Where were you when you embraced Psychedelic Posadism, Zig Forums?

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Don't fall for this shit.
The inter-dimentional aliens you see when you are high are not your friends.

They are not friends of the Abrahamists, for sure.

This. Half the time they aren't even aliens they just pretend to be aliens. Stay safe.

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drugs are bad, kids

Those are demons. Real aliens would require radio telescopes to communicate with. Also have you ever noticed that the interdimensional aliens all look the same despite claiming to be from star systems light years apart from each other?

Its pretty obvious that they are yourself.

This kills the McKennafag

That's because they're figments of the mind.

What is it with dumb motherfuckers substituting UFOs and aliens for angels and demons and whatever else people used to attribute their hallucinations to
Extraterrestrial life is not special. Societies of intelligent species that aren't humans probably wont be better than humans. They're bags of meat and fluid just like you.

How can we be sure that demons aren't part of a subconscious collective memory of past dealings with an alien race?

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What do you mean by that? Instead of cosmonautics, communism can only be achieved by psychonautics?

Enjoy your memetic warfare by desinformation. What you perceive is a matter of perspective, so dependent on the cultural context the psychedelic-consuming subject is embedded in. Don't fall into the trap of pre-defined self-transcendent experiences. Psychedelic consumption is linked to the following things:
prosocial and proecological behavior, empathy, openness, less materialistic value orientation, egalitariaism, hope, creativity, greater mindfulness capacities, lowerdistress, higher energy, greater sensory sensitivity, and better neuropsychological functioning.

Bouso, J. C., González, D., Fondevila, S., Cutchet, M., Fernández, X., Barbosa, P. C. R., … & Riba, J. (2012). Personality, psychopathology, life attitudes and neuropsychological performance among ritual users of ayahuasca: a longitudinal study. PLoS One, 7(8), e42421.
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Lebedev, A. V., Kaelen, M., Lövdén, M., Nilsson, J., Feilding, A., Nutt, D. J., & Carhart‐Harris, R. L. (2016). LSD‐induced entropic brain activity predicts subsequent personality change. Human brain mapping, 37(9), 3203-3213.
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I for one think that the state run LSD fueled reeducation camps can make the general populace more welcoming to our interstellar comrades.

almost like history is based on material conditions or something

y do the people describe novel external experiences in relation to their culture and past experience help im confused

If I shine a light through a prism is the rainbow false?

If I experience the image passing through my eye as a fractal but the input is still physical reality and the prism is LSD instead of 5-HT does that make it false?

Is a rainbow a distortion of a solid white light or is it a mathematically defined reality that exists when light passes through a prism?

Just because you cannot name and recognize each transformation of each information packet into its new relation does not make it false or meaningless

Interdimensional aliens aren't aliens in the sense of a being from another planet.
They live right here on Earth but they inhabit another dimension from our on. They all can see us from within their dimension but we can only see them when we break our mind locks somehow.
Ways to break the locks include psychedelics like OP suggests and having a near death experience.

The government is already in contact with interdimensional beings using psychedelics to catapult humanity into the next spiritual level. Buy Alpha Brain.

What's interesting about psychedelics is that fMRI scans indicate they shut down parts of the brain rather than stimulating anything. Specifically, they suppress activity in the neocortex, a part of the brain that primarily modulates and suppresses other parts of the brain. It's also the part of the brain that's most newly evolved and specific to our species. This evidence does strongly imply that whatever it is people experience on psychedelics is in fact something we could experience at any time if we weren't actively suppressing it.

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Nice Jones tier but bullshit. All in all, we can see hyperfrontal activity, so the opposite of what you claimed. Psychedelics hyperstimulate 5-HT2A receptors in prefrontal pyramidal neurons (Halberstadt, 2015) and self-transcendence might be caused by neural hyperconnectivity and fading conventional self-referential patterns (Carhart-Harris et al., 2014; Letheby &Gerrenans, 2017).
The most prominent activation can be found in the left inferior frontal gyrus which is linked to linguistic processing, working memory and emotional perspective-taking, self-perspective inhibition and flow experiences. Also, the right supplementary motor area is active which is assumed to be responsible for body representations and is argued to be a main node of the timing network. Activation occur in the right insula, too, which processes integration of perception, emotions and cognition. Moreover, the right angular gyrus shows increased activation which is a multimodal hub of the default-mode network and as such maybe responsible for other-referential processing and semantic combinations.

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They're space niggers.

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LSD isn't one of the "shows you things" drugs. It distorts things. Not a good example to use. "Psychedelics do X" is shitposting that should be recognizable especially when posting Alex Jones in a Psychedelic Posadaism thread, since these are all different substances with different effects. That said:

>As predicted, profound changes in consciousness were observed after psilocybin, but surprisingly, only decreases in cerebral blood flow and BOLD signal were seen, and these were maximal in hub regions, such as the thalamus and anterior and posterior cingulate cortex (ACC and PCC). Decreased activity in the ACC/medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) was a consistent finding and the magnitude of this decrease predicted the intensity of the subjective effects. Based on these results, a seed-based pharmaco-physiological interaction/functional connectivity analysis was performed using a medial prefrontal seed. Psilocybin caused a significant decrease in the positive coupling between the mPFC and PCC. These results strongly imply that the subjective effects of psychedelic drugs are caused by decreased activity and connectivity in the brain's key connector hubs, enabling a state of unconstrained cognition.

This interpretation of data supports my thesis, not yours. To wit:

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Well it's the path they chose my dude.
A+ pic by the way.

They may not necessarily be better nor worse than us, but they will very probably have problems much different from our own.

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I didn't refer only to LSD but to all classic psychedelics. Still, LSD can "show you things".
Riba and colleagues (2006) conducted a SPECT study on ayahuasca, Tagliazucchi and colleagues (2014) a 3T fMRI study on psilocybin (actually same data like Carhart-Harris et al., 2014), Preller and colleagues (2017 ) a 3T fMRI study on LSD with meaningful music and Lewis and colleagues (2017) another 3T fMRI study on psilocybin with 2 sessions ≥ 10
days apart. Other studies of neural correlates are confounded by tasks or alike.

Also I didn't deny ACC deactivations. In fact, I'm familiar with them. Actually, combined with enhanced right insula activations, ACC reductions characterize switching brain states (Tang, Rothbart, & Posner, 2012) indicating brain entropy. Psilocybin is linked to decreased functional connectivity between prefrontal and parietal regions, including ACC and PCC (Carhart-Harris et al., 2012), But also, psilocybin connects conventionally segregated networks (Roseman et al., 2014) giving evidence against your thesis. Brain entropy can also be interpreted by also reduced current density in medial posterior and anterior regions when administering ayahuasca (Alonso et al., 2015; Riba et al., 2004). In addition, people who consume ayahuasca over a longer period show PCC thinnening and ACC diminution without neuropsychological impairements (Bouso et al., 2015).

You're right that neural functional segregation studies are very limited in their explanatory power and brain entros better to be investigated with functional integrity studies. However, neural correlates of psychedelic experiences can be utilized for neurofeeedback or TMS and maybe clinically valuable (Kober et al., 2017).

Not only does the DMN "collapse", but also the salience network (Lebedev et al., 2015; Tagliazucchi et al., 2016).

Furthermore, I didn't interpret the data here since I do my PhD on the topic around self-consciousness and psychedelics and don't want to spoil my thesis. If interested I can send it to you once it is published (in 3-4 years or so). But let me say you this: In the theory of rational supervenience, the rational self can determine about its matter qua self-consciousness, but it finds no compelling correlate. Thus, types of mental states supervene types of neural states in a metaphysical manner which IMAO has merely a functional role for the organism in the physical world to not get overloaded.

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