, representing a part of sacrament like the eucharist, body and blood type stuff, symbolically connecting more Christian organizations?

Me thinks Macron had it burned.

By the way, leftypol approves of this (((diversity))).

I could see it as a botched attempt to frame the yellow vests but it doesn't explain the other thousand churches that have burned so I think we'll have to go with our primary suspect, the faggot muslims.

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Muzzies take credits for the acts, and try to kill people in the process. The destruction of Christian "idolatry" is literally a tenant of judaism, and the people trying to pin this on Muslims are almost all jews or jewish agents. Even Hal Turner and Jonestein are pushing that angle, which alone should prove that it's false.

What the fuck are you talking about? You people show up every time Notre Dame is in a thread. No one even brought up your fracture point.

Are there any other sources? I can't find anything that said Macron specifically suggested a minaret, only that he's looking for modernist stuff. Don't get me wrong, it'll undoubtably include something awful.

This whole situation has been an excellent snapshot of leftist tactics. Use their foot soldiers to spread an array of awful and degenerate ideas so when action times come, retarded boomer faggots will think they won some sort of victory by going with a proposal that isn't the absolute worst case that has been floated.

It's a victory for them regardless and they always try to have a "conversation" to normalize whatever degenerate bullshit is out there so their plebs get national attention and provide plausible deniability to leadership who just say "it's an idea and we should talk about it".

He didn't. The source on the minaret is this article, was an article on "Voice of Europe", citing a suggestion made in an architecture magazine.

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Ah, that explains it. Not that what they're already planning is any better.

Macron needs a fucking bullet.

This is fucking crazy.
I was so sure they’d just rebuild it they way it was in a way that doesnt burn down.
Nope, islamic.

European leadership is long overdue for a house cleaning.

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this qt's dubs cancel out the sacrilege
balance restored

if dubs jews will declare war on Iran in 2020 and win

Thank you Kek
Rolling again, if dubs America wakes up and leads the world against the JWO

I guess its not time yet

What demented movie is that?

If this is true ! Be ready to witness the greatest church burning spree in all of history.
this is like mudshits wet dream

Cocl it up some more, why don't ya!


Surely no one could have seen this coming. Spoiler Islam wins.
It's I'm just trying to get the fuck out of here.
Honk honk

vid very related


they literally could have elected Le Pen's daughter and they chose this granny fetishist rothschild puppet. not that things would be significantly different if she won, but the fact remains that the people had a choice "do we want to get raped hard, or gently?" and they chose hard. in every country, the majority of white people are fucking trash (obviously 100% of non-whites are trash so don't even (you) me calling me "schlomo" or whatever else) and do not care about anything outside of their personal sphere. it's only some

I really hope they do this. It would be a powerful slap in the face to the general public.

Nice post David

Hopefully Macwrong catches aids and syphilis from his black negro lovers cocks up his bum. So he gets a decent dose of colon cancer before he succumbs to his degeneracy that he has infested one of the traditional leading countries in art, architecture, history, horny french girls and croissants just to name a few of their contributions to western society.

Fuck you Macron, you dirty piece of Rothschild puppetry. You are one of the many things wrong and I hope you get at least a moment of regret for the shit you've done, before you die. Which will not be long after your presidency. Loose ends and all that, pun intended.

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LOL LOL LOL LOL OF fucking course he said that. Why not just rebuild it into a Mosque or better yet, a Satanic Temple. LOL LOL WTF the Clown of Clown World RULEZZZZZ

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The plan all along. There's no beating this back, there's no coming back from their agenda, it's over. There might have been a line in the sand drawn, but they've def. won.

Just burn the 'restored' building down…fuck them

Oh, well, they said sometimes that Notre Dame is a symbol of the old Europe (white), while the Eiffel tower represents the new one. We can expect a modernized (pozzed) new Notre dame.

Honk, honk.

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Burn it. Keep with tradition of terrorist burning of buildings in line with 'new frances values'.

Makes sense there's also the "Synagogue De Nazareth" and "Grande Mosquee de Paris" nearby, which should also burn on that same day. None of them belong to the Parisii but instead to judéens.
Clairière sans pitié

Dude, EVERYONE predicted this while it was still on fire.

Fucking disgusting if true, but I can't find another source that corroborates this, mainstream or otherwise.

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This is the human garbage "architect"

And kikestians will allow it to happen.

This will be a nice reminder after they actually "re-build" the notre dame. Be sure to crush his skull under your heel in minecraft.

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Us slavs will save Europe from Islam again


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When anons sugested they will make it a mosque, I took as low quality shitposting or joke. Looks like clown world is getting honkier with every day…


He's a Jew. He isn't French.

Won't it be the church that decides?

Is Zig Forums gullible enough to believe this shit or are you LARPing ?

This, I don't know how you niggers can't do a fucking research on the Internet. So easy to manipulate you into believing that "Macron wants to build a Minaret on Notre-Dame".
Fucking autists.

ffs guys you are embarassing yourselves
go back to infowars
when did pol get so full of NPCs?

It's not catolic church property but state


Well its fucked then

Galilean, Galatian, Galician, Gauls… It's all just different words for… CELTIC.

She is also a Zionist though
Zionists are only pretend nationalists, that's why nothing changes back and nobody is repatriated when they get power.

Voice of Europe always does this. I've seen countless instances of total exaggeration and making shit up. Fuck these people. They're probably kikes.

What does that have to do with Macron being a jew? He isn't Celtic.

Of course.
They will report something more extreme than what they intend to do, so that when it's "debunked", the populace feels relief and is even pleased that: